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Here’s The Total Hardware Sales For Black Friday Week

Sony has finally got around to announcing how many PlayStation 3 consoles and Playstation Vita systems it shifted during Black Friday week. Both Microsoft and Nintendo gave their numbers earlier this week, with the Xbox 360 selling 750,000 units and Wii U selling 400,000 units. Here’s the total figures from each console manufacturer.

  • Xbox 360: 750,000
  • PlayStation 3: 525,000
  • Wii U: 400,000
  • Wii: 300,000
  • Nintendo DS: 275,000
  • Nintendo 3DS: 250,000
  • PlayStation Vita: 160,000

61 thoughts on “Here’s The Total Hardware Sales For Black Friday Week”

    1. only in the us though, globally the 3ds sold a lot more than the ds did but yeah many american children will be dissapointed by not getting the 3ds :P hopefully they’ll get a ds lite so they can play gba games which the 3ds games cannot because its the only thing any of the ds’ has the the 3ds hasnt

      1. It’s unlikely kids will want to play GBA games. They may not even know what they are. Since they aren’t sold anymore, I doubt casual gamers would be interested in getting old games.

    1. That’s a lie. ALOT of stores still have plenty of stock.

      People just buy what’s cheaper (as seen with the 3DS and the DS)

      1. BASIC models still have a few units left on the shelves, but who cares about basic units? Premium Wii U bundles are sold out everywhere.

        1. Nope, i saw 2 deluxes at gamestop during blackfriday, and the guys at Screwattak, RoosterTeeth, and IGN also reported seeing them in stock.

          Stop making excuses

          1. Only two ? Well.. that´s really a BIG stock, isn´t it ? If you go there right now, would you find them ? Stop trying to be smart.

      1. not to mention that shops had a huge stock of the 360….. while the WiiU is tottally new. Nothing surprising here.

    1. Xbox had its price down, while WiiU had the lauch price
      ppl will obviously choose Xbox as it is cheaper due to special price
      that, and WiiU japan sales are not out yet

  1. All in all, all the systems did great in terms of sales. And the DS is more cheaper than the 3DS so you can see why it outsold the 3DS, despite the 3DS being backwards compatible with almost all the DS games. And I say almost because the Guitar Hero game wont work on the 3DS.

  2. Looks good for the WiiU IMHO. The 360 and PS3 are established systems, with huge ecosystems and 7 years of momentum. The WiiU is a new system, in a launch window, twice as expensive as the competition, and they shipped almost half of what the current gen systems did. Not shabby!

    1. Or they went the cheaper option. It may be for there younger children or something. Or they might not be able to afford a 3DS.

        1. the wont see those numbers again, that was only because it was on sale for $199 with a games on black friday. vita is dead in the water!

  3. There’s 1,435,000 people who are complete weirdos and aren’t true gamers. How can SO many people give a s**t about the Xbox 360?

    1. Because in this world, people are allowed to buy what they want with there own money. And are you saying they aren’t true gamers because they bought something other than NIntendo? Even though most could already have Nintendo products?

  4. These are some pretty good sales figures. Nintendo’s definetly gaining some ground. Nintendo has sold 1.2 million units for all of their systems combined, compared to MS’s 750 thousand units, and Sony’s 685 thousand combined units. Healthy competition between the 3 gaming tycoons.

  5. by now already seen everything to see that Nintendo Wii In the last generation ..
    weak chip, games will no longer be for 2.G. apart from Nintendo itself and that means doom ..

    1. Point at the lunatic Wario and tell him the GPGPU says hello. Poor xbox fan realizing you precious xbox720 will be in last place behind the second place PS4.

  6. Gotta be disappointing that the Xbox sold more. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Xbox but I don’t think is as fabulous as people said. Another thing to point out is that the Vita is not selling well which is a shame. At least Wii U is selling well.

  7. Considering the Wii U is only out in america,and in europe and japan it is really popular,I expect by Christmas that it will sell IT’S OVER 1/2 9 MILLION!

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  10. Its funny how the xbox 360 is the least selling console in japan but in america its the shit. Oh japan knows a good console when they see one.

  11. It was an excellent first week of sales for the Wii U. Good news for Nintendo and gaming in general. Leave luck to heaven.

  12. I with people would stop buying the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. If sales slump than maybe the nex generation of the comnsoles would come out faster. wjhy would a company release a new console whe the current one is still selling great. I want the new generation consoles now. The graphics in the current ones are outdated.

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