Wii U GamePad Needs An Adjustment Period But Is “Actually Very Comfortable”

Madden NFL 13 producer Yuri Bialoskursky was asked to describe the comfort level of the Wii U GamePad. Bialoskursky claims that, compared to traditional video game controllers, the Wii U GamePad is huge but gamers will get used to it, after playing with it for a while. According to Bialoskursky, the Wii U GamePad is not awkward to hold, doesn’t detract from gameplay, and “is actually very comfortable.”

How does the controller feel to you? The thing is so huge, it seems like it’s going to take a lot of getting used to for “Madden” fans that have been playing the game on other systems.

“There’s definitely going to be a period of adjustment there. That’s all out of our control, but when we’ve been playing it all throughout development, it’s not uncomfortable at all. The way that it’s laid out, the final controller, is actually very comfortable, and the way that it’s all laid out with our features, is all done in a way that isn’t intrusive to the game. It’s all done in the flow and the context of how the plays are supposed to game and the game really flows. It works really well.”

147 thoughts on “Wii U GamePad Needs An Adjustment Period But Is “Actually Very Comfortable””

      1. Ive seen it in person and held it in my own hands. I’d say the Gamepad is about the same size as a bag of Twizzlers, and as light (if not lighter) than an iPad.

        1. It had damn well better be lighter than an iPad. Let’s see, it’s smaller, it’s made of lighter materials, it doesn’t contain the same kind of technology as the iPad… Damn! If that thing weighs the same as an iPad my wrists are going to hate me for weeks!

        1. If you don’t get it then I lost hope in this site’s community(again for the… I can’t even keep track, that’s how bad it is).

    1. This post has nothing to do with Sony.

      What, you just throwing troll bait around? If they show up, I blame you.

      1. Fanboys like to act dumb like always. I am a huge Nintendo fan, but there are fanboys like that guy that make me depressed.

  1. As long as the buttons are properly spaced, that’s all that really matters to me.
    I don’t want to be accidentally hitting something because of poor spacing.
    Other than that, hell, I played and got comfortable with an N64 controller for a number of years!
    After that, this will be a cake-walk to get used to.
    I’m sure anyone who’s ever owned and loved an N64 will likely agree with me there.XD

      1. I had a Nintendo 64 under the age of 10. I couldn’t even reach half the buttons and controls. That was it’s major downfall.

        1. Played that thing since I was 4 and played Mario Kart like a pro. Odd enough I say that and fail the damn Special Cup so often nowadays.

          1. ^this
            My childhood was based around Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, and Ocarina of Time. Best Childhood ever.

    1. The only thing I dislike on the N64 controller is the cheap stick… and the lack of second stick. Otherwise, I think is a pretty confortable controller…

        1. Yeah Playstation didn’t even come out with a dual analoge until way later. But N64 did have buttons for camera control that not even the PS1 had until they did release the dual shock 1, That why most of PS1’s early AAA were either 2d or Pre-renderd backgrounds like Final Fantasy or Resident Evil… Those were Sony’s better days tho… Ah nostaligic for PS1- to bad Ps3 wasn’t as well built as the PS1 was… those were some great days of gaming…

    2. No joke. Going from the flat Super controller to the shpaceship-y handlebars-esque 64 controller was WEIRD. Anyone who has a tablet/iPad, or even a touchscreen phone, should find this a pretty easy device to get used to.

  2. I managed to get comfortable with the 64 controller and the GameCube controller. Hell even the Gameboy Advanced SP was kinda miniscle for my hands and the 3ds is pretty crampy also. I think I can handle the WiiU Gamepad fairly well ^_^

    1. The idea is that this is too big, not too small. I guess we will get used to it but I honestly don’t know why the screen must be THAT big. 4 inches would be better.

  3. Controllers are always too small, or too fat *cough* 360 *cough*. But this looks perfect! I’m sure it will be very comfortable with the new rendition. The first one looked a bit uncomfortable without those grips on the back.

    1. Honestly, I’ve never liked xBox controllers either. I DO like their clicky-toggle sticks though.
      I’m not worried about the gamepad, but the larger whateveritscalled controller might be a bit much for me.

      Guess we’ll know soon. (Fall)

      1. Click toggle sticks? Well, there on the WiiU now. The 360 controller is fine, in terms of comfort, but the triggers, analogs, and that fucking “d-pad”, are pretty crap. *pushes left* 360 controller: nah bro, you pressed down, you just used your last health pack

    2. I find the Xbox controller’s a perfect fit for my hand size but heck, that’s just me. I’m surprised Microsoft hasn’t redesigned the controller yet. Controller S anyone? Still, they probably need to wait for either Sony or Nintendo to do it first.

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  5. I don’t know why but im still caught up on “the final controller” is there an even more final form or am i just really tired

    1. The final controller is as seen in the article pic. There was the prototype version known before this year’s e3 as well if that helps clarify anything.

        1. DBZ abridged FTW xD

          “See, why cant you be more like Zarbon, Dodoria?”
          “Sorry, im just listening to the space duck”
          “QUACK! QUACK!”
          “What a majestic creature”

  6. I can attest to how comfortable the GamePad feels having played with one this past weekend. I didn’t need ‘adjusting’ it felt to natural it won’t even take five minutes to get the feel for the controller.

  7. From the time it leaves gamestop 12:05 to the time it gets hooked up on my tv and ready to play 12:25. So 20 minutes for me

  8. Excepted as much, it took a while to get used to motion controls and the wii remote, didnt expect it any different with this. Does look like its build to be comfortable, got a good ergonomic design.

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  9. Yuri Bialoskursky is right about the comfort level of the Wii U GamePad. When I played the GamePad at the Wii U Experience in Atlanta, I thought it was very lightweight, felt natural to use, and enhanced gameplay instead of hindering it. For me, the period of adjustment that Mr. Bialoskursky talked about was nonexistent. I was able to get use to the feel of controller right away. Definitely get your hands on the GamePad when you get the chance because you might end up being pleasantly surprised like me. http://buff.ly/PvoN5U

  10. I’ll get used to it very quickly. I handled the N64 controller and I was just a kid then. My hands are bigger now, but I’ve never experience hand cramping or discomfort with any controller I used. Leave luck to heaven.

  11. can someone PLEASE answer ANY of these questions

    1. i heard the wii u gamepad doesnt support HD, then what resoluation does it support?
    2. anyone try the gamepad? if so, is the pixels noticeable like the dsi xl?
    3. will the wii u gamepad (extra cuz it supports 2 gamepads) be available at launch?
    4. How much do you THINK the wii u gamepad will cost? and do you think it will come with a charger?

    1. 1: It’s definately not 1080p, or even 720p I’d that’s your defininition od HD for smaller devices. Nobody has any solid numbers I don’t think, it’ll probably be 480p or something (which is fine for such a small screen).

      2: Haven’t ever got my hands on one, yet. From some previews I’ve heard, it shouldn’t be a problem. One mentioned “No need to worry about the visual quality of your game plummeting when you transfer the game to the gamepad. It looks just as crisp and vivid as the tv”. (Paraphrased)

      3: There wouldn’t be a reason to, I don’t think. No games support dual gamepads that yet. A game using two gamepads would have to be built from the ground up with that functionality in mind.

      4: I’d put it around 70$, maybe? Regular controllers are around 30$. The gamepad has all of those, it just adds a screen, gyroscope, accelerometer, NFC, speakers, and probably better wireless due to the screen. That being said, it could be up to 100$, but 70 is my guess. :D

      1. hi there i checked the internet saying game pad will onboard cpu on board ram and enough flash storage for 23 small games soo ipad mini

  12. After putting my hands on the new gamepad at the Wii U Experience here in Atlanta, I can definitely attest to an adjustment period. I found hitting the wrong buttons and missing the bumpers and triggers when one was needed (normal new controller mistakes) however…

    I would like to say that this controller feels amazing in the hands and already takes the cake on best controller on the market. It feels wonderful in the hands and surprisingly it feels solid and much much much lighter than I had expected it to. Not sure if its that the weight is spaced out or what… but in the hands it feels much lighter than the pro controller.

  13. So, like every other new / different controller, it needs an adjustment period? Tell me something I don’t know.

    1. it looks like small ipad ipads have 9.7 inch touch screen wights 1.4 pounds soo there are millions and billions of tablets like ipads

  14. i have big hands so it wouldnt be an issue to me to adjust to the Wii U gamepad i just wish i had a chance to go to these events they are having so i can get my hands on the Wii U

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