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Wii U Games Aren’t Performing Well In The UK


This weeks UK all-formats charts are in and they show a distinct lack of support for Wii U in the United Kingdom. The best-selling Wii U game is Nintendo Land which is currently sitting at number twenty-seven. Paper Mario: Sticker Star only managed to enter the UK all-formats chart at number forty. Nintendo can’t be too pleased with the performance of the system in the UK.

76 thoughts on “Wii U Games Aren’t Performing Well In The UK”

        1. Indeed. There is barely any Wiiu Stock available in UK right now. And The game store I go to , he said demand is really high for the Wiiu , but they can’ get stock right now.

          It will grow and grow. Nintendo should just be happy they have a head start over their rivals.

          Nintendo Need to Manufacture more wiiu’s rapidly though and advertise it a bit more. The advertisement for wiiu is actually quite good though. It’s all over certain channels.

          Anyway , the console has been out for less than two weeks. and has sold about 50K in UK. there is about 6-7 Million PS3’s , and a similar amount of Wii’s and 360’s in UK.

        1. I dont get why you Toledo that but i did say too the wiiu is also doing well even on Nintendo predictions that they would sell 5 millions by march if things fallows this trenes it will be in the 8 millions world wide

    1. or, call me crazy, it’s because the console just BARELY launched and more people have other consoles instead of the wiiu. these stories about sales comparisons between the wiiu and consoles that have been out for 7 years is absolutely retarded.

  1. it’s like those pachter warnings that the wii u is doomed based on 2012 sales… or like how the xbox is doing so well b/c it sold better during black friday (severely discounted price and wii U was sold out)…
    why don’t we wait and see what 2013’s numbers say.

  2. I live in the UK and it could be because hardly any shops in my area are stocking anything Wii U, i have to travel 30 miles just to find a shop that has some games, and not that many at that. Its a dahm joke, then we have insane prices in the Nintendo EShop, my only real option for buying games are online stores

    1. Same here (also in UK) no shops carrying Wii U games, even our local Argos only has 1 copy of just some of the games. So that’s perhaps why they aren’t selling well.

    2. Sadly the Wii U isn’t stocked very well in the UK (Nintendo stated that the stock for Wii U and Wii U games will be shipped in time for Christmas but won’t be plentiful initially)

      1. you was ripped off mate pro cont. is 35 and darksiders 2 is 40 max at a certain online retailer cough cough

      1. Well,I bet Nintendo would lower it if they could,but right now the Wii U is being sold at a loss,with them barely making a profit with each game sold.I just wish that the games would only be $50.

  3. Yup. Go into the big computer game stores like Game and what do you see? First Party titles at 49.99 and Cod, Ass Creed at £54,99.

    I don’t think as many people are gonna be willing to buy a game higher than the PS3/360 versions on their newer console.

  4. They should lower the price in Europe a bit…if they want to increase sales considering it’s mainly PS3 territory in modt places and then XBox…

  5. So bad?
    Even with the huge Nintendrone called Nintedward who buys every nintendo game and system atleast two times, thinks that the 3DS has a quality lineup, and thinks the 3DS PICA200 is stronger tuan a mobile phone/oyua tegra 3 chip.

    1. Honestly though, the 3ds has a quality line up. Kid Icarus Uprising, Resident Evil Revealations, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3d Land, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d to begin with. It is maybe not what YOU like to play, but many people does most certainly enjoy them alot.

      1. Good morning my friend. I hope the PS4 shall do well, so as I can have My Wii U, 3DS, PS$ for the last gaurdian and my then $140 PS vita.

      2. I hope you know Aeolus that this isn’t a week of sales,the Wii U only released on sunday.But at the same time,you probably won’t respond,will you?

  6. Since when is Paper Mario Sticker Star a Wii U game? And by the way, in this charts they only took 2 days of the Wii U sellings. I repeat, TWO days!

  7. I am sorry but since when is Paper Mario Sticker Star a Wii U Game? And by the way, they only took the first 2 days of the Wii U sellings in this charts. I repeat, TWO days!

    1. This is the second week chart for Wii U. Nintendo Land was number 11 last week. Of course, Paper Mario is for Nintendo 3DS. I included it as it’s only just been released in the UK. Maybe I should have said Paper Mario Sticker Star for the Nintendo 3DS.

  8. I bet there ain’t as much Wii U consoles out there than the old gen consoles such as ps3 and xbox. So how Wii U could sell more games than they do? Like 10 people can eat more apples than 1 guy. You can’t even compare those.

  9. There are only about 40,000 Wii U consoles in the UK. How the hell can you expect software sales to beat or even match other platforms that have millions of consoles sold.

    I got mine on launch day and already have 4 games. The most I’ve ever had for any console launch since the SNES.

    The average attach rate is about 2.1. Excluding the eShop.

    Doesn’t seem too bad to me.

    That said, retail shops and the eShop need to sort their prices out. Anything above £40 is NOT ok! You can easily find all Wii U games from online retailers for £40 or less.

  10. This shows that core gamers are the ones buy consoles/games at the moment and they are not impress with the Wii U line up at the moment. All the hardcore games on the Wii U they will prefer getting for the more established consoles (Xbox360/PS3). Casual gamers normally have a slower adoption rate.

  11. Wana know what gaming is like here?

    “Errrr derrrr FIFA and COD and Just Dance”

    Seriously, thats all that sells.

  12. This is a great site but lately its just becoming trollbait to get the major hits from negativity lol

    I mean come on ”Nintendo can’t be too pleased with the performance of the system in the UK.”

    Quoting someone from Neogaf ”1 week in, lets pack it up guys”

  13. A part of me is not suprised =[. I live in the UK and I’ve spoken to some people…and it’s not that they don’t like Nintendo as such, but it’s that there isn’t something that they’re offering that is really compelling them to buy the system – kind of like how motion control was ‘hook’ for Wii when it was new. Also, I may postpone my Wii U purchase because it’s quite a bit of money to pay and the launch games aren’t that strong imo to warrant a “day 1 buy” kind of thing. Hopefully more compelling games will be announced soon. Things will probably get better with time. Good luck to Nintendo, naturally I would want them to do well because I enjoy the content they offer like MK, LoZ, SSBB, etc.

  14. I pre-ordered a Wii U a week before launch and am still waiting for the call to tell me it’s in. In my experience people don’t buy games until they can try them out on their console. Due to 28 day return policy etc.

  15. So when the Wii U sells well, fanboys say it will break however many millions in sales, but when it doesn’t do as well, they then say it’s too early to predict? … make up your minds?

    1. The Wii U will sell well… in other countries. It is just too early to predict the UK because they have the least amount of Wii U consoles. However, England is known for not supporting Nintendo so the numbers could be right(again, too early to tell).

    2. I know your not a fanboy or anything,but why do you try to act superior or provoke a fight(and you know their “special needs”)?Just leave them alone and all will go well. :)

  16. Whether the Wii U fails, or takes a long time before it sells very many units, I blame it on Nintendo’s lack of advertising. I mean, Nintendo hardly did ANYTHING AT ALL to advertise the Wii U, clear to the day it was released. And most people (even now) still don’t know what the heck a Wii U is. Nintendo waited too long for EVERYTHING as far as the Wii U goes. Even to announce a price and release date. That should have been announced at the last E3.

    1. Also, I STILL haven’t seen any Wii U’s on playable display at anywhere I go (kiosks). And it’s almost Christmas. Definitely Nintendo’s fault if the Wii U doesn’t sell very good.

  17. How the HELL can anyone afford to buy more than 1 game when they bought a Wii U? Like this Firesplitter person a few comments before this who claims they bought 5 games on the Wii U launch. FIVE GAMES? At those PRICES? Either they’re rich or they saved for a LONG time.

    1. Some people have more money than others… Personally I bought the Premuim Black Wii U, ZombiU, Sonic Racing, and NSMBU(on the e-shop)… would have bought more if there were other games I liked. I wanted Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends but they were sadly delayed… :(

  18. Dumb cunts, 40,000 hardware units sold Vs millions of the other shitty rivals hardware, what the fuck do you expect?

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