And, no, it’s not the Kirby. The original Super Mario Bros. debut in 1985. Before that, in 1979, Nintendo made an actual remote controlled vacuum cleaner, which was released in Japan. It is called the Chiritorie, which measures only 16cm from one side to another.

Because of its diminutive size, it would take days to clean a house with and was more thought of as a play toy. The Chiritorie is the star of a two-player mini-game in Nintendo 3DS ambassador title WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$, which is a Game Boy Advance title that originally released in 2003.



  1. Not only a vacuum, but Nintendo started with playing cards, then they had ataxi company and “love hotels”. After that decided to have toys, where they invented the Ultra Hand and the Love Detector. Whoa, imagine if Nintendo decided to do something else instead of video games


  2. im sorry but is this really what this came to? I get it was a SLOW ass news day, but come on, this is nice info to know if you wanted to learn nintendo’s history but come on, a nintendo vacuum cleaner is a news update? I know im sounding a bit rude, but i felt very sad when i saw a update just to know its a vacuum cleaner instead of wii u news :(


  3. Well, technically this is game-ralated news, and it’s about Nintendo as well. This thing was considered a toy and appeared in one of Nintendo’s games, so it fits. Better than posting PS3/Vita news in here.


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