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The Superb Rhythm Heaven Fever Is Only $4.99 At Best Buy

Wii exclusive title Rhythm Heaven Fever, also known as Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise, released earlier this year in North America and Europe. The game’s suggested North American retail price is $29.99, but Best Buy is currently offering Rhythm Heaven Fever for only $4.99. Make sure you get a chance to play this fantastic game, which we reviewed and awarded with a near perfect score. Purchase the discounted Rhythm Heaven Fever from Best Buy here.

30 thoughts on “The Superb Rhythm Heaven Fever Is Only $4.99 At Best Buy”

    1. I’ve manage to grabbed the last copy at my local BB. Only one hour after store opened. And also got Rayman origin for $9 sweet deals

        1. it’s not in their ad… only on their website. WalMart doesn’t even price match their own website… let alone Best

          1. The only Walmarts I have ever been to that price match are ran by competent people that keep their store clean.
            These kinds of Walmarts are only in the upper-middle class side of town.

            True story. Got Spirit Tracks for 18 dollars this way. :)

          2. It’s in their weekly ad at local BB and took a quick glimpse at it. You can take their ad to Walmart for price match.

  1. Their “Free Shipping” text is a lie. Less than five clicks after adding it to the cart, it says “Not Available for Shipping”.

    1. Wow, I’m dumb. I just checked the product page again and it says “Shipping: Not Available”, only it doesn’t stand out as much as “Free Shipping”.

  2. I was all prepared to buy it after looking up gameplay and for some reason it’s unavailable everywhere except one location that’s an hour away which means I’d probably spend as much in gas as I’d save :/ Don’t understand why Best Buy would put it on sale if they don’t even carry it…

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