Is The Wii U GamePad A Tablet?

Destructoid editor Jonathan Holmes is confident with his claim that the Wii U GamePad is not a tablet. Unlike a typical tablet, the Wii U GamePad has several buttons, a resistive touchscreen, two analog sticks, and is designed specifically for gaming. Holmes says that if the Wii U GamePad is a tablet, then so are the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Is the Wii U GamePad a tablet or an entirely different device?

110 thoughts on “Is The Wii U GamePad A Tablet?”

        1. i like calling it a uPad. I also like calling the Wii remote an Wiimote. They are easer to type and in my opinion, sound better.

      1. This site is better than those. MyNintendoNews also has less advertisements and takes less memory to load.
        I send people to this site for news.

        1. I love MyNintendoNews for the fact that they find news so fast compared to the others :D But then they post stupid articles like this one so I treat them equally with the others.

          1. Thats what i hate about nintendo3dsblogand wiiublog lol. But seriously h8rs, all nintendo sites have editorials just like this one to establish debates and hearty conversations

        2. well i came here for some exclusive Nintendo news, other than that it the same with the other site i go there too for some news that its not here or there; pretty much i like this site as well the sites U mention.
          I have ad block so yeah i don’t know what your talking about.
          Get N or get out!

  1. For me, just because it has a touchscreen, that doesn’t make an artifact a tablet. Besides, tablets don’t have buttons and control sticks. I’m not sure if they have accelerometers and gyroscopes…

      1. Sorry, English isn’t my native language, so I sometimes have problems expressing myself.
        I tried to say that any piece of hardware that has a touchscreen isn’t a tablet.

    1. Most tablets do have accelerometers, cameras, light sensors, proximity sensors, etc. So we can rule those out as being a significant difference. It’s the fact that the Gamepad has most of the buttons associated with a standard controller (and no CPU or GPU of its own) that distinguishes the Gamepad from a tablet.

  2. that is actually a good argument, so I suppose unless you are willing to call the vita a tablet then the gamepad is not one.

  3. It’s not a tablet PC is a tablet controller. It’s clear from articles like this that people don’t know what to make of the Wii U GamePad. It’s pretty much just a controller with a screen, at least on the surface. Is that so hard to understand?

    Looks like this is something certain people will have to get their hands on to understand. Leave luck to heaven.

  4. The Wii U GamePad is definitely not a tablet.
    A tablet is this small little device with a fancy pen that I have attached to my Mac so I can animate and draw stuff.

    1. I just wish Minecraft would be on Wii U. The GAMEPAD could be used for Inventory, Crafting, Map, and Life/Hunger/Air/Experience Bar, show where the sun and moon is in the sky, and pull up the menu. But sadly they are partnered with Microsoft.

        1. I thought they could only put it on Xbox or something like that cause Microsoft likes to pay people to ruin stuff.

  5. i fucking hate tablets its made for the remedial its nothing but a dumb down computer that cant really do shit but play overpriced crapped out unreliable software

    1. and no its no where near a tablet its a controller with a touchscreen and i could speak about it cause i played with the wii-u for 2 hours.and it has better gameplay and garphics than its competition ps3 and xbox360

      1. I got to play it as well!
        Everyone hating on Nintendo are going to shit bricks when they get their hands on it.
        Nintendo has changed the game again.

  6. Problem is people think its a rip of the tablets out their and that it offer nothing better so its an important topic to fix confusion

  7. Why are people complaining about this article being posted? I like to read everything I can on WiiU
    I’ve never seen this before, and was glad it was posted.
    Seriously, if there are other Nintendo sites that are better, what the fuck are you doing here wasting your time?
    I think people are jealous of Sickr and Alba’s success. It’s obvious the are trying to sabotage the readers perspective of this blog.
    This is a GREAT site. I’m here everyday, and love everything except the critical comments and trolls.
    Somedays I just read the articles and don ‘t bother with the comments.
    Funny how the jealous people lovd to criticize and complain, yet they always come back for more.

  8. It’s a controller, no doubt. It has the functionality of a tablet (the touchscreen), but it’s not a tablet. First and foremost it’s a controller.

  9. I do believe it is officially called the Wii U Gamepad soooo… I’m going to have to say its a gamepad (or controller if you want considering that is what it is, a CONTROLLER (with a touchscreen).

  10. What i Want is the Nintendo WiiU pad taken to its highest level. So bring on the games and funtions and forget about the Vita is dying on its own .

  11. Fuck a tablet they suck can never play Mario, Zelda God of War or any good shit on them. Angry birds copied off the mini game from Mario 64.

  12. The argument on saying that the Wii U GamePad isn’t a tablet because of the buttons and what not is actually incorrect. Razer, that company that makes cool stuff for the PC is making a tablet device that actually has buttons and two analog sticks.

    Though what really defines a Table PC is that it can be taken anywhere without the need for internet connection but since the Wii U GamePad needs the Wii U console to run I think its more of a controller than a tablet PC

  13. Really? THIS is what we’re debating, now? Not Mario or Sonic, Sony or Nintendo or Microsoft, or even Mac or PC…. but THIS!? -_- You guys must really be in anticipation of the console. Anyway, I say that is could be a tablet, a controller, both, or something else, entirely. It doesn’t really matter either way. All that matters is what the game publishers will be able to do with this remarkable piece of hardware.

    1. Ok, I should clarify my thoughts on this: GamePad can be considered anything from tablet to controller to hybrid, but it’s really just something new or, to use Nintendo’s description from the Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, “something unique.” It can be like a tablet or like a plain controller, but it REALLY is just something completely different. In other words: Nintendo’s changed gaming as we know it, again!

  14. Of course it isn’t a tablet. For starters it doesn’t work without the Wii U so it’s not portable, and as it only streams data from the console it probably doesn’t have all the components that would make it a computer. Simply having a touch screen isn’t really enough to call it a tablet…

  15. It’s not a tablet, it’s a video game controller, much like the 3DS and Vita are handheld gaming devices and not tablets.

  16. Tablet-controller.

    It’s pretty much a tablet constructed within, with buttons and analogs. It’s built for gaming purposes only and functions primarily with the Wii U system as it’s main controller option.

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