Like the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U will feature friend codes so that strangers won’t be able to purposely harass dutiful gamers. You can, however, become Wii U buddies with strangers via Miiverse, according to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. Iwata says Wii U players can friend people on Miiverse who share similar interests.

Expect to hear more details regarding Miiverse as we get closer to the new console’s launch.

Also, on Nintendo platforms up to this point, in order to become friends with people on the same system (specified people with whom you could exchange data), you were required to mutually enter numbers called “Friend Codes.” This was set in place in order to prevent negative gameplay experiences caused by a few people who might derive pleasure from anonymously harassing strangers, so that games could be played without that worry. On the Wii U, you can become friends with people who share your tastes through the Miiverse, so increasing the number of people to enjoy games with is its critical mission.



  1. Well, that means that Friendcodes AREN’T as prevalent now. YAY!!!

    That being said, I think that there’ll be a way to make sure that privacy will be secure.


  2. I knew they were just gonna fuck this up. Not like XBOX Live or PS Network couldn’t set this shit up for them for an easy forumla. As someone else said, Microsoft handed Nintendo a cheat sheet on the online infrastructure test and they still failed.


  3. That’s very promising :). Sure the wiiu may not have cross game and party chat (YET!!!!) BUT we can use the miiverse commenting system whilst a game is suspended and video time chat aswell . So that in addition to Voice chat implemented into games which suit that feature is a very good start.

    The wiiu’s online functionality is shapeing up to be very good. I mean the way the 3ds friend list works and the fact you can join their available online games and send them messages via Nintendo letterbox aka swapnote is awesome. On the basis of the 3ds how is the wiiu not gunna be awesome ??


  4. My friends on miiverse will be the best players. I will beat them. So I will become the best in the world. NOBODY WILL BEAT ME IN THE NEXT SMASH BROS. NOBODY ON THIS FUCKING PLANET.


  5. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    This is good to know, connectivity is one of the most important things in gaming these days and its one of the things Nintendo have been missing for a while in the online world in my opinion. So allowing gamers to connect to strangers outside of their friend circle could prove useful and allow people share their love for the same games together.


  6. This is good, especially due to their video chat functionality. There could be quite a bit of predators on the Nintendo Network. Security of friend codes can keep people safe.


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