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5th Cell: “Scribblenauts Unlimited Is Definitely The Best Version Of Scribblenauts We’ve Ever Produced”

5th Cell Creative Director Jeremiah Slackza claims that the forthcoming Scribblenauts Unlimited is the ultimate version of Scribblenauts. Slackza says he’s “very happy” the game’s a Wii U launch title. Scribblenauts Unlimited is the first game in the franchise to feature multiplayer and releases for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PC; but only the Wii U version includes Nintendo characters.

“Scribblenauts is a game where you solve puzzles by creating anything you can think of simply by writing it and it will come to life in the game. You help the main character, Maxwell, collect Starites by successfully completing puzzles.”

“Game development timeframes means there’s always something left on the cutting room floor. Scribblenauts Unlimited is definitely the best version of Scribblenauts we’ve ever produced, but there are always new paths to explore.”



    1. I know right! If it’s still liner like the other two i’m not going to get it! oh yeah, and have stupid ass puzzles like combine a building with a animal to make a fuzzy building (i think that’s what it was) or make the cow and the farmer a house! I really did not like that at all!


    1. Eh, no matter. I just tried the DS Version the other day. Looks pretty fun. Besides, seeing as it isnt exactly a AAA title I dont think it would have decent sales xD


  1. I hope so. I kind of liked Scribblenauts (it was really simple and didn’t have a lot of stuff compared to Super) and really liked Super Scribblenauts, since a lot more was added to that game. I hope that they can make a lot more recognizable on Scribblenauts Unlimited, and make some stuff (like potions, and adjectives) have more effect.


    1. Its in the future. 2014 is when it arrives. If you honestly thought a Zelda HD game at launch was going to happen…I’m sorry but you’re an idiot. Zelda on NintendoLand is the best we get for now.


      1. Well, we knew it wouldn’t of happened, but Nintendo should of made it happen, imagine how well the Wii U would sell then.


    1. this is hilarious coming from a teenager with an xbox, as that is literally all that system has

      hope you’re enjoying viva pinata ;)


  2. I have to wonder, why make the 3DS one at all? Or why mske the WiiU one? They shouldve just done 1, then made a different game for the other.


      1. You cant take the wiiu around the street and the 3ds will have spot pass it should be cool if wen you check your spot pass some thing wierd or amaizing apears


      2. Yeah, but then why make a WiiU version?
        Im just saying i see it as an opportunity to make one very good Scribblenaughts game, and a new IP, rather than 2 games that both have features the other one doesnt.


  3. i still think you suck you troll if you think that every thing is gay arent you gay by your own standerds think about that you trolling moron


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