Burger King To Start Selling NFC-Integrated Wii U Toys On October 25th?

Global fast food chain Burger King will supposedly begin selling meals with Wii U toys on October 25th. According to a rumor, the toys will be NFC-integrated and can function with the Wii U GamePad; for example, if the toys are for Nintendo Land, a player can place a toy on the new controller’s NFC reader to unlock exclusive content such as special Mii characters.

151 thoughts on “Burger King To Start Selling NFC-Integrated Wii U Toys On October 25th?”

        1. Certain games need votes,fan support or kickstarter to be brought back. ive read pokemon Snap on unreal engine and it should get another chance. heck some games i wish were brought back would be:
          felix the cat, nes
          street Fighter 2010
          banjo kazooie
          fester quest remade better
          killer instinct
          segas rpgs
          kung fu
          ice climbers
          destination earthstar
          super starwars
          primal rage
          and some rare atari,nes,Snes,n64 qnd Arcade classics like aliens vs predators and mariokart arcade

          1. I read not too long ago that Rare wanted to make Killer Instinct 3 for a while, but Microsoft wasn’t interested in that, and I doubt they’re interested in Banjo either, as much as I’d want it.

  1. As if one needed any more reasons to buy burger king…this is indeed a neat concept!
    { Remember, eat in moderation…otherwise thou may regret it later in life! }

      1. One is not averse to the idea, so long as we get our royal endorsements – although one hesitates to consider sister to be suitable subject material for a McDonalds audience…

        Her questionable habits leave little to the imagination – and, I fear, a lot to be desired…Ronald McDonald would have nightmares for years!

    1. I’ll second that!! I really want to see Nintendo release October 30 in line with Assassins Creed III. It would make sense to me being that Ubisoft has put sooo much into Nintendo for this launch.

    1. Ordering kids meal? XD Gosh that would be so embarrassing. I’m imagine someone saying to the counter “Yeaah, s’for my little brother….” lol

      1. if you ask me i can do this in two ways
        1. i can order inside saying i want #1 and a kids meal.
        2. order in the drive way if you have a car, they won’t even judge or ask about it.
        perfect plan.

        1. LMFAO the things we do. how about putting a fake sex blow up doll next to your seat,put some clothes on it and put A hat on it to pretend its sleeping? works every time i go into the pools lane

            1. wow setups jokes fly way over your head lol besides im not the one buying toys eh big boy lol. i already have a girlfreand its not that hard you um talk some say yes some say no. ive seen ugly ass loser who still get cute cbicks like the wolf guy from mexico

    2. its an awesome idea by nintendo. Putting NFC toys in cereal and meals and as prizes and on club nintendo. this will massively make the wiiu popular.

      1. People like myself hate Burger King for many reasons. Most importantly, they support animal cruelty, their food causes obesity and major health issues, their establishments are rarely clean, and they entice kids to drag their families to Burger King with “must-have” toys.

        1. What food doesn’t make you obese if you eat too much? if you eat a burger you won’t instantly get fat and sick but if you eat lots and dont burn off the calories then you will same with sushi if you eat too much and dont get rif of the calories then you will get fat

          1. hey isnt sushi and caviar dangerous because it contains parasites. ive seen that show monsters inside me and some utube vids showing hook worms popping out of sushi eww and to bad because i loved eating all kinds of shushi. also evrytime i watch that show my skin crawls lol. i thought flash freeze killed them i guess not or depends if shushi bar uses it

    1. OOOHHH yeh !!! burger kings fries are heavenly. make mcdonalds fries taste like crap . also burger king does awesome milkshakes. and none suprisingly burgers fit for a king

    1. “Nintendo sells toys ?”

      Nintendo was founded in 1889 and started out by producing hanafuda cards. In other words, Nintendo STARTED as a toy company…you really think that business model ever changed since then?

      Why don’t you do some research into the Pokemon phenomena and come back to talk shit about the Wii U’s NFC capabilities? >_>

      NFC is so far looking to be one of the most underrated features for the Wii U, and I won’t be surprised to hear some surprising facts about it and how it gets used by developers in Wii U games at this upcoming September 13th conference.

      Believe it or not, we all grew up playing with our Nintendo toys–if you really want to go there, video game consoles and portables themselves are toys:

      Definition of Toy:
      Toy – Noun:
      – An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something.
      – An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult: “in 1914 the car was still a rich man’s toy”

  2. The more important thing here is that the October 25th thing implies that the console will (probably) be released close to or before that date

  3. Do they really have to entice kids (and adults, I suppose) into buying their nasty, terribly unhealthy food? I don’t think I can say a single thing that’s good about Burger King. They support animal cruelty while contributing heavily to obesity and other major health issues worldwide. I’m never going there — not even for Nintendo products.

      1. simpsons dont let a cow eat you or your love ones. um you do know vegetables have life and feel pain when uprooted. frukts are also living and are i belive equvalent to the ‘eggs’ of the tree? either way every thing is living thats why we live in a biodome with organic life matter. also fruits can kill you for x amount of reason just like a cantalope that killed quite a few and vegetables to. relax and live a litttle were destined to die anyways and what death isnt ugly huh?

  4. If this really is going to happen, I’ll buy one kids meal, then ask for all the toys at once. These would probably be the most valuable kids meal toy ever. :D

  5. No! Just no! I hate it when they do this crap. I don’t want to have to go to burger king to get “exclusive content” or whatever it is. If you have to, put this stuff at GameStop or Walmart. Where people expect this stuff to be.

      1. Burger king sucks! I’m my opinion anyway. I’m cool with stuff like this if it’s toys and stuff. but if it actually opens content on the game console, THEN there’s a problem.

  6. I don’t care about the toys, I HATE Burger King, but this interests me anyway. I like the concept, I hope they do something like this for Pokemon. Maybe they could integrate the NFC into Pokemon cards? Also, this maybe give us a clue to the release date. I kind of doubt it will come out this soon, but it’s a nice thought nonetheless.

  7. Well an Oct release would be cool…but this could be a good marketing on both Nintendo and B.K….buy more kids meals, collect note toys and bulge up more hype of the Wii U.

  8. Burger King is my favorite fast food chain in the country. If they’re advertising for Nintendo toys with a built-in Near Field Communication integration, imagine the possibilities of using them in games like Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U… or Rayman Legends!!!!!!!

  9. I still have the Metroid Prime toy from when they gave out Wii toys. It’s the one I wanted and I got it on my first shot :)

    1. I did that when i used to work there xD americans get such better toys though :| they even have Friendship Is Magic ones….WHY CELESTIA, WHY?!

    1. no wii u is not a new controler you have 2 pices the wii u plus wii u controler both have hd graphics wii u and wii u tablet 1080p at 60 fps

  10. Not to rain on your parade but this would never happen. The toys in kids meals generally cost about 20 cents and while NFC chips are cheap, they’d probably push the price up by a dollar or so. And while Burger King is great, they are still a company.

    1. Fast food chains usually charge around a couple of bucks for their toys, so this isn’t entierly out of the realm of possibility.

  11. this is an unbelievebly great marketing strategy!! and the fact that it is nfc! it should b 4 the game tht is bundled w/ th wii u(so we all get to use its features). and i hope that game is….NINTENDO LAND!!!! the only downside to this strategy is that gamers from ps360 ar gonna make fun, saying this is proof that the wii u is for kids…i hope they have something up ther sleevez so they can retaliate.

  12. Nintendo should start selling stuff on their website. They could sell: Gamecube, GC Controller, GC Accessories, GC Games, Wii, Wii Controller, Wii Accessories, Wii Games, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, DS Games, 3DS, 3DS XL, 3DS Accessories, 3DS XL Accessories, 3DS XL, Wii U, Wii U Accessories, Wii U Games, Gameboy Advance SP, GBA Accessories, and GBA Games.
    THAT, would be awesome! :)

    1. Also, these little toys could be on there. They could even come in the kids meal of: SONIC Drive-In, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Hardee’s, and Dairy Queen.

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