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Blatant Zelda Clone Hits Windows 8 Marketplace

zelda_game_windowsA blatant clone of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda is available to download from Microsoft’s Windows 8 Marketplace. The clone is shamelessly called “Zelda Game” and is made by Joeri Kerkhof, who is charging consumers $1.49 to download it.

60 thoughts on “Blatant Zelda Clone Hits Windows 8 Marketplace”

        1. don’t download windows 8 , they wanna make it like mac os where you have to pay for yearly updates and shit like that, let’s make them have to make windows 9 without all that shit :(

    1. Hear me out, windows makes great OS every 2 releases:
      98 great, millenium regular, XP great, vista shit, 7 pretty good, 8 shit, 9?

  1. Bunch of patent troll bitches here.

    Guy codes it himself. He gets props from me. It’s not a true LoZ game by any means. If you don’t want it then don’t buy it.

    1. I would imagine Nintendo hold a trademark related to video games on Zelda.

      They would be more than justified in taking action here, and that wouldn’t make them patent trolls.

      Because patent trolls are companies that hold a patent with no intention to ever use it.

  2. Fuck this lol. It shouldn’t happen but does anyone trully care ? I mean it’s funny knowing that someone somewhere will maybe buy this lol.

    I will stick to my complete Zelda Collection which includes every single Zelda game in one format or another , recently completed by downloading Links awakening DX to 3DS which actually turned out to be one of the best Zelda Games I’ve played.

    Hope they spill the beans on a new zelda 3DS game at e3 , don’t care what you guys say , I absoloutly loved Phantom hourglass , spirit tracks , and all the other Handheld Zelda’s!!

      1. Did I say I held those 2 in higher regard than Windwaker ? Nope , I absoloutly like windwaker more. But still Phantom hourglass and Spirit tracks are absoloutly amazing and make awesome use of the DS. Playing the whole game with the stylus is genius and works well. Having to make notes with the stylus is AMAZING so you can memorize a puzzle or combination and I hope they carry that onto the wiiu which they most likely will.

        My least favorite Zelda Game is 4 swords and that’s a multiplayer spin off. Every other Zelda Game I have played is near enough Perfect for the platform it is on.

          1. Why does everyone say that ? I thought they were ecellently well thought out! And I enjoyed having to re-navigate my way through certain bits and loved working together with Zelda in Spirit tracks ! Possessing dudes with Zelda and Giving link a piggy back was awesome ^_^ .

            I would give them both 9.5/10 . Played through them both twice lol…

  3. I don’t see how this could pass the radar :S Well, Nintendo COULD sue them (like they could’ve done numerious times) but I do not see them doing it as this do not damage them but will most likely benefit them indirectly.

  4. lmao at the name “Zelda Game”. Haha! Nintendo will more than likely put a stop to this, and should. Taking a few ideas from a game as inspiration is ok, but copying the game completely is just dumb and not creative in any way. This is like the “american idol” of games.

  5. This idiot made this an app for the iPhone. It has terrible ratings so I downloaded it just for kicks. It really is as terrible as you all think it is.

  6. …And this is why I hate most smartphone games.

    They are cheap, nasty things that are a chore to actually play. Yes, there ARE exceptions…but a much better model of quality control is needed.

  7. In most gaming devices’ infancies, their game libraries weren’t very professional. The NES is a prime example, as well as the Atari 2600. Just go to AVGN and you’ll learn all about it.

  8. I know this is off topic, but does anyone else have a problem when you’re trying to scroll down the website, and this really annoying add pops up?

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