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Kamiya From Platinum Games Says PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Is “A Rip-Off”

Hideki Kamiya, who helped create Platinum Games, has called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale a complete and utter rip-off of the Smash Bros games. Kamiya took to Twitter to answer fans questions about the brawler and subsequently became more and more aggravated about the game. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is due to be released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita later this year.

133 thoughts on “Kamiya From Platinum Games Says PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Is “A Rip-Off””

      1. I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. I think everything before the “RT” is a retweet of what the original poster said, and after that comes Hideki’s answers.

        1. After reading the source, I guess it’s the other way around… Just found it hard to believe that he would come out and say it, I guess… but he did.

  1. While I don’t always agree with Kamiya’s design philosophies, he does have a point here. A very obvious one, that’s for sure, but still a valid one.
    I hadn’t even thought of P-100 in Smash Bros, but considering what what we’ve seen in the series so far its not impossible. Interesting.

  2. That’s awesome. Platinum games is a good developer. But I want Madworld 2 for Wii-U. I want to play more of that.

      1. U Mad Bro. hahaha this game can destroy smash. That kiddie game with a cheap fighting system camping to get kills, while PSASBR you have to fight to win.Ha LoL PSASBR is gonna beat that baby waby piece of shit ha. You wii tards get all worked up over PSASBR because your scared and know it’ll beat that piece of Baby shit. Because you have no first party titles at all so you have nothing but 30+ characters from the same 4 franchises while PSASBR has only one person from every franchise and still has 30+ characters and better games. HAHAHAHAH
        Wii TARDS Fucking suck and Wii U is a last gen piece of shit….

        1. no first party franchises or exclusives Hmm
          mario(3d titles)
          the legend of Zelda
          Donkey Kong
          Star Fox
          Ice climber
          Kid Icarus
          Fire Emblem
          Luigis mansion
          Yoshi island
          Warioware/ land
          Wii sports/ fit series + miis
          Game And Watch
          Advance Wars
          Animal crossing
          Pilot Wings
          Golden Sun
          Xenoblade Chronicles
          The Last Story
          Pandoras Tower
          Steel Driver
          Dition Rolling Western
          Enternal Darkness
          Excite series
          Wave race
          1080 Ten Eighty
          Hotel Dusk
          Mad world
          Elite Beat Agent
          Rythem Heaven
          Brain Age
          Art style
          Sin & Punishment
          Osu takee
          Custom Robo
          The legendary Starfy
          Red Steel
          De Blob(1)
          Project P-100

          and more to come + more that i hadnt name. I swear fanboys piss me off

        2. Butt hurt much?
          This is how most PS3TARDS react to simple facts, “Its a kiddie game wah wah wah” lol

    1. ????

      He was only the director for the original Devil May Cry. Capcom holds all the rights to the character and franchise and has a very good relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment.

      Also, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is being developed by Platinum Games and Raiden is evidently in PS All-Stars…. So, I don’t follow your statement.

      1. Well the Beta leak has new DMC Dante, not the classic Dante. And he still crested it, it has to go past him to some extent.

        They did get Sit Daniel from MediEvil and Spike from Ape Escape though, so thats cool. Still no Crash or Spyro…

        1. It probably has more to do with advertising, which, is pretty balls anyway, that shouldnt be the point, but seeing a DMC and MGSR will be released not long after….

        2. I believe Crash and Spyro are own by Activision, so chances are slim of them making guest apperances ob anything.

      2. Just because Kamiya works for Platinum doesn’t mean that he has any control over the Raiden character. Konami and Kojima hold the rights to the character.

        1. Exactly my point. Capcom hold the rights to the character of Dante in every shape and form. So he’s not the reason that DmC Dante is supposedly in PS All-Stars and not the original Dante (which the original comment I replied to suggested).

          It’s likely a promotional agreement that Capcom and SCE came together with. Just like the Bioshock Infinite stage and Raiden – characters and stages from future games seem to be in All-Stars for one reason or another. Likely a crafty marketing deal with several third-party companies.

  3. Damn, I really want to play P-100. I was never interested in Pikmin, but P-100 looks like a lot of fun. Okami plus strategy heroes, it’s simply awesome.

  4. Lol agree and that comes from the company who is making the new metal gear rising reveangence<3 for hideo kojima (ps3/xbox360 and maybe wii u?) and p100 for wii u

    1. He’s pure gold xD!
      On twitter: ”Who would you like to punch if you could?”
      Kamiya: ”You”


  5. Hahahahahahahahahahaha he is a wise guy. Like other smart people he is mad some one when and CNTR-C and CNTR-V the whole SSBB lol.

    1. Too much etiquette leaves too much feelings unresolved and unrevealed. Sometimes you just gotta let it out. Just let him has his damn say. Sometimes giving a crap about what other people might feel about it is a cowardly and stupid thing to do.

      And people wonder why there’s so much depression in this world.

      1. But if it were the reverse (calling Smash a rip off), people would be up in arms about it. This guy is in the industry. It’s in poor taste to say things like that in such a public sphere.

        1. I know you’re just using it as an example, but Smash is not a rip-off. People would be up in arms about a statement like that because it’s controversial and simply not true. Whereas a lot of people see All-Stars as an SSB clone and he’s simply reflecting those statements

        2. No it’s poor taste for them to be copying in an industry where creativity should be striving.

          We have a major player blatantly phoning in cut and paste jobs. As if they where making a new tv line…

  6. No shit, Kamiya. And Bayonetta wasn’t a “rip-off”? Maybe not as blatant as this, but, it’s still pretty obvious where that game was coming from.

    Also, it’s been *13 years* since the first Smash Bros came out. If Sony had released this 11 years ago, I’d say you have a point with the whole “rip-off” thing.

    1. The difference is Kamiya MADE the game that Bayonetta was “rip-off” of.

      To say nothing of the fact that as far as action games go, there’s plenty of differences between the two.

    2. Yet it’s been four years since the most recent one. Why would he have more of a point if Sony ripped off the first game than if they ripped off the most recent one? Are you stupid or something?

      1. Yes, that’s true. For some reason I get him and Shinji Mikami mixed up in my head sometimes. There’s also plenty of mechanical differences between SSB and this new All Stars game even though they’re aesthetically similar.

        Making a game out of a 13 year old concept is hardly “ripping off” something. If Sony had made this immediately after the release of the original Smash Bros in 1999, it would have been a lot different “morally” as Kamiya mentions in one of his tweets. If they had just wanted to cash in, they probably would have attempted this during the Melee era when Sony had the most dominant console on the market.

        1. It’s not an old game if it is currently still being produced. You are reaching and there is such a thing as ip protection.

      2. Hey just because you plagiarize one of Shakespeare’s sonnets doesn’t mean It’s not plagiarism. You must be crazy if you dont considered a brawler made up Sonys mascots where about the only real differences are you can’t knock people off(no thanks sony), you build up a specials gauge(instead of damage), and you have different finishers(I’d say this feature is better than brawl’s by a long shot) isn’t a rip off of smash bros. I mean come the fuck on, are you blind? Sony came 4years later with the move(Wii remote++). Is that no longer a rip off? You guys are over thinking this.

      1. Exactly. Whoever can’t understand this is an overgeneralizing moron who’s too dumb to see specifics. They’d much rather see things their way than the facts.

  7. Really. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is NOT a rip-off. Stop saying that.

    If it were a rip-off, it would actually be good. A Smash game with PS characters would be pretty awesome. PSA-SBR’s mechanics suck.

      1. No, fanboy up here^

        There’s not much fanboyish about his statement, he’s saying he’d like a game that was SSB with PS characters, and that PSAS isn’t that game, because it’s not as good as SSB- therefore it’s not a ripoff to him.

  8. Honestly I’m interested to see how well the game does. I won’t get it, as I don’t have the systems, but I’m wondering if it’ll actually be a success.

      1. Well if Sony can do it then we want an Xbox live or die battle royal too! I’m sure rare could finally do a clone right.

        I want one for iPhone also and ms windows 8! We should get it on ti-80 calculators too! Man what if Lamborghini made one, awesome!!!

        While we are at it Nintendo should make a god of war. Call it call of aries lol. The call of war! We need a fps with turtle shells to take on the failing killzone too!

        Oh and the next Mario galaxies should be called Indiana Mario and the lost coins, and rip off uncharted lol.

    1. The thing is that Sony tryes everytime to make Nintendo things bad, and then wenn Nintendo does something great sony does it too!!! But the thing is that Sony tryes to make Nintendo things bad in the first place!!!

    2. Just be real, It’s a rip off. Is that going to stop it from selling to the mass-market? Heelll no. I might even get it for the Vita when I pick one up later this year.

    3. Is there really something wrong with Sony having their own version of SSB?I
      Yes. Come up with your own ideas. That’s one of the many reasons why Sony is dying. The lack of innovation. Anyone can copy and paste.
      So, does this mean Sony shouldn’t have a game where their mascots battle? No, of course not. But don’t make it an SSB clone ffs

  9. Wow. So this is news now? Seriously, just let go. It’s a shitty rip off, guess what, people have been doing that for decades.

  10. This. Exactly, even other devs understand this, they should really try to make this game original instesd of ruining sonys name even more.

    1. Although, to be fair, Sony made the game only now instead of when the SSB series was fairly new, which was during their dominance with the PS and the PS2, and Sony is trying to do something different with the PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. The similarities are there but so are the differences. If I was anyone, I’d at least give the a game a try via a demo or at a friends house or something.

    2. This ^ is true. Everytime Sony bashes Nintendo they end up eating their words, or having to use one of Nintendo’s latest innovations, which in turn makes them look bad. Now with this blatant slap in the face; its like a nail in the coffin for Sonys creative team. “inspired”” my ass thats a know it! Cut the crap and get real, Sonys running out of excuses for their shitty performance as of late. And although it hasnt been out VERY long; I think we know the Vita is pretty much dying on the spot. Face the facts people, Nintendo is king of these type of games and unless a company REALLY changes things up “rip off” will be the word of the day. Especially a company like Sony with all that chest-puff, back-stabbing, and bravado they throw around as if they dont need help.

  11. Shouldn’t you also mention that he wants P-100 characters to be in the next Smash Bros? I feel that’s more Nintendo-related than his opinions on Sony’s rip-off.

  12. PSABR (the name itself already sounds like a rip-off of SSB series) is a blatant rip-off of Nintendo’s party fighter. It’s ironic how the Sony Defense force have spat on the series for years and rejoice the release of it’s clone. At the very least Sony should admit that PSABR was inspired by SSB but knowing Sony they won’t.

  13. Rip-off in my opinion, but it makes me wonder why Sony didnt do this towards the end of the ps2 or beginning of the ps3 life cycle? It wouldn’t have been seen as big of a deal(or rip-off) and could’ve been a strong ip by now. Not to mention that smash 4 will no doubt erase this game from our minds/history. They timed this really bad, I want to give the game a chance, but I’m not into the whole not being able to knock people off :/ sounds like everything will be super drawn out. Not to mention the lack-luster lineup. If you dont consider this a rip-off(at least to an extent): YOU’RE IN DENIAL. It’s nothing wrong with it, but all Sony did was take the things I like the most smash, discarded them, and claim it to be a new experience. Just man the fuck up and own it, It’s not bad to copy, hell we all draw inspiration from somewhere.

  14. Wow now he can die happily, and due to his opinion ps all stars is not happening, and vitas are gonna explode due to lack of sales, in three months Sony is gonna disappear, we’ll miss you Sony, thanks for everything.

    Wow if N fans are really that big why do you care about another PS3 and vita game, get a life or play your games but don’t waste your time on hating it’s useless by the way I love my 3ds before your flames reach my comment

    1. It’s just really lame to copy. Then it’s even lamer to make an inferior copy. Then it’s even lamer to claim nintendo makes kiddy games when you are copying one of their biggest games. Then on top of that this is not their first time trying to copy and then making an inferior product or failing to support it, move then the kart racing oh and lbp sucked as a platformer.

      What happened to creativity? Only inferior companies copy. Is Sony moving to china or some thing?

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