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Peter Molyneux Says ‘Wii U Is Good, But Not Great’

Peter Molyneux, formerly of Lionhead and co-founder of 22 Cans, believes that the industry needs the Wii U, but admits that he thinks the device is simply good, but not great. Molyneux says that he finds the device a little confusing as a consumer, due to the fact that you’re looking at two separate screens. Here’s Molyneux thoughts on the device which launches throughout Europe tomorrow.

“I think the Wii U is good, but I don’t feel it’s great. I’ve played the experience, I’ve played Nintendo Land, I’ve played ZombiU, and they’re good. I find holding the device in my hand–looking up at the screen and looking down at the device–slightly confusing as a consumer. It’s good, but it’s not great. And we really need these new pieces of hardware to be great in today’s world, because the competition is not just consoles anymore. The competition is everything, all the technology. When you’re holding a Kindle Fire or an iPad in your hand, it’s just amazing technology. It really is. It’s expensive, but it’s amazing technology. And people like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft need to match that. They need to match that in my mind, and exceed it. And I’m not sure the Wii U really did that.”

“I’ve got unvelievable respect for Nintendo. They created our industry in a very real sense. I can remember everybody in the industry laughing and giggling about how stupid the Wii was, what a stupid name it was, and who would want motion control. And then it went on to sell what, 60, 70 million copies? It got people who never considered computer games to play them.”

121 thoughts on “Peter Molyneux Says ‘Wii U Is Good, But Not Great’”

  1. So, he says the ps4/720 need a gamepad or something that’s similar to popular technology? I sincerely want hear what this guy says about the other two systems if they are just standard controllers and more power. And Ubisoft is unsatisfied with the price of the wii u, and i want to hear his opinion then. I feel like the direction the other two are going is trying to give us standard componets, then giving us innovation for over 100$, AGAIN!

        1. Sony’s financial situation says so. So stfu. Fucking Sony drone. Aoelus you will never win these pointless arguments.

          1. People on this site have been saying this line for aaaaaaaaaages now, their financial status might not look so good, but they’re surviving. Dev kits have been sent out, there will be a PS4 whether you like it or not.

          2. NO, Sony has already said there WILL be a playstation 4, but what they havent said is when and the only details people know is that it won’t be Download only as they were thinking of doing it that way. If any of the console makers make their consoles download only then I wont buy it, Sony has already proved they will be way above the price you would get a disc/box/manual from a shop. Go look on PSN at new released retail games and then go and look in the shops.

        2. Ou must not be keeping up on current events. There struggling significantly, and They’re business is very unsteady.
          Their you have it!
          PS. I hope you enjoy’d my use of “There, Their, and They’re.”

      1. are you kidding? the net is ablaze with rumours about the new orbis dev kits that have just been sent to select developers
        the ps4 will definitely exist

    1. You don’t have to look up and down from the DS. I admit, using my Wii U, it can be a bit disorienting at times looking back and forth between my Gamepad TV. Not a major gripe though. Once you get the hang of it, depending on the game, it isn’t really much of a problem.

      1. Disagreed. ZombiU , Nintendo land . Piece of cake , same with everything else. ZombiU is fun to look away and mess with inventory. You don’t have to move your head. just your eyes..

        1. I move my head. I guess it depends on how close to your TV you sit and the height or angle you hold your gamepad at. Also, I don’t have ZombiU, so I wasn’t talking about that game. =p

            1. I’m sure. I have heard mixed things about the game. Some love it, some think it’s average at best.

              That’s not my reason for not getting it though. I’m not into zombie games or gore-fests. =p

              1. It’s a really interesting game! Has exceptional lighting and particle effects , but everything else is meh. I kow the console can do better , because AC3 amongst others , looks better.

            2. I love it.
              Finally a developer not afraid to publish a TRUE survival horror.
              Plus, the Dev’s constant interaction with players, as well as the integration into Miiverse makes this game a long awaited gem.
              Not for those expecting fast-paced CoD style shooting.

              1. I love what i see , so far. I’m gunna do my network update soon and set up an ID , so I will add you asap.

                Been playing the crap out of it offline with friends and famiy!

    1. How? He doesn’t love it, but he wasn’t being a jerk about it. He didn’t say something like “The Wii U sucks and will fail.” Just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn’t make them a douchebag…

    1. Depends, games vary in size, from 2-3GB to 15GB. 720GB should last you a long time though, but on average, youd probably be able to fit about 80 games on there, again, it all depends on the size of the game

  2. You mean like he made the best rpg of all time? Oh wait a sec, he didnt, in fact, its fucking horrible. This guy has no credibility, he’s just a pretentious twat

    1. Also, why is he comparing it to an iPad, its not an iPad, and it cant function as a tablet outside.
      Its a CONTROLLER. Yes, at home, it makes everything easier, in terms of media, its simple, it basically becomes a small media hub. Thats all it needs to be.
      What, is the 720 going to come with a surface tablet now? Good luck spending a grand, so something with no buttons.

      1. The wiiu is fucking increible lol. This guy is BS-ing. It’s not comparable to an Ipad in any way. Assassins creed 3 whilst i’m in bed with buttons , CoD on 2 screens locally would beg to differ with this guy.

        The wiiu is outstanding , IMO…. It makes an Ipad look like a fucking piece of shit lol….

        1. Yeah, as much as I love Nintendo, saying it makes the iPad look like a piece of shit with the examples:

          “Cod on 2 screens” and;
          “AC3 in bed with buttons”

          Is simple fanboyism.

          1. Well you CANNOT do those things whilst in bed , and I have used ipads exstensively , and that’s the way I feel. And I have my wiiu now experiencing it , it litteraly (IMO , AS STATED TARD) makes the ipad look like a useless piece of DOGSHIT.

            My opinion= The wiiu is far better than any shit pad. Although not comparable at all really.

            1. I believe there both good and none are useless pieces of dogshit. If it were to compare though techwise, the Wii U would lose. But they’re both good systems.

              1. Techwise ? Well the Ipad is nowhere near as powerfull as the wiiu . And like I said is not comparable.

                When you get assassins creed 3 and black ops 2 with buttons , online . Give me a call and we’ll start comparing these seemingly incomparable devices.

                I may be blinded by fanboyism , But I have used the latest Ipad exstensively , and it’s basically a web browser with some POS games. Am I missing something ?

                The wiiu with 5 Games , is a far superior experience than an I-fad.

                1. Well right now you’ve been comparing it by saying the Wii U makes it look like a pile of dogshit. Seriously, enough with the fanboyism and give credit where credit is due.

                  1. No. The ipad is a piece of digshit (as I keep stating IMO) compared to wiiu. If you feel otherwise , good have fun with that , lol.

                    I’ve used both and within an Hour I had already had way more fun than I’d ever have with angry birds and the web browser on the ipad.

                    Price to fun ratio – the wiiu absoloutly monsters it. Please bare in mind that’s my opinion. I’m sure some snotty nosed twat of a 35 year old businessman would dissagree with me , lol.

                    1. Right now, you’re the only one that sounds like a snotty nose twat. Peter made a fair and unbiased statement. He never compared the tech, just the feel he gets when holding it. My opinion, they’re both amazing pieces of tech with loads of fun on all. Also, iPad has more than just angrybirds, that is a terrible example. It has Walking Dead, Wii U doesnt. iPad would win it for me just based on that game. Which is actually nominated for GOTY ;)

                      1. I don’t have a Wii U yet but I have played The Walking Dead on Ipad, it’s inferior to the console and PC versions, hopefully we will get season 2 on the Wii U and it could be the definitive machine to play it on with a combination of touch and analog/button control.

                      2. yes the ipad is dogshit i aagree. the only thing apple makes that is decent is the ipod, and even that is subject to formatting between machines and itunes. fuck apple they are overpriced dogshit.

          2. Well they aren’t even the same product. The WiiU is all about home entertainment, while the iPad is more about having the internet anywhere on the go, as well as apps, they’re 2 different markets.
            I have an iPhone so iPads are useless to me, but when im at home, the WiiU would be my sort of “go to device”, its has my games, my tv, and my internet, its just convenient, and im looking forward to what gets added in the future.
            And from a gaming perspective, while theres arent many games that use the gamepad to its potential, we will see them soon, and games like Nintendoland and ZombiU prove it can change a game for the better.
            I do look forward to seeing what Microsoft and Sony do as well though, but mainly about first party content for me

            1. I just think comparing an Ipad to a wiiu is like comparing *two things that are totaly different*

              I have used the latest Ipad (my brothers) and The browser is good. Everything else is forgettable. The wiiu on the other hand (IMO) although none comparable in virtualy everyway , apart from the screen on the controller, is far far far far far far more entertaining and just generally better than an ipad.

              *herp derp my screen has 12 trillion pixels per square milimetre* does not equal *I am sat in my bed playing a wide variety of amazing games on my gamepad*

              1. where exactly did he compare it to an ipad? Oo
                he’s merely saying that the industry has to adapt to the growing competition that is called mobile gaming
                no it can’t do the same things as a console, no one said that, but if someone prefers to buy 10 games for my ipad and then lacks the money or the willingness (because his need for video game entertainment might already be covered) to invest in games for his console, or even buy a console in the first place, does that hurt nintendo? yes it does

                1. Agreed. But that doesn’t dictate which device is better, although a completely opinionated subject.

                  The wiiu is designed with indie and cheaper games in mind. So that’s a good start..

                  1. no it doesn’t dictate which device is better (for gaming in this case) but if a customer already owns an ipad (obviously no one buys an ipad only for playing games on it) it’s not a big step towards buying games on that ipad and being content with the amount of games that are being offered.. he’s saying that the wii-u needs to offer something very unique that will dissuade a customer from spending his time and money on iOS games (which are by comparison very cheap so in this case time is probably the biggest issue) and simply rush into a gamestop and buy a wii-u
                    he says he doesn’t see it, well i guess it’s his right to speak his mind

        2. he’s not comparing it to an ipad
          what’s with all the hate
          he made a moderated comment about what he thinks about the wii-u and suddenly everyone goes apeshit?
          he does have a point about the ipad you know? gaming on tablets and smartphones is considered to be one of the problems that are causing the current struggles of the gaming industry and they need to adapt, he’s absolutely right about that

          1. Fanboys being fanboys. They’re too blinded. Peter made a fair, unbiased comment and they just interpreted in there own way. I agree with Peter fully.

          2. What do you mean they need to adapt? THEY ARENT THE SAME PRODUCT.
            Anyone going out to buy an iPad to play games needs to go to a mental institution.
            He’s talking about the WiiU, and unrelatedly, brings up iPad and Kindles because theyre good technology? How is that “a fair statement”, it has nothing to do with the question, because the WiiU isnt a tablet. So i guess the next time i get asked a tech question, i can say, “well the toaster is an incredible piece of machinery”. Because it sure as hell doesnt have anything to do with the question, but it i would be right, it is a machine, so that makes my point valid, right?

            1. HE’S NOT SAYING IT SHOULD BE A TABLET. He just believe the main consoles should be able to provide the amazing feel he gets when holding it. My fucking god stop riding Nintendo and give credit where credit is due! It has plenty of things to do with it. Tablets are a major threat to console and handheld gaming, you cannot deny that.

            2. for fucks sake
              customers have both limited time AND limited money
              if they spend their time and money on a different system, like an ipad, they won’t have much left for other systems and subsequently may not bother to even buy one.. that is bad for nintendo or would you like to disagree?

            3. But why buy a toaster, or even go to a grocery store for that matter, when you can go to McDonalds? Loaves of bread are too expensive for the modern American, so they should just buy a McDouble for less. I expect all grocery stores to become McDonalds within the next month, because they’re SO obsolete.

      2. No credibility?

        I agree with everything he has just said. He isn’t hating on Nintendo either, you’re just stupidly interpreting it that way. He has had MASSIVE amounts more experience in the gaming industry then you would ever dream of. Just because he doesn’t think the Wii U is amazing, doesn’t mean he hates it.

        1. The guy is a joke, and his complaints show it.
          In fact, im pretty sure a couple of weeks ago he said he doesnt like the WiiU at all. But suddenly he thinks its good now? Cmon. He’s comparing 2 products that have different markets and purposes, how is that being right about anything?
          And having “experience” in a game industry doesnt mean crap if you’re renowned for churning out crap.

            1. You’re the only joke here buddy. Just because YOU think his stuff is crap, doesn’t make it so. That just makes you sound arrogant. Also, I highly doubt you know how long he has played for and how many games he has played. Now you sound like a creepy stalker.

              1. He said in that interview, “i played NintendoLand and ZombiU”. He sure as hell didnt buy one, so he’s played it at a press event, or convention, which is only a small time slot. Use your common sense.

                And his games are BAD. Fable is the a horrible rpg, is goes against every forward thinking design thats been laid down, and they only get worse, and now his games are kinect games and stupid pretentious apps.

                1. jellybean has a point there
                  fable is not a bad game.. none any of the parts are (and.. but i repeat myself.. it is not an RPG.. was never meant to be one)
                  you may not like it, just like molyneux doesn’t like the wii-u much.. but i’m sure you’ll agree “that doesn’t make it so” holds true for both cases ;)

                  also you do not know whether or not he bought a wii-u.. also considering that he’s a developer he might have had a lot more time with the system than the average gamer

                2. Holy fuck you’re stupid. Ever though he could of bought one since that interview? Lolololol idiot.

                  Fable is actually alright. What’s wrong with apps? Nothing.

          1. “In fact, im pretty sure a couple of weeks ago he said he doesnt like the WiiU at all”

            no he never said that
            he said he doesn’t like the controller and that all in all he wasn’t amazed by the wii-u
            can’t be liked by everyone i suppose

            and again: he’s not comparing the wii-u to an ipad, but both can be used for gaming, the competition is there simple as that

            “And having “experience” in a game industry doesnt mean crap if you’re renowned for churning out crap.”
            when did he ever churn out crap? his latest games weren’t amazing i give you that but they were all decent games and calling everything he made crap is nothing less than an insult to gaming in general, especially considering what he did for videogaming in the 90ies

            1. “Im pretty sure he said he doesnt like the WiiU”

              “No he said he doesnt like the controller”

              Ermm, wheres the difference here? The controller is the main point of the system. If it just had the normal controller, it would be just like the 360 or ps3, so saying “i dont like the controller”, is saying he doesnt like the WiiU. He might like the software, but not the system.
              Oh wait, but now he does…

              1. right now he does.. he said that in march.. months before it was even possible to play the wii-u
                i think at that time he was just ranting over controllers in general and how they annoy him.. at least that’s what it sounded like
                apparently he changed his mind when he got to play it.. people do that you know?

      3. horrible is definitely not a word i’d use to describe fable.. besides it’s not an RPG but an action adventure
        the fable games were solid throughout
        nothing special, but not bad either

    2. I just hope I have that retro feeling with the WiiU. Like 10+ years from now people would remember the Wii U in their childhood. *remembers playing the N64, GBA, NDS, & GCN*… ahhh, good times… good times.

    3. I hate when people complain about the gamepad when there’s a perfectly good Wii U Pro Controller sitting in the store window.

      …BUY IT.

    4. The gamepad is neat even though I think it’s dumb that you can’t use it in nsmbu as an additional controller for co-op gameplay aside from using blocks to help

      1. If you goin’ around on all dem random websites and you postin’ all dem random videos to promote yo’ channel, SLAP YO’ SELF!! XD Just kidding, but that was actually pretty funny.

    5. i wonder if my desktop computer could make love with the wiiU. not that the Grapics User Interface that was actually made in the game cube is bad, but i think we’re halph way there to a competition between the 2 powerful systems, and i actually hope and know that there will actually be a game competition between them. cus there already is. back in 1995, we had the super nintendo and proboly the game boy. we also had windows ’95 witch had some sweet games and a desktop with icons and a good GUI. also, the MAC and photoshop.
      it was also in the 90’s that the obolishment of computer network use as only government and schools as well. not to mention, people were making thair own computers or stealing them and messing around.- just like in some 90’s movies.
      obviusly computers arent going away, and will only do what they keep on doing… astonish us with the brillionce we never thought about.
      exactly simillar to how photoshop cs4 or5 i dunno, came out with tools like the content aware that delets what u select in an image, and replaces it with color around it. birthmark? GONE. not straight? STRAIGHTENED. somthing in the clouds or shoreline? just delete and it fixes it all by its self with what it thinks is rite to put there.

    6. A fair assessment, though I think with time we’ll see new titles take full advantage of the Wii U. It’s still really new. I don’t get confused by having two screens, though, but I do wish I could turn off the Gamepad screen AND play New Super Mario Bros U on the TV with the Gamepad’s buttons… they’re just so much more comfy than the Wiimote… but other than that I’ve been very happy with the two-screen experience. What we’re seeing now is what we always see when Nintendo produces a new system. Fans of other consoles scoff. Industry sources foresee doom and gloom and scratch their heads at Nintendo’s new concept. Tech wizards tear it apart because of the power it either does or does not have. But then something amazing always happens. The great games come. The consumers catch on and before they know what’s happened they’re having a blast on their “confusing” console =)

      1. i have to agree with that it’s a little confusing at first, so far i only had about 2 hours of playtime with the wii-u and during that time i didn’t really overcome it, it was still fun though

        as with all new controlling schemes it probably takes a while to adapt

    7. I respect this guy,but the Gamepad alone isn’t enough to make people buy the U,like the new 2006 motion controls where it’s difficult to find that kind of technology.

    8. Eh… it’s only been 11 days since its launch and ppl still won’t give the console the chance to fly. All i can say is, give it a year. That’s it. Besides, as long as they don’t crap out on the primaries and exclusives then I’ll be forever happy with my U. There’s alot more i can say but.. eh. It’s already been said

      1. How the fuck does he sound like a fanboy? It seems you only read the title and not the full article. He is saying ALL companies (including Sony and Microsoft) need to have the same amazing tech feel as a kindle or iPad. Seriously, read the god damn article first.

    9. PEOPLE LIKE NINTENDO, SONY, AND MICROSOFT NEED TO MATCH THE IPAD OR KINDLE FIRE? Okay, so they need to begin developing casual games instead of actual games. Okay, if that’s how you see it. There is nothing amazing about an ipad or a kindle fire, but there is something amazing about a gaming console or a gaming pc. Idiot..

    10. You look at a speedometer then the road. You look at your watch then look up again. Its nothing new looking from 1 thing to another.

    11. I know that everyone has opinions and I respect Molyneux’s opinion IN FACT I agree with him BUT Peter is a person that seriously needs to shut up. For a developer that mostly he does is talk about how “awesome” his next game is gonna be and ends up being either average or merely bad he doesn’t have much credibility (at least for me). He needs to stop talking like he’s some sort of big videogame authority and blow out the excesive amount of steam and bullshit he has on his head

    12. 100 million you idiot! Everyone I know looks at there smart phone and tablet and computer and television all at the same time. Wii U is not hard for anyone. The only legit complaint about Wii U is it should have a bit more storage and little more powerful CPU, but it is strong enough.

    13. Today is the European Wii U premiere, I really look forward to hearing about the sales results. I think I’m not mistaken by saying it wasn’t that great in the US right? I remember seeing some people tweet that two days after the premiere Wii U’s were still on the some stores. Personally, I don’t think it will sell that well in Europe, at least not initially. Things have changed since the last generation of consoles – social media play a more important role in our lives. Just think of all those Europeans who heard about US not being particularly impressed with Wii U – think they’ll spend their hard earned cash for one with two other next gens just around the corner? I don’t think so. At least not until some system sellers are released.

    14. Says the man that took an amazing start to a franchise and cramed it right up his ass. Only to remove it and serve it up several times to our discontent…

    15. I actually don’t give two fucks about critics…I love my Wii U so far. I would be wasting time and my mind if I kept listening to Critics all the time. Just enjoy the freaking console already!

    16. I have over 120+ hours played on my Wii U since nov 18. Finished NSMBU, Zombi U, Black Ops 2 campain and Darksiders 2… and I had absolutely no problem loooking at two screens. If sony or Microsoft dont innovate… they have lost the next gen war already.

    17. Sorry but the guy is full of crap…
      first off the kindle fire is cheap and is cheap tech (and amazon isn’t denying it, obviously since it supports very well their wider retail model)..the ipad is expensive for what it does and isn’t amazing technology (at least not anymore after beefing up the same tech for 4 iterations)…

      Then saying that competition isn’t consoles anymore is irrelevant if we speak about dedicated video games platforms (the 3DS might compete with all the tablets in the world today but is still so far outselling the original DS in time. Nobody i think would argue that the DS hasn’t been a massive success..)

      The wii hasn’t sold 60,70 millions units but almost 100!!

      Finally, as for the Wii U being a confusing device, consumers only will tell. We don’t need your biased opinion, thanks very much.

      Only when these industry retards will understand that Nintendo isn’t a technology company, but an entertainment one will this rubbish-talk stop. It is obvious that since this guy has gone full mobile, he’s dissing the very industry that he used to milk so much…Jeez what a retard…don’t listen to him kids…

    18. So he says it’s confusing for consumers based off the fact that he either has extreme trouble multitasking, or has some issue with moving his head and/or eyes between two different objects while playing….
      If the second is more true than the first, then God Forbid this man ever get behind the wheel of any heavy construction cranes.
      He’d be too busy looking at the road to pay attention to the switches in front of him[or vice verse], get confused, and wipe out every living creature within 50 feet of him with one wrong level pull.XD

    19. the thing is, with Wii U’s gamepad, we can have future apps on it that allows for reading ebooks (a la Kindle)… i believe 3DS will have a similar app from eShop for reading manga (in Japan only)… and who’ll stop iPad/Android developers from including Wii U in their project, considering the similarity and the good eShop policies now?

      in effect, Wii U has that potential to go into the markets that are not necessarily gaming. and they’re already starting with TVii.

    20. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks I guess.
      Same issue with people having trouble with Kid Icarus. The controls were revolutionary, but some people don’t want to evolve, they’s rather have their simple, last-gen button layout scheme.
      Nothing wrong with that, but if you’re not good at adapting, or have poor hand eye coordination, or simply don’t want to change your gameplay style, don’t blame the console.

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