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Pachter: ‘Nintendo Fans Would Buy Any Box That Says Nintendo On It’

Referring to his previous comments that Nintendo can sell a piece of cardboard to its fans, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter recently explained that he doesn’t think fans of the publisher would actually buy a piece of cardboard but claimed they would be willing to purchase any Nintendo-labeled ‘box’.

“I don’t think Nintendo fans are so stupid they would buy a piece of cardboard. A box on the other hand, that says Nintendo on it, they probably would. Remember when you were a kid and you get gifts, and when you’re really little you like the box better than the gift? That’s how I think of Nintendo fanboys.”

260 thoughts on “Pachter: ‘Nintendo Fans Would Buy Any Box That Says Nintendo On It’”

  1. umm isnt that true for the other 2 companies as well, also if this was entirely true the virtual boy would have been a sucess

    1. Exactly, Sony fans will buy anything that says playstation/Sony on it, Microsoft fans will buy anything that says X(box) or Microsoft on it, apple fans will buy anything that says i/apple on it. Plus he’s over exaggerating though. Fans buy systems for the games, I have a wii for the exclusives like Zelda or smash bros. and I have a ps3 for the third party games. (I don’t have any exclusives other than infamous since it was free, they’re fun, but personally I don’t find the ones that ive played really fun other than infamous. Haven’t played uncharted though.)

      1. another random gamer

        i prefer the xbox controller so if i can get it xbox i will however i also like Killzone, uncharted, Infamous and starhawk so i have a ps3 as well.

    2. ikr. i love it when “industry professionals” try to explain away why people love what they don’t. nintendo fans will buy anything nintendo, xbox-ers will buy anything with microsoft on it and ps fans will buy anything sony. maybe they should pay me lots of money to write this crap. i don’t even have the expensive video-game-programming-school-by-mail loans to pay off. lol

      1. That’s actually not true. Being a fan of something doesn’t mean you’ll buy everything they make no matter what. I’m both a Nintendo fan and a Sony fan, but I admit it when either company screws up, and refrain from purchasing things I don’t like no matter who it’s made by.
        Pachter isn’t trying to be a dick (and neither am I), but I think his statement is somewhat true. No offense but Nintendo fanboys usually eat up everything from Nintendo and says it’s amazing even if they know in the back of their minds that it’s not quite up to par. Fanboys of other companies do this too, but not as much as Nintendo. Except Apple fans..Apple fans are the qorst.

        1. I don’t eat up everything from Nintendo, there are some games I dislike of course, but I don’t quite get what your saying. If a Nintendo fanboy likes something Nintendo made, then maybe they genuinely do think it is up to par. Everyone has different tastes at the end of the day, so why is it bad that they like something which you or someone else finds bad?
          I think COD isn’t quite as good as other video games I’ve played for multiple consoles, you could say it’s not up to par, but my boyfriend and thousands of other people seem to disagree.

    3. Don’t forget about Game Boy Micro, their attempt at a 3 1/2th pillar. There is something to be said for owning either after its prime, though.

      I’d also like to say that Wii Music is technically a box with Nintendo on it, and I certainly wouldn’t consider buying that box.

      1. *Time, not prime. There’s a big difference there, though maybe the fact the “prime” was so low is just as effective.

    4. Just wanted to input that the Virtual Boy is NOT a bad product and would have sold better if they hadn’t advertised it as a portable. They were planning to release link cables, adjustable stands, and several other accessories in the ‘second lineup’ that was to be released.

      The virtual boy was actually a very innovative piece of hardware and ‘hurts the eyes’ and ’causes headaches’ in pretty much the same people that get it from the 3DS. The only difference is that the 3DS has optional 3D. I personally think it’s a shame it didn’t make it, especially because it’s creator, Gunpei Yokoi, died the year that his console failed in the market. Incase you didn’t know he ALSO developed the Game Boy, Kid Icarus, Metroid, and supervised games like Donkey Kong and Mario brothers.

      Further more, he actually did not intend for the Virtual Boy to be released in it’s current form, however, Nintendo wanted it out of the way and on the market so they could make the Nintendo 64. That means it could have been even MORE innovative for it’s time than it already was. In conclusion, I can say that the Virtual Boy was not only incomplete in its current form, it was ahead of its time.

    5. There is an single person in the world that cares about what Patcher says? I’m not being rude with alba or sickr, even because many websites still feeds Patcher, but if he was right, Virtual boy would be a success like sonicjms said. PSV is a example, it’s a great hardware but is falling because of price and lack of games, so, if Patcher is right, why the Sony’s fanboy aren’t buying PSV? Patcher seems desperate.

      1. It wasn’t the lack of games OR the price. It was the fact they advertised it as portable and that it was technically incomplete at launch. Scroll up a lil bit, I made a post regarding Yokoi’s wondrous toy.

    6. Because it’s not like we buy a specific console for exclusive games, or because they’re fun, no, we buy them because they have the most lovely label on them.

      Pachter’s such a moron and a Nintendo hater, see how he never mentions anything NEGATIVE about the other companies? I’ve watched his show for a i think 2 months or show, once a week, and so far I havent’ heard him say anything bad about Sony or Microsoft. They all have strengths and weaknesses but focusing on one entity is just hatred. It doesn’t help either that just about every “prediction” he makes is the complete opposite. I wish I could dress up nice, go to conventions, check out games and get paid to make clearly asinine or ridiculous accusations/predecitions.

    7. my thoughts exactly, i’m sick of hearing from pachter as every time he opens his mouth he proves to me that he is borderline retarded.

    8. Mmm… yeah we’re willing to buy anything with the name Nintendo on it. Even if Pachter had the word Nintendo stamped on his forehead, I’d buy him.

    9. Actually it would’ve been true if there were better advertising as that was pre-Youtube days and you couldn’t just log onto Gamspot or IGN to get screens and reviews.

      If Nintendo downgraded to just toys and board games the Nintendo fans would still be excited slamming down anybody who cricicised asking “Where are the VIDEO games” and get a sarcastic answer making up BS to get Nintendo to look good and anybody else look stupid.

      “Hey I am smarter then you as I OWN a Wii and play it 24/7 so shut the fuck up about Nintendo making board games!!” says Nintendo fan #1

    1. I doubt any fan of any game company will immediately buy a game because it has the label of that company on the cover. They may feel inclined to get more info on the game, but just flat out purchasing it because it has nintendo on the cover is a bit reckless.

      1. true at first when i herd about the Wii U i thought it was pretty cool but id rather get an Xbox 360 but i had too look further into the Wii U and now i want it bad

      2. There’s a difference between a fan (someone who enjoys a product but is reasonable) and a fanboy (mindless sheep-like unreasonable fanatics). He is right about the fanboys but at the same time, he is not correct when it comes to every fan.

    1. He is just saying this as an excuse to make up for the fact that his predictions on the wii, ds and 3ds were all wrong plus more.

      You know, the ol’ “who would want to purchase the 3ds over the vita? The vita out classes the 3ds in everyway”

      *3ds becomes the fastest selling console with the vita hardly outselling the dreamcast*

      “oh it’s only selling well because it has Nintendo on the box”

  2. So? that’s a bad thing? it’s 2012, Nintendo can’t do worse after Wii U (I hope to god I am not going to hate myself years after writing this)

  3. Ugh if he just said fanbiys then fine wed all agree but he strictly targets Nintendo for this. Even though the virtual boy never caught on. Behold the genius that is dipshit Nintendo hater pachter

  4. Remember when you were a kid and you get gifts, and when you’re really little you like the box better than the gift? That’s how I think of Nintendo fanboys.”
    What is the gift if Wii U is the box?
    Is he implying that pepole like the consoles they play better than the games?

  5. why is this guy famous? his input is worthless, let’s see him run a gaming company with a dedicated fanbase with the ability to pull in tons of more customers,

      1. It was a Disk Drive for the Nintendo 64 – never really took off, and we believe it was mostly a Japanese only product for most of it’s life…however admittedly, one cannot remember ALL of the details.

  6. I don’t feel insulted, considering Patcher’s past comments. As a “Nintendo Fanboy” (or fan of nintendo) I don’t feel inclined to purchase a game because nintendo is on the cover; otherwise Fling Smash would be apart of my collection. I know well to avoid that game, despite the nintendo name being on the front cover. I may feel inclined to check a game out if nintendo is the developer of the game, but it’s not the same as kids who mindlessly purchase games because they have some character that they like on the front cover…

    1. that used to be me and sonic My favourite game was sonic 2 until the shadow the hedgehog game came out he killed my hopes and dreams and shat on my childhood innocance

          1. it was the worst game i ever played it took the winning formula of sonic adventure and raped it with guns and a moody storyline it also had no sense of speed and the good/bad element held nothing but a kill 100 of these instead of kill one hundred of the others and i never bought another sonic game.

              1. Sorry it just broke my trust and I’ve become rather sceptical over the latest games they make Generations looks allright but i can’t bring myself to get if everytume i see that Hedgehog (apart from what is now called classic sonic) i die a bit inside

  7. Wow what an asshole. You know at halloween, when you get a pumpkin, and scoop out the braim like goop a carve a stupid face on. Thats what i think of Pachter.
    Seriously, this guy is such a twat, “oh my god, why are nintendo fanboys hating me!?” errrrmm, shit like this.

    I wouldnt buy a cardboard box if nintendo made it, neither would i buy a nintendo vaccuum, but nintendo has been around making consoles since the 80’s, when this guy was in school, probably taking it up the ass from Bill Gates. Oh so suddenly Nintendo becomes obselite because they are making repetative shooters, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND FUCKING OVER.
    This guy deserves every hate mail he recieves

  8. Was this suppose to insult Nintendo somehow? I didn’t get the message then. I swear Patcher is a frustrated Nintendo fanboy. Remember when boys picked on girls because they secretly liked them? Yeah thats whats going on.

  9. Jumping to conclusions because I get paid for analysing and sitting in a chair telling companies what they should do.
    The Patcher Way of Life.
    I used to like this guy but now the crap he says….

      1. Yeah.. I’m re-collecting a lot of those boxes for the games that mean a lot to me. I REALLY wish i kept the Pokemon Battle Set I had when I got my first Nintendo 64. That HUGE box that had the console and Pokemon Stadium game.

  10. That’s what a fanBOY does, Idiot. All kinds That guy is incorrigible. But most importantly, who does this guy think he is, how did he get his job, why does he get payed for his job, and why should we care about what this hater thinks?

  11. I like most of Nintendo products. There is nothing wrong with supporting a company. Calling them “fanboys” and making fun of their purchases is not professional. In fact, with this kind of logic, this can be said for any other company, even though I do not want to use this logic because it seems rude.


    1. Ur being dumb, stupid and trollish. That’s all you must be doing is trolling. If you hate Nintendo, then why follow a Nintendo news site? I know you actually like Nintendo because this has all the signs of a troll. Nothing you are saying makes sense, so if you really wanna hate on what used to be well-known as the overlord of the games industry, at least try to come up with something logical to say about it. -_-

    2. Thou are an amusing jester…but very one-track minded.

      Dost thou have any other material, this ‘Anti-nintendo’ shtick is old and starting to smell worse than last weeks alfalfa! :3

  13. Nintendo sites need to stop posting this. He’s less relevent when people simply ignore him. Hes literally a walking talking troll he feeds off the attention. The attention is also press that he benifits from.

  14. Wow! He is basically making an excuse in advance if the Wii U sells well.
    When the system launch and is a success I am certain he will bring up this bullshit argument again.

      1. Yeah but it won’t sell well if you keep using it in every word you say because Nintendo is ashamed to even look at you.

  15. with every comment pachter makes more of a laughing stock out of himself

    honestly.. how can anyone deliver such bullshit on a constant basis and still be taken seriously by the industry?

  16. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

    He’s probably payed by Microsoft to say negative things about other companies so that people will buy Microsoft products. Nice try Microsoft, but that isn’t going to work against us.

  17. That’s something that I’ve realized now. I’ve only been purchasing Nintendo products constantly and ended up purchasing Nintendo games more than actually playing them. Which is why I’m not going to buy a Wii U and instead a PS3. I recommend other people to think about this as well, isn’t it better to have different consoles to experience different things rather than experience the same things year after year with consoles from the same company?

    1. if you are going to that wait for the ps4 announcement or get a good gaming PC
      I usually buy a game and finish it before getting an new one but i can understand what you are saying the last wii game i got was skyward sword probably this lull in nintendo games will go when the wii u comes but if you are having doubuts about getting one wait for the good games to come out i myself am on the fence about weather or not to get one early. I have had a PS3 for a few years now and i can honestly say some of the best games i have ever played are on it (not excusive) Portal 2<– (my third favourite game) skyrim but i never got the true feeling of "this is amazing" as I have had with other consoles maybe its the nostalgia talking and i'm spewing shit but there has not been a turely amazing console since the N64 came out
      sure new consoles have flasher graphics and can make a man explode in 1 billon difrent ways but all that is lost if I'm not laughing with my mates over it that last game to do that was Brawl and that was made in 2008 (god I feel old now) Games like portal 2 made me smile and feel something for poor old wheatly ( the single best gaming thing ever) made me think and want to continue on with the story but i can all be lost with no nostalga if I don't have pepole to share it with.
      If you are thinking of moving away from Nintendo next gen go ahead (ignore all the fanboys who say you are a troll) just make sure you dont miss out on anything so get a PC with steam and portal 2 if you have to get a PS3 just remember it's slowing down like the wii has and is ready to be succeeded

  18. To be fair, the Nintendo boxes ARE pretty cool. People say the same rule applies to Sony or Microsoft, but I don’t really care about their boxes, they’re boring.

  19. Hi I’m Blueberry Syrup and I approve of this message.

    Considering if you’re a Nintendo fan, you’d probably buy MOST items if they had something with Nintendo inside of it…

    So I’m considering becoming an analyst guys, all you gotta do is say obvious stuff, or make up a bunch of rumors.

  20. im a nintendo fanboy & what i would love more then a nintendo box. Would be a pacther box with pacther chop up with no eyes with a paper note in his mouth saying im a little bitch inside. So i can feed the limb to my rottweiler. Then eat some white castle after a long day get the shits shit in it, then burn it & play the song of time so i can do it again. :) Sooo who wanna be my secret santa !!!!

    1. White Castle?…

      Come on, Pookie, let’s burn this motherfucker down! Come on, Pookie! Let’s burn it, Pookie! Let’s burn this motherfucker down! Let’s burn it down! Let’s burn it!

          1. too young? harold and kumar is like 8 years old…
            when trying to play the age card try to play it right

            the guy after you did it much better

  21. well we have our reasons, the main one includes a nintendo warranty, wich is that they always have a good game no matter what that my dear patcher is named quality

  22. Well this is true but only because nintendo fans know that they are going to get a good quality, affordable box that will outmatch all other boxes that rise up as competition =p

  23. So very true, Nintendo fans are just as (if not, almost) as mindless as Apple fanboys. Sucking anything “innovative” down, when in reality they just want to rely on being new for the shit of it so casuals can be attracted to their consoles and gimp AAA third party support.

    1. THIS ^ … You Nintendrones are pathetic ..even if Shiteru gayamotto took a shit in a bag you fanboys would buy it ..and lol this wii u is a console that shitoru iwata pissed on and painted in white cum and sold to mindless fanboys

      1. Do explain how they will slowly die from that.

        Do use your brain to form an argument to support that.

        I bet you can’t, because you’re just that fucking stupid.

    1. Exactly, so far, I have never have any problem with nintendo consoles or games, so why wouldn’t I buy something they created if they haven’t dissapointed me?

    2. yeah u are right,
      this bitch is trying to make it sound like Nintendo consumer are retarded that they will buy anything (blind) like its 1990; we have the internet and we can check if this is good or not. How does Patcher not get that?

    1. Actually this is true, especially for the people who decided to stick with the console after having their system fail on them multiple times.

      That’s pure dedication right there, sticking with a worldwide, high failure rate system even after it has been “repaired” multiple times. At least Nintendo consoles work, my 1982 dk-52 handheld still works perfectly fine and every other console since then.

  24. Does anyone know where Pachter works? I just filled out a job aplication to become a video game analyst, apparently anyone can do it these days. All you got to do is state the obvious, pull predictions out of your ass and start flame wars. I really need the job, I just need to know which company to to send the application. Thank you.

      1. ack, my fake html tags arn’t showing up. I should have known better. that ↑ was supposed to say I was being sarcastic

    1. Send Us your resume and a motivation letter about how nintendo sucks and we’ll consider hiring you.

      Wedbush securitites
      Corporate Headquarters
      1000 Wilshire Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90017

      (213) 688-8000

  25. Nintendo should actually thank him. What other company can sell cardboard boxes with a logo on it in an electronics store? THAT is a powerful company, but i really don’t really get what he is saying about the fans. They make stuff and we buy it, same as every other company. Don’t hate the fans just because a company you like sells well.

  26. Pingback: Patcher: “I Don’t Think Nintendo Fans Are So Stupid They Would Buy a Piece of Cardboard”

  27. This is 100% true and anyone who says it’s the same way with Sony and Microsoft is mistaken I think. Nintendo pumps out tons of handheld versions and true fans buy every one no matter how stupid where-as with Microsoft and Sony there really aren’t that many versions anyway so there’s really nothing new to buy. I’m not dissing on fans who do this but I really don’t get it myself. I see people who are like “I’m gonna rush out and preorder the 3DS XL right now!” (and I saw this with DSi/DSi XL too) and I’m sitting here like “Really? It’s just a bigger and cheaper looking version of the 3DS? I mean, you already have one!” It’s ok if that’s your thing, I really just don’t understand it

      1. I have seen plenty people do that with the 3DS.

        I’m also willing to bet that many Japanese 3DS owners did that very thing as well.

    1. i owned the original ds and never upgraded that until this gen with 3ds. and im not upgrading. im a big nintendo fan too so i dont see what your talking about.

    2. People buy things that interest them. You don’t get a say in that.
      True I’ve bought some things only later to realize they were not as much as I had hoped but that’s life.

    3. It isn’t true. At least not for the majority.
      The 3DS XL not only has no further issues with the lower screen causing marks to the upper when closed, it also has a better anti-glare lining for the top screen and longer battery life.
      To top that off, the simple fact that the screen is larger, so that people don’t have to bring the system up to their face as much to see the action, means less stress on the eyes, and the “sweet spot” for the 3D effect also gets larger, resulting in far fewer instances of the 3D messing up and doubling over itself because of the system being tilted too much.

      You should have looked into the differences between the original and the XL before you dismissed it as a compulsory buy from rabid fans.
      The reasons for switching over are legitimate and had you done some research, you’d have known that.

      1. That screen scratching still isn’t fully fixed. Look it up and see for yourself. This entire handheld is little more than a bloated turd with better ergonomics and a whopping half-hour better battery life.

        Surrrrrrrrrrrely worth the $200. Not.

        1. BS. A minority still experiencing it due to rough handling does not equal a problem left unsolved.
          The other things listed are also well worth it.
          Not that you would know, seeing as how you don’t own many if any Nintendo products and as such have no room to talk about the quality of the device.

  28. fanboy is just a filler word now for something that doesnt actually mean fanboy, especially when used by this crazy sob lol

  29. This guy’s being dumb. Just to put it plainly. He can also be classified as stupid, a moron, jerk face, idiot, and a bunch of other worse words! I buy what I find fun! Nintendo games are fun! Most of their consoles bring something of value to the table whether it’s motion controls, new graphics, or just new ways to play! All my favorite games (minus Sonic Generations console) are on Nintendo consoles! This guy is clearly a hater or fanboy trying to rip on us Nintendo fans! What a [insert appropriate swear of choice here]!!!!

  30. Pachter you ass. Stop posting as “news” every single piece of shit that comes from the mouth of this king of the assholes. Seriously why every site, magazine, etc games related takes the word of this stupid guy? Put real news on the site please!! Stop with this Pachter crap of every single day.

  31. Can’t you handle the truth Mr. Pachter?
    All I’ve ever heard you say about Nintendo is all negative!
    I grew up on Nintendo since 1994, and i’ll never leave them.
    One day you’ll face Mr. Iwata himself, and then we’ll see how you can abuse him hand and foot then.

  32. This must be the first time Pachter manages to frustrate me.
    He really IS a dumbfuck. Why can’t he just leave the gaming world? We don’t need somebody that useless.

  33. Am I the only Nintendo fan here that actually found himself LAUGHING at this?
    Not just figuratively. I’m talking a full-blown, deep-bellied, scare-the-shit-out-of-every-living-thing-within-a-mile loud laugh.
    Was I really the only one?

    I mean, think about it; how MAD does a person have to be over criticism received, that he EARNED, to actually carry on the same insult through not one, but two separate reports?
    I mean, he says not card-board, but then he says present box.
    Without taking into account that many present boxes are MADE of some amount of card-board these days….
    It’s so ludicrous that I sincerely found myself laughing right down into a fit of tears over it!XD

    Just how unprofessional IS he, that he allows this sort of thing to bunch his panties up so very tightly?
    Why does he continue to report on Nintendo, in ANY fashion, if he knows that the articles that have a legitimate amount of BS to call him out for are going to cause back-lash?

    Patcher needs to realize that this is part of the territory of reporting negative views regarding wildly successful things; if you’re going to go against things that have a proven track record of being great and have the sales and fans to back the claim, then without solid facts backing your arguments, you’re going to get slammed as a hater and will not be taken seriously.
    Especially if you bring out words like “fanboys” into the fray alongside such laughable examples as the purchase of a cardboard box with a company name stamped on it and wrapped up real pretty.XD
    He needs to be adult enough to honestly consider all points brought forth, then compare them in as unbiased a manner as he can to his own analysis to see where the opposition might actually have a point.
    If he cannot do that, then he should not be tossing his opinion out there.
    Or better yet, he should be refocusing his reports onto something else.
    Something he actually likes.

  34. Why? Why are you dumb?… lol, I’m kidding. I know like most trolls, if you’re not trolling, you feel irrelevant…

  35. And every troll would buy anything with Patcher on it….-.-
    Honestly does this guy think we are mentally ill or something, we’re not stupid as to just buy a box just because it has the word “nintendo.”

  36. Because this is ONLY true of Nintendo, isn’t it genius? Because other companies “fanboys” always use logic and think before they buy anything wouldn’t they?
    What a genius ‘analyst’

  37. For fucks sake, what a complete fucking retard he is. He’s so openly biased against Nintendo and their fans… Truly a childish, hypocritical man.

  38. But nintendo doesn’t just slap there logo onto any old box and sell it! Every console they’ve brought out has been something that people would want to spend there money on, because it was either the most powerful or something new and different… When you think about it people either have a Wii, PS3 or Xbox and some have either a PS3 and Wii or Xbox and Wii. The odd person normally the richer ones have a PS3 and Xbox or All Three. It seem to me that Nintendo is quite popular and not just with the fans but most people, but i’m know analyst I’m just a consumer so I could be wrong!

  39. I really don’t care what this douchebag thinks. I don’t think this mattersenough to deserve a post. I wish you’d stop reporting on this guys whining.

  40. Actually he is right, every Nintendo fan knows that everything with Nintendo’s name on it means quality, so we buy every Ninento box :)
    F**K YOU Patcher for using the word stupid.

  41. thank you for supplying fuel to your own Titanic. we appreciate being able to laugh with the highest anticipation of your downfall

    1. obviously nintendo fans are upset at this. he is meant to be an analyst but all he seems to be doing is talking up sony and dissing nintendo. shame he is always wrong.

  42. He obviously doesn’t know the difference between fan and fanboy.
    I’m a Nintendo fan and I wouldn’t buy anything just because it’s a Nintendo product.

    A fanboy is someone who is a blind fan.

  43. Why do you never post a link to the direct source? I had to press on one of the links that I then had to press on another link to get to the video where he says so. I find it sad that you have alot of links but 90% of them leads to different articles on this page and the rest of them lead to other Nintendo fan pages.

    But back to the subject:
    Pachter is just mad because his predictions fails and want to find a reason why they fail. Now he has found that alot of people for some according to him unlogical reason buy almost every Nintendo game ever released and say that they do so mindlessly to try to save his own face. Sad that he don’t realise that it is because the Wii is the most affordable system that it’s the best seller. Just as PS1 and PS2 was the weakest systems of their gen and succeded so is the Wii the weakest of it’s and is successfull because of afordability.

    That still some people stuck to Nintendo during N64/GC is not because of pure fandom but that they know that they can expect great quality from Nintendo products the same way that people know they will get good TPS with Sony and stick to them. The biggest question is why people buy the 360 :/

  44. and all Sony and MS does is upgrade their graphic and online capabilities……. yet he says the the Wii U isn’t exactly a next gen system…………… everybody already hates this moron because of the like 10 stupid thingsthat he said so the last thing he should be doing is saying more stupid things…..

  45. Well yeah, of course I will.

    Because they have never made a console that wasn’t worth the money I put into it.

    Their hardware never fails (like the 360 redring), and they always have a selection of good games. No reason for me to not buy one until they start making bad games on a consistent basis.

  46. Basically, in a nicer way (sarcasm), he’s still calling us stupid. How that man continues to stay employed is beyond me.

  47. well its true, the only difference is nintendo has the much larger ( stupid) fanbase… there might be a million xbox fanboys that will buy a useless console, but a huge chunk of nintendo sales go to the fanboys that would never renounce nintendo.

  48. That asshole is probably mad at the world because while he was going to college and living in his parents basement he always wanted a Nintendo Entertainment System. So on Christmas day he ran to open the rectangular shaped gift box under the christmas tree that said to Michael from Mom & Dad. As he unwrapped the box he was very disappointed to find there was no Nintendo System with Super Mario/Duck Hunt and that awesome grey Zapper Gun. It was just a big ‘ole rectangular box with a shitty yellow Sony Walkman and some cassette tapes of his favorite shitty music artists. so that’s why this fucking turd nugget is mad at Nintendo my friends….THE END

  49. Could we just not have anything Patcher says posted to this site anymore? Patcher being an idiot isn’t news to anyone.

  50. It sickens me all the hate comments on here without actually even THINKING about what is said. The tone is rather harsh but he is straight to the point without a bunch of pretense or political correctness BS that’s plauged our world and not done a damn good thing.

    Yes i can tell most of are Liberals because of this

    erals are like children because…
    Children have food, shelter, education, and medical care provided (well or badly) by adults.
    Liberals want food, shelter, education, and medical care provided for everyone.

    Children want things before they learn about money. When parents say “we can’t afford it” children think they’re cruel or stupid.
    Liberals believe a government that doesn’t give the people what they want is cruel or inefficient.

    Children believe that Santa Claus is real and that leaders are good and wise.
    Liberals believe in the goodness and wisdom of their leaders. Adults are skeptical of leaders, preferring their own wisdom and beliefs.

    Children are very upset when their parents are ridiculed or challenged.
    Liberals are very upset when their administration is ridiculed or challenged.

    All the Nintendo fanbosy show theses signs among others down to the N in Nintendo.

  51. Actually Nintendo fans would buy any crap that Nintendo put out, its a fact. N64, gamecube, Wii and Wii U are prime examples of crappy systems. But they seem to have morons buy these system anyway when other systems have more AAA game library and more revolution in graphics etc. Nintendo and fans live in the past big time.

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  53. Nintendo fanboys remind me of liberals they claim they practice tolerance but when it comes time to milk the cows…………………………..

    The Democratic Party doesn’t have a jack ass as it’s mascot for nothing! They were the ones that approved of Jim Crow laws and it was Quakers or Friends which is the real term whom did much of our prison reform such as law libraries,rights to a speedy trial,free phone call to lawyer.etc.. They campaigned for it. The liberals just took the credit.

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