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No Online Pass Needed For FIFA, Mass Effect Or Assassin’s Creed On Wii U

It has been revealed that you won’t have to register an online pass from either EA or Ubisoft to play their games online. The online pass is needed on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to activate online play. If you purchase a game second-hand on either of those consoles then you have to purchase an online pass to play the games online. Thankfully this doesn’t seem to be the case with Wii U.

28 thoughts on “No Online Pass Needed For FIFA, Mass Effect Or Assassin’s Creed On Wii U”

      1. It’s a voucher that comes with a game that has online features that allows you to access the online portion of a game. It normally comes free inside a new game, but if you buy it used, you have to pay 10 bucks for one, and if you don’t you wont be able to access the online portion, be it online multiplayer and such. It’s pretty stupid but I can see why they do this.

      2. They are codes that you have to enter on your account in order to play online games. This is a way that the gaming industry is trying to fight against used games sales.

  1. This is getting better and better the specs from earlier and now this i cant wait for 12 tonight :D NEXT GEN IS FINALLY HERE :D WHO GETTING A WII U TONIGHT INBOX ME YOU NI-IDS ON YOUTUBE MY NAME IS GuruGamingHDx2 :D

  2. interesting didnt know you needed online passes for these on ps3 since iv never had a game thet uses one on it bue o well

  3. Next gen is not here yet, the Wii U gracefully competes with PS3 and Xbox 360, but specs-wise, the Wii U has almost less than half the processing power than the PS3, and the gpu is just barely faster than that of the Xbox 360. The games are direct ports from other multiplatform games of this current generation. I am not a fanboy, you’re an idiot if you think I am. :Conclusion: Current gen is here, current gen is awesome, with awesome games across 3 consoles, the pc, and all kinds of handhleds, and other devices. Respect and enjoy what we have, stop pushing for the next big thing. The Wii U is a breath of fresh air for Nintendo, and gamers as well. But the Wii U is not next gen, there is no next gen yet. Current gen is great! And the Wii U has made it that much greater. I believe the Wii U is a great addition to the current console line up. But there is no next gen, there isn’t going to be a next gen for a while, and being the broke person I am, just barely being able to purchase my Wii U, ps3, xbox 360, and gaming pc, psvita and 3ds, well, I am going to enjoy the plethora of games I have, and not scream for the next big thing. But when the day comes in the far future for Microsoft and SONY to begin launching the next line up of home gaming consoles, Nintendo will most likely also release one too. I say 3-4+ years. Which is a very respectable timeline for me.

    1. Next gen isnt a bout power or specs noob its about the time the console was released now get off the computer and go to bed

    2. HAHAHAAA dont you wish you could get a wii u baby but you mummy and daddy wont buy you one its going to be so great playing my next gen sytem tobight its going to be great LOL i just read the first lone about the clock speed and now you were trolling because if you know anything you would know clock speed means fuck all now and the dude that leaked the specs said the cpu is around the same as the xbox and the GPU AND RAM ARE GREAT LOL GET OFF A NINTENDO WEBSITRE IF THIS WAS MY SITE I WOULD BAN BITCHES LIKE YOU

  4. Not the case for any system. GameStop includes the online pass with used game purchases now.

    It just seems the publishers had finally realized how pointless they were.

  5. Holy shit thats amazing i really hated ea for pulling that shit off on the need for speed games but this is awesome and yes there will be some haters lol.

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