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Grand Theft Auto V Only Coming To Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

Promotional artwork for Grand Theft Auto V has found its way online and it clearly states which platforms the highly anticipated game will be appearing on. Grand Theft Auto V will be coming this Spring to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Sadly there’s absolutely no mention of a Wii U version on any of the promotional material for the game.

281 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V Only Coming To Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3”

        1. pc gaming is over hyped yeah it looks good but 85% of pc gamers is pirating there pc games so developers are moving away from pc ports or they’ll release it a year after the console version is out

          1. Meaning pc gaming in itself isn’t overhyped, it’s just not profitable because of pirates. This has nothing to do with the gaming experience.

          2. yeah they’ll make a half hearted shitty PC port like GTA 4 was and ask full price for it

            THEN they wonder why people pirate their game meanwhile blowing the amount of “losses” that causes (the good old presumption that every pirated game is a game not sold) completely out of proportion like every publisher does to justify their dick move of producing low quality PC ports… where’s the mistake in that right?

            i’ll definitely abstain from buying any of their games until they start taking PC gaming serious again, or at least stop trying to play PC gamers for suckers and just stop making and selling their shitty, tardy ports altogether
            because what they’re doing right now is an insult and not worth my money

            1. you need to see there port of max payne 3. it is easily the best opstimised game i have ever played. it totally redeems there shitty gta 4 port. but yeah, i guess im not buying gta 5 lol

              1. yeah i’ve seen the MP3 port.. you don’t have to tell me twice
                MP3 is a good example of how ports should be i agree

                however it does in no way redeem their GTA 4 port (or their LA noire port, or their other shitty and/or tardy ports) because the quality and punctuality (half a month i can tolerate, because delays in development do happen from time to time) of the MP3 port is what should be expected

                all the other ports they’ve made are nothing less than an insult, and making up for those would be considerably harder than merely publishing one (!) good port

                1. i agree. they have made some shitty ports, but it’s not fair to just blatantly shout “OH GAWD EVERYTHING THEY PUT ON PC IS SHIYAT” when they did a great job on there most recent game. thats all.

                  1. well i was referring to their most successful franchise: GTA
                    which this article incidentally is about
                    so far every GTA port they’ve made for PC was either just late, or both crappy and late

        2. like they’ve ever done anything else? they may create great games but rockstar is one of the most unsympathetic developers/publishers i know of for various reasons… ever since GTA 3 PC gamers had to wait several months for a low grade PC version of all their GTA titles so that’s not news
          the timing and quality of the GTA 4 port was an insult to PC gamers

          chances are we’ll see the same on wii-u.. a low quality port after several months.. concerning platform support they’ve always gone the minimum effort route
          i’ll definitely boycot them and their games until they start taking other platforms more seriously..

          1. seriously, look at the max payne 3 pc version. they did a great job, and it was actually better than the console counterparts

            1. that’s the only exception in their whole portfolio… am i supposed to applaud them now?
              and if this poster is not a fake that only goes to prove that they haven’t abandoned their business tactics at all

              why they’ve decided not to delay MP3 for the PC and actually make a decent port i don’t know

              it’s a good thing that they did (even if the game itself was lacking which is a shame) but i’m not gonna get my hopes up that they’ve made a 180° turn where the PC is concerned

              1. well they did delay mp3….but i think it was mostly due to diablo 3 coming out the day the orriginally wanted to release it. and the game itself was far from lacking. it’s a pretty damn good game.

                1. sales numbers speak a very different language.. i don’t care what reviewers said about the game
                  i played it for a couple hours at a friends place and have to agree with these sales numbers.. it’s call of duty shooting gallery gameplay (most ridiculous were the driving scenes) and no one needs more of that
                  the only thing it’s got going for itself is the fairly good storytelling (not the story mind you which is pretty much standard issue.. but the prequels were no different in that regard), but even that was better in MP1 and 2 and it’s certainly not enough to save a game

                  yes they did delay MP3 but it may have been related to actual development delay, and not just delay on purpose to drive sales on consoles

                  1. if sales numbers speak a lot, than just dance and call of duty are way better than ocarina of time. right? or even skyrim, kingdom hearts, final fantasy 7, batman arkham city, yeah those games are no where near as good as call of duty and just dance. idiot

                    1. fuck you ;)
                      if insulting someone is your way of having a discussion then this discussion is over
                      have a nice day

                      1. alight, discussion’s over. sorry that you had a stupid view on what dictates the quality of a game :)

                      2. sorry that you’re incapable of discussing in a mature manner
                        my position remains, i’m just not going to discuss the details of it with someone like you

                        1. than stop lol. im fine not talking to someone as closed minded as you that relates sales to the overall quality of a game.

                        2. you’re the one comparing just dance sales with MP3 sales, which are both aimed at completely different demographics, and i’m the one who’s close minded
                          the irony
                          the reason for CoDs ongoing success is apparently also beyond you (hint: it’s not the single player campaign)

                          but yeah you’re probably right.. MP3s underwhelming sales in spite of it being published by a high profile developer and in spite of it being the continuation of a very successful and popular franchise and in spite of the huge amount of marketing that went along with it (rockstar themselves called it their, and i quote, “biggest and boldest marketing effort thus far”) and in spite of the ridiculous amount of press attention it got prior to its release is definitely not at all related to its mediocrity but much rather to a really bad stroke of luck
                          or maybe it was a voodoo curse?
                          yeah you keep thinking that, i’ll be satisfied with the actual facts

                          1. actually, a big reason for the low sales was because everyone was “boycotting” it because rockstar wasnt talking about grand theft auto 5. and no, actually, max payne isnt a popular franchise. if you say to ANYONE “ah man i was just playing the classic max payne” and they wouldnt even know what you are talking about. and guess what, call of duty’s multiplayer isnt very great either. and i only compared it because you were acting like sales numbers had anything to do with the quality of a game. which they clearly dont, considering the developer of both just dance and call of duty take next to no effort to update the next game, which ends up no where near as good as many other games out at the same time.

                            1. Yeah, the only reason I even want the game (and ill be getting it on Wii U) is to see what its like and for zombie mode and voice chat

                              1. i’ll get it when it goes down in price used just so i can play zombies. that’s it. like with black ops i waited a good year and a half until it was only $16 to buy it

                                1. yes of course they boycotted it because of GTA 5.. do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds? that’s the first time i even hear about it
                                  besides rockstar announced GTA 5 in may.. 2 weeks before MP3 was even released.. not buying your story ;)

                                  to this day max payne 1 and 2 together sold over 7 million copies which makes it one of take twos most successful franchises
                                  indeed hugely unpopular franchise

                                  you may not think the CoD multiplayer component is any good but it is in fact.. it’s one of the best multi player shooters out there.. and tens of millions of players seem to be in agreement over that.. but of course you’re right and they’re wrong
                                  the fact that there’s hardly any innovation with CoD doesn’t change that, you can argue about it all you want

                                  it’s a lost cause with you

                                  1. actually, dumbass, the first trailer for gta 5 was in november of last year, and was announced september of last year. you are seriously idiotic. for one, you say that you dont want to talk to me anymore, which i would be FINE with since you’re just straight up talking out of your ass. and two, you’re still clinging to the notion that sales=quality.

                                  2. oh and of course you’re also omitting the tiny detail that in order to play the main component of CoD, that is multi player, you cannot simply use an illegal copy, you have to buy it.. a game with a large focus on single player like MP3 however is prone to be copied a little more often.. so yeah that comparison doesn’t work very well either
                                    i also never said anywhere that sales directly relate to the quality of a game but when a well known and well marketed game like MP3 fails so miserably the quality of the game is *definitely* going to be a factor.. and like i already said.. the single player aspect of MP3 is exactly the same as CoDs.. only with added bullet time and slightly more playtime.. take that away and you get a CoD single player campaign
                                    however nobody buys CoD for its single player… MP3 on the other hand is actually a single player game; the multi player part was never the big seller.. and the MP franchise hasn’t exactly know for its multi player

                                    1. LOL. OH MY GOD the amount of downs inthis reply is too much. “max payne isnt really known for it’s multiplayer” ofcourse it isnt you fucking tard. this is the first one they ever had multiplayer in. and no, actually, the single player pans out VERY differently than that of an explosive, convoluted cod campaign. and you said, your self “sales speak a lot about the quality of a game” and then you said ” i only played it for a couple hours” so you’re basing your entire judgement on the quality of a game, on sales, and playing it for a little bit. the game is a good 12 hours long, you can judge the entire story, gameplay, EVERYTHING based off of playing it for a tiny bit.

                  2. That’s Rockstar’s loss, not ours. They should grab the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this new console. Leave luck to heaven.



                      1. Fuck off Cocktail sausage dick. Most of these glorious Nintendo fans own one of the other 2 consoles suprisingly enough and will just buy it on that. You’l be the one missing out on games such as , Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101, Bayonetta 2, MH ultimate , Zombiu and many others.

                        Also Nothing is set in stone yet, it yet still may come to the wiiu.

                        1. crappy games that are gimmicky with a fisherprice tablet and good luck with bayonetta….. the first one had terrible sales hahahahahaha!

                          1. The first one is one of the best games I played this GEN!! you softcore piece of shit. Seriously go and splash your face with some cold water , get mumy to talc your ass and go to bed .

                          2. how are they crap? Especially when u compare them to the good exclusives on the other systems…oh wait a minute!

                            and the Wii U is getting the definitive version of every third party game, but ya know…ur a childish casual gamer,so u dont know shit. Understandable

                              1. because most devs want to see how well othr third party games sell on it, rather than just throwing them out and risk losing $ (though that would never happen. and btw just cuz a game hasnt been announced, doesnt mean it wont b made.devs want to make as much $ as possible, theyr not dumb.

                              2. oh wah, two games from publishers that make extremely bad ports aren’t showing up on a new system they dont know how to program for. have you seen most of rockstar’s and bethesda’s ports? just look at skyrim on the ps3 and gta 4 on the pc.

                          3. Your a fool, that was a foolish comment and your children (if you ever have any) will most likely be fools too…… fool…..

                          4. Every game is a gimmeck. People need to stop using that word, because seriously! Look at any other game and there is one major niche about it that makes it appealing to gamers. It is called a “hook” and it is just good marketing and business. If anything Nintendo is the most innovative company(Microsoft copying the big N with Xbox Move and Sony copying Super Smash Bros. w/ PSABR AND copied the Wii-mote…), thus Microsoft and Sony are the “gimmecky” ones.

                          5. What are you even trying to say? :”’)
                            Do the sales or the game quality matter?

                            Sales: New Super Mario Bros U -> you bitch about quality (granted: so do I).
                            Quality: Bayonetta 2 -> you bitch about sales.

                            Looks to me like Nintendo has got the best of both worlds, and you’re just acting like a bitch because you won’t get to play Bayonetta 2 :””””””””’).

                          6. goodluck with your jailbreaking idiot. You bought a $1000 tablet and you jailbreak it because you can’t buy 0.99 C games.. idiot ..

                      2. Casual? when we talk about Casuals and Hardcore…. well, Nintendo is older than Sony and hardcore Nintendo fans are older than hardcore Sony fans… EOD kid!

                        Actually @donzaloog is true…. this game will be released 6 months later for PC (since GTA 3), GTA sales are very poor on PC, now, you are saying PC gamers are casual too? lol, PC gamers and old Nintendo gamers (i mean true hardcore gamers) al older than both Xbox and Sony hardcores….

                        I will get the PS3 version if the game will be good (i hope so), and in next 6 months again for PC and ofc it will be great to put the game on PC, atleast im 100 $ that GTA V will do better on Wii U than PC (you know, more pirates etc).

                      3. Bitch! We get Aliens, Injustice, and we already have COD Blk Op2 for those that are “hardcore” (whatever the FUCK that is) id rather decapitate zombies myself but hey. So go shit yourself and pick the kid bones out of your teeth. Gutter turd troll and get back under your bridge!

                    1. Chinatow wars more than 1.2 Mil copies for NDS and less than 1 Mil for PSP….. so, its posible but when? PC version will come 6 months later for example….

                  3. IMO, companies should bring their best franchises to the Wii U while it is still fresh, that would help them spread their content to most Nintendo users and hopefully boost 3rd party games sales.

                    1. The new GTA could still very well come to
                      the Wii U. Remember that some companies were already working on games for Xbox and PS3(especially games like GTA which take a LONG time). So for now, companies have to finish development for the two older gen consoles before moving onto the Wii U. Maybe we’ll see it later on maybe we wont… theres a good chance we will though! :)

                  4. I saw the assassins creed 3 commercial and it made no message of it being on wii u so this isn’t official either

                  5. And just like that the chances of me buying the game is reduced to 0%. I want to wave my money in their face yelling out that this could have been theirs, then drive off in their newly stolen car.

                    1. Same…too bad for Rockstar…and here I thought they liked money…and considering others have said how easy it is to port games over I would have to say there is really no excuse.

                      1. We don’t know their full plans at this time. It could be coming to the Wii U later, it may not be too. We don’t know.

                        But developing games and even porting games is all part of a business. Everything has to be considered, especially on big budget titles like GTA V. You have to weigh the costs, take care of all the legal details, and all that stuff before one can say they’re making a game for one system or another.

                        Chances are they started development on GTA V before Nintendo made Wii U SDKs available to third-parties.

                  6. Grand Theft Auto 5 will be coming to Wii U, according to publisher Rockstar.. According to a new financial report from developer/publisher Rockstar, the company will release Grand Theft Auto 5 in early 2013, and it will be coming to the Wii U in addition to other consoles.

                    GTA V was announced last year, but no release date was given. Considering that Rockstar usually takes their time with games, and rarely announces release date until they’re absolutely certain, it’s easy to see Grand Theft Auto 5 be released about a year from now.

                    But the biggest surprise is that it now appears we’ll be seeing GTA V on the Nintendo Wii U as well, and hopefully with some new and innovative ways of using the new Wii U controller.

                            1. No, she pretty healthy thanks for worrying. Speaking of mums, did your drop you on your head on purpose when you was a baby. Hmmm that explains why your so angry.

                  7. this is hardly confirmation that it’s not coming, Come one!! surely you realise by now that nintendo is being very wierd about the wii u and for some reason games aren’t being annonced at the same time for wii u as other consoles. just be patient, we may still get an announcement.
                    plus the game doesn’t release for a while, there is a signficant chance they will begin work on it once they see sales figures

                      1. Go hump your iPad bitch,
                        You are jealous of Wii U, Pachter Jr.
                        Your mommy should have thrown you in the trash can.

                  8. Grand Theft Auto 5 will be coming to Wii U, according to publisher Rockstar.. According to a new financial report from developer/publisher Rockstar, the company will release Grand Theft Auto 5 in early 2013, and it will be coming to the Wii U in addition to other consoles.

                    GTA V was announced last year, but no release date was given. Considering that Rockstar usually takes their time with games, and rarely announces release date until they’re absolutely certain, it’s easy to see Grand Theft Auto 5 be released about a year from now.

                    But the biggest surprise is that it now appears we’ll be seeing GTA V on the Nintendo Wii U as well, and hopefully with some new and innovative ways of using the new Wii U controller.

                    1. It says nothing about the PC on that promotion either , although we all know it will probably end up on the PC…

                      BTW , do you mind sourceing this financial report or wherever you are getting this info frim.

                  9. I am keeping my ps3 for this reason and for games like revengance rising , ground zeroes etc etc. All the focus will be on my wiiu , but caln’t miss GTA5 .

                    This doesn’t confirm anything at all though. It’s unlikely but it may come to wiiu.

                  10. Hahhhahahahaahahahahahahaha

                    WiiU lost just another great game

                    Don’t worry you can always have carnivals U! Bwhahahaahahahahahahhaa

                    1. You say you are not a troll but you really are acting like one.And exactly why are you doing this(not that you’d answer)?

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                    WIIU IS FOR CASUALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET WITH IT YOU BABIES!!!!!!!!!!

                    1. Please fuck off and go away. Nobody gives a shit about your disgracefull comment’s. I should take a golf club to your mums ass for produceing such a piece of shit.

                      1. learn to spell fag boy…. how do you feel with no gta or good 3rd party support? hahahahahahahahhaha

                        enjoy your ONE YEAR OLD PORTS

                        1. I will enjoy my brand new system . With Enhanced cross platform games and Amazing Exclusives and I will carry on enjoying the pstriplle.

                          Seriously , go away – you’re like a fucking human headache.


                            and also enjoy paying 100 dollars for a new gamepad fisherprice tablet!

                          2. >.> you realize you are part of the problem right? If people like you didn’t respond to his dumb comments they would stop. So my question is how new to The Internet are you?

                            1. Sorry , this one is spamming sooooo much with his shit that it’s almost impossible not to respond. I respect what you say about feeding trolls blah blah , but don’t patronize me about ‘new to the internet lol’.

                      1. Lol, how do you know? It hasn’t even came out yet. And by the way, iPhones suck. Android phones are where it’s at.

                        1. Android alone sells far more games than that shitty Nintendo eshop ;)

                          Iphone alone crushes the 3ds in terms of gaming…just read the articles. you may learn something. NO wonder gaming companies like sega and squareenix are doing mobile. It is the future and handhelds and consoles will die

                          too bad. APple is the richest company in the world with 650 dollars PER SHARE

                          BEAT THAT NINTENDO FANBOY!!!!!!!!!!

                          1. Lol, you think I’m a Nintendo fanboy? I’ve owned many other consoles, phones, and computers. I’ve tried Apple shit before, the OS’s for them suck. Android phones are always ahead of iPhones. Look at Apple Maps, Android has been WAY ahead of Apple for a long time. People who play iPhone games are the actual casual gamers. My current phone is more up to date than the iPhone 5, and I had it for almost a year now. You’re pretty dumb, even for a 10 year old.

                            1. TELL THAT TO IPHONE SALES…. and i am sure you own many consoles…. fanboy. stop trying to act like you own consoles when all you do is play baby Nintendo games that are stuck in the 90s.

                              Play a mature game

                              1. iPhone sales are like that because Apple is overrated as hell. Seriously, if you look at it they’re terrible. If you’re on this site saying stuff about Nintendo, look at your user name. Apple make obsolete products and “suger coats” them for idiots like you who think they’re so amazing. They’re not. I’ve been playing videogames before you were even born. Mature up for once. And yeah, you definitely find “mature” games on the iPad, idiot.

                                1. overrated or not… They still mAKE MONEY. you know… what businesses thrive on…and yep mature games on iPad…. gta vice city anniversary is out soon… 18+.

                                  APple > Android

                                  1. There’s a TON of games on Google Play. Even GTA games. They make money because they overprice their products like crazy. I could make my own gaming computer with more specs than the current Mac computer. Android phones are actually pretty popular. I know tons of people who own Android phones and Apple phones. If you’re a true gamer, you’d play on any console (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii U, SNES, PC, etc.) but you know you’re a casual gamer when you buy games for your phone.

                                  2. Frankly,I just can’t like any apple games besides temple run,crime city,and jet pack joyride.And for 3ds I like 10x more.The only people who buy Iphones are women,kids who wear angry bird shirts,and men who just want a advanced phone.

                      2. Put a knife in your ass. This article is Bull SHIT. So it’s not coming to the PC because it doesn’t say PC on the advertisement ??? It will come to PC probably a couple of months late and maybe a wiiu version will follow. It may not , but stop being such a fucking 10 year old d-bag.

                        1. Rockstar have expressed no interest in the wiiU. get it for the superior PC which will obv come.

                          WiiU is current gen 7 years late. NO games show it is next gen. the graphics are not even good as unchartered loool

                          1. Yet Trine 2 for wiiu wouldn’t run on the ps3 or 360 cus its too graphically intense , confirmed. Go fuck yourself . The wiiu looks awesome and unique , you’l be crying when it fucking dominates next gen.

                            1. excuse me? trine 2 is ALREADY on ps3! hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! and it wont dominate since it is casual and will be underpowered with lack of third party. Where is gta5? where is farcry3? where is dishonoured? oh thats right…. NOT COMING TO WIIU

                              and the trine2 dev is only saying that to market his game and to sell it. Marketing speak. Too bad you are still a little boy who wanks over hentai girls.

                              1. Nope the game has been graphically overhauled to the point where it’s too graphically intensive for the 360 and ps3. The wiiu has a MUCH higher graphical potential than the current GEN , you fucking bell end.

                                Where is Pikmin 3 , Bayonetta 2 , SSBwiiu , Zelda Wiiu , Zombiu , Rayman Legends , Monster Hunter Ultimate ???
                                NOT COMING TO PS AND XB

                                The wiiu DOES NOT rely on third party content, it’s all just bonus for us Nintendo fans , as we live and thrive of Nintendo games who are the best developer of all time.

                                Fuck off , you lose. I will be playing GT5 the day it comes out on my ps3 , so fuck off , and I will be playing all the fantastic wiiu games which are released accordingly.

                                10 year old condom sucking troll

                                1. nintendo are nowhere near the best at making games… otherwise they would win awards ;) but NOPE… awards hahahahahahhaa skyrim destroyed zelda and cod destroyed metroid

                                  you dont have a ps3. You sound just like an angry Nintendo fanboy butthurt that wiiU is a casual system for your mum and grandma to play… only to realise iPads are far better than a 7 yr late HD console


                                  1. I have a ps3 a 360 a wii a 3ds a gamecube a ps2 an xbox a dreamcast an N64 a GBA a DS lite a GBC a SNES a Gamegear a PC a Genesis .

                                    Fuck off kid and go to bed. Think about how misserably pathetic your comments are. You’re a spastic. I will Not Respond to you again , it’s like talking to cancer,

                                    Nintendo EAD is the worlds greatest Video game developer – see IGN for proof , goodnight kid.

                              2. No trine 2 is a special edition for wiiu , with much improved graphics. The game would not run on the ps3 and 360. especialy not with 2 screens at once like the wiiu does with ease on launch day.

                              3. That doesn’t even make sense.He didn’t say it wasn’t on ps3,he said the graphics are so good it can’t even run on ps3 and xbox.Your starting to slip.

                  12. Two things…

                    1) The only way I’m not buying this, is if it’s a 360 exclusive, as I own a PS3, and am buying a Wii U.

                    2) Why the fuck is that dude upside down?


                    While Nintendo fell short of its goal of whipping gamers into a frenzy for the Wii U at this year’s E3, third-party publishers, who see the system as a key driver of future growth, were reticent to downplay its potential. Instead, they cited the system’s long-term potential, rather than its initial impact.

                    Take-Two Interactive Software chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick, however, was not among the cheerleaders.

                    While Take-Two will make sports and family titles for the Wii U, its bigger core franchises have been notably absent from the list of partners. And that seems unlikely to change anytime soon.

                    “We haven’t announced anything,” says Zelnick on the possibility of moving the company’s mature titles onto the Wii U. “I’m skeptical.”


                  14. this is probably like that Black Ops II thing. Not confirmed when confirmed for other consoles, though it is rather obvious. And then BAM! Wadda ya know? A Wii U version is announced and it is the definitive version of the game!

                    Idk if this is the case here, or if it really isnt coming, in which case I’lljust get another Open-world game. Their loss, not mine

                    1. INDENIAL FANBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      DEFINITIVE? YOU MEAN PC SURELY HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      wiiU is current gen with an add on controller that resembles a fisher price toy

                      1. You lack such intelegence that ur very existence brings all logic to its knees. u do know that the PC versions of games may have bettr graphics,but are othrwise no better. The Wii U versions actually have EXTRA FEATURES, which are impossible on all other systems, including more options for controllers, and GamePad features including maps,inventory,pause screens, to more complex things (i dont think u can play games on any other systems while taking a shit). Add the exclusive games, ZombiU, Zelda, Mario, Zelda, SSB, etc, and idk how the FUCK u get the idea it is for little kids

                          1. u prob can, but with latency and no games. not many devs wanna risk losing $ on a console that has the SADDEST sales ever. 2.2 million sales.

                            1. Well it actually has sold 3.1 million. But devs are actually excited about it. Gearbox would love to be able to make borderlands 2 playable on PS VITA as in sending your save file over there. But you gotta give the system time to build up its library. Wii U will have the same issue for the first few months, it’s just getting ports of old games with a few new IP’s, that’s it.

                              1. Buy the christmas of the vita,it is not going to be as good as the 3ds at christmas last year.There is only like 4 good games coming out for it.

                                1. No doubt the 3DS will sell more. Still, the Vita can be successful. For example, the DS outsold the PSP by quite a large margin but the PSP was still successful selling over 70 million systems by the end of last year (and still selling). Just because you’re not number 1 doesn’t mean you’re not successful.

                                  The Vita has great games for it and I’m sure over time it will get more. Sales? 3 million in its first year – We’ll see where that goes. Some big franchises are hitting it in 2013 so the sales could be boosted quite a bit. That is, if Sony markets it right.

                                  1. I never said that it meant that.I think the vita the make 5 million by the end of the year.Sony just needs to advertise more.3ds has way more commercials.

                                    3ds will get more sales if we get games that are so called “hardcore”.We still haven’t gotten conduit,ninja gaiden and heavy fire(not the one on the e shop).

                                    And we should still get mega man,resident evil revelations 2/downfall(i really want this),COD for more sales,quality racing games,street fighter x tekken,and possibly a behemoth game like skyrim,mass effect,etc.

                      2. Even if the Wii U is current gen (and its not) that doesnt means it cant run on Wii U….. AMD HD series is on par with ATI X series? i lold so much and BTW my PC says hi!!

                        Yeah, PC is not announced and PC is “NEXT GEN”, so, PC version will come 6 onths later like GTA 3, VS; SA and IV…. why not GTA V? and maybe even Wii U.

                        You are obiviosly a fanboy, not Joesatmoes

                        BTW one more example: Most Wanted was only announced for PS3 and Xbox 360 and yesterday: BAM, Wii U version!

                    1. You are fucking pathetic
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                      Then, your legs
                      After that, throw your body in the dumpster along with your miserable life
                      Go get cut up by a knife
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                      Your comments are the most pathetic I have seen in my life
                      Hell, even Aeolus’s comments are more intelligent than yours
                      If you don’t like Nintendo, that’s fine
                      But don’t just come to a Nintendo website and act like a fucking child
                      Have a terrible day.

                  15. While I imagine that some GTA fans are disappointed by this revelation, personally, I don’t mind – I’ve never been a fan of Grand Theft Auto (aside from using cheats on the old PS2 games to fly around in a TANK – which I have to admit, is pretty damn awesome). Besides, I imagine the majority of people who were interested in GTA5 would already own a PlayStation 3 or an XBox 360.

                  16. gta is dead rockstar is not the same. gta4 was an embarrassment to rockstar only gay people liked that game like it was catered to homo’s. the best gta was san andreas everything else sucked!

                  17. That doesn’t mean anything, Rockstar easily can bring GTA V to Wii U, there is no reason not, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is on Wii U, I am hoping for Dead Space 3 and Tomb Raider, Lost Planet 3, DMC, Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2, Metal Gear Solid 5, etc

                  18. iPad fanboy is zigfried von schroder with a new name and gimmick, by the way.
                    It’s really obvious. He gave up on his old account because people stopped giving the little baby attention.

                  19. I’m done with this site. I used to love coming here to get frequent updates on Nintendo news. This site has since become a constant battleground abused by “trolls” and it’s own fans by acting so immature and childish. This is a known problem to anyone who has read the comments on nearly any article posted on this site. And the site administrator does nothing to fix the problem.

                    I understand that these people haven’t done anything against any rules, but they are severely reducing the pleasure I get from discussing the article with other gamers, and I’m sure I’m not alone here. If anything pro-Nintendo is said then “trolls” are sicked upon you screaming and attempting to bite you, as I imagine a blind hyena would attack a singing pinata. If, god forbid, anything negative about Nintendo were said then the “fanboys” jump down your throat with with the blind patriotism of a brainwashed cult member ready to do anything necessary to make you see as one-dimensional as they do.

                    Until the site administrator does something to at least reduce this kind of behavior back down to normal and tolerable levels then I will be taking my reading pleasure to another website to gain my Nintendo news. <— (Unintentional)

                    I hope you decent folk who remain here have luck at finding enjoyment out of this site's comment section, because as sad as it seems, there is very very little to be had.

                    1. There was a time that this site wasn’t a battle groung for trolls? But seriously I’m with you with everything you just said.I would show you a perfect site that has little to no trolls and they update new frequently, but I’m afraid the trolls from this site will contaminate the other one. In other case good luck on finding a nother Nintendo site ^^

                      1. Some trolls ain’t bad, but people like zigfried and Ness are total idiots. Plus the fanboys need to learn when to stop feeding the trolls.

                              1. I like Nintendo. Just because I dont agree with some things Nintendo do, doesnt mean I constantly talk shit about them.

                          1. No need to bash me as an avid ps3 and 360 owner who just so happens to be a hardcore Nintendo fan. When people say shit abut Nintendo that is WRONG then I will give them my opinion and that may come off as fanboyish.

                            But I have a slim 160GB ps3 and an elite 360 and like them both very much. I just caln’t stand people like Aeolus who twist things against Nintendo to try and make things even worse or whatever.

                            I’m gunna stop responding to the trolls as they just want to piss you off.

                            1. It’s all good. It’s just annoying to read biased comments all the time. It’s either bashing Nintendo or Sony and I’m over it. I still don’t know which console to get Assassins Creed 3 and Black Ops 2 on. I feel like I need a change so I’m considering the Wii U over the PS3.

                              1. That’s the simple reason why Im getting both of those games on wiiu. CoD is missing Elite on wiiu but it has Dual gamepad coop which cool. And AC3 is just the same as the 360 version with some exclusive gamepad features and ps3 has a bit of exclusive content.

                                I know it’s annoying reading anything that you disagree with lol! Just ignore the D-bags and respond to credible opinions only , that’s what I’m doing right now. I admit I get sucked into the odd shit storm way too easily and that must be annoying for people to scroll through. But I’m just replying to that orange respons in the corner that’s permanently there lol.

                                For the sake of this site though I will only respond to sensible opinions.

                            2. See this is why I dont mind you. Yes you may seem fanboyish, but you’re not lowering yourself to UNations standards which is extremely childish. You defend what you love and don’t try and be little people for not being particular fans of Nintendo.

                            3. Hey you and Unation are alright by me. He’s just mad because you stand up for stuff he doesn’t like. And he likes to keep arguments going (however frivolous they are) replay value on douches like him is VERY LOW

                              21 days to go! My body is ready!

                  20. I think the title is wrong. The “only” part has not been confirmed, has it? I mean, would the game come out for the PS3 and 360 and not on PC? Part 4 was on PC and it has some of the best mods out there. It’d be stupid of Rockstar not to release the game on PC at least, so just wait for it guys.

                  21. Really don’t care! These games lack insight and are the most tedious and eronious excuses for video games ever!! If killing a Hooker is considered gameplay then I will gladly exclude this trash from my games library!!

                    1. Lol, no worries, They are right here… Wait, no, nevermind. Lost them again.

                      This would have been at the bottom of my list anyway. If it does REALLY well, and is worth playing, they will port or release a WiiU version.

                      Rockstar wouldn’t leave all that money on the table.

                      1. It was an unneccessary post. Oh GTAV is coming to the ps3 and 360?
                        Well did you know, that i just ate a bagel, and somewhere, someone, jus took a dump. Its has nothing to do with Nintendo, and therefor classes itself as a useless article, so i’ll post whatever i want. If it said, “GTAV coming to WiiU, or “GTAV in talks to coming to WiiU”, i wouldve said, “okay, i dont like the game, but good for the fans of GTAV who want it on WiiU”

                        Nuff said.

                              1. me too…. okay, i want it to come for Wii U but cmon lets be serious, yes, GTA IV wasnt that good but GTA V is actually GTA SA (same city, probably RPG elements etc) and i really like those screenshots etc, i really believe it will be a good game, i want to play that game on PS3 and PC (PC version will come 6 months later or so), and i have no problem with Wii U version because Wii U will be more powerful than current gen consoles.

                                1. I mean, Nintendo fans: “hope dies last”, maybe Wii U version will come together with PC version…. who knows.

                            1. Not to mention IGN and this site and others have deliberately blown this out of proportion. It DOES NOT mention the PC aswell on that advertisement.

                              So if it’s not coming to the wiiu , it’s not coming to the PC also based on this article, yet no writer mentions the PC do they ?? cus they want to create a wiiu shit storm which gets all the comments…

                  22. Like the poster above me mentioned. It doesn’t even mention the PC version.

                    Cant say this exactly effects me though. GTA lost its charm, and sense of humor after San Andreas. Loved 3, Vice, and SA. Didnt like 4, and I’m probably not getting this one. If I were to get it i’d either get it on the Wii U, or PC. Two platforms excluded from this poster. So count me out.

                    Im not interested on playing an inferior version on the Red-Ring-Of-Death-Box, and the Hacker-Central-Station.

                  23. I see a New Aelos here:

                    iPad fanboy.

                    Such a mindless piece of shit human being. Talks like he knows the future. Boring. Zzzzzzzzzz

                    1. No no no, Aelous is more calm and trolls more.

                      Ipad fanboy is a retard that posts stuff like “FUUUUUCKKK UUUUUU!!!!! WIII UUUUUUU ISSSS FOOOOORRRRRR KKIIIIIIDDDDSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!isecretlylikepenis!!!!!!!!!.”

                      May God have mercy on his soul.

                    2. I disagree. iPad fanboy’s the new Ness. Aeolus at least had the decency to have a legitimate argument half the time – if a bit weak.

                      1. i agree
                        at least aeolus made a couple valid points
                        when he wasn’t insulting everyone in reach and making ridiculous claims that is

                        he’s very far from impartial, but what he’s writing is usually not as bad as the mindless bullshit i so often read from others on this site

                  24. It might be good for sales, but personally I’d be happy if it didn’t show up on the system.
                    Never like the series. Always felt it was sub-par unless you’re into a couple of specific life-styles…….

                  25. You know what game I really enjoyed?
                    True Crime on Gamecube.
                    You could be a good cop, or a bad cop.
                    I would LOVE to have a game like that again.

                      1. Yeah, Sleeping Dogs started out as True Crime Hong Kong, then Activision dropped it. Square-Enix picked it up, but since Activision still owns the True Crime license, Square-Enix made it a new IP – Sleeping Dogs.

                  26. Doesnt mean it ISNT coming. It might just come later. They could be waiting to see if Wii U is succesful or maybe they r like all the other companies right now who were already working on Xbox and PS3 versions of games and have not yet started the Wii U ports because they cant deviate from their origional production plans too easily.

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                    1. This art is fake. Someone on Neogaf pointed out that the artstyles aren’t the same and the way it says spring 2013 he has me convinced now :O. I will wait for rockstar’s confirmation. Fucking rumors >.>

                    1. *possibly fake* promotional art at that. Rockstar hasn’t confirmed or denied anything at this point. All the potential touchscreen functions they could do in a GTA is insane, and it would be a disappointment to just skip out on it.

                  28. This doesn’t prove anything IMO. Assassin’s Creed 3 is STILL being advertised as a 360/PS3/PC game to this day and probably won’t include Wii U until the console releases.

                  29. This is normal, it’s nothing to get worked up about. We Knew AClll was coming yet for awhile it didn’t have WII U logo on it’s advertisement same with COD BO 2.. It will be announced at the next Nintendo direct or soon after. Rockstar isn’t going to pass up on that money so Calm down it’s coming

                  30. Oh well. I hope True Crime or The Godfather comes to Wii U. Same damn concept so it’s not really hurting Nintendo not having GTA. Besides I liked Vice City the best! I also thought True Crime was 2nd best off the same concept. Big deal. GTA isn’t the only game you can steal cars, rob folks and kill people on the city streets.

                  31. This is so stupid. I mean, I don’t even care a thing about this game, but I was really hoping we’d see real third-party support on Wii U. With any luck they’ll announce a later version. I still think it’s stupid that the majority of all third-party Wii U titles are coming out late, or not at all.

                  32. Aliens: Colonial Marines is coming to Wii U and i’ve yet to see it on any of the promotional material. This isn’t anything definitive until Rockstar announces it. Who knows, they could be keeping the Wii U version secret for whatever reasons they have.

                  33. Now, now.
                    This is a Polish photograph. Here in Poland, nobody gives a damn about Nintendo, so even our Assassin’s Creed ads don’t get the Wii U logo. Don’t be so hasty.

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                    1. No but its been announced quite well on the web, at E3 in GI and NP magazines and it is listed online under platform options on major sites like Amazon and Gamestop/EB And so I guess if you have internet or can read its there for you to find. Everyone in the gaming world knows about if they even access gamefly once in a while.

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