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Three Different Controllers Can Be Used Simultaneously On Wii U Multiplayer Games

Madden NFL 13 is a Wii U launch title and will include local cooperative play, in which up to five players can play simultaneously. Gamers who play multiplayer Wii U games can choose among three different controllers – the Wii U GamePad, Wii Remote plus Nunchuk combination, and the Wii U Pro Controller. Which controller will be your preference, when playing a multiplayer game?

69 thoughts on “Three Different Controllers Can Be Used Simultaneously On Wii U Multiplayer Games”

  1. Great news. More people playing together a video game brings more fun in the experience of playing a game. About the question. I would rather use a Wii U Pro Controller. The GamePad it’s nice, but me as a gamer who started the journey of gaming in the SNES era, I would go with more traditional controller.

    1. I started gaming in the NES era, yet i am looking forward to using the GamePad, even though the pro controller is pretty much a 360 controller which I have been using since 2005.

      1. Just to clarify. Just because I will be using a Classic Controller Pro more , that doesn’t mean I will not try the GamePad as well. I will use the GamePad with Rayman Legends, because I liked the idea of putting Rabbids at the touch screen of the GamePad. If I remember correctly you could also put an action figure of Ezio from Assassin’s Creed.

        1. Agreed for every wii u game I buy I will try out the gamepad first because a. I want to challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone into somethin I’m familiar with (using DS). And b. kinda tired of the same routine for every game, if the function of the secondary screen is diff per game then it will always provide new ways to do things

    2. Looking forward to the wiiu game pad. It will actually fit my hands better. On top of that there are lots of game play ideas and control methods not realized in any thing shown to the public so far.

      Once the second game pad is added to upcoming games play options are going to be fun.

      The industry needs more talent really or less corporate games.

  2. Seeing as it would be my Wii U, I would have to play with the GamePad, but if I was at a friends house (if any of them buy a Wii U that is) I would probably use Wii U pro controller….. but I wont be playing Madden.

      1. Yes it was. They said it supports any wii peripherals. including but not limited to Wii remote, Classic controler(&CC pro), Wii fit board etc.

    1. Both of them are wonderful controllers. One it’s a nice big controller with a touch screen that can make a game deeper and the other it’s a traditional controller that suits better gamers that don’t like the idea of the GamePad.

      1. Or who like to play with at least 2 other people, as the U Pro doesn’t have the same player limitation as the Gamepad.

  3. Well firstly i don’t play sports video games (don’t see the point). and i would use the Wii U pro controller for fighting multiplayer games and the Wii U game pad for strategy and RPG

  4. What ever haters, I’m going to buy Nintendo Land. Just look at that Zelda game. Their clothes remind me of little big planet, how everything is stitched together.

      1. So am I. Loved it after I got to try it out at Wii U experience convention in Chicago, especially the Luigi’s Mansion game.

  5. New rule for when friends come over: It’s my house so I use the GamePad. You guys get Wii U Pro controllers >:3

  6. Wii U pro, cant wait to play new super mario bros U with a wii u pro, well if they allow it for support with the game

  7. For the controller I will use: It really depends on the games. Obviously, some games will require motion controls, others will require the gamepad, some will be preferable on the Pro controller.

    1. This.

      I hope developers remember that even the gamepad is only optional, and they have a wide variety of controll schemes. I wasnt going to by a pro till Smash Bros, but i might presuded, depends how much difference the gamepad makes.

  8. Let’s hope most devs give ALL controller options. I need to be able to play shooters with the Wiimote/Nunchuk. Dual analogs feel primitive to me now.

    1. I never grasped how, without Motion Plus, shooters were any easier with motion controls. It was like using a really big analogue stick but clunkier.

      1. You had to set the sensitivity way up. Then it worked great. On default sensitivity, turning was like turning a horse around. (Or as you said, big and clunky)

    2. agreed, if they seriously release medal of honor or bf4 on the wiiu, i would definately pick it up for it instead of the pc if they added wii remote support, or even gyroscope aiming with the wiiu gamepad. i love the gyro aiming on the 3ds, just using that on an fps would be awesome, tiring, but awesome.

    3. They always were primitive i will never use a classic again I’ll use the wiimote for most games and the gamepad for games that don’t require the right analog

    4. If developers worked hard, they could use the gamepads gyro as a way to aim. I think people would be all over that, Zelda SS worked great with the gyro, you didnt have to point it directecly at the screen, it was much more smooth and accurate as well.


    I wish I could use a new Wavebird of some sort… but for now I’ll just settle for GamePad and Pro Controller. Hopefully the buttons on the Pro Controller aren’t uncomfortable to use as they look. Otherwise I have no problem using an Xbox-esque controller… even as a Nintendo/PS3 gamer.

  10. LMAO is anyone really gonna use the wii remotes if they CAN use the gamepad and wii u pro instead? Well wii remotes would be my backup i guess.

    QUESTION: so the wii u pro has batteries in it? Not atttached like the circle pad pro?

    AND: the wii u gamepad comes WITH a charger/does it use one? i think i saw a charger with the gamepad, kinda looked like a 3ds charger

    1. I’m one of the Wii mote fans. I adapted to it well.
      To your point, I agree, we’ll all be rocking one of the others in the beginning. Wiimotes might get a little dusty for a few months.

      1. lol yeah, i didnt mean to hurt anyone’s feeling though. I just meant that its a new remote, so most likely people would like that first. No hard feelings? :)

    1. Quite frankly, this wasn’t the best picture to use for this story. Putting a Gamepad next to 2 wiimotes, it gives the impression that only 3 controllers could be used at a time (which is of course not the case).

  11. we already knew we would be able to do this, but its nice to know we have game ware we know we can do it, a-cemeterc indeed, not just with gamepad and remote, but also with pro, or what im going to call it “core controller” and I hope their well be games (and i dont see why not) that use remote and core. and some games ware the gamepad is just sits on the coffee table as a second screen for 4 players to glance at

    1. they should have changed the names of things, I understand that the wii remote, though I think it should soon be called “n-remote”, then the ” “pro controller” is confusing I think that PRO should be used for the more complex player, thus should have the more complicated controller, so its odd it wouldn’t have a screen, camera, motion controls.
      then gamepad is silly because it makes it seam simple.
      the pro should be called core, as its basic but for core players.
      gamepad, should be called like S-controller (s for screen) or something

  12. Does it have to be Wii motion plus remotes or regulars too, hope its both since I have alot of original remotes.

  13. I know I’m getting at least one of each. I love the look of the Pro Controller. I want the black version of everything. Leave luck to heaven.

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