You Can’t Use The Word ‘Nintendo’ In A Nintendo Network ID

When registering for a Nintendo Network ID, there are specific words that you cannot use; some of which include vulgarities and the word ‘Nintendo.’ Remember, once you make a Nintendo Network ID, you are bound to it for life – so choose cautiously!


      1. I got my wiiu 4 hours ago. It comes out at Midnight GMT , but I got it early :P.


        I must be the first person ever to unbox the ZombiU bundle wiiu! LOL!!!!!!!

        All those suckers qewing up whilst I sit here with My street date broken wiiu !!


      1. You were one of the first people I saw on Miiverse at the US launch. I definitely sent you a friend request too, lol.

      2. Really? I actually just got my first request today. You can try again or tell me your name on there. Actually don’t tell me your name here. The moment I said my name up there someone went and flagged it on Miiverse.

      1. for wii u yeah im in it for zombies, too bad most people i played are noobs, like i die by mistake and all of the sudden all my team die just like like that.

  1. So, I guess this explains NintendoLife’s problem on the Nintendo Network ID rejection on their part.

    1. Yeah, now that you mention that, Tim’s kinda screwed over for his screenname due to this restriction.

  2. Yeah, that made me pretty sad. I use NintenDom as my ID for most things, but I had to make it N1ntenD0m when I set up my Wii U. It’s funny that I can use it for my PSN ID and not my Nintendo one. Ah well. I’ll live.

  3. Can you put the number 0 instead of the letter O.
    Nintendo ———–>Nintend0
    or any sign that looks near identical to the letter O?

  4. I noticed this on launch day. I tried to make my user Nintendont but had to settle for Nintend0nt instead. :(

  5. I noticed this cuz it wouldn’t let me use Nintendo Reviewer as my network ID. So to anyone who watches my reviews, my ID is NintndoReviewr.

  6. But I’m famous at my school for my awesome games, and the teachers call me Nintendo Ashleigh, I wanted to use that for my id D:

  7. So, I guess my usual user name NintendoNintendoNintendoNintendoNintendoNintendoNintendoNintendoNintendoNintendo won’t work?

  8. What the fuck? Screw you Nintendo. Now I can’t call myself Nintendofan204… What should I call myself now? Fuck… What the hell is the point in doing this? Nintendo is really pissing me off today…

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