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Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate – Box Art

Castlevania_Lords_of_Shadow_Mirror_of_Fate_european_box_artCastlevania_Lords_of_Shadow_Mirror_of_Fate_north_american_box_artCastlevania Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate launches exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on March 5th, 2013 in North America and March 8th, 2013 in Europe.

The uppermost picture above is the European box art of Konami’s upcoming platformer, whereas the lower picture is the box art for North American consumers… Which one do you prefer?

28 thoughts on “Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate – Box Art”

    1. The game’s a weird breed. It’s a side-scroller, like the NES/SNES titles, yes, but it’s open-world exploration and RPG stats are more of the SotN series. It’s combat system, story, and art all come from LoS though, which I’m thankfully for, personally. Should make for a good, unique title for the 3DS and LoS series. :)

  1. Awesome! Thankfully, I prefer the NA cover art, as it’ll be what I get. Can’t wait to play another Castlevania game (Let alone another LoS game)! Should make for some good fun! :D

  2. I live in America and honestly, I think the European cover art looks better. Not a TON better, it just catches my eye a bit more with the softer colors and washed out watercolor-like background. They are both good so no need to get upset if you live in America and like the European one better and vice versa.

  3. This is a rarity, but I think I like the European box art a teensy bit more. I just like the look of the washed out colors and it catches my eye more for some reason.

  4. I like the layout of the North American version better, but that’s probably just because I’m used to it. As for the actual art…I think I’m leaning more towards the European version.

  5. I want the European cover :T its simple, and that is always better. I like it cause of the actual art instead of the close ups of the characters on surrounded by photoshop effects.

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  7. Looking forward to this, a mix of influence of all the games so far, classic NES, metroid style layout and LoS story telling :3

    Also, anyone else fucking excited for Lords of Shadow 2? Playing as motherfucking Dracula

  8. I like the European one. The American one doesn’t really look like a Castlevania game from first glance. It looks kinda… tacky/generic world of warcraft game

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