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Official Pokedex App Available To Download On iOS


The Pokemon Company has announced that the official Pokedex app is now available on iOS platforms for download. The application provides details on over 600 Pokemon and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone Touch. The Pokedex iOS app is $1.99, and it only includes the Unova region’s Pokedex. The remaining four Pokedex regions will be available to purchase for an additional $5.99 each. Anyone picking this up for their iOS devices?


24 thoughts on “Official Pokedex App Available To Download On iOS”

    1. $2 dollars at the begining for just Unova region pokes $5.99 EACH for every other region. It gets expensive.

      It’s a total of $26 on iOS if you want all regions compared to $15 on the 3DS which gives you every single 720+ creature right of the bat.

  1. Ultedex is a perfectly good Pokedex app. It’s as detailed as I can imagine any Nintendo branded app would be and it costs three dollars to get every region unlocked. I can’t imagine this one being any better and I absolutely can imagine it being eight times more expensive.

  2. I believe the pricing to be deliberate.
    Why screw over all your best DS customers who paid $15? Granted, some of the same people may want it on their iOS, but it’s a tough decision.

    I think it was a good idea to price the full iOS version higher so 3DS owners don’t feel cheated, driving people to the 3DS version, not cheapening your IP by selling it for $1 – $2 bucks, and catering to people who REALLY want to spend the $$ on their iOS.

  3. Yeah, it’s pretty expensive.
    But after downloading it, and enjoying the highly detailed 3D animated models, complete with moves, evolutions, sizes, moves, types/abilities.. It shows that if you’re willing to spend the money, this could be the definitive pokedex on iOS.
    I went ahead and purchased the first two extra regions (Eh, I had some iTunes credit to burn anyway)
    I do hope that the rest comes down over time.
    But it’s still nice to see that this is an awesome app, rather than a crappy cheap app just as a way to make money. (Instead, it’s a really nice app, made to make a lot of money. XD)

  4. Lol gamefreak. First you make me pay for dream radar in order to unlock specific forms of Pokemon(at least dream radar is a game on its own). Then you release a pokedex that’s worse than every single other pokedex on the Internet. Bulbapedia and serebii are far more in depth, free, and are merely a touch away on an android/iPhone already.

    Meanwhile, gamefreak gives us an app that still doesn’t tell us what EVs and Ivs do. I’m not even sure if it tells us the egg hatch steps. Or the catch rate. Or any of those other numbers that they love to hide from us. You’re effectively paying 24 bucks for 3D Pokemon models that do little animations for you when you push a button. Big whoop.

    These guys need to get a clue.

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