Dhewg, one of the contributors who created the Wii Homebrew Channel, has managed to get the Homebrew Channel working on Wii U. The Homebrew Channel only works within Wii Mode on Wii U. In essence, the Homebrew Channel runs on Wii U just as it does on the Wii. Dhewg hopes to find a way to hack Wii U through Wii Mode, but admits there’s a lot of work to be done.



    • Really? So the team of hackers slaving day after day trying to create the perfect fighting game out of brawl’s broken engine are doing terrible things? The guys who ported more retro tracks into Mario Kart Wii and totally customized all new original tracks are just a couple of hackers who cheat and are dishonorable? This is the attitude toward us that pisses me the fuck off. Yeah, I’m a hacker. I’m fucking PROUD to be one. Are you saying it wouldn’t be fun to play as Spiderman in smash bros? With web slinging action? Hacking isn’t wrong. The closest thing I can relate it to is gun control. Hacking is GOOD. Some poor souls who hack specifically to screw people over are BAD. Hate the player, not the game.


  1. this news is like.. a week old?

    also your title is misleading.. it’s working while the wii u is in wii mode.. in this state it’s essentially a wii, not a wii u

    getting it to work on the wii u itself is another story considering the wii runs in a sandbox


  2. As long as it just works in Wii mode, I’m happy. Need a way to play my brawl hacks y’know.

    Also, it’d be interesting if they got GC games playing using wiimotes/classic controllers :3
    (Along with memory card emulation.)


    • first you’d need a gamecube emulator that runs on the wii u
      first things first.. they’ll have to install homebrew on the wii u before anything else can happen


  3. Never been interested in any sort of fake content. Even PC mods. If it’s not developer made it’s not for me. It’s like walking around in fake Nike’s with Some Aribas 2 stripe trousers.


  4. Dear Nintendo,

    Please read this article and forward it to whoever needs to know about this at Nintendo. We need a mandatory update that not only blocks all of this hacking content from the Wii U, but also bricks any systems that may have been used with such illegal, unauthorized content.

    I, and many others, want a completely legitimate online experience in future Wii U games.

    I am also worried that this hacker will enable other Wii U users to pirate your company’s video games and this could affect game sales by large, just like the hacking issues with the Wii and Nintendo DS.

    Thanks in advance for looking into this!

    Your loyal fan,
    ~ Jonathan


    • umm no, lets not, I bought the system so if i want to play snes genisis ps1 games on it I should be able to without waiting 5 years for games to go on VC, especially if I’ve bought the game to begin with I happen to like playing Shin Megami Tensei I &II on my Wii and there’s no chance in hell they’ll come over here because Nintendo doesn’t have the balls to license a game where you have the option to kill God. If someone is cheating then ban them but homebrew software allows people with begining and experienced programming skills to give back to the community, hell the though alone of running ubuntu on my Wii U is amazing.


  5. I think hacking is a good think. Just being able to pirate games is not good.
    I softmodded my Wii so I could watch videos (on the sd or usb) or dvds.
    I wanted a region free wii. And I wanted to change my town map in animal crossing.
    And the hacks for brawl were cool.

    But the best thing was the region free hack.
    But I know that all the Wii U hacking is for piracy.


  6. Hackers have been given a bad name thanks to some people using them online to mess with people. Some of us hackers just like to change the game for ourselves to make it interesting and fun. For example, in SSBB, we hackers can create entirely new characters, movesets, stages, music, and more. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s all worth it in the end. I’m glad they got this to work on the Wii U, because now I don’t have to hook up my Wii again every time I want to use my Brawl hacks.


  7. Have you ever thought that the hive mind of a community could possibly come up with something better then the developer? I primarily hack mobiles and tablets, but the functionality is over the top. What you said is like someone asking if you’d like the governor taken off your Lamborghini, and you’re like, “Nah the manufacture wants me limited to 100mph so I think I’ll leave it”. If something CAN perform a task then why not let it. It creates greater usage and entertainment.


  8. SickR can you look for japans sells?Can’t wait to add it up!Lol it got a 1 million sold already,Japan will get more sells and it’s gonna get better near holidays and beat Vita’s butt


  9. Hey haters. I live in a poor home. I said it. I had to save for years to get my computer. I don’t have a Wii U yet, and I probably won’t for a long time. My dream is to be a video game programmer, and thanks to the people who made Homebrew, who made Riivolution, who run KCMM, they made it possible. Thanks to them, my creations appear in a NINTENDO GAME. I cried tears of joy the first time a Mario Kart track I MADE got raced on. And because a few people like hack and “ruin your day” (I won’t mention what I have to eat every day, mostly because I don’t always eat every day) you want to crush my dreams in front of me? I can’t afford the education to go on and be a developer. So this is the closest people like me will ever get. So go ahead, ban hackers. The trolls will always find a way back in. And where does that leave people like me? I don’t want to think about that. So please, if you’re going to flame ALL HACKERS, put yourself in our shoes for once. Nintendo has an awesome community of hackers, and then there’s trolls. Try and visit the brawl mods website, you’ll see what I’m saying. We mean no harm. In fact, I never go online and “hack” the way you guys are complaining. I simply go online on MKWii to race people on CTGP Revolution, with nearly 200 tracks to choose from. That’s amazing to me. Hacking us wonderful, and you’re all too stubborn to realize. It’s like every time someone brings up the subject you all go into Aeoulous mode and get stubborn and close minded. Don’t be like him (her? No, it.). Just try to understand where I’m coming from here. I don’t want my Wii U developing dreams to die before I even open the box. ):


    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. You are an awesome guy. :)
      It’s the online trolls that need to be hated, not the creative hacking community.


      • Yea, besides, Colors 3D was once DS Homebrew. It was so good Nintendo asked Colors developers to develop the application for the 3DS. Also, in MKW, hackers usually have their own room called “Custom Track WorldWide.” But then you have the Cheaters. Blame Cheaters, not hackers. I agree with everything above


  10. Forget The Homebrew Channel! I’ve already gotten a home theater system. I’d rather have designed skins on my Wii U than hacking it using THC.


      • Well I hope they listen to the new Action Replay like device for 3DS(Game Genie by Hyperkin), as it WILL Ruin online play in Mario Kart 7. But I don’t hack to win, I hack for extra content by other people that are good at making Programs


        • I only hack for the content,when I go on Sonic4 leaderboards I see 0:00:00.I’m suprised homebrew got on WiiU,even without hombrew you can still get characters in brawl through smash stack.The homebrew community got SMG2 to have 2 player split screen,how cool is that.Plus if I ever get WiiU you bet I’ll get gamecube games to work,Devolutions emulator runs in Wii-mode NOT Gamecube-mode so it will work with new controllers.Nintendo WON’T and CAN’T brick your 3DS or WiiU so i’ll hack it day 1


  11. This didn’t work for my wii I don’t have a Wii u I just have a Wii the homebrew channel doesn’t work on it that’s why I’m going to hack and control the homebrew community’s devices and have those devices kill the homebrew community


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