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Namco Bandai Would Love Tales Characters To Be In Next Smash Bros

Tales series producer Makoto Yoshizumi has revealed that he would like nothing more than to feature Tales characters in the next Smash Bros game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Interestingly Yoshizumi said that they would only be allowed to feature Tales characters that have appeared on Nintendo formats.

“Maybe if we beg Sakurai-san, it will happen! I know Higuchi-san would love it, but the decision is Sakurai-san’s. I think it’s still too early to talk about it.”

“We need to keep in mind that a character can only appear in a Smash Bros game if he already appeared on a Nintendo console.”

136 thoughts on “Namco Bandai Would Love Tales Characters To Be In Next Smash Bros”

          1. Street Fighter X Tekken isn’t a sony game that Namco and Capcom.
            Although Cole and Toro are in the playstation version it obvious Sony ask for their characters so Namco and Capcom said give us two of yours first and you get one of ours.
            So Sony gave Cole and Toro and they got Heihachi maybe another Namco but if not probably Dante since the leak roster every talking about is fake but won’t understand it.

            1. I know SF X Tekken is Namco Bandai and Capcom. However the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions have exclusive characters including Pac-Man.

              They probably made a deal for PSASBR for that to happen. Which is why I go back to saying, I don’t know if that will impact any chances of Pac-Man going on a SSB games.

      1. They would only be allowed Tales characters that were on Nintendo platforms so Yuri wouldn’t make the cut.

        I say anyone but Luke, Lloyd would be awesome.

          1. That’s honestly kind of a stretch, seeing how that’s a crossover in of itself… I doubt it counts, but we’ll see.

        1. You kiddin’ me!? I’m dying for Luke! Long and short hair as costume options too. Although I want Jade or Genis for the sake of having Indignation as a final smash XD.

            1. I know right? And if they do bring in Luke and use an MA for the Final Smash, I hope they use Lost Fon Drive over Radiant Howl. Both are cool LFD is just… coooler. Though RH is definitely shorter.

              1. Because luke is an annoying prick, id take Emils Coward ass over luke any time.

                I love character because of who they portray, not because they happen to look cool.

                1. You do know that both Luke AND Emil Man Up near the end of the story, right?
                  I hated Luke at first, too, but once he matured he quickly grew to become one of my favorite Tales characters.

    1. Yep, nobody really has a chance other than Pacman if you ask me. I’d personally rather see it too.

      1. Honestly, I don’t see how one has a higher chance over the other. They’re all 3-party characters so it depends on how Sakurai handles it. To be fully honest, I think Pac-man would look wierd in a Smash game.

        1. Yeah I’d honestly prefer guys with weapons and stories to a walking mouth. Yeah sure he’s their icon, but also, he’s not a fighting character. I honestly don’t see why everyone wants him. Of course if Jade gets in then I can make reference to his belt and say “HA Pacman still made it in.” XD

          1. Pacman has the highest chance because he is actually historically close to Nintendo. Plus Sakurai loves putting in retro characters. Lloyd isn’t very recognizable and I think -he- would look weird in a Smash game. And Pacman can fight just like Lloyd can. Neither one is a “fighting” character regardless.

              1. A forum filled with people who play RPG’s regularly? Over half? Thank you for proving my point. 99% of people playing smash won’t have a clue who he is.

            1. Lloyd Irving was in a few fighting games actually. Soul Calibur, Act Cadenza Strife (fan-made Tales fighting game), and Tales of VS. Not to mention the Tales battle system is already based off of a fighting game. You can especially see this in Lloyd’s title, Symphonia, where it is incredibly linear.

              So no, Pacman does not fight just like Lloyd. In fact, I feel like Lloyd would be the easier option for them to figure out gameplay wise.

            2. Exactly, If people weren’t idiots and took time from their lives to look into the world series for moveset potential they would realize he is a better choice than the generic choice of lloyd

    2. But pacman’s moveset would essentially be kirby’s. We already have a walking mouth. We don’t need another in yellow. Pacman would get feet and arms but what would his moveset be, punch, kick, bite? Honestly he would have no moves. Kirby is a much better walking mouth so we don’t need another.

      1. Pacman really has nothing in common with Kirby other than a large mouth. Watch Narutendo3’s moveset of him if you really don’t think there could be a good one.

        1. What does pacman do in all of his main games, he eats. Then he has like 2 or 3 adventure games where he jumps and fights, but I don’t remember him doing much more then punch and kick. Sorry but I can’t see a very big moveset. Pacman eats ghosts (only when blue), dots, and fruits. So I could only see pacman being able to eat characters comletely when they are made blue, while kirby can eat anyone at anytime. Kirby is a stronger character and makes more sense. I see no point in a pacman.

    1. well thats great but only games that been in nintendo consoles dont something like “oh i want nathan drake”

      1. Tales of Phantasia was on the Super Famicom; Tales of Symphonia on the Gamecube; Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS, Tales of Innocence on the DS, and Tales of Graces on the Wii. These games were on Nintendo consoles, so seeing others like Yuri Lowell, Jude Mathis, or Stahn from Tales of Destiny will not be a possibility.

      1. Neither are appealing in terms of personality (Lloyd with his stupid idealism and Emil with his inferiority complex), but Lloyd has the more interesting fighting style.

  1. Who cares, aslong as it doesn’t affect the development of the game in any way then add as much characters as you all want…

  2. I call Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia.
    Much better than having Pacman IMO, his appearance in SFxT shows that he doesn’t fit in a fighting game. Plus, he barely has any history with Nintendo.

    1. Actually Pacman has a long history with Nintendo unlike Lloyd or any other Tales character. Not to mention Pacman is actually Namco’s mascot. And SFxT really just shows they’re not afraid of putting him in a fighting game. The way he fought in that game was really just to fit that style of gameplay, so it wouldn’t be like that in SSB4.

  3. I would love Lloyd and Kratos/Zealos.
    Demon, Lighting, Super Lightning Blade!

    Also the guy who was the main character in Abyss.

  4. I’d be Colette- I think her move set would be awesome! Lloyd’s an obvious choice, but there are too many swordsmen as it is… scratch that: his moves are very different from Link’s or Ike’s (Rising Falcon, Tempest, etc.).


  5. who gives a fly shit about the Witle baby game in development. Ha ps allstars is gonna Pwn this POS. Before it even comes out

        1. smash also riped off
          out foxies
          power stone
          street fighter
          and mario ripped off every platformer before it
          U MAD PSASBR gonna be better

          1. so your personal GOTY is a ripoff ,of a ripoff ,of a ripoff. I fail to see how that helps your argument….

            1. you didn’t say that when Nintendont ripped of remote play. or Ps move that was in development in 2001 but you witle babies on this site worship lame ass nintendo…. Wiitards piss me off.

              1. HA. you mean that feature on the vita thay no one will ever see because you have to buy a vita to use it. You know something people aren’t doing…. + plus you need a ps3 it enough memory so about 299, 399, or 499. plus that failing portable wich is $250. .or $300 if if you want to play Ps3 on the go…. plus a 20$ 4gb proprietary memory chip up to 120 64gb (LOL). then about to Ps3 games to last you a whole week so $100… so at best grade that bundle will cost you around $900 at cheaper models its still around $600 vs. a suggested Wii U retail price around $250 with more features

                so yeah copy that….

              2. You DO know that Nintendo was the first to use this kind of connectivity? It was back with the GameCube, when you could connect the GBA to it? Remember?

  6. i think theres going to be one character and u know the main character from a tales of thats been in a nintendo console

    1. Tales of Fantasia, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of new world, Tales of the abyss, Tales of innocence, Tales of Hearts, Tales of the tempest, and Tales of Graces … which one now?

  7. Ugh, Lloyd would be so out of place. Pacman is the only Namco rep that makes sense. I hope Sakurai realizes this.

    1. Ya see, there’s an argument there that I can never see working when it comes to Smash.

      How does one ‘fit’ into a crossover fighter?

      We have space bounty hunters, fireball-spewing plumbers, an electric mouse, a time-traveling swordsman, a gorilla with a tie, etc. It’s kind of hard NOT to fit in something that doesn’t have a standard to begin with.

      1. Except for the fact that it’s a Nintendo crossover. So all of the characters are recognizable to Nintendo fans and look “Nintendo-y”. That’s why you can’t just throw in some character whose most common reaction will be “who’s that british boy with swords?”. Snake was pushing it. But he was at least Konami’s mascot and they specifically requested him in.
        Hopefully this doesn’t count as a significant request, or else we’ll get another out of place character.

        1. And yet Brawl threw in Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, a series mostly known to be on Sony consoles.

          Placing a character into a crossover is easily one of the best ways to get said character recognized in the media. How do you think Fire Emblem made its way to the US?

        2. Lloyd being more obscure is actually one of the reason why I’d like to see him get in. Remember Ness? and Marth? and arguably Pit? All of them were unknown to many when they were introduced and then PEOPLE GOT INTERESTED IN THEIR GAME. I’d take that over Pacman, (who’s had an arcade game which is actually really repetitive by today’s standards and unsuccessful games), screw popularity: I want moveset potential.

          1. Exactly my reasoning. Inserting Lloyd would boost people’s interest on where the character’s from. Therefore, it’ll get more people interested in the entire series.

            How do people honestly think Fire Emblem got noticed in the West?

    2. Hmm I thought Lloyd would work perfectly- I mean, after all, Symphonia’s battle system ALREADY FELT a bit like Smash Bros.

      1. That doesn’t matter. Playstation all-stars also has a similar battle system. Do those characters fit Smash any better?

  8. I hope this really happens. The Tales series is one of my favorite RPG series.

    I’d hope for two characters, one male and one female, since Smash could use more of those.

    1. Like, if Lloyd gets in, it’d be nice to have Colette in as well. Her unique weapon style would make her an interesting addition.

      Asbel and Cheria would be cool as well. I’m not too sure about the Abyss characters though.

    1. Random characters? These characters are amazing, you should try out a Tales game and see how awesome it is.

      1. A lot of people think Call of Duty is awesome too. Adding a CoD character would feel pretty random and out of place though too.

      1. You need to get your head out of your damn ass if you think more people want pac man than tales characters i bet you have never played any tales game you idiot how would they be out of place??? Look at roy and marth hell look at fucking master hand!!!! So gtfo with all that shit i would love to see ANY tales character on there and dont u ever fucking compare tales games with cod or ill have to cut you a little bit

        1. More people know who Pacman is and more people want him to be in. Tales fans want Lloyd in more I’m sure. Very few people in the real world have ever even heard of the Tales games though. Fire Emblem is a key Nintendo franchise and Master Hand was something ironic they came up with for smash’s story.

  9. confirmed characters mario,donkeykong,kirby,pikachu,link,zero suit samus/samus,luigi,meta knight, a pikmin character a earthbound character

  10. third party characters that should be in ssb4 namco bandai pacman jin kazama(tekken) lloyd(tales of symponia) kazuya mishima(tekken) sega sonic shadow dr eggman knuckles. capcom megaman ryu (street fighter) akuma(street fighter) and konami simon belmont( castlevania snake)metalgearsolid). is this good what 3rd party should be in who should be out and replaced

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  12. alright so that rules out Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. that mean my full support goes to Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia!

  13. I think it might happen since they are working on the project plus there was that one time when link was in soul calibur so it might happen love to see some dot hack, Soul calibur, pac man, dragon ballz and if by chance if nintendo ask capcom about megaman that would be the ulitmate fan pleaser

    1. i dont think dragon ballz characters would be in ssb4 because they need to originate from a video game not a cartoon on tv

  14. I’m hoping Lloyd Irving gets put into the next Smash Bros game. His final smash move could include his angel form. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I’d be more in favor of him using the Eternal Sword. It’s not like he does anything with those stupid wings anyway.

      1. He can fly around slashing people with the Eternal Sword, then unleash a massive Demon Fang that sweeps the arena.

    1. like sigfried and nightmare. look there 2 sides one says no tekken characters and soul calibur characters in ssb4. the second one says yes we want tekkken and sould calibur characters. im on the second side

  15. Pac Man is a stupid thing to suggest. What would his moves be? Eating? Maybe punching and kicking? Boring and pointless. No, having a Tales of character would be bloody brillaint. And who cares if its not ‘big’ like other shit. Its a better option. Than Pac Man.

    1. Not to mention slingshots, teleportation, rolling, knight skills, flight, swimming, growth, and the infamous Power Pellet.

  16. I could die happy if they included Presea. If they do put in a Tales character its going to be Lloyd, but a man can dream…

    I really don’t understand the appeal of Pacman. Can anyone who wants him included lay out some reasoning for me?

    1. i guess they should put pacman on a robot like they did in street fighter x tekken or have other moves besides eating

    2. I’d personally like to see Sheena playable, but even I know that won’t happen.

      The best we’d get is probably as a trophy of them or, if lucky, an assist trophy.

  17. hey got a idea how about we put namco and capcom characters in like tales characters in and so of megaman being here same like namco vs capcom namco x capcom i hope megaman and tales fans will be happy about this

  18. I think some people are afraid that Pac-Man’s chances dwarf those of the Tales characters. For a non-Nintendo protagonist, Pac-Man at least has a history with Nintendo that is made up of more than two games. And as for the earlier comment about familiarity between Lloyd and RPG gamers, Pac-Man has 10x more by being an icon not only for Namco but for video games as well.

    Shigeru Miyamoto’s favorite video game character for Smash 4.

    1. lol what? pacman is nowhere near being an Icon for gaming, or even namco at this point, namco’s most well characters come from their fighting games, the only people who’d really recognize pacman is old gen gamers, pacman isnt anywhere near as popular as he once was.

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