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Nintendo Land Missing From Some European Wii U Deluxe Consoles

It appears as though a number of people are reporting that their Wii U 32GB Deluxe consoles don’t have Nintendo Land in the box. All Wii U Deluxe consoles are meant to have a copy of Nintendo Land tucked inside. This seems to be the case for people who have ordered the system from Amazon, but I suspect the same will happen to others that have ordered elsewhere. Did your European Deluxe system have Nintendo Land in the box?

90 thoughts on “Nintendo Land Missing From Some European Wii U Deluxe Consoles”

    1. 私たちはあなたの愚かな遅らせ性交を世話をクソしないでください。ツリーの下に自分を殺しに行く。

    2. I just got the magic phonecall. I’m going to collect my zombiU bundle in 1 hour. I will be first in Europe to own a wiiu! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!

      1. And I am not gonne get my two Wii Us (one for me and one for my GF, we both preordered in goddamn JULY!) because it seems a nintendo warehouse burned down… Might only count for Germany or even south germany, I can’t say.

          1. There was already a list since like May, June or July in Gamestop in Germany. Though due to a bug in the system and me changing one white Wii U to black (at the time of preorder, I didn’t know the white Wii U didnt have as many things with it), BOTH my Wii Us were put back in the queue and that’s why I probably only get one. And it’s a ZombiU

      2. I have the wiiu now!!! It’s the best console I’ve ever played by far. Dual Screen CoD is a full on revoloution. The graphics are amazing , you can run two screens at once permanently….

        This console is just ……… WOW!

        1. No it wasn’t. It’s not included in the Japanese Version, just like Wii Sports wasn’t in their Wii. We always get the same bundles as NA.

          1. No.

            The zombiU bundle is different seperate bundle. Which includes ZombiU and a pro controller instead of Nintendoland. It also costs more.

            The normal deluxe version in Europe includes Nintendoland. Just like in NA.

  1. I’ll get mine from amazon tomorrow, and will report if its in there or not. Anyways, Nintendo Land is the one of my three preordered games I can pass on.

      1. I wont, but I can wait. I sure that they will send a copy if it is missing.*sings* “twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours to go, I wanna be sedated…”

  2. I’ve ordered from Amazon.

    Console is in transit now, due for delivery tomorrow.

    I will be very unhappy if Nintendo Land isn’t in the box.

  3. Mine arrived about ten minutes ago, and Ninty Land is in there. Can’t play it yet though, as I want to run the update first but we’ve got an electrician in and I really don’t want any switches to trip while it’s updating. I haven’t been sat watching for the post all day just to end up with an expensive brick :P

  4. my wii u has been dispatched today, so soon i’ll find out if it’s a new controller for original wii or not. if nintendo land is missing from mine i’ll go fucking ape shit.

  5. how come people already have European consoles if they’re not released until tomorrow?

    (I’m probably stupid for not understanding this, but I seriously dont know)

    1. They are buying the from Websites on the internet so they got them shipped to them. Shippings are usually 1 day early so stores are ready to go at the launch day.

    1. You are a genuine simpleton. The EU deluxe pack includes (or should include) Nintendo Land. I have the box in front of me and it says so right there on the front of the box. Engage your brain before your keyboard, fuckwit.

  6. I think people are just misunderstanding the bundle deals, if you get the premium 32gb Nintendo land is included, if you order the ZombiU premium 32gb then it’s not, as you get ZombiU instead obviously

  7. I got Nintendo Land!
    Wait, you mean just who in Europe didn’t get it.
    Amazon Thief!
    On the plus Side, the bundled Nintendoland doesn’t score you clubNintendo Coins… If they give you a voucher for a free Nintendoland, maybe you’ll get lucky and get a retail version with coins?

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  10. I just received my Premium Pack from Amazon and NintendoLand WAS NOT included. However, I rang Amazon and they said that they will contact me in 24-48 hours and send me NintendoLand, since so many people have been ringing in with this problem. So I suggest that anyone else who hasn’t received NintendoLand, contact the store that you got your pack off and see what they can do.

  11. Why would Nintendoland be missing from the box in the first place? Unless someone is opening the box over there at Amazon and snagging all the games to sell them on the side! Fuckin’ thieving pricks!

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