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Vote For The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker As Best Video Game Of The Decade

During this year’s VGAs, the video game of the decade will be named. Two Nintendo titles – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Wii Sports – made the nomination list, and it’s up to voters to crown the champion. Go here to vote for what you think is the best video game of the last ten years.

The 10 nominated titles for video game of the decade are listed below… Which is your favorite?

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • Half-Life 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Wii Sports
  • BioShock
  • Portal
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Batman: Arkham City

186 thoughts on “Vote For The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker As Best Video Game Of The Decade”

      1. I prefer Portal and Batman: Arkham City to Wind Waker actually… If one of the games was Twilight Princess, then it would have my vote!

      2. I will vote for WW. But I can personally think of quite a few games that I prefered over WW in the Naughties……. F-Zero GX , Resident evil 4 , Twilight Princess , Mario Galaxy , Knight of the old Republic , Halo , Metroid Prime. I consider all those games better than Wind waker.

    1. Same. I only played Shadow of the Colossus when it was re-released last year in HD. The game is absolutely breathtaking in scope. Wind Waker would be my second on this list (with ME2 third but way behind).
      But I do have to say, overall this list isn’t very good.

      1. Agreed. Without Metroid Prime and Super Mario Galaxy, this list is worthless. Not to mention Batman is a 2011 game. Wrong decade any way you look at it.

  1. God I still love that game. The DS ones wern’t that good but maybe making one for 3DS would be good and better controls.

  2. Im glad this is the choice over skyward sword and twilight princess. This game was so much better imo. Lets go people vote it up, even though I have a feeling portal is gonna win it.

    1. While Skyward Sword is my personal favourite of those three – I do think critically Wind Waker is the most polished and well-made game in the entire series. The best Zelda-type Zelda ever made if you ask me (but I still prefer Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time over it). I think critically it was the best choice of zelda game to put on this list.

  3. Considering that is the only really really good and memorable game there, sure! Not that the others are bad. WoW is pretty good, but they are forgetable imo.


      Hey Aeolus , I have my wiiu now :P . It’s fucking awesome! As someone who has played a LOT of xbox 360 and Ps3 , I can safely say , this system does indeed feel next gen.

      The way you can Have CoD , Dual screen multiplayer or on the gamepad whilst in Bed is nothing short of revoloutionary. Even I didn’t expect the wiiu to be as good as this!

      You have to play it to realise. NSMBU is incredible lol. didn’t expect that…….

        1. If you consider yourself a ”hardcore” gamer , I see absoloutly no reason why you wouldn’t really like the wiiu. This console has clean blown my socks off.

          The specs don’t reflect performance either. Cus AC3 and Blops2 look exactly the same arguably better with , 2 screens running simultaneously.

          Graphics aside , it’s the 2 screens thing that is seriously HOT!

            1. LOL!!!! The irony there :P .

              I am really happy with the wiiu anyway. Now it’s time to play the slow waiting game of deciding between the 720 and PS4. Definitely not both…..

              2 consoles is enough.

      1. I got bored of mine within a week. NSMBU isnt holding attention. Im back to playing xbox and getting skyrim for it even though I have it on my PS3. Shows how bored I am with my Wii U. Just gotta wait til good games come for it I guess.

        1. I’m loving my wiiu! NSMBU is awesome, best NSMB yet. Black ops 2 is amazing on wiiu. Especially the local dual screen play. NIntendo Land is very good (need others to play with) and ZombiU is awesome! even if it lacks a bit of polish.

          I sold my Ps3 and all the games and I’m thinking of doing the same with my xbox.

          In my opinion , My xbox 360 and ps3 became obsolete after I spent my first day with wiiu.
          Everyone is different though. I find the xbox infinitely more boring than wiiu.

          It’s like a breath of fresh air!

    2. For once Aeolus, I completely agree. Populist nonsense. It’s like asking the whole nation which medical treatment’s best for a diagnosis

  4. Wind Waker? REALLY? That is not better than Twilight Princess, or Minish Cap. Wow.

    Is this from 2000-2010?

    If so, Wind Waker beat out Twilight Princess, Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, 4 Swords, Oracle of Seasons & Ages, and Majora’s Mask. I’d say that most in this list is better than Wind Waker (never played Oracle games).

    Surprised to see Wii Sports on the list as well. I know it was record breaking and all that, but I don’t know about best of the decade.

      1. I found Wind Waker to be one of the worst in the series, so I’m sorry that my opinion differs from yours. Majora’s Mask is better than this game and I’d even say that Phantom Hourglass is as well.

        1. I wouldnt go as far as Phantom Hourglass xD but ive never played Majora’s Mask .__.

          I’d say Wind Waker is on par with Skyward Sword, both very good game, with excellent music and characters…but most big draw backs in some of their game design, a lot of it to do with pacing.

          1. It’s like bogey for me. Top 4 are easily Zelda 2, Zelda, Skyward Sword and OOT. The others are in a different league for me. But then again I know I have a much different opinion when it comes to Zelda games. MM is a pretty solid game, it’s one of the harder ones (like Zelda 2), but it’s still pretty good.

      2. For once we agree on something…
        TP was okay. MC was great. But WW was perfect in every aspect with the sole exception of the painful fetch quest with the triforce shards. In my opinion, anyway.

        1. And the ungodly amount of time sailing endlessly, and the fact it’s probably the easiest Zelda game ever. TP was much better in terms of travel and had more difficulty to it. I also appreciated the darker theme.

      3. Wind Waker isnt better than Twilight Princess, TP just has way better game design. The only thing Wind Waker does better is sound and visuals, its one of the most polished games ever made, its never going to look bad, but gameplay wise, its got a lot of faults and the dungeon are pretty underwhelming, i dont even remember any of the bosses, besides that Giant Poe.

          1. Have you played that game? Its the biggest no bullshit Zelda out there. Midna doesnt bother you EVER. Only when you need to know something. And you can pick every conversation and cutscene, doesnt matter if its your first playthrough or 5th.
            Everytime you do a dungeon, theres tons to do outside, because of the items you get, and when you get them. In Wind Waker and Skyward Sword is just fetch quest and tiny islands, exploration was just better in TP. And when you need the ability to fast travel, you get it, and all the side missions open up. Twilight Princess has the most variety of combat too, you get tons of moves, and each enemy has their own weakness. Its just got the best pacing too, ever dungeon seems spaced out, and the pay off for getting there is awesome, not like in Wind Waker when you just get given the 3rd item, thats cheap.

            And, the fact the Midna is actually a part of the story, probably the biggest part, makes the game less about “oh save Hyrule”, its almost like a compain quest, its not just Link, its Link and Midna, its just good character development.

            1. I have played through and completed both games, including side quests.
              There is not tons to do outside, the Hyrule fields are vast empty wastelands with nothing to do but maybe hunt down a handful of Heart Pieces. The last few items you get in the game, the spinner and the dominion rod, have practically no use outside their dungeons. Pacing in both games is brilliant, though TP falls apart towards the end and WW has that awful Triforce shard fetch quest. Both games have great stories, the companion in WW is just as much a part of the story as Minda is in TP and also doesn’t bother you, ever.

              1. While I see your point there, I still prefer The Wind Waker over all other entries in the Zelda series. I know that Twilight Princess is much much better in many ways like gameplay, ableness to adventure easily etc, but I loved the story and graphic style of TWW and I’ve played through it more times than I can remember. It’s all a matter of opinion really.

    1. Those games are so overrated. LA Noire is okay, Heavy Rain isnt a game, and Journey was beautiful…the first time you play it, for half an hour…for £12

    1. Love Bioshock >.< its the best game on there, which really says alot about that list seeing as games like Fallout 3, Metroid Prime, and tons others arent on there

      1. I loved it, its one of my favourite games ever :D the atmosphere, themes and overall level and enemy design is awesome, it all feels right. Plus the game is just fun to play.

  5. This list is strange. Why vote for the game of the decade in 2012. Shouldn’t they vote in 2010?
    Btw: Game of the Decade: Metroid Prime, because less IS more!

  6. I voted for Zelda, but I must admit, I had not played a lot of the other critically acclaimed titles. Best of luck to all of them! It’s cool to be nominated.

  7. I’m not voting, I can’t decide my vote but I’ll say that the only worthy candidates are Half Life 2, Portal, Shadow, Bioshock and Wind Waker of course

  8. Shadow of the colossus. One of the best games ever made.

    Although I loved WW ALOT too.

    And third I’d peg red dead. Cause it was an amazing game.

  9. I’m sorry guys i know you all love nintendo ( i seriously do the first video game i ever played was pokemon blue i have played all of them, i catched all pokemons in diamond legitly etc)
    i have played ocarina of time in 64 and in the 3ds, i have played mario 64 also in 64 and this time in the DS i have played all super smash’s i mean i LOVE nintendo i consider them as the best video game making company, second to that i do consider blizzard as the best rts maker and World of Warcraft was seriously even tho it killed war3 it was the game of the generation.

    no one can’t say that he didn’t even heard world of warcraft sometime the game even has 4 million subs and is in it’s fifth expantion.
    i don’t care if it’s bad now or it was good before but that game was THE game of the decade it showed us in full extent that single player games weren’t the only kind of games available now. even tho i love single player games.
    but i’ve spend so many time playing warcraft 3 in that i can’t say that i hate multiplayer, it’s AWESOME.

    1. yeah it should totally be in here… even more so than any of the other games… metacritic agrees

      well i guess since i’ve never got to play windwaker so far (should put that wii BC to good use someday and buy it) ima have to vote for half life 2

  10. For me the number 1 is half life 2, and right behind wind waker (tough desicion, but its was down to the long sailing) and inmediately behind bioshock.

    1. Okami is better than Wind Waker. This list is dumb, it should be

      1. Okami
      2. Bioshock
      3. Super Mario Galaxy
      4. Metal Gear Solid 3
      5. Twilight Princess
      6. Portal
      7. Fallout 3
      8. Portal
      9. Half-Life 2
      10. Shadow of the Colossus


  11. how the fucking fuck did wii sports make the list. tales of symphonia should have made the list alongside the awesome wind waker.

    1. they’re apparently basing this on units sold.. which is pathetic especially since it was bundled with the wii.. wii sports wasn’t particularly good.. technically speaking it wasn’t even a real game, it was mostly a tech demo to showcase the capabilities and that it did.. it was fun for maybe an hour and then i put it aside

        1. And there wouldn’t be Shadow of the Colossus. I think Wii Sports is there because of how well it showed off what the Wii was about, and how it really got a lot of people gaming and kicked off motion control. It may not have been as great a game as the others on the list but you have to admit its impact was significant.

          1. yeah well but this isn’t about the “most significant games of the decade” it’s about the “best games of the decade” and i just don’t see how wii sports factors in there

        2. i meant specifically in the case of wii sports
          not every game on the list of course
          wii sports got people to play who’ve never touched a videogame in their lives before.. but that alone doesn’t make it a good game

  12. Wind Waker doesn’t stand a chance in today’s times.
    Then again, Zelda won during G4’s Videogame Deathmatch…but G4’s disappearing, so whatever.


  14. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Some may say Skyrim, but Oblivion feels more “solid” to me. Skyrim was too ambitious, should’ve waited for next-gen…

  15. Gotta give it to Wind Waker, for the music if nothing else.
    The only two things I didn’t like about WW, are that once you’ve explored all the islands at the end of the game, there’s really nothing left to do, and the length of sailing time between islands without the warping songs.

  16. Its not even the best Zelda game of the decade, Twilight Princess is -.- Wind Waker is good, but its got alot of annoying shit, and its got about 4 dungeons.

    Voting Bioshock

    1. The list is dumb anyway, i mean Wii Sports? Really? Just have Mario Galaxy there seeing as it was the closest to get to a 10

      1. Just seems like they’re purposely avoiding the best Nintendo games of the past 10 years, so it wont get any votes, which i don’t except anything less from a show ran by Geoff Keighley.

    2. Twilight Princess was slow, the final dungeon was incredibly half hearted, and items were hardly used outside their dungeons. The world was empty, and the game was very linear. I liked it, but no way in hell does it beat Wind Waker, which had a huge world that was full of stuff, items that you used throughout the game, and a polish and charm that was just remarkable.
      And far more than “4” dungeons, as you claim.

      1. Yeah, it sure as hell isnt slow. The beginning is slow but after that, you can skip everything. Its not about having your items always do something, no Zelda does that, theres always 1 or 2 occasions where its like, oh i can use bombs here, like on the Fairy Fountains, oh i can use the hammer here, Skyward Sword was the only one to balance out its items, but then there was nothing to do in the sky -.-
        Wind Waker is by far the slowest, you spend the majority of your time sailing through an empty ocean. And theres about 5 dungeons, i dont count the Forsaken Fortress, because you go there once, and its boring, then you go there again, thats just annoying. But theres the Deku Temple, the DragonRoost Temple, the big tower Temple, the one with the mirror shield, the Wind Temple, and thats it.
        Wind Waker has the best charm, visuals and music, dont get me wrong, but so does Skyward Sword but that doesnt save it having a lot of problems

    3. Ehm… There is 7 dungeons, Just as much as in Skyward sword. Only three things bad in Wind Waker…

      1. Sailing

      2. Actually pretty… Bad Dungeons. They had some intresting Puzzles of course, but not even near Ocarina of time.

      3. Pathetically easy Bosses. Only ones, that were actually even one percent hard, were Gohma and Jalhalla.

  17. Or better yet, don’t vote at all and don’t support this sad pathetic attempt at a video games award show. I know this show isn’t going anywhere soon but the less attention it gets the better

  18. No Metroid Prime, Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess or Eternal Darkness? these awards are a fucking joke.

  19. By FAR, the Wind Waker definitely deserves this award. All other games on the list are CRAP (even though I’ve never playd any of them except for the laughable Wii Sports)! Zelda: The Wind Waker always comes back to my mind when I’m playing other games. It’s made a lasting impression on me. It’ so special and unique. I LOVED IT! It was my favorite Zelda game since Ocarina Of Time. I REALLY wish Toon Link would return to the Wii U in another full, action packed adventure. I was depressed that he only came back in DS games (I’m talking about real Zelda games).

      1. @Sam
        Well, Red Dead Redemption LOOKS interesting (simply because I think Wild West games are kinda cool). But if Bioshock, Portal and Half Life 2 are what I’m thinking they are (first-person shooters) then they ARE crap to me. First Person shooters are the absolute worst pile of garbage genre of videos games I’ve ever seen. And I’ll never understand their appeal. The whole reason why I had no interest in Zombi U.

        1. They’re all FPS yes but they’re GOOD and completely unlike any other FPS you’ll ever play. Portal doesn’t even use weapons, the first person thing is just incidental. Half-Life 2 is an amazing experience with a brilliant story behind it, and puzzles are just as prominent as enemies. BioShock wins points for story and for how scary it can be, as well as how original it is and the varied combat (half the time you use plasmas instead of guns).

  20. Three Words: Batman: Arkham City! B:AC all the way! I like Wind Waker and Wii Sports, but B:AC is just to epic to not win.

  21. rgh… wind waker or arkham city..? why can’t i just vote both..

    oh yeah, and my Nintendo Network ID is.. the same as my name here lol: Tysamu

  22. Wind Waker is the only one out of those I’ve played, so it gets my vote by default. However, I will say that it is by far my favorite Zelda game (with Skyward Sword and Spirit Tracks close behind).

    If I could pick any game, I’d probably go with either Super Smash Bros. Melee or Super Mario Galaxy. Not much else beyond that. The Prime games are extremely overrated, and I actually like Metroid.

    1. The list is from 2000-2010, Skyward Sword was released in 2011. Learn to read.
      As for Mario Galaxy, I couldn’t tell you why it isn’t on the list. Maybe they felt the rest of the games on the list overshadowed it. For instance, I’ve wanted to replay Wind Waker again for ages, but Mario Galaxy I never even finished 100%.

    1. Handhelds don’t count, or they’d include phone games and angry birds would win and the internet would implode from meltdowns. Y2K

  23. I always say Twilight Princess is the best Zelda game…but I’ve never played Wind Waker so I guess I’m not exactly a fair judge. The music’s really awesome…but Gerudo Valley always wins, hands down.

  24. Shadow of the Colossus [1st] – this is by far the best video game of the decade.
    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker [2nd] – comes close with my favorite franchise of all time.
    Batman: Arkham City [3rd] – nothing to say, definitely superhero game of all time.

  25. This is a pretty lousy list of games to choose from. it should have a bunch to choose from.
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Metroid Prime
    Super Smash Bros. Melee
    Batman: Arkham City
    Persona 4
    Shadow of the Colossus
    Half-Life 2
    Red Dead Redemption
    Mass Effect 2
    guess i vote for Batman. wind waker doesnt deserve to have that title. just cuz its a LoZ game doesnt mean its instantly perfect.

    1. Thats cause youve never played the games, the games are great and Nostalgic (the VO’s are the sames ones who did the Batman Animated Series VO’s)

  26. I’d be surprised if it gets it. Nintendo never seems to win anything at the VGA.

    But out of those choices it’s easily my favourite. But seriously? No Okami? No Mario Galaxy? Maybe it’s just my odd tastes XD (If it was up to me Xenoblade and Nier would be up there too.)

  27. WW doesn’t deserve game of the decade. That’s an insult when its THE GAME OF FOREVER. Its held up graphically and it needs an HD sequel. Fuck the haters WW is the epitome of gaming, I’ve never had a single gaming experience after WW that has surpassed it because OoT is still the best game ever so I can’t say WW wasn’t out done before . SS is a close to the WW level of epicness and my favorite game of this last gen, followed by uncharted 2 and mario galaxy.

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  29. @nintenedward” Man finally another person who’s played SW knights of the old republic, it was such a great game on Xbox and my favorite was carth onasi and how he’d always argue with bastila. xD

    Also Wind Waker is still my favorite Zelda Game.

  30. I’m sorry but shadow of colossus is the greatest game made on this planet… after xenoblade this game has a soundtrack that makes you want to stop playing the game and listen to it for hours but lukily the gamplay matches that music pretty well as (like god of war) an action adventure rpg, This has my vote unless their is a way to vote for MH3 or xenoblade

  31. WW is hands down the best zelda game ever! hands down. Enemy AI was better, the fighting was better, better challenges…I can go on and on.

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