Miiverse Details To Be Announced During Nintendo Direct Before Wii U Launch

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed at a recent investors meeting that he will be hosting another Nintendo Direct before the Wii U launch to show off Miiverse functionality. Iwata wouldn’t provide an exact date for the presentation, but hopefully we shouldn’t have to wait too long to get a better glimpse at Nintendo’s social network for gamers.


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          2. You do know Friend Codes are still around in the Wii U, right?

            Because they just modified it to be very user friendly and also make it feel more like a Gamertag/PS Account

          3. they do work well on the 3ds. you can have ANY name you want, and your account info is the number, but you can change your user name any time you want for free. p good.

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          1. How much worst could it possibly to exchange friend codes. Its not much different from phone numbers. I didn’t like it on wii though cause you needed a different one for every online game

  1. Finally. we get to see how bad the online is again. I dont think Nintendo have learnt their lesson

    1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. MiiVerse is the NEW online service which will be bigger and better than the current Online Service we currently get.

      1. not hard to beat wii’s REALLY poor online… the wiiU is awesome but I dont see the online being as good as xboxs. Yes you have to pay but I pay for a great service…

        1. oh, ok how does it feels? you have tried the Wii U’s online right? that’s why you said that? how it was?

          1. erm Yes I did at eurogamer expo… Nice try kid…. there were tech difficulties and laggy Tekken… poor just poor

              1. actually fanboy…. |I played a tournament there and the Namco rep said it is the final version… NICE TRY

                1. Nice try you lying piece of shit!!! I just played THE EXACT SAME UNITS AS YOU PLAYED at Europ gamer and they were buggy . and the reps said these do not represent the final product of the console or any of the games and are early demos.

                  HE said ”we’ve been touring around to Euro gamer and Gamescom etc”… They wouldn’t even start up properly and some were refusing to output HD so they couldn’t even display Trine 2 cus it was fucked….

                  This was at play expo in Manchester btw.

                  1. He litteraly told me they came from Eurogamer and all the Units were extremely buggy and affecting the framerates and gamepad sync and everything. nuff said.

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            1. ok, sure go tell to 3rd party companies that you just played a game with something that devs doesn’t have yet :)
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      1. you clearly never played mario tennis… and how are the friend codes going? those REALLY LONG DIGITS

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      1. so explain the lack of third party support and poor online? and nope PORTS of old games on wiiU do not count as third party support…

        Farcry 3 and dishonoured are not coming to wiiU… there goes two of the biggest games this year…

        1. Fuck off lol. The wiiu is LAUNCHING. That means it wil start off with ports because the wiiu wasn’t made when those games came out. And if you classify some of the wiiu games as just ”ports” then the ps3 and pc are 65% ports ……

          1. you telling me to fuck off shows that I AM RIGHT. How do you feel with the vita getting PHANTASY STAR ONLINE but the WIIu ISNT?!?!??!!?!?

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            1. How do you feel when I’m buying the definitive version of PSO2 for my PC not the gimped vita version , and the 3ds is gettin Monster Hunter Ultimate also on Wiiu and Monster Hunter 4 exclusively ?????

              ”gimped ports” – just shut up , the majority of these ports are enhanced with all the DLC chucked in . FIFA and MADDEN are the only shitty ports I can think of , And even Fifa has the best graphics on consoles and a slew of exclusive features and I don’t give a dogs dick about madden anyway…

        2. Wait a few more years it just came out geez what a dumbass and you expect many good games come out in launch date?

    1. your a idiot the wii u will have a lag free online just look at the 3ds why are you on a nintendo website if you dont like nintendo people like you ruin this site

  2. I really don’t care for the “Mii” part of the Miiverse. I never really cared for Miis on the Wii, I don’t care for XBL avatars, and PlayStation Home got boring.

    It will be nice if Nintendo brings something completely new to the table, sure, but I would rather find out details on a sound network infrastructure for Nintendo more than anything else.

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    1. A lot of guys have been campaigning for that, but nothing has changed. It’s a shame, but I guess all the flaming gets a ton of comments and views which helps the site owners, so they have no incentive to improve the comment system

  4. the wii u will have a LAG free online just look at the 3ds ive NEVER had lag on there so the wii u will be even better than that :D but i just want to know how you can connect with friends and chat

      1. your a idiot your not a true gamer if you nthink that nintendo have the most hardcoe fans out there and i know A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT ARE SWITCHING TO NINTENDO so the wii u will be fine if your system is so good why are you not playing games instead your trolling a nintendo website grow up kid


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      2. Wait till Smash Brow and Starfish and Metroid and F-Zero which will be 1080p 60fps and 30 players in a game.

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    1. Some games lag a LOT. Dead or Alive dimensions is a mess but still fun, and mariokart 7 has its occasional lag moments but your right 3DS is generally lag free. I hope the ii U experiences zero lag.

      1. iTS nINTENDO…. THEY HATE ONLINE….. the wiiU is just for local multiplayer but too bad Nintendo fanboys dont have friends!!!!

  5. I hope that miiverse is implemented well on the nintendo 3DS. And I hope messages don’t take a lifetime to send like on swapnote.

  6. Let´s hope it´s not like the last one when everybody was talking about, that it was supposed to be about a thing that it will make of the Wii U a “Must have” and at the end it was just about the 3DS.

    1. This guy is a dickhead . Your opinion means absoloutly nothing to any of us. Carry on playing your 360 for the next 2 years and see if we give a shit whilst we’re playing the wiiu.

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    1. I’ve just realized that he said “Along with every person with an account on your own system.” So that means that you will be able to create multiple accounts! :D

      1. Yah they showed off that when they showed off Nintendo TVii. A dad can have his account set up in a way, the mom, and Kids all get an account. Who knows if their is a limit lol.


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        It’s ok. Actually. You should be embarrassed.

  8. ipad fanboy you have no idea what you are talking about, nintendo is leading the videogames world PS3 and Xbox can only dream to be as good as nintendo. First of Sony doesnt give a fck about the PS cause if they fck it over they still have a lot of other goods they sell like tvs and shit, Microsoft its fking microsoft they dont need shit to survive and Nintendo? oh man they cant fck it up cause they know if they do they are over cause they dont sell ANY OTHER KIND OF SHIT YOU GET IT? thats why nintendo first party games are that fking good aka Zelda, Metroid, Mario Kart, etc they work hard for their games because THATS THE WAY OF LIVING UNLIKE YOUR OTHER SHIT ASS BRANDS. NOT TO MENTION most of the xbox and ps 3 games that are actually worth it are 3rd party and NOT 1st PARTY lmao dude knows shit bout the videogames world…

  9. ipad fanboy you have no idea what you are talking about, nintendo is leading the videogames world PS3 and Xbox can only dream to be as good as nintendo. First of Sony doesnt give a fck about the PS cause if they fck it over they still have a lot of other goods they sell like tvs and shit, Microsoft its fking microsoft they dont need shit to survive and Nintendo? oh man they cant fck it up cause they know if they do they are over cause they dont sell ANY OTHER KIND OF SHIT YOU GET IT? thats why nintendo first party games are that fking good aka Zelda, Metroid, Mario Kart, etc they work hard for their games because THAT’S THE ONLY INCOME SOURCE THEY HAVE UNLIKE YOUR OTHER SHIT ASS BRANDS. NOT TO MENTION most of the xbox and ps 3 games that are actually worth it are 3rd party and NOT 1st PARTY lmao dude knows shit bout the videogames world…

  10. It’s pathetic the amount of sad low life “trolls” come on this site. Seriously, go get a life, and Sickr, change the site, its embarrassing.

    Anyway, im interested what new ideas Miiverse bring. Not concerned about “the online”, as idiot refer to it, the 3DS worked perfect for me, and thats on a small device.

    1. Indeed. If only people didn’t get baited into replying to them and simply ignored them the problem would subside. But we all know that will never happen.

  11. I’ve seen a lot of trolls in this site, trolls that make people angry. But the most sad troll I’ve ever seen is Ipad fanboy -.- Good luck with all your casual games Mr!

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  13. This should’ve been obvious. I guess that’s the end of that rumour that Miiverse won’t be there at launch. Don’t believe things from anybody that doesn’t work at Nintendo. Leave luck to heaven.

  14. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    I have been waiting for some more solid information on Miiverse since it was announced back at E3 this year. Obviously here’s been bits and bobs of info being released since, but if the next Nintendo Direct will give a more detailed look into Miiverse then I can’t wait because it sounds like a great idea on paper, I just hope its the great social experience Nintendo are making it out to be.

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