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Unchained Blades Arrives January 3rd On Nintendo eShop For 3DS

unchained_blades_rexxXseed will be publishing FuRyu’s dungeon RPG, Unchained Blades, when it arrives on Nintendo’s latest handheld. The game, which released on the PlayStation Portable earlier this year, will launch on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS on January 3rd, 2013 and will cost $29.99. This makes Unchained Blades the most expensive Nintendo eShop-exclusive game on the Nintendo 3DS.


  1. I do not like when they release games for full retail price as eshop only. I prefer and will always prefer physical copies over digital. I will still maybe get it though as it seems like a good game. But I really hope this is not a trend..

  2. This certainly took long enough, and I am disappointed that it is not in time for the Christmas break (which is presumably the best time to play video games for most people). And I am not exactly happy with the pricing either, given the delay from PSP version, though I guess I can understand some reasons why they can’t change the price.

  3. Wasn’t this a PSP game?
    Anyway, thats cool, more RPG for 3DS are needed >.< localised ones that is.

  4. doesn’t matter if it’s the eShop’s most expensive game, what does matter is if it is worth the price. is this game any good?

  5. wow,bout time unchained blades has officialy get an release date.i really wanted to played this RPG game since it was announced 4 localization.I don’t care for the price or whether its an digital dowload or retail game,i still wanna get it and play it anyway so thanks X-Seed games :).I hope that u guys also make an localization of the second unchained blades game that was out in japan on nov 30 2012 for the nintendo 3ds and psp in America soon ;).

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