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307,471 Wii U Systems Sold In Japan At Launch


Figures have come in from Japan that state that 307,471 Wii U units were sold during the Japanese launch. For comparisons sake the original Wii console 350,358 units, and Wii Sports was the top seller with 176,000 copies when it launched in Japan in 2006. Here’s the best-selling Wii U software at the Japanese launch.

  • New Super Mario Bros U: 160.140
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: 106.454
  • Nintendo Land: 66.583
  • Zombi U: 10.680
  • Warriors Orichi 3 Hyper: 7.252
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2: 4.951

96 thoughts on “307,471 Wii U Systems Sold In Japan At Launch”

  1. Very solid number. :)

    I have a great feeling that Nintendo is going to meet their 5 million mark and even topple Vita sales over this holiday period alone.

          1. Yes, it is possible it will surpass the PS3’s sales in Japan in the coming weeks. Why would it be sad for me? I don’t work for any of the companies and I own all systems. A system outselling another does nothing for me either way.

                      1. I wasn’t being condescending at all. I was quoting the guy ahead of me and prior to that, just stating facts. In fact, others were being a bit condescending to me.

        1. Umm…I’m talking Wii U sales here.

          As for the Nintendo 3DS, that’s interesting, but it’s obviously gonna sell more than any home console would. It’s a portable device. People don’t usually end up only buying one, you know…

          The Vita, on the other hand…well…let’s just say it’s a sad day when a console that just came out is already about to triumph in sales over a portable device that’s been on the market for more than a year. :/

      1. 5 million over the holiday period? that seems a bit much. i think it’ll do very respectable numbers but for it to do that amazingly would be a bit of wishful thinking.

        toppling the vita by the end of the holiday season, on the other hand… now that can happen. worldwide is kind of iffy to me, mostly because of europe, but i feel it should be able to overtake the vita in japan fairly easily and maybe also north america if things really pick up closer to christmas. if it doesn’t overtake in north america then it should at least be close.

              1. I looked at vgchartz,right now it is at .8 million,but sine japan made 307,741 units in two days,that would be 1.1.I expect it to be at 900,000 t the end of the week so it would be about 1.6 million.

                1. Must have been a tipo then wen i saw it said that wiiu was at 1.2 plus 300.000 from europe by december 6a date that still the wiiu was not out in japan magnético the got the numbers from or listáis them from the games.

        1. Sorry about that. I was rushing when I made the comment, and I despise the lack of an Edit button.

          I meant that the Wii U will definitely makes its 5 million mark by the end of March 2013 while triumphing over Vita sales this holiday period. :P

    1. I guess it’s safe to say that it will be atleast better than N64 in terms of sales…
      highly doubt it will reach or pass Wii…unless they put out some exclusive games…

      1. Unless they put out some exclusive games ? This is Nintendo You’re talking about.

        Pikmin 3
        Monster Hunter Ultimate
        Wonderfull 101
        Rayman Legends
        Lego City
        Nintendo Land
        Bayonetta 2
        Game and wario
        Wii fit U
        Smash Bros U
        Monolith softs next game
        3D zelda
        Scribble Nauts

        And many others . The wiiu will be successfull , I’m gunna predict Xbox 360/ Ps3 Hardware Numbers after 6 years :)

        1. I’m glad Valve have announed their steam box. That will directly dip into Sony and Microsoft core userbase. Nintendo on the otherhand , with their Franchise popularity and Innovation are basically immune to an extent from competition.

          You may disagree with me. But everyone said about the 3ds ”herp derp tiny bit better than psp with useless 3d perp derp not gunna sell at all…” – it’s the fastest selling machine ever at the moment. And Activision still said the 3ds is threatened by mobile phones.

          The same shit will happen to wiiu. ”Herp derp tiny but better than ps3 , herp assymetric remote play herp derp not gunna sell” ………..

          The difference graphically between Ps4 and wiiu will be like the difference between 3DS and PS vita , and that to me isn’t worth singing about.
          I genuinely think the 3ds is a more fun handheld than the psvita. Specs mean little to the Big N.

          1. The cool thing is though Gabe express great interest in the Wii U and even saying he loves the system and saying its incredibly powerful. That might be why they aren’t targeting Nintendo, instead they are targeting Sony and Microsoft.

            I’ll probably get my hands on the Steam Box when it is released and hopefully Valve will keep making games for other systems

            1. Exactly. I’m genuinely interested in valves steam box. I hope it’s basically a full on console. One that is upgradable or evolves….

          2. “I’m glad Valve have announced their steam box. That will directly dip into Sony and Microsoft core user base. Nintendo on the other hand , with their Franchise popularity and Innovation are basically immune to an extent from competition.”

            I completely agree with you Nintendward.

            I am ecstatic that the steam box is coming out because it will take a bite out of he MS and Sony market share. The Steam box, PS4, and nextbox are all competing for the same market share. How big of a bite remains to be seen, but it will take a bite nonetheless.

            And the Steam box posses no threat to the Wii U. People, like me, will buy the Wii U for the Mario and Link exclusives.

            I can’t wait to hear the belly aching from camp MS and Sony.

            1. Exactly. If nintendo can get unique exlusives like Batman Armored edition and NInja gaiden razors edge (reworked games not just straight ports) along with the 1st and third party exclusives , they will be fine.

              And once Wii fit U arrives. The casual market is going to go WILD for Nintendo new HD , tablet fitness excercise game. Wii fit U could potentialy sell about 5-10 millon wiiu’s on it’s own. Casual market share , is market share for Nintendo.

                1. That’s an illogical representation of figures. There are a good number that are not on PC.

                  While the Xbox 360 may be the least used of my systems, I still follow the games very closely and acknowledge that they have a decent set of console exclusives that can only be found on Xbox 360.

              1. Hear the words CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE… CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE… that means its exclusive on the Wii U.

                Are you trying to say a PC is a console? because it isn’t.

                Its also out EXCLUSIVELY on the 3DS HANDHELD.

    2. So with Europe and USA first weeks added in, that puts the Wii U launch week at around 900,000 units.

      Besting the PS3 launch by 100k, and the 360 launch by quite a margin.

    3. That’s excellent news. Very good for one weekend’s haul. The Wii U is off to a remarkable start. Leave luck to heaven.

    4. the Wii U may have sold less than the vita in japan on its first week but since it’s starting out with games that appeal to the japanese with more coming later, it should hold fairly strong rather than nosediving like the vita did. i look forward to 2013 and the games/announcements to come. the Wii U has a lot of potential. let’s see how well it does

    5. I’m guessing Japan really likes ZombiU by the figures there XD

      Japanese Person: Hmm should I get shitty Resident Evil 6 game that isn’t survival horror anymore or this ZombiU game made by some french people and is actually a true zombie survival horror game?…. *Picks up ZombiU*

      I love how ZombiU is the ONLY western made game in that list of top selling games in Japan XD

      1. I’m not sure they’re liking it as much as you think. If you do the math, only 3.5% of those who bought a wii u also bought Zombie U…

    6. I may be the only one worried by this but I don’t see DQX up there. I was really hoping that title would be the big system seller for Wii U but that is not the case. I worry that this means no.DQX for the west.

        1. Oh yeah that’s right. Thanks for the clarification. I hope the game does extremely well over there that way we stand a better chance of getting it over here in the west.

      1. Western games always hover around the low hundred thousands. 10k on launch day is actually pretty good. It probably won’t break 300k in Japan like Mario will easily, but world wide Zombi U will easily hit a million. Plus this is a new console so there is a limited amount of people to sell to.

    7. Nice numbers for ZombieU. It’s a new IP by a western developer competing against a plethora of Japanese developers with a Mario and Monster Hunter game at the launch of a new system. Those are rather big numbers when all is considered. I was expecting it to do less. Maybe that Iwata Ask with Ubisoft helped them a bit.

    8. Quote Nintedward: And many others . The wiiu will be successfull , I’m gunna predict Xbox 360/ Ps3 Hardware Numbers after 6 years :)

      Sad to say but i doubt the Wii U lifespan will last that long and stay interesting, at least not for
      I got a WiiU on launch day so no Fanboy bashing. But when the PS4 and 720 hit shelves we are doomed..There is no way 3rd parties are going to keep porting their titles and “downscale”
      them for our WiiU.

      And it’s not something i would want to be honest, yeees Nintendo is not all about graphics and online gameplay and social networking, but somehow it is, the WiiU is sadly what the Wii should have been when it came out, and i got bored after about a year due to harcore based games not hitting the system.

      Sure there were exceptions, Manhunt etc. But it didn’t last and i am afraid the same is in store for us this time around too..TheGaystation and Sexbox will make the WiiU look like a calculator, which is a great shame i think because Ninty is heading in the right direction..Just 6 years too late somehow..

      I think it’s a great system with a neat Gamepad but i am afraid were gaming on borrowed time.

      But i’m looking forward to the things coming, updates etc. that prove me wrong in some aspects at least :) Here’s hoping!

      1. Dude its been out for about less than a month in American, like than 2 weeks in the UK and about 2-3 days in Japan.
        Going “all mighty guru” on everyone right now is pointless, when we havent even seen the other systems yet

      2. Meh.

        I am not going a next box or a ps4. So if 3rd party devs don’t want to port it to the Wii U, then I won’t buy.

        I love South Park and want stick of truth really badly, but no Wii U port means no sale.

        No biggy for me.

        If I am dying to play SoT just as badly as Cartman wanted the Wii when it first came out, then I’ll just borrow my friend’s xbox and use their copy of SoT.

        Again, no port equals no money for Trey and Matt.

      3. I completely disagree with you. How do you know it won’t be able to keep up with PS4 and 720 graphically? PS4 is rumored to be TWICE as powerfull as the wiiu. That’s not a noticeable difference really.

        I think the wiiu is AMAZING. and NO the wiiu should not of came out 7 years ago. The wii did and it sold 100million units. The wiiu isn’t old tech it’s actually really high tech but Sony and Microsoft fans can’t grasp that.

        Assassins creed 3 runs beautifuly on wiiu and that’s one of the most technically impressive games ever made. So AC3 is the wiiu’s day 1 graphics using only a small fraction of its full potential. Imagine a Zelda game built from the ground up for wiiu ? it would look mind blowing.

        I disagree with you. People are just focusing on the specs. But the wiiu can wirelessly stream a syncronised image to the gamepad whilst displaying on the TV also. It’s really impressive.

        I won’t go into it too much. But the wiiu is technically impressive.

        1. And i disagree too :)

          Twice as much -> DOUBLE isn’t noticable??!!

          It will be mate ;)

          I agree it’s a great console…Time will tell what’s in store, Assassins Creed is current gen porting of course its going to be more or less on par, but the games built around the next gen consoles won’t be thats my point. I don’t care how many units the Wii sold, it was out of date in comparison when it came out and it’s the same now for the WiiU. The Wiimote gagetery and the Gamepad now left aside, it’s graphically on par with current gen consoles but it won’t be when the other two unleash the new beasts and that’s whats worrying me.

          Sure a Zelda will be fantastic and a Mario Kart when released, i am talking about third party support and Online features..

          The Friend List for example..How utterly unusable compared to the PS3 system.
          Lovefilm etc..Been done for ages on different systems. Video chat, the same..
          Nintendo is catching up but slooooooowly lijke the OS :)

          I’m not bashing for gods sakes, i own a Wii U and a PS3. I am trying to make a point that’s all.
          And you don’t have to agree, just my two cents, no harm intended.
          Of course it’s day one graphics and ZombiU looks utterly fantastic too, but i hope there’s room to glide upwards too.

          Enough said from my side. Happy gaming all.

          1. ”It’s graphically on par with current gen consoles”

            God some people are just stupid. The xbox 360 looked litteraly a fucking TINY bit better than the original xbox at launch. In some cases , exactly the same with an upscaled resoloution.

            Assassins creed 3 pushed the 360’s resoloution , framerate to its bursting limit and has to go on 2 360 discs. This fits and runs perfectly on one wiiu disc.

            Day 1 xbox 360 graphics= Peter Jacksons King Kong
            Day 1 Wiiu Graphics = Assassins Creed 3.

            Look at Nano Assault Neo , that shit would absoloutly not run on current gen consoles. It would have to be remade and look a lot shittier to run.

            Graphics don’t mean as much as Sony and MS fanboys would like. Sure they important , but people still chose the weaker 360 over the Ps3 , the weaker PS2 over the Gamecube and Xbox and so forth.

            This isn’t an all out tech race, otherwise the PC is the winner and there is no war for us.

            When the wiiu is maxed out , it will look 2-3 times as good as Assassins Creed 3. on a dual layer 50GB disc.

            In other words- true next gen.

            The main reason why PS4 and 720 graphics won’t be much better than wiiu’s for a about 4 years , is because of development costs. Cost effective , profitable development.

            PS4 and 720 = Tarted up current gen graphics running mostly at native 1080p 60FPS. in 3D maybe ?

            That’s it.

            1. Not a hint of stepping on anyone’s toes personally from my side on any part and merely expressing my opinion and you quote me stupid above, nice going bell end.

          2. Twice as much is nothing. The N64 was Twice as powerfull as the Ps1. And the Gamecube was almost twice as powerfull as the ps2.
            At least in terms of raw processing…

            The original Xbox was MORE than twice as powerfull than a Ps2 and the graphics looked pretty much the same.

            Also a Gaming PC which is twice as powerfull another PC is barely a difference.

      4. Seriously, “twice as powerful”, that would be the death blow For Sony. Are they really stupid enough to try and sell a PS4 for $800 or are they going to take a huge loss on the system when financially they’re almost dead. The Wii U graphically can destroy current Psbox. And to double those specs would require everyone to also have to buy new tv’s which could support that(not that they sell ones yet) for another $4000 probably more. I’m not harping on Psbox but a lack of innovation will unfortunately kill them along with new competition that aims directly at consoles that really heavily on FPS and 3rd party. Oh well at least well have Nintendo that will live long and prosper.

      5. Here is my beef with a lot of people commenting on next gen consoles. They automatically assume that their is going to be a huge graphical margin between Wii U and the NeXbox and PS4 like there was between Wii and PS360. Honestly, no one outside of the industry knows for sure. Rumors are that the NeXbox will only be 20% more powerful and the PS4 twice as powerful which should not be a huge task at all to downgrade that much. If devs don’t want to downgrade 20% then they are lazy and don’t deserve our money. The real problem with third party devs is that not a whole lot of them are interested in making stuff on Wii U. Ken Levine has repeatedly said he is not currently interested in making anything for Wii U or 3DS. Big multiplatform games are skipping out on Wii U next year (seriously GTAV what’s up with you guys?) and even a huge supporter of Nintendo like Ubisoft is holding back great games like Far Cry 3 and Watchdogs. Capcom, even though Resident Evil 6 sucks, won’t bring a port of RE6 over because it is not interested in bringing it over to Wii U and instead are playing it safe with an updated port of Monster Hunter 3. I can’t say I blame devs for not being interested in Wii U because it’s software sales are lackluster but that is the real problem with Wii U: no interest in making games on the system. The issue is not about power…………….yet.

        1. Also on that same note, if the PS4 and NeXbox will have a graphical margin as big as the PS360 had then that would not be good for the industry because the consoles themselves would be really expensive and the cost to develop games on their systems would also rise with games being at least $70 to buy.These might discourage some devs from developing on such an expensive system (espicially Japaneses devs) and instead they would take a less expensive approach and develop games on Wii U. Either way power should not cost Nintendo from receiving 3rd party titles, it will be from a lack of interest for developing on Wii U.

    9. I’m speechless. New Super Mario Bros U: 160.140: that’s way low for NSMB. NSMB2 made 407.503 first week and 213.547 second week. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: 106.454: that’s the only good news. Nintendo Land: 66.583: low, low, damn low. Zombi U: 10.680 / Tekken Tag Tournament 2: 4.951… and this is just ridiculous. Tekken Wii U is the best version. It brings back Tekken Ball (Y-A-Y) and Mushroom Mode is awesome. ZombiU is the return to real survival horror… and we get an awful 10.000. Japanese are not as smart as I thought until 10 minutes ago. :S

      1. You have to use percentages my friend.

        160k in NSMBU sales with 307k Wii U’s being sold mean a 50%+ attach rate for the Wii U in Japan. That means 1 in 2 people who bought a Wii U picked up NSMBU. That is freaking success no matter how you look at it.

      2. You forget that there were less people with a Wii u when nsmbu came(at launch)than the already 21 million people who had a 3ds.

      1. Don’t forget Dragon Quest. Which will also be for the Wii U. And I could honestly say that I am the same. I would also buy a golden turd if it could play those games as I love them.

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    11. Great job in Japan…as expected… :P Good to see ZombiU in the top as well!!!I can already see a ZombiU sequel from Ubisoft which will only add to the amount of hardcore games on the Wii U!!! :D

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    13. When the Nintendo 64 released in Japan, Nintendo sold the initial 500,000 systems within a week. I wonder if the Wii U will pass that record within a week’s time?

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