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New System Update Available Now For Wii U

wii_u_console_whiteNintendo today released a new system update for the Wii U. Remember to not unplug the system while its downloading or installing the update, as it may damage your Wii U. The update may take up to an hour to download, according to Nintendo, so be patient.

On its website, Nintendo says the latest Wii U update brings “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.”

97 thoughts on “New System Update Available Now For Wii U”

      1. Not only that, but it seems to also have fixed the GamePad’s TV Remote function. According to PureNintendo, theirs always told them “Coming Soon” whenever they tried to use it. It now works.

    1. My update downloaded while I was playing ZombiU! All I had to do was install it after I turned the game off.

      I love this machine

    1. IKR? this thing sounds like it could bump the wiiu up to near perfection! Fuck trophy’s and system wide voice chat. SOny and Microsoft can keep them. Miiverse is more than a soloution…

      If this update can stop the crashed which I have only experienced once, then the wiiu will earn legendary status…

      1. agreed, and they could totaky just add party chat in the mix eventually. i’m totally loving this system so far, they did a great job.

      2. What type of crash did you experience? Did it freeze in its tracks, or did you actually get an error message of some sort on screen?

        1. It just froze up during some menu.Think it was a miiverse menu. And I had to unplug it. Never had any major problem other than that. Apart from the odd glitch.

          Hopefully this new update fixes everything ^_^

        1. At least ps3 gave you the had drive to fit it on. I the white wii u is about to be filled only with updates poor guy.

  1. How long Nintendo says it may take to download is irrelevant. It all depends on your internet connection. My update has been downloading for about 20 minutes now, and the timer is at 2 hours and 18 minutes. For those wondering, I’ve read that the update is 593 megs.

    1. same here. loading times for the os are blazing now. the game loading times are still about the same i think, which weren’t all that bad to begin with anyway

  2. There was also a update for the 3DS and if you go it to new super mario bros 2 and go in coin rush shop, there’s a new pack set. Pack #7 and #8 to release tomorrow.

  3. And if you power off your Wii U? It says not to unplug it, but I totally forgot about the update and turned the system off.

    1. It is just so Nintendo will not be responsible for morons action. If there’s not a warning messenge about this kind of stuff they are forced to replace eventually bricked systems.

  4. I’m downloading it right now while watching TV. I got the GamePad next to me to check on the update progress. This second screen really adds a lot to the console gaming experience, this is why I love Nintendo.

    1. Yep ! well suck on these watermellons. My Bug ass power consuming TV is switched off cus it’s late. But I can put the gamepad on it’s stand or charging cradle and use the pro controller to play cod on the gamepad! The gamepad is effectively a mini television for certain games. And I love the way games look on it! I still can’t believe this TV is 480p lol.
      It is 16:9 progressive with a high refresh rate and small pixels and powerfull console graphics all add up to a nice looking gamepad screen.

      What’s your NNID mike S ? Mine is xNintedwardx

      I love when you leave the wiiu it goes dark to save power and when you pick it up it lights up ^_^ !

      1. can’t believe this gamepad* like I say it can effectively act as a mini , by the side of your pc TV.

        Did you know you can point at the gamepad with a wii remote and play cpd on it perfectly?

        This makes Nintendo look like HUGE assholes for not letting us play wii games on it…

        1. will add you tonight when i get home GMT.

          xNintedwardx cheers :)

          Hang on a minute . Those x’s are part of my ID

          My full ID is = xNintedwardx

          Is yours the same :S ?

  5. I swear to God, if all these new updates brick the system if plugged out…
    What the power goes out?? -___________________-

    1. They confirmed doesn’t brick the system do some research or just quit making rediculous post.
      Remember unplugging your system during install bricks the system.

  6. There was an update for 3DS, so I was hoping MiiVerse, when I went to eshop I had to download update with the same reasons

    1. there already is ingame voice chat. infact, ive been able to use the built in mic to chat while playin assassins creed 3 online.

  7. Fix the downloading servers i have a 20MB internet connection service and it usually takes me about 15 min to download a game of 2GB on my ps3. Come on Nintendo! Also stop with the little kids games we need more multiplat games like bf3,far cry3, etc. I know its the first couple of weeks but US hardcore gamers need to know what your plans are for upcoming games. Im in the verge of returning the wii u because you guys are lacking in giving us info on hardcore games.

    1. If you think only little kids games are out so far your not a hardcore gamer.. There not lacking anything.. it’s early in the life cycle. You need to understand the system isnt even out in japan yet and your complaining. Monster hunter, pikmin, mario bros., zombie u, trine 2. Multiple e-shops games. And what over 20 games at launch. Thats more then the ps3 and the xbox 360 had at launch. Calm down…… You must be trollin’

      1. yea… just that monsterhunter, pikmon and many other interesting games are not out yet. they are classified by nintendo as launch titles because they are to be released within 3 month of the launch, but thats only nintendo-pr-talk. real launch games launch at launch. thats why they are called launch-games. so no, the Wii U doesn’t have that many good launch titles.

    2. uhhhh….really? i hate it when people say nintendo games are for little kids, esspecially when my 7 year old brother can play cod no problem but sucks ass at ANY mario game. just because a game is cartoony, doesn’t mean it’s a kids game.

  8. It seems as the EU version of Wii U is much more stable than the US one. I have never experienced any problems with my Wii U and the Wii U doesn’t brick itself when an update is interrupted here in Sweden. Also the update took 15 min to finish. Am I also correct saying that you don’t have the Wii U TV Remote button yet or did you get it now? We had it working on launch. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. Didn’t have any problems either here in Austria. but the consoles don’t brick in US either, that was just a false rumor.

    2. Incorrect, my TV functionality worked day 1 out of the box in the US. I have never experienced any freeze problems at all, very much doubt there’s a difference in the system stability of EU versus US Wii U’s.

  9. Uhoh, does the update start automatically when the console is powered up? I switched my WiiU on before going to work this morning to charge my Wii remotes, forgetting the console powers off after 1 hr of inactivity…

    1. That 1 hour rule auto disables when downloading/installing updates. You should be good to go once you fire her up!

  10. Ok so as far as speed goes loading times were only addressed for mii verse, it’s lightning fast now. Everything else is still slow haven’t played anything yet to see if freeze was addressed

  11. All icing on the cake for me, only fix I wanted was faster loading, so if that happens consider my fanboy meter to go up even more!

  12. My wii u updated and installed The New update. Toen restarted and crashes every time now when opening System settings, games, … Except The browser, shop and miiverse. What’s wrong?

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