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NHL 13 Coming To Wii U?

Because EA Sports is bringing FIFA 13 and Madden NFL 13 to Nintendo’s forthcoming console, a Wii U version of NHL 13 is plausible. An EA representative was asked whether Wii U will receive the upcoming hockey video game, and the representative replied by saying “definitely keep your eyes open in the coming weeks.” NHL 13 will be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September.

49 thoughts on “NHL 13 Coming To Wii U?”

      1. please PUT IT ON!! WITH THE SAME GRAPHICS AS THE PS3/ xbox 360!! we need the same graphics! iknow people always complain about graphics on nintendo and now is the time to fix it and to have alsome games on the Wii U!!!! i all ways want it on the the previous systems!!! they can do it. but there to darn LAZY!!!! trust me people will buy it if it is the same or bertter grapphics!!

      1. You can only get football and hockey with EA, 2k has baseball and Basketball is better with 2k. EA hasn’t made a basketball since 09

      1. I am sorry, man, but NBA Jam for the Wii ( EA) beats every most Mario Sport games in my opinion. No hater.

  1. This is interesting, I wonder how many more games will be revealed or hinted in the coming months. Hopefully a lot, because majority of 2013 is empty right now.

    1. Stupid fanboy .. Mario sports is gay and is for manchilds and retards … Saying Mario sports is better than EA sports is retarded … Have fun playing ur shitty Mario games that are for 5yr olds !! You fukwit

      1. You’re the one being a fanboy
        Mario games are more mature than games where you have to kill as many people as possible, with cliche and stupid storylines. But there’s no point arguing with kids like you

        1. HHAHA LOL !! Your saying Mario is mature than god of war , call of duty , battlefield , grand theft auto , max Payne ?? Your a FUKING drone !! LOL Mario had been milked for years and still NOTHING new .. And they are releasing TWO Mario games in one year LOL !! And lol Mario is so kiddy and only 5yr olds and manchilds like you play it… Foolish Nintendrone !!

  2. Who gives a fuck ? I can get it on Ps3 or other consoles , why would I want this game on a shittty console ? Lol wii u version will be inferior and pointless .. So wat If it has another screen ? Who gives a shit !! It’s a fucking controller with a screen and that sounds really gay !!

            1. Oh really ?? Typical Nintendrone calling himself a gamer LOL, you should change your name to the “casualgamer” coz Nintendo is for casual fags and for 5yr olds that like to play kiddie Mario and gay ass zelda !! Have fun playing ur half ass Mario shit you manchild

              1. If u think nintendo is so bad why r u on a nintendo site? Its funny how you call me a nintendrone when im not bashing sony and microsoft.

  3. Canadians need love too. This is greatness for Canadian fans and gamers in general. Though I didn’t know people still watched NHL.

      1. actually, the NHL and hockey in general is growing in popularity…it’s just as popular in major sports cities (i.e. Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, New York) and even local minor league teams have great support. Hockey definately has support around here

  4. WOOT!!! I was hoping this would happen. NHL is the only sports game I play, and I didn’t want to get it for the 360.

  5. Sweet! Considering the Wii never had the EA NHL games (and the 2K ones are hardly any comparison–hence why they stopped making them) aside from Slapshot which wasn’t great. I am definately more interested in the Wii U if it gets NHL 13 like all the other consoles should.

  6. Sebastian Mårtensson

    MAKE IT HAPPEN! If Nintendo didn’t get NHL games this time either I’d have to buy a PS3! Please make this happen. Day 1 buy for sure.

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