Hori Shows Off Their Wii U Accessories

Japanese firm Hori has decided to reveal its line-up of Wii U accessories which will undoubtedly be picked up a large number of consumers once the Wii U launches in Japan on December 8th. Hori has a whopping four different screen protectors in development for the console, and they’re also releasing soft pouches for the Wii U GamePad. You can check out all the accessories here.


  1. I’ll probably get some sort of case for the Wii U controller if I can. I will probably get kinda paranoid leaving the screen exposed when I’m not using it lol!


  2. eh. i dont see why i would need a carrying case for a controller. and i would rather get a vacuum form screen protector rather than the sticker ones that you have to stick onto the screen that always have bubbles.


  3. I have a vita and regret not buying a screen protector. I put it in my book bag on a flight and someone must have put their luggage on my bag and it scratched a bit but at least it isn’t a deep scratch. Doesn’t affect gameplay (not visible) and I can’t feel it when I touch it. I’ll get a pouch and screen protector for the wii u


  4. The touch screen and stylus are an absolute must for me. I already have good heaphones, but being OCD, I kind of want to get headphones that match my Wii U…


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