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Bioshock Infinite Skipping The Wii U


Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine has reiterated that the development team aren’t thinking about bringing the spectacular Bioshock Infinite to Wii U. Levine says that he has purchased a Wii U, and while he thinks it’s a fun machine, he has no intention of developing for it.

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148 thoughts on “Bioshock Infinite Skipping The Wii U”

    1. Yeah but that was nearly a year n a half ago.
      Though I do wonder why he wouldn’t since it’s a simple port, according to other developers

      1. Exactly. What gets me isn’t that he isn’t porting this game, though. It’s that he simply has no intention to develop for it.

          1. Yeah, I doubt Microsoft and Sony both pitched in so it wouldn’t be on Wii U. If one of them did pay, then it would be for an exclusive on their platform.

    1. Unless the only console you have is a Wii U, not getting a game because it’s not being released on the Wii U(or any console for that matter) is ridiculous.

        1. He implied it. Why would they skip it if it looks spectacular? If you think a game looks good, there is really no reason to not get it if you’re able to play it on another system.

            1. I said “if you’re able” meaning, if you own a console that it’s being released on, there’s no reason not to get it if you think it looks “spectacular”. If he only has a Wii U, then there would be a reason not to buy it, which is what I said in my first comment.

              1. Maybe is because he dont want to and see that the features it could have on wiiu would make him buy something that whit out those features he may not find attractive.

    1. True there are skipped games but cancels put due to the many games that are going to it exclusively like bayonetta 2 the wonderful 101 and monster hunter 3 ultimate

      1. YOU ALL MISSED IT He wont port it because all the work it would take to make use of the gamepad in the right way ! COME ON just being lazy and not wanting to put in the money the game is done so why would he want to go and remake it just to play on a wii u granted it would be a sweet game with the options we could have using the GP but at last they wont. THAT”S WHY !

    2. Up to you really. In the end, if you want one at all, you’d get one.
      “Missed games” are just your fault for not buying another system.
      You dont see non retarded people complaining that they dont have Zelda on their Xbox.

        1. Seriously, if you cant “muster” enough money to buy a 2 games consoles in the space of 7 years, then you dont care about gaming enough anyway.

        1. Same here, but from what I have played and seen in The Last of Us, it’s more of a survival story game than a “zombie” game. The mutants only come around once in a while. Evidently, you’ll run into more survivors than anything else. But I get what you’re saying anyway, I’m not a fan of zombie games either.

  1. Fair enough, not like im missing out, i’ll just get it for my ps3.
    Speaking of this game though, that gameplay footage from VGA looked insane >.<
    Although, the gun combat looks more like COD…and you can pick up dropped weapons…not happy about that.
    I liked keeping and having the guns you picked up in the game, you end up being familiar with them, and more like "this is my gun", rather than, "oh a machine gun. well, dont need that pistol anymore"

    1. I have honestly never been a fan of the Bioshock series (although I have played it) but Infinite looks amazing. It’s one of my most anticipated games for 2013. I’m interested to see how they incorporated the Move controls for it. If it’s anything like Portal or Killzone 3, I’ll enjoy it.

      1. Bioshock is one of my favourite games ever, some of the best theming and atmosphere ive seen in a game, plus the gameplay is solid as hell, not too much action, not too much horror, on top of multiple guns and limited ammo, i never felt 1 gun was useless too.
        But yeah, while Infinite is probably most anticipated game next year, the fact he could pick up weapons on the ground, no big deal, and we havent seen much of the horror aspect yet, i have mixed feelings on it. Bioshock is a FPS game that doesnt feel like one, but Infinite looks a little more generic, i know i know, its a city in the sky and all, generic sounds like the wrong word, but yeah.

  2. My comment is…who cares! I can understand disappointment in it not coming to Wii U, but in the end, it doesn’t affect my purchasing decision about the system. For all the games that are “not” coming to Wii U, there are so many others that are! So why focus on what developers decided not to take the time to connect with Nintendo console gamers. Sure there are multiple-platformers out there, but there are others who have more to do than waste money on many different consoles just to play one or two different games. If they change their minds, they do, but I’m not holding my breath. One thing I’ve learned is the time I’m not playing some new “it” game, I can actually be playing another great game (that will likely be much more re-playable than that flash in the pan game, anyway).

    1. Like reggie said once the wii u is powerfull no excuses so if we dont get games we know who to blame, a port on wii u cost a million thats chump change in gaming Big leagues and just selling 20.000 copies they can recover the investement.

    2. I so agree with this…I don’t have the resources to waste on purchasing multiple consoles for a few games, and every time they say things like this, I just say, ‘Well, you don’t want my money then apparently.’ As far as I’m concerned they all will likely have their positives and negatives, but the Wii U is it for me, for a long time. This system rocks, and there are already enough games announced right now to keep me busy through the end of next year, let alone all the games that are YET to be announced. Your loss, people. Your loss.

      1. Indeed. I love my wiiu more than anything right now! I can’t stop playing the thing. And everyday i play it , the more I realise how and why I like it. It feels Sophisticated and Interesting to use, Unlike how boring it has become to play a wii , 360 or ps3.

        I have sold my Ps3 , and gave my wii away , no use for those old fellas now… Holding on to the dust box 360 for GTAV , Ground Zeroes , Revengance Rising …

        The wiiu is amazing though. It uses less than Half the power than the ps3 and 360 and delivers better results. The gamepad is crammed full of stuff and is amazinly comftorble.

        I dunno , I can see why some will just disregard the wiiu , but I am Genuinely blown away by the system….

  3. The xbox 360 had over a 50% failure rating when it came out. Look at it now.

    The games been in the works for a long time. Anyone expecting a port of every game that is just coming out is delusional. The wiiu just came out, while these games have been in development for years. Knock it off with all the gloom and doom and give it some time before you write it off.

    1. To be fair bioshock has always given its love to pc and Xbox so hoping it would come to the wiiU was just that, hoping. But if more and more developers start to back out of ports we are gonna have words.

  4. The Wii U just came out!
    The only reasons they don’t port games to it are that not much people bought it yet so they won’t get a lot of money for the game on the wii u and they also need to get used to the new hardware.

  5. even without 3rd party support every gen nintendo receives enough 3rd party classics to last until the new gen kingtendo or nothing

  6. their loss to them. I own a 360, have no intention on buying it, too busy with my Wii U. If it had gone out on Wii U i may have bought it to try it out on the game pad. Unless it’s another Halo game or Skyrim, im not buying 360 games any more, it’s pretty much over for me now.

    1. Thats just dumb. “I could buy this amazing game, but im not, because its not on my other console”.
      Isnt that the reason you own a 360 in the first place?

    2. Same . I can’t play the last gen consoles now. The 8th Gen is here. And like you say , unless it’s an unmissable blockbusting game changer , count me out…

        1. My PC isn’t all that. It’s considerably more powerfull than Last generation I suppose. But it’s nothing to start singing about.

          I may do though :). I prefer gaming on consoles :S.

          Maybe I will just buy the 360 version as that will most likely be the games lead platform.

  7. Their loss. I own a 360 and i’m not going to buy to. I’m having too much fun with my Wii U. I may have bought it if it came out on the wii U though. But unless its Halo or Skyrim or maybe Borderlands, im never playing the 360 again. its almost dead for me now!

  8. Never liked Bio-shock period. If they said monster hunter 3 ultimate was skipping the Wii U then I would have lost my mind. Silly cute looks casual fps can keep on moving as long as am concerned :).

      1. Am not, it’s called Microsoft and maybe even Sony payola. Most likely a microsoft fanboy. Nintendo fans need to remain calm, the necessary 3rd party games are coming to the system; Need for speed, FIFA, Monster hunter series, Tekken the main series, you bet Japanese publishers and developers shall produce for the Wii U. Patience all good necessary games are coming, the rest are uh! Good for a month or two. Monster hunter shall be two to three years pure gaming.

        1. I gave up reading after you said FIFA, you’re a fucking joke. Bioshock is one of the games that definied this generation, its everything but generic FPS shite like COD, you’re just a fucking retard, who’s clearly never even played a game.
          I dont give a fuck if you like Nintendo, people like you are also bad for the industry.

          Fucking FIFA, gimme a break

          1. Wow! Bio-shock is stupid. Propaganda much, at least COD does not hide its propaganda. Give me Borderlands 2 over Bio-shock; better character switch out, better story, smarter developers.

            1. Just wait a sec…just wait….god dammit where is it…not dealing with this anymore…ahh, there’s it is! *click* BANG

  9. Looks like the Wii U is going to be another Wii. Really. All games are not comming to the Wii U. I do not care. I only buy games from Nintendo, game freak (Pokémon), intelligent system and square enix (dragon quest. But it seems like I am skipping dqX be cause of online fees).
    And I buy Ace Attorney and mega man from Capcom. But only the classic ones. And I would 100% buy a new ghost trick but I think that won’t happen.
    But still it is not good for the Wii U to not get any support.

    1. No , I see more sophistication with the wiiu. It’s not gunna be the as ”Hardcore” as Sony and Microsofts next boxes , but it’s going to be something any real gamer must own.

      Need I write the list of first year exlcusives ?

        1. Well first of all you have to have an apreciation for artistic Gaming. Second of all you need the attitude that your system doesn’t have to be the most powerfull to be the most enjoyable.

          I truly love my Wiiu. And will be chosing between a Ps4 , 720 and Valves steam box to sit beside it. Not interested in High end PC gaming. Complication and Price is just not worth it.

  10. Oh for goodness sake. Nintendo put a lot of hard work into the Wii U and developers aren’t developing for it? Why!? It’s a really powerful system. I’ve not played on my 360 for days now. It’s been Wii U every day for me since it came out. Come on devs, you’ve got the hardware and processing power. Use it!! I am not getting another 360 game for some time so the sales will see one less from me.

    I’m building a Wii U collection now. Develop for the console or just forget seeing me buying your software.

    1. Main reason is they’re just so focused on getting the game out, its been delayed about 4 times. Plus, its published by 2K, who, drumroll please, are a subsidary ooooof Take Two Interactive, also well know as Rockstar Games. Rockstar already spend the biggest non PC gaming budget on 1 game alone, that never changes and is mediocre trash, so not a chance they’ll take a risk.

    2. Nintendo put a lot of hard work??? Let’s see, they added an extra letter to their last-gen console for the naming of their newest console, they “innovated” by using the exact same structure and design of the Wii and fattening it at the sides for the design of their newest console, and they added a cheap gimmicky GamePad thinking people will actually bother to develop for it. Sure, I see a lot of hard work…

  11. Wow!! Way to hate money and excommunicate some devout gamers!! D*&K! It sure is nice to see all the 3rd party support… Dark Souls 2, GTA 5, and Bioshock Infinite, Oh wait None of these are coming to the Wii U!!!! Come on Nintendo fork out the dollars to get these games on board this awesome console!!!

    1. If the gamers were that “devout” they would play games on all the systems they could possibly attain and it wouldn’t matter if the game didn’t appear on one system.

  12. not a butt hurt 3rd party


    1. Ummm? What the fuck did you just say? There are perfect reasons why they can’t just simply dump it onto wii U, they have been working hard on getting it on other consoles and have had to delay it. So bringing it to wii U will delay it even more.

  13. Lets do some conspiracy theory here… 9″ quakes, 7.5″ quakes… backing Japanese tech… while before all these, japan almost being the first in the world economy, USA was in a huge trouble before the huge quake and tsunami!!!… hmmm… I bet, west and east (china) are backing up japan… I will support nintendo just for that.

  14. that’s not good news for nintendo at all. I don’t want that piece of shit patcher to be right about 3rd party abandoning the wiiu.

  15. This is so ridiculous. I have a Wii U, but it looks like I’ll end up buying the next PlayStation, as well. I’m really disappointed, I just don’t know who to be disappointed in.

  16. well considering that infinite on PC is released with steamworks that basically means no bioshock infinite for me and less money for mister levine

    1. That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard on this website ever. And I’ve heard some doozies.

      BioShock was an insanely well made game. And it’s a great mix of RPG & shooter genre. Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone who did is misguided. Grow the fuck up.

  17. Never played BIOSHOCK so I dont really care!!! :P Though it woulda been nice to have yet another 3rd party title on the Wii U. OH WELL!!!

  18. To be honest, I wasn’t even gonna buy it even if it did came out on the wiiU nor do i have plans on getting it on the other systems. Besides, its not like Levine and his team would ever make a game on a Nintendo Platform.

    1. Wii sold obscenely well and was still a black hole for third party devs. Console sales means nothing if your core market (ie. hardcore gamers) aren’t on board. Wii U is not doing well in that department lately, and the third party support this far (and for future titles appearing on other consoles) is dismal.

      Seems XBOX and PlayStation are still king of the third party genre, especially for Western developers.

  19. As for whether or not Irrational has any Wii U projects at all in development, Levine said “nothing is brewing right now.” The developer said he purchased a Wii U and he enjoys it, but that is the extent of Irrational’s connection to the Wii U.

    Where is there no intention to develop for it in his statement? I’m curious cause I clicked on the link and it doesn’t say that.

  20. I think this is sad. He has one, thinks its fun, but not intending to develop for it? From what I’ve been hearing, it’s fairly easy to port games to Wii U. Hopefully, he does have something in the works, and Nintendo has sworn him to secrecy! There’s so much to be done with the gamepad and Miiverse. *Fingers crossed *

  21. No biggie I’ll grab it for PC…. All multiplatform I’m buying for Wii u and everything else ill just pick and choose. Gonna get Aliens Colonial Marines for Wii U can’t wait.

    1. That’s a bit immature. It’s not his choice in the end, he just makes the game and does what he is told by Take Two who own them.

    1. That’s your opinion. Lots of people may not agree. BioShock is a HUGE, highly successful series. And Infinite is one of the most highly anticipated game sequels of the last several years.

  22. Yep, I can see it now. The Wii U will suffer the same fate as the Wii. Almost all of the 3rd Party support will dry up and Nintendo will be offering the brunt of the software.

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