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Michelle Obama Has No Idea What Wii U Is

Despite the Wii U launching in North America on November 18th and selling 400,000 units, the first lady of United States of America, Michelle Obama, has no idea what the console is. Michelle Obama took the opportunity to ask a number of children what they would like for Christmas and one boy answered Wii U, which Michelle mistook for Wii. Watch the video for the bumbling encounter.

102 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Has No Idea What Wii U Is”


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      1. They couldve made it better if they advertisef the Wii u earlier &have more commercials that appeal to every crowd.. But thats just my thought.

    1. Or maybe it’s because Michelle Obama is an elitist and is too busy spending the taxpayers money enjoying her lavish vacations and being a complete douche to know what the Wii U is…


      so did i, but then came E3 and i was bought. not that i wouldn’t buy it anyway, but now i was looking forward to it. lol ps- i hope the pro controller is used offten, IT ROCKS!!!

      1. I don’t know where you live, where im from I couldn’t flip through the channels without hearing about the wiiu, but i highly doubt Michelle Obama goes through ads.

      2. Dude i keep seeing WiiU adverts during the Morning News on FOX, ive never seen Nintendo Target the Casual crowed like theyre doing now smh


              pritty sure i havent eather, but then again, i only watch tv at what my parents watch, and thats never cartoon network, nicalodien, disney channel. so it makes sence i dont see it. also , i havent tutched the tv remote in like a month so i havent cheacked really. when i want to wath tv, i wath y montor, and go on utube, and redtube. lol and idk, mabe i did see an add on youtube for the wiiU…

      1. It seems whenever the news isn’t favouring Nintendo, people seem to spout that line. I’m interested in hearing all kind of news about Nintendo.


          lol is republican the type of candidate to play the wiiU? im confused. ive always prefered the republicans beause they seem to care for the middle class and the people that actually work for a living rather than helping the poor… meaning the people THAT I PERSONALLY KNOW because some of them are in my famally, and the ocational 40 year old dude that spouts how he hasent had a job in 10 years when i go to subway…
          why would they want to worry about a job when they can happily drink beer at thair house for 364 days a year and on the other day go and get as manny government loopholls they can make 80,000 a year. because thats what they do. thats the 10% of regular peoples pay check goes to.

          1. WTF does any of that have to do with Nintendo? Or the Wii U? Ideals of government and its issues have no impact on the Wii U and if conservatism is what your for “?” then wouldnt we still be playing on atari type consoles because change is bad “?”.

  1. Let’s not entertain the dumbass, shall we? Anyways, I have no problem with the console being named Wii U, but for marketing purposes I still think Nintendo should have renamed the console.


        lol “but its simple and every language understands!” yea, well so do regualr names of people… call it the … sthil or the steiner, it doent have to be n english word, game boy, game cube, could be like nintendo 64. LOL I SEE IT NOW!!! THE NINTENDO 512!!! gcube-128 wii-256
        also confuses me how computers are still in the 32 and 64 bit. and photoshop uses pictures in 8 and 16 bit. 16 bit has less of the features as 8bit does… may have to read into that… like NOW! LOL
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        Computers are sometimes classified by the number of bits they can process at one time or by the number of bits they use to represent addresses. These two values are not always the same, which leads to confusion. For example, classifying a computer as a 32-bit machine might mean that its data registers are 32 bits wide or that it uses 32 bits to identify each address in memory. Whereas larger registers make a computer faster, using more bits for addresses enables a machine to support larger programs.

        Graphics are also often described by the number of bits used to represent each dot. A 1-bit image is monochrome; an 8-bit image supports 256 colors or grayscales; and a 24- or 32-bit graphic supports true color.

    1. You republicans manifested your hatred of the minorities into a hurricane and destroyed much of the East Coast thinking it would help Mitt win, BUT IT BACKFIRED!

  2. Im loving my WiiU so far, got Black Ops and Ninty land, also getting Sonic All Stars next week.
    Add me guys PKStarstorm

    1. Add me:


      Just friend me through Miiverse, it’ll be much faster than having both of us registering each other through the friend list app. Anyone else, feel free to add me!

    1. Um. Well, another world apart from that of a gamer’s? Yeah. I’m pretty sure she has a lot more things to worry about other than what new gaming consoles are coming out.

      I doubt she has as much time to watch TV, walk around a mall, or surf the net like your average stay at home mom.

      Plus the Wii U isn’t as big of a revolution like the Wii was when it first came out. I’m sure more people will hear about it as time goes on though.

  3. HAHAHA This is proof that Nintendo has done a bad job with their advertisments. It’s just commical at this point XD. Seriously don’t get mad at her it’s not her fault.

    1. hey keep in mind she has a country to control, she has no time to sit on her ass an watch TV. Plus this console is not even a 2 week old yet and you expect everyone and their fucking grandma to know about this.

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  5. I don’t think it’s all Nintendo’s fault. This is the First Lady of the United States; I think she MIGHT have a bit more important things constantly on her mind :P

    1. ^+1,000,000.

      Some people will just find lame excuses against Nintendo, instead of realizing REALITY. Ms Obama has way more important things to do, than to watch TV and wait for a Wii U commercial. >.>

        1. The One Who Wrote This

          ^TOTALLY THIS!! I mean, they charge EXTRA at my place if you don’t get a side! What’s up with that?!?

  6. Sometimes it’s hard to believe just how “out of the loop” parents really are with some things. As a hardcore gamer who eats, sleeps and breathes Nintendo, it’s hard to believe that ANYONE (especially now that it’s in stores) could not know what a Wii U is. It’s all I’ve heard and read about for YEARS.

    1. You’d think that anyone with kids would know what the Wii U was. Unless Michelle’s kids are the “typical girl” types that doesn’t care about video games.

    2. “As a hardcore gamer who eats, sleeps and breathes Nintendo,”

      Well that’s the thing- because you’re a hardcore gamer, you know all this stuff because you LOOK for it all the time. It’s your passion. It’s what you spend your time with.

      Just remember, most people are not hardcore gamers.

    3. So because you are a “hardcore” gamer u categorize everyone into that same category without understanding the fact that the majority of people in the world have other interests besides gaming. In the real world people have other worries besides a new gaming console. You just made yourself sound like an immature child with that comment

    4. not a nintendo fan boy

      stupid fag gamer, im guessing ur some fatass guy who is too ugly to get a gf and still lives with ur parents, am i wrong?

  7. That’s because she’s too busy sticking her nose in other people’s business demanding they eat what she seems healthy. GFY!

  8. Nintendo is not doing a bad job advertising is just Michelle and Barack are busy they don’t have the time to watch tv or have free time like we do. Barack and Michelle is trying to put this country back together and they could less about the wii u, ps3, or xbox 360. Thats why Michelle doesn’t know about the wii u but that just my opinion.

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  10. She doesn’t know what a wii u is hunh? No surprise her husband doesn’t know what a sound healthcare plan is either.

  11. The White House has bigger things in mind like the “new world order.” Imagine IF McCain got elected?

    Anyway, I can compare Politics to Video Games, Nintendo vs MS vs Sony. In the end, you have one side that is called lier, that is conservative, and you have guys that make-up lies, and say they’re the team, their correct. We can compare this to Video Gaming Right?

    1. Both Parties lie, just like Obama who just raised everyone’s taxes and increased spending by another Trillion bucks. Everyone is in for a shock come April. Still non of this has to do with gaming! I want politics slammed down throat, ill read the paper. This is suppose to about Nintendo News..not this crap.

  12. I’m going to be honest. Michelle Obama was the reason I voted for her husband. I love her, but hate everyone else.

  13. lol that kid represented big time!! yeah it is a new version…it has a tablet and wii controller…and you can watch TV progs on another channel at the same time… @_@

  14. So what ? She´s the First Lady, with a heavy agenda… why would she care about videogames? It´s pretentious to try to correlate this with WiiU marketing campaign (alghout I admit it could be better)

  15. She’s probably too busy to look into it. She probably has no time to enjoy video games, but at least she seems interested. She’s such a great woman, I love how active she is with everyone, especially children.

  16. This video is so irrelevant… Why does it matter whether or not Michelle Obama knows what the wii U is?? I am still baffled that people think this is a new version of the wii!! If you don’t know what something is then google it, this is the 21st freakin’ century… If you don’t know what something is look it the eff up!!! It’s a new console with a pitiful name that adheres to last generation’s monicker. They could have named it anything else, but they didn’t and while that’s unfortunate for the console’s name; it doesn’t change the fact that ignorance in something this simple in this day and age of Wikis and Googles and ASK.coms is ridiculous.
    I agree that Nintendo are doing a terrible dis-service to the Wii U by not giving it the type of commercials it needs for people to understand it without having to look it up online, but people stop being so lazy and confused by names!! I have the console and I love it!! ZombiU is incredible, no matter what the reviews say; Black Ops 2 is awesome… especially when I can play it anywhere in my house and not care about who wants the tv for what! Nintendoland and NSMBU are great as well… People before you hate on something for not conforming to your ideas of normality you should perhaps step outside yourself and realize that games are made for fun not this back and forth banter about who’s system is better, or has better freaking graphics!!! Enjoy all games and systems for what they are: PLAY THINGS!!!! Not life and death, great divide creating, end all be all’s… they are a means to an end and that end is to have fun in more ways than one! Just like not all hats fit all people Not all game systems are built for every type of gamer… Choose for yourself in this Swamp of BS battles between M$, $ony and Nintendo and here’s the kicker if you have the funds you can have all three; nobody says you can’t and nobody is stopping you from enjoying the different experiences that all three offer!! There I’m finished.

    1. you ask her what a ps vita, she won’t know for shit! im telling you they don’t pay attention to video game at all.


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