Find Out Which Nintendo Character You Are

Nintendo offers you to take a quiz on the Club Nintendo Facebook page to find out which Nintendo character you represent. After answering the quiz’s five questions, based on your choices, you’ll be notified which character you are with an explanation. Based on my choices, I’m most like Princess Peach – my favorite playable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee… What Nintendo character are you?

Take the quiz here.


  1. I shall save myself from disappointment, and not take the quiz. Besides, Kitby is my Smash character

  2. Aaaand it makes you sign up to Facebook to take quiz…. boring! cuz I ain’t signing up to fakebook. ._.

    1. I was Kamek too! I didn;t think that was an option. i also didn’t think I was an old magic hag! But in a weird way, I kinda like it.

    1. Nope , I already have Super Smash bros brawl and Super Smash bros melee :). Whats the point ??? its like buying pes if you have fifa… I already have the superior game and I’m not bored of it even 4 and a half years after release…

  3. Do you have to be on PC? Cause I’m getting an error on my iPod. Also does it ask questions to figure out who you are?

  4. Meh, it’s one of those bad, obvious quizzes where you can easily guess what answer goes to what character. Still… it’s not like they can do much more with it since most Nintendo characters don’t have much at all in the way of actual personalities.

  5. It said I was like Mario. What an honor! I wish I could’ve gotten Bowser too but Mario was one of the characters I wanted to be! Yaaaaay!

  6. Based on your choices, you are
    You are a fun-loving, (usually) gentle giant with the tendency to get a bit crazy at times. You enjoy being the king of your domain, even if it means throwing a temper tantrum… or barrel… to make sure it stays that way.

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