5th Cell: ‘Wii U Is Just Like A Nintendo DS, But With Much More Power’

Because of the Wii U GamePad – a 6.2-inch touchscreen controller – Scribblenauts Unlimited is a “perfect fit” for Wii U, according to the upcoming action puzzle game’s lead designer, Jeremiah Slaczka of developer 5th Cell. Slaczka describes the new console as a Nintendo DS, but with a significant amount of power. Scribblenauts Unlimted is a Wii U launch title, which means it releases on November 18th.

How’s it been working on this title for the Wii U? Does it carry any extra pressure that this is a launch game?

With Wii U’s GamePad, Scribblenauts is a perfect fit for the console. It’s just like a DS, the system it was originally designed for, but with much more power. I wouldn’t say there is extra pressure because it’s a launch title.

I’m actually very happy it’s a launch title; it’s a first for our studio!

Scribblenauts Unlimited is the first game in the franchise to introduce multiplayer. Talk to me about how co-op will work and how players can share their creations.

The game allows other players to “possess” any object they see and then act as that object would to help the first player. It’s a pretty neat feature.

65 thoughts on “5th Cell: ‘Wii U Is Just Like A Nintendo DS, But With Much More Power’”

  1. And so comes the next step toward the controller becoming the handheld device. When it will become cost-effective and practical in terms of design to do so, I don’t know, but Nintendo is certainly headed in this direction.

    I also believe Sony could take that approach, though they do love selling their stuff piece-by-piece (save the recent “get the other free” approach w/ Crossplay). Microsoft will probably keep on believing their smartphone properly handles the portable market.

  2. The only similarity I would use as an example is the second touch screen. But the two screens on the Nintendo DS are fix to each other. While the TV and Wii U Gamepad can connect in any way you want.

  3. you couldnt look from one screen into the other on DS you couldnt use wii remotes and nunchucks and wm+ on DS you couldnt multi player on one DS you couldnt run apps whilst someone else plays games on DS there a lot more i can add

    it goes much further than DS and wii ever did

  4. Tis a huge compliment!!! The DS completely changed everything and is one of the best gaming systems ever made. The wiiu is like a DS with many many more extra features.

    I am personally very excited about the prospect of a DS with DX11 equivalent capabilities.

  5. This is exactly what I’ve been saying for literally the past year. Almost every single time someone either ripped the Wii U or praised it, I always mentioned the Wii U was like a DS and how that was hardly a bad thing. It’s a DS on mega steroids, not just in power, but in interactivity.

  6. Wow, so when people say the Wii U is similar to a DS in the comments, they get attacked and labeled a troll.

    But when a dev says the same thing, they get praise. LOL fanboys….

    Anyway, DS was (and still is) an awesome system. Hopefully the Wii U will be just as fun if not more.

    1. There’s a difference between “This console is similar to a DS” and “LOL this is just a DS in HD”, but I see you don’t get that.

          1. Very funny that immediately following a comment about how defensive people get over those troll comments, we get a comment defending against a troll.

        1. Obviously the whole dual screen thing is very ”DS” , but can I play CoD(for a horrid example) on the DS using the gamepad whilst someone else uses the TV ???

          *insert endless list of features the wiiu has that the ds doesn’t here*

    2. “Wow, so when people say the Wii U is similar to a DS in the comments, they get attacked and labeled a troll.”

      I never did that I agreed and said that they were doing this because they knew the ds family did well and was praised for two screens but criticized because of power.Now nintendo realized that and made a powerful wii-like ds with special features.

  7. I just wish Nintendo would reveal the online features for the WiiU already. It’s so close to the launch date. Also what ever happened to the 3DS update that allows you to buy eShop games through a mobile app or web browser and the 3DS (In sleep mode) would automatically start downloading it.

    1. The Wii U (which also has eShop) isn’t out yet. I sure they are going to make an online place for the eShop where it involves both Wii U and 3DS.

          1. I know it isn’t out yet, hence the “so close to launch” statement. It’s irrelevant because it doesn’t answer my question (forgot the question mark). What happened to the 3ds update (refer to my comment for specifics)? That updates needs to come soon because it’s just too awesome to be delayed.

            1. Mabey you didn’t read my reply that said When the Wii U comes out, they will make the eShop app and/or website, or as I stated it “an online place for the eShop”. And I’m sure they would want to have both systems on the website/app to start with (you know, because they both have eShop). Clearly when or if it comes the 3DS would need an update. I think i answered your question. And I do believe it is your comment that is irrelevant considering is asked RichxGlov, not you the question. I am done with you, good night.

    2. It was said at E3 that the mobile version of Miiverse would come later and that browser purchases would come with it. I also seem to recall that the phone browser would be used, not an app.

  8. hey out of curiosity,does anybody have a Nintendo 3ds,if so please Register me my friend code is: 1547-6591-0979 if you want to register me then please leave a comment with your 3ds friend code,thank you for your attention,also revolution i need you to re register me cuz my original 3ds got stolen,my games and friends got deleted,then i got it back on monday after buying an XL and getting everything back. :)

  9. Enough of that. Anyone who watched the marvel avengers trailer who looked at the menu noticed that the online mode icon showed a blue U on it, by obvserving it would be a unique sort of way of playing online. And no bloggers of this site don’t dare use this news damnitt.

      1. Only becuase of disc size and compatibility issues of the past. There is no reason for Rockstar not to put GTA5 on wiiu unless they don’t like Nintendo… Which Im sure they don’t like or dislike one company more than any other , they are business profressionals.

        1. Honestly, I’m not sure if GTA V will come to the Wii U. Considering they’ve been developing the game for a while now and the fact didn’t take two dislike the Wii U or something?

          1. I will buy it on the ps3 or PC if it doesn’t come out on wiiu dick head. Stop presuming I am some dick who doesn’t have all consoles and a PC lol. I DO!!!!! SUPRISE!!!!!!

            i would like it to come out on wiiu though, If Rockstar feel the system runs the game and they can make some extra money of a wiiu version . Ask yourself a key question , why the fuck wouldn’t they ????

  10. So this just proves how Sony’s Vita ripped off the Wii u….. I mean the 3DS. If Nintendo wanted too they could have Used the 3DS as a Wii u Controller but they wanted both consoles to continue having different niches.

  11. Also another game Sony copied back in 1997 something like Donkey Kong. I think it was dealing with 3 or 4 monkeys in an adventure game. So the reason why the PS4 is not coming out soon is because first Sony has to buy the Wii U like they bought the Wii console and take it to there R&D and reverse engineer the Wii U. That’s why they have the PlayStation Move. Sony waits for Nintendo’s ideas and then later takes those ideas and just makes it more powerful. So of course the Sony version of the Wii U will be more powerful since it comes out after Nintendo. But Nintendo did it first.

  12. As you notice Nintendo never has put DVD built into their console. Sony did it first but Nintendo didn’t follow. Instead we have Nintendo TVii. That’s compete ting with Roku and Apple and Google TV. That makes Nintendo the first to get into perfect competition with other set top boxes. Sony’s PS4 will do the same since all they do is copy Nintendo. They will just give it more HP.

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