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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – Wii U Gameplay Video

Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate launches March 2013 in North America and Europe. The game will be available on two platforms – the Nintendo 3DS and new Wii U console. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an expansion of Wii’s Monster Hunter Tri and features several enhancements, new monsters and over 200 quests.

113 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – Wii U Gameplay Video”

        1. He is right (for once), it is pretty much just an upscaled version of the 3DS game because if you notice the textures they look like something on the 3DS rather than the Wii U. Capcom is just being lazy again.

            1. How’s sweet memories blackjack going?

              Also, Uncharted Golden Abyss, AC3: Liberations, NFS: Most Wanted, MGS HD, Unit 13, Persona 4, Gravity Rush say hello too.

              1. Depending on whether or not I impulse buy a certain console…

                I will help myself to some new multiplayer Vita titles, so prepare yourself if you have any of the ones I’ll be getting.

                  1. Contemplating getting LBP Vita, NFS Most Wanted, Wipeout 2048, PASBR, for the most common multiplayer titles that are actually well received games.

                    After what seemed to be a grind fest in Ragnarok Odyssey, I’m not too sure about that anymore.

                    1. PASBR, I can safely say is freaking amazing. LBP Vita has a bit of lag issues but apart from that it’s pretty good too :) I think I might pick up NFS: Most Wanted next week. Yeah, Raganarok has me a bit upset, it looked so good, but didn’t live up to what I hoped it would :(

                  1. Actually, he should care if he’s a customer. If the Vita doesn’t do well, no-one will develop for it, then no new games come out for it. Thus, no system sellers to ever come out on said console.

                    1. Fine. You waste your lives worrying about figures we shouldn’t care about, while I go have fun playing some games.

                    2. No, I read it fine. And once again, I do not and will not care about silly figures. If the console dies, they’ll jts bring out a new one. Life goes on. I’ll buy that instead.

                    3. If the console fails, then that’s ANOTHER few hundred down the drain to buy another new console which has the disadvantage of following a failed console. Hate to say it, but figures make a big difference.

              2. Didn’t the 3DS also get MGS: Snake Eater? also there are many other games on 3DS like Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Kid Icarus: Uprising. Super Mario 3D Land Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Paper Mario Sticker Star, New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Monster Hunter 3 all say hello as well

  1. The graphics aren’t a huge step up, still Monster Hunter Tri was gorgeous on the Wii, maybe it’s the video’s quality. Ah…. Hopefully you can transfer Monster Hunter Tri data to Ultimate

      1. No it’s not. First it was a wii game called Moster Hunter Tri . Then that wii Game was made into Monster Hunter Tri G for 3DS which had everything the wii version did and a shit load more. Monster Hunter Tri G HD ver. or Monster Hunter Ultimate is the 3DS game but Retextured entirely In Native 1080p.

        It would be pretty awful for Capcom to upscale a Wii/3DS game and just call it a day. The Graphics look much much sharper on the Wiiu version and some awesome 3DS connectivity is added aswell. You can transfer save files between wiiu and 3ds versions and You can Play Local Multiplayer using 1 Wiiu and 3 3DS’s hooked up together.

        Seems legit to me. Between the native 1080p , Added on content and 3DS connectivity this is shaping up to be the wiiu’s killer app along with Pikmin 3 for me :)

        1. still.. models and textures don’t seem to be where they could be regarding the wii us memory space and graphics performance

          pikmin 3 for example looks a lot better, at least texture wise

          1. Well yeah , at it’s core it’s a wii game. Most of the xbox 360 launch ports are technically more impressive , look at AC3 , TTT2 , those games are graphically in a different league.

            But what you are getting is a Native 1080p Wii game , it will be interesting to see what it looks like on the TV and will give us all the perfect insight as to what HD wii and even Gamecube games will look like :)

            The visuals of the wii version were epic considering the limitations and now the game gets the Resoloution it always deserved…

              1. Same here , it will be one of the best games the wiiu ever gets lol. It’s a true Killer app. It’s impressive they have it running in native 1080p on launch day aswell…

                  1. When did I say graphics aren’t important idiot ? I did say Gameplay is WAY WAY WAY more important , which it is , which is why something like Borderlands 2 is WAY WAY WAY better than Crysis .
                    Why Mario Galaxy is WAY WAY WAY better than any stupid Sony platformer and Why Smash Bros a game from 2008 is still WAY WAY WAY better than PSAS.

                    You were the one prioritizing Graphics over gameplay son, not me. Good graphics and art make games better, but still Gameplay dictates whether or not you buy a game not Graphics.

                    1. I was never prioritizing you iwata sucking faggot. I prefer a good balance. You go around saying gameplay is important and anyone who likes graphics is a graphics whore, then say “OMG 1080p bra, Nintenfag sah cool” and then go into major damage control.

                      1. You started the argument off with your diluded argument. You said Nintendo’s systems ”are weak , like REALLY weal” which was the start of you exposing yourself as a narrowminded graphics whore.

                        I pointed out to you that the ps3 was Sony’s first ever home console which had better graphics than a Nintendo console.

                        Just face it , you sit masterbating over the graphics of your game of choice lol , that’s why you think the ps vita is better than the 3ds even though the majority of its games are utter Junk .

                        Gameplay is a lot more important than Graphics. That’s why Mario Galaxy has a higher Game ranking than anything on Ps3 or xbox 360.

    1. Is this a gore-fest? Like blood-spurting, sword-sticking-from-carcass kind of thing?.. Contemplating purchase, it looks good.

      1. No gore. Just blood if you want to turn it on. Also most beasts you can sever their tails and break their horns and claws, but thats it.

    2. Man, i cant wait for Monster Hunter 4, where it has gameplay like Dragons Dogma, jumping on enemies like Shadow of the Colossus and stabbing their face.
      It’s alot more intense than bashing an enemy’s foot…

    3. I love how this gameplay does a completely crappy job at showing what makes Monster Hunter good. It just…shows a guy flailing around and not really doing much.

      But then I guess that IS what Monster Hunter is like for people when they start out, myself included.

    4. not a butt hurt 3rd party

      theres nothing good about out dated camera out dated d-pad controls and clunky mechanical gameplay take that psp crap of my wiiu

      weres the wii remote and nunchuck controls weres the smooth dual analog at least and much better touch screen support simply porting obsolete and awful psp controls to 3DS AND WII AND WIIU


      1. Pretty sure the game has dual analogue controlls on wiiu and circle pad pro support on 3DS and touchscreen inventory on both….. And it’s nothing to do with a psp game.

      2. You really trolled the wrong game. This is an awesome game, with more replayability than Cod, borderlands 1-2, skyrim and even Zelda skyward sword rolled into one. Fact is fact :).

    5. With my experience with monster hunter wii was that the controls sucked as it took alot of work to get the character to move seperately from the camera and then you had to lineup the monster with your attack in order to hit them which made it look really out dated in game design but thats just me if they didnt fix the clunky controls from the wii then i will not be buying this one either. like an auto targeting system so i dont have to recalibrate the characters position in reference to the monsters location chasing a monster is one thing but when you hit your attack button right in front of it and he swings his sword and never hits the monster instead swings away from the monster.

      1. Talk about pure jealousy. Haven’t even seen or used the word jealous in years you are beyond it lol. Let us enjoy this gem people 35 out of 40 by Famitsu rating. Judges gave it 9/10, 9/10, 9/10 and 8/10 FAMITSU. So Haters stand up then have a seat.

        1. Famitsu is Japanese. They’ll love anything that mentions the word Nintendo. Famitsu ratings don’t mean shit as they do not represent the Western world.

          1. The western world is part of the world major. Let’s keep on moving and appreciate everything good. Famitsu is more legit than any reviewers out here bro.

            1. Famitsu is in no way shape or form legit when it comes to reviewing games for us Western gamers. 36/40 for NSMB2? SO LEGIT MAN! No they are not.

            2. I’ll buy it just for the local 3ds play! This should be fun, which is the whole point. True the controls could be better but they work fine for me. It becomes part of the skill by over coming it. It’s like res evil tank controls.

      1. Uh! No playing monster hunter freedom unite as we speak. Wii controls were and are the best. It had three input options remember? Wii U and 3DS shall take it even further with more control options :). Merry Christmas everyone.

    6. Hey guys, just wondering if there are any good games for Wii U that you guys would recommend? I like the casual stuff, mario, donkey kong, smash bros, etc. I already got New super mario bros u. Im considering Sonic and all stars racing transformed and tekken tag tournament, and scribblenauts, how are those games?

      1. Oh and im not really interested into the games like zombiU/COD games on the Wii U. I just like the casual stuff. Also eshop games would be nice

        1. Nintendo land sounds like it was designed for you. The game is awesome! It’s perfect for short bursts of pleasure :D . NSMBU , SASRT , Nintendo Land , Trine 2 , Nano Assault all get my seal of casual approval.

            1. Game is awesome ^_^. It doesnt satisfy long play sessions unless with a group of people , but it’s fun , you can play it everyday :)

    7. Scribblenauts, epic Mickey, Nintendo land are great games. From eshop I have tried and loved trine2 and little inferno. Can’t wait for rayman legends.

      1. If u r talking about Epic Mickey 2… I heard it was not that good at all. I agree with the other games u said though!!!

    8. While Aeolus plays uncharted Yu Gi Oh, and van scrontum plays kinectimals, we shall be gloriously trying to mix and match hunter armors for the best gunner set :).

        1. There was a time COD Blops 2 was not coming to the Wii U, nor need for speed most wanted. THQ recanted their statements about the Wii U, now they know it’s powerful and my goodness games are coming; main system and eshop. Generation eight Multiplat developers choice watch and clap. DS is the greatest selling games console. 3DS has out sold PS3 in Japan in under two years, developers are watching :).

          1. Any shooter on a home console is terrible. Oh? And I thought Nintendroid hated CoD? Also NFS: MW will just be an old port that every one else would have played, finished and gotten rid of. If 2 examples and THQ recanting statements is all you have got. That’s sad.

    9. Jellybean why are you so annoying?
      Your like a wannabe of AREOLAS (Aeolus) ;)
      Go suck on your Mom’s old saggy tit!
      Its quite good btw ;)

          1. Did you not read the “It’s quite good btw” which implies that he did it? (Not literally of course) Uneducated twat.

            1. Wow, harsh words from a Jellybean. Oh, also, he could quite easily be talking about something else. Don’t jump to conclusions.

    10. This is my most wanted game that I know about so far for 2013. I am going to buy both the Wii U version and 3DS version while my brothers and cousins buy their own copies of the 3DS version. No matter where I’m at, I will be able to hunt with friends via online or locally. Oh and don’t worry about the graphics folks. This video just is poor quality. I just watched a video on youtube for the Wii U version and it look just fine. Sure it won’t be the greatest looking game on Wii U but it’s nothing to snuff at.

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