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Digital Foundry Impressed With Rayman Legends Demo


Technology enthusiasts Digital Foundry seem mightily impressed with the extremely fun Rayman Legends demo. The publication says that the game runs at native 1080p with a nigh-on flawless 60 frames per second update. Digital Foundry also praises the games innovative uses of the GamePad and says that it’s a fine example of how developers should create games on Wii U. Here’s some snippets from the article.

One of the most genuinely exciting playable demos released in recent times, Rayman Legends on Wii U combines beautiful artwork, animation and audio with some innovative GamePad integration – and it all runs at native 1080p with a nigh-on flawless 60 frames per second update. Exclusive to the new Nintendo console, it’s an interesting example of how third parties can put the hardware through its paces without having to worry about cross-platform conformity. The GamePad features aren’t optional extras but instead form an integral part of the whole proposition: it’s a release that simply wouldn’t be the same on any other home console.

There’s a fair few points to discuss from a technical perspective too. Rayman Origins demonstrated spectacularly that 2D artwork can still look stunning, and that the reduced processing power required opens the door for running a visually arresting game at full 1080p.

The 2D visuals also proved immensely scalable, with excellent renditions of the game across a range of platforms including Wii and Vita. Notably, the game still manages to run at the full 60 frames per second even in native 2880×1800 resolution on the Retina Macbook Pro. Rayman Legends on Wii U is notable in that it retains the extreme resolution and frame-rate capabilities of the engine, but adds 3D elements to the mix.

174 thoughts on “Digital Foundry Impressed With Rayman Legends Demo”

  1. The wiiu is weak they said. You don’t know what You’re talking about we said.

    Well there you have it. The wiiu is a beast.
    ”the wiiu will never get a game that looks as good as God of war” LOL
    When The next Zelda Comes out it will look Massively better than Previous Generation games , hence dumping the wiiu in the ”true” 8th Generation category regardless of how the specs may differ from its competition.

    Graphics aren’t important! But the wiiu does have really good graphics. Just go and look at Nintendo Land in motion , in its curent form it would not run on a ps3 or 360 because of the amount of new effects in the game. You can clearly see all kinds of Grahical trickery in motion.

    Unsuprising that a brand new console is more powerfull than 7 year old consoles , but maybe just maybe this will shut up the haters.

    1. Might I add , what Makes this EVEN MORE impressive is the fact that the Gamepad screen is running in perfect synchronization with the TV. That is actually really impressive tech and what sets the wiiu apart from old consoles.

      1. If the Zelda game is done by Retro Studios etc i could agree… even Naughty Dogs ppl were working with Nintendo/Rare developers etc.

        Well, i wont call it a beast because 1080p and 60 FPS for sidescroller game is nothing special… ofc Rayman is more demanding than other sidescrollers but you get the point. Dont expect the same for FPS/TPS games…. it is capable of native 1080p but in open world games you wont be happy with 10 frames or so.

        1. This isn’t just any sidescroller. Have you seen the game ? it litteraly looks good enough to be a film. The density of the textures is CRAZY.

        2. What do you if its made by Retro?
          You seriously think EAD, who have been making games for 30 years, couldnt make a game like that?

        1. Apparently anything that runs on 1080p on the Wii U can easily impress him, even if it’s a 2.5D game.

          Meanwhile the PS3 had Wipeout HD, which ran at that resolution and 60 FPS, Super Stardust HD as well, and even Ridge Racer 7. The latter being a LAUNCH title.

          1. Without having to multitask a second image wirelessly streaming to the gamepad which has a touch controll set and tilt controlls etc.


            1. Yeah, because a second screen is so intense on the poor thing on such a game.

              “hey guys my glorified ds needs to put forward some extra POWER for that magical lower screen just so I can have some sort of retarded excuse to support my flawed argument” – Nintedward

              1. You lost. The wiiu can have native 1080p on the TV and Run a different Image on the gamepad at the same time. And unlike the Wipeout HD and Ridge racer , the game isn’t completely devoid of textures , lol , infact it’s fucking crammed with super high res textures.

                1. Nobody cares what it can run on the same time, nor does doing that supposed to mean something special in any way that actually matters. Because I assure you it does not.

                  Also, Wipeout HD and Ridge Racer is “devoid of textures”? Are you FUCKING STUPID?

                  Wow, you are literally the textbook definition of stupid, I hope people see that part to show just how stupid Nintendroid trash are when they try to argue anything technical.

                  1. Ridge racer looks like Shit , and Wipeout for the most is a load of flat surfaces with some colors and lights flickering about. Have a nice day…

                    1. Wipeout HD = dynamic-framerate-dependent 1080p framebuffer (1280×1080 to 1920×1080)

                      Ridge Racer 7 was really a bad game (i played that game) and models are good for that time, but im not impressed with the whole enviroment, bad lighting, some bad textures, physics are really bad etc. i mean, nothing special about that game, nothing strange its native 1080p. I mean, why only so little native full HD games? yeah, because 1080p is not equal to better graphics and all other PS3/60 games are 720p or even less and 30 FPS cap but with better graphics than RR7 (90% other games).

                      I rather play 720p and good graphics with 30 FPS than 1080p and bad graphics and 100 FPS + screen flickering, tearing etc.

                      I own a good PC and i can play all games in full HD at 50-80 FPS (depends on the game) but i lock all games to 60 FPS (vsync or adaptive vsync).

              2. Unless it’s a carbon copy of what is being displayed on the tv, the gamepad uses a whole extra framebuffer. That is actually quite a big deal if you have any practical experience of game development.

              1. and it is also (as the name suggests) using assets from older games.. the poly count in that game is very low at times which is one of the reasons why it can run at a higher resolution at all.. in any game that runs in 1080p on the ps3 you’re likely to find a very low poly count

            1. Fact is, it can also run in full HD, you’re just grasping at straws like a dipshit.

              Same goes for everybody else replying to this.

              1. what straws? i can make any system output 1080p if i scale the graphics down enough

                heck even the upcoming ouya will be able to output 1080p .. that doesn’t mean it will look good

                1. The last part is exactly what people don’t seem to be getting here. Going as far as to suggest 1080p is something meaningful on this console when a ton of devices can do it based on whatever software title doesn’t push it enough for it to be done.

              2. Aeolus you’ve been Grasping a straws for the past year now fuck off and get on with your life the wii u is far better than the ps360 consoles and thats why we will get the ps4 and nextbox next years GOD THIS KIDS A RETARD

                1. Yes, because a dynamic framebuffer automatically means it isn’t 1080p for some arbitrary reason according to you.

                  you really are retarded as fuck

                  1. Do you still have pretend to know something after all crap you say in this news? lol

                    Once again, stop spreading this shit, you are only embarrassing yourself.

                    1. You literally don’t know anything though, you only started talking about resolution once that other guy posted in this thread and being as clueless as you are, was suggesting that Wipeout HD wasn’t 1080p.

                      You can’t think for yourself, you can’t do anything for yourself, and you don’t know a thing about gaming, your English sucks and you’re a little sheep for Nintendo. I’ll guarantee that you are likely a tiny little punk ass bitch of a kid as well, so keep talking shit behind the safety of your monitor, we all know that you can’t actually do shit.

                      Do you even lift? Fucking faggot.

                    2. 1º WIPEOUT HD ISN’T A FULL 1080P LIKE YOU SAID

                      Stupid moron, you can’t say this crap knowing that the game changes the resolution when it can’t handle, and no matter if someone said it first, what matter is YOU ARE A FUCKING LIAR.

                      2º WHO ARE YOU? A TEACHER?

                      Kid, English is not my primary language, I can’t help you with that, calculate 1 +1 you understand perfectly, asshole.

                      3º FUCK YOU

                      I don’t give a fuck, you are still embarrassing yourself, piece of shit, stop spreading this fucking liar, PS3 can’t handle well 1080p, 60 FPS then… get a life kid.

    2. Modified triple broadway CPU, HD 5770 and 16 bit Ram =/= beast
      The things that are very good are the optical drive, the decision of using an MCM and the streaming chip.
      Just for fun…if you tell those specs PC-gamers and call it beast they will laugh at you because they had that kind of power about 3-years ago…….
      And to the GPU:
      It has to be an HD5770 because its power draw can match the Wii U’s peak level by removing the “GPU-mainboard”, “combining” both parts with the MCM and underclofking.

      1. Oh and before somebody is bitching around and calling me a hater he should know that this and the above comment were typed on a wii u…..

        1. But the main TECH that sets the wiiu apart IS NOT its power specifications.

          It’s the fact than in Rayman Legends for example , the TV is running it’s beatifull 1080p 60fps Image with someone using a pro controller on that. Meanwhile Someone else has the gamepad which has the same image on it but allows Assymetric touch controlls with the image wireless synced with 1/60FPS latency .

          That’s the wiiu’s trump card not its HERP760 GPGPU.

          1. Rayman Legends is also a 2D game that doesn’t require much, don’t know why the shit you’re praising it like that’s supposed to be technically impressive or something.

            Or your standards are that low, because this console is still underpowered to hell and there is nothing you can do or say to prove otherwise.

            1. This isn’t just a ”2d game” you fucking bum nut and you know full well it isnt. The game has super high resoloution textures crammed all over the fucking place , has many 3d elements and layered environments and has some of the best lighting ever seen in a video game amonst other things.

              This game is stunning , judging from the demo which I am playing and analysing right now. It looks entirely better than what the ps3 and 360 can do.

              And it runs the image on the gamepad with 1/60FPS latency which in other words is nothing.

              This game would require massive scaling down to run on last generation consoles , Infact Micheal ancel even talke about how whenb making Origins on PS3 and 360 all the textures had to be compressed , and on the wiiu they forgot to compress the super high res textures and the game ran at 60fps.

              This game is an example of what the wiiu can achieve what the PS vita and ps3 working together could not.

                1. Since one of your main points of ridicule about this game is its 2D visuals you do know that there are games that are on a full 3D environments and can run the same way Rayman can. One example being that COD can play in HD at 60 frames on the tv while at the same time someone on the Gamepad can play in the same 3D environment with only a 1 frame delay. All with the power of the console itself.
                  Even now Sony has begun copying Nintendo (like always) with its sorry excuse of a handheld and its PS3 because it understands that this is the future of gaming.

                  But to you Rayman is just a 2D game so all the other facts do not matter :]

                  1. although im glad its 1080p and at 60fps….im pretty sure the same was done on the ps3…although…there is something to be said about being able to do that…and render it with next to no latency on the gamepad….and without any compression to the textures

              1. “Gameplay is a LOT LOT LOT more important than Graphics.” -Nintedward
                “Your Power crazed attitude towards gaming seems very immature in my eyes.” -Nintedward
                “But to be honest , graphics are not important at all to me” -Nintedward
                You are a fucking hypocrite.

                1. Your attempt to try and expose me has failed….. HARD.

                  Gameplay is more important than graphics , Your power crazed attitude is immature and Graphics are not important to me at all , kind of all complement each other don’t you think ?

                  I agree Graphics of the latest Console has some part to play in the success of a console , but certainly doesn’t dictate how fun the games are but how good they look. Nuff said retard.

                    1. Well it’s interesting , is it not ? I am definitely INTERESTED in what sort of graphics my new Nintendo wiiu can produce and so far I am impressed.

                      Jellybean or Clitorus or whatever he is called was clearly stating that GRAPHICS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE ACTUAL GAMEPLAY.

                      And I was saying , are you fucking stupid ? Gameplay is the by FAR the most important element of a game.
                      Graphics is just a a compliment to a game and is nice blah blah.

                      In otherwords , I’m not the dickhead who said graphics is more important than gameplay. And I have every right to be interested in Graphics and should naturaly want them to be as good as possible.

                      But still put Gameplay ahead of graphics which is why I still Play retro games and enjoy them more so than some ”Tripple A” games of today. Jellyclit then said ”You still play that prehistoric crap” basically exposing himself as a fake gamer…

                    2. Aaand this one is directed to Nintedward.
                      Again, you’ve proven how much of a hypocrite you are.
                      A few minutes ago, you repeated how you do not care about graphics at all (after praising the graphics of Rayman Legends on WiiU throughout the whole article…). Now, you tell us how you are definitely interested in the graphics of the WiiU… Okay.
                      And uh, neither Aeolus nor Jellybean ever did imply that graphics are more important to them than gameplay is, if I’m not mistaken. In fact, Jellybean did say how he thinks that a balance of both is the most ideal thing. Learn to read and understand instead of spreading your shit.

                    3. Well, on this one…. i totally agree with Nintedward.

                      Even on my high end PC im still paying old Atari/Sega/Nintendo/Sony games (emulators) because i dont own those old systems anymore…. only fake gamers can say: “prehistoric shit”…..

                    4. Nintedward you lying worthless piece of shit. I clearly stated I prefer to have a balance of graphics and gameplay. STOP BULLSHITTING YOU FUCKWIT.

                2. At your horrible comment below. Stop trying to twist turn the truth , you stupid piece of shit.

                  I am and always have been very interested in the graphics of the wiiu and any other console you stupid prick. HOWEVER I DO believe Gameplay is far far far more important than graphics. You were quoting me from another article when I was infact arguing with some testicle who was saying Graphics are MORE important than Gameplay. I told him he was horribly wrong and that You can get the same enjoyment out of Retro Games as you can modern.

                  I still definitely put gameplay before graphics , but the better the graphics the ….. better the overall presentation is. That doesn’t mean I am some super graphics whore who thinks graphics is more important than Gameplay , does it ?

                  Exactly. So stfu .

                  1. But that’s not what you were saying earlier, you fucking hypocrite.
                    And how did I try to twist turn the truth ? I quoted your exact words and compared them to your words in this article, so what the hell ?
                    If you say that you do not care about graphics at all, it means you don’t care about graphics at all. Doesn’t matter what you are talking about at that moment. And nobody ever said that you do not put gameplay before graphics nor that you are a super graphics whore, so stop making up shit.

                    1. Well Basically , Naturally i apreciate graphics and art styles . Not as much as I do gameplay. Mario Galaxy is was better than NSMBU , resoloution plays no part in which Game I think is miles better.

                      Graphics are important , but if people really sit there over concentrating on graphics before the actual game themselves , they have a problem and they need help.
                      Cough Jellybean cough

                      And at your comment below , Wii fit U will be Huge and Unfortunately for Xbox , Wiiu and Playstation next gen , the casual Market is going to be Half of the war. Microsoft are working on Kinnect 2 as we speak. Half of the success each console next gen will come from Casual Gamers.

                      So it will be a war to see who can get the most of both.
                      Anyway , Nintendo has lots of core games already on the system and upcoming as I pointed out.

                      The sad truth is , Microsoft will be more excited about making Kinnect adventures 2 than they are anything else.

                    2. STOP MAKING UP SHIT YOU FAGGOT. I never said graphics are more important, I SAID I PREFER A BALANCE OF BOTH. Holy fuck you’re a retard.

                  2. I said I like a balance of both you lying little twat. I said, I hate having one over the other. Holy fuck, now you’re making shit up? wow.

                    1. This page is dead now lol :P . Graphics whore.


            2. It might be a 2D perspective but all the models are 3D, even you can see that. Its not a hugely demanding game, but its still damn good

              1. Err, no. The character models are 2D with objects in 3D laying around.

                DF also notes that those 3D objects seem to have low poly count as well.

            3. “Rayman Legends is also a 2D game that doesn’t require much, don’t know why the shit you’re praising it like that’s supposed to be technically impressive or something.”


              “What surprises me with Wii U is that we don’t have many technical problems. It’s really running very well, in fact. We’re not obliged to constantly optimize things,” the Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil creator said.

              “Even on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions [of Rayman Origins], we had some fill-rate issues and things like that. It’s partly us – we improved the engine – but I think the console is quite powerful. Surprisingly powerful.”


              just a moron like you to say such bullshit.

              1. “You can really have huge textures, and it’s crazy because sometimes the graphic artist – we built our textures in very high-dentition. They could be used in a movie,” he said.

                “Then we compress them, but sometimes they forget to do the compression and it still works. So yeah, it’s quite powerful.”

              2. “but I think the console is quite powerful. Surprisingly powerful.”

                apparently some ambiguous PR going about with power is supposed to mean something according to rick

                just like a typical nintendroid to spend more time listening to words and not watching the outcome

                    1. My give a fuck meter is broken, I’m afraid.

                      Also, I don’t care if you don’t respect me or not, you’re a lesser being talking shit behind your monitor and nothing else. You literally mean nothing to me, you’re worthless, you’re insignificant, you’re a child and you’re also a Nintendo-loving faggot. Hopefully you’re proud of yourself.

                1. “And of course, we have a new lighting engine. In fact, the game engine for Origins was mostly just classic sprites in HD, but now we can light them and add shadows and all these things.”

                  1. Okay, what the FUCK do you keep going on with posting these quotes? The fact of the matter is Origins was not CPU/GPU intensive title and Legends is looking to be the same thing.


                    Do I have to spell this shit out for any of you?

                    1. again idiot…

                      “Rayman Legends is also a 2D game that doesn’t require much”

                      and again, asshole:

                      “Origins was mostly just classic sprites in HD, but now we can light them and add shadows and all these things……Even on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions [of Rayman Origins], we had some fill-rate issues and things like that..”

                      You are just a fucking idiot that know shit. Go back to school moron.

                      1. THEN IT DOESN’T MEAN SHIT IF YOU’RE POSTING IT.

                        If it “doesn’t require much” as said multiple times…THEN THAT ALONE CAN TELL YOU THAT IT ISN’T ANY SORT OF IMPRESSIVE IN TERMS OF TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENTS WITH THE WII U.

                        NOBODY. FUCKING. CARES.

                        1. LMAO

                          If it doesn’t require much, why can’t PS360 runs a 2D game appropriately?

                          Idiot, it’s not about the 2D, beeing a 2D game doesn’t change the fact that the game might be beautiful and hard to run, fucking moron.

                        2. “If it doesn’t require much, why can’t PS360 runs a 2D game appropriately?”

                          I wanna know where they said this

                          oh right, nowhere. they only said there were fill rate issues, which could stem from a host of reasons.

                          meanwhile the vita runs this game pretty much identically to those, so you’re not helping your argument one tiny bit.

                        3. You are embarrassing yourself.

                          “Even on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions [of Rayman Origins], we had some fill-rate issues and things like that.”

                          It’s not I speaking, try again stupid asshole.

                        4. And you keep repeating yourself like a fucking idiot completely inept at reading.

                          Meaning, your case is long lest.

                        5. lol

                          I’m not the one whom said “Rayman Legends is also a 2D game that doesn’t require much” you are the idiot here embarrassing yourself, and Michael Ancel that says that PS360 had problems, not me, moron.

                          By the way, Wipeout HD and Ridge Racer 7 has dinamic resolution asshole, stop spreading this, fucking liar.

                        6. Rayman Legends is neither a GPU nor CPU intensive title.

                          Ridge Racer 7 does not have “dynamic resolution” either.

                          Now shut your filthy, fucking mouth. Your argument has long been lost, and now you’re making absolutely no sense. You’re an idiot. Deal with it.

                2. The main proposition of Wii U is its streaming technology. In fact it is the most advance in consumer electronics nowadays.

              1. But still… its noticeable more powerful than PS3/60 GPU but again, still below high end 2010-2012 PC GPUs and multi GPUs ofc. And PS4/720 will probably use a single GPU but kinda high end (GTX 580- 680) in end 2013/2014

              2. And how do you know ? oh that’s right you don’t. And the last we heard , Ubisoft leaed it was a E6670 or whatever….

                  1. they don’t know either.. they’re just speculating
                    judging from the size it’s merely in that same ballpark but it could be any GPU similar in size from either HD 4x HD 5x or HD 6x graphics cards

                  1. Im sure they are powerful enough for running UE4 but Epic wants maybe “high-ultra bla bla settings” etc and probably thats why they are forcing them to push a much stronger hardware, Epic also once said:

                    “Tim Sweeny: Unreal Engine 4’s next-generation renderer targets DirectX 11 GPU’s and really starts to become interesting on hardware with 1+ TFLOPS of graphics performance, where it delivers some truly unprecedented capabilities. However, UE4 also includes a mainstream renderer targeting mass-market devices with a feature set that is appropriate there.”

                    So, 1TFLOPS GPU is nothing impressive and i think the 1st devkits definitively can run UE4 but not high settings propably, but new devkits will probably support UE4 high settings.

          2. Interesting Thought, as a PC gamer I actually had a HD5770 about 3 years ago, I have to say, it had a lot more power than ps3 or xbox 360 technically speaking. If thats true then the Wii U has a better GPU than anyone with realistic reasoning believed and could compete better with the next wave of consoles. I really think that it has something closer to the hd 4770 or 6670 than the 5770, and for me thats fine. On a side note I expect the next gen microsoft and sony consoles will have, at best, something equivalent to the hd 7750, and believe me speaking of consoles, that would be great.

          3. the chip on the wii u is roughly 150mm² in size and still needs to have room for a big chunk of eDRAM which will most likely take up anywhere between 30 and 60mm² of space.. the 5770 GPU is 166mm² in size
            it will be more in the vicinity of the 5670/5570

            the total bandwidth of the RAM is 64 bit not 16 bit
            4 chips with 16 bit each on a separate channel

            i agree it’s by no means a beast, but i think everyone knew long before its release that it wouldn’t turn out to be one

        1. In todays world you might wana have a look at the Rayman Legends demo running on a TV. It has some of the best Lighting ever. Each individual sprite has this crazy Lighting in it , the textures are super high resoloution etc etc. This game is actually stunning to behold. There’s no way an Ipad could run this game , Maybe Rayman Jungle Run.

          People will just never understand the wiiu because they choose to ignore it.
          1080p 60fps on the tv with the Gamepad wirelessly streaming an Assymetric interactive display seemlessly. This is definitely 2007 tech….. lol

            1. There’s no way a fucking iturd could run this game. More facts from Nintedward and More ownage of Aeolus the Indenial Troll…

                1. More butthurt Indenial from Aeolus , Who Knows not only are the graphics far to complex for an Ipad compared to say , the latest Rayman Jungle Run on that Platform , but the platform actually is just one giant touch screen with no buttons.

                  Seriously , stop embarassing yourself you ignorant cunt :)

                        1. Okay Aeolus , Rayman Legends would run just like it does on wiiu on the ipad…. Sigh. Have you seen Rayman Jungle run ? Exactly you fucking pillok ….

      2. After the DS reclaimed the kingdom for Gameboy and Nintendo, plus the 3DS overtaking PS3 in Japanese sales; I am not arguing with Sony drones over non issues anymore. It’s gaming central Wii U, 3DS style ladies and gentlemen :).

        1. Absoloutly. Wiiu + 3DS is all you need. You don’t need any pretencious over powered Gaming PC. All I need is my Wiiu and 3DS (and the occasional GTA or Metal Gear game that doesn’t come to wiiu)

            1. Well I will buy one cheap xbox 720 or ps4 , just to play the odd third party game that never makes it to wiiu.

              I cn safely say between my Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wiiu , My gaming needs are almost entirely covered.

              1. “just to play the odd third party game that never makes it to wiiu”

                You’ll be seeing a fuckton of those, so you might as well prepare yourself.

                Hell, you’re already seeing it now for upcoming games.

                1. And ? The wiiu already has a load of awesome games lined up and that’s only going to get better and better.

                  The wiiu is awesome. Don’t be suprised to see Japanese wiiu games being ported to the PS4 because they will use the cheaper wiiu as the lead platform.

                  Who gives a shit anyway.

                  The wiiu will have a ”fuckton” of games the 720 and ps4 will never see , so it’s gunna be eye for an eye. There is definitely more where Bayonetta 2 came from son.

                    1. Rayman legends , Wonerfull 101 , bayonetta 2 , Pikmin 3 , Smash Bros U , Monster hunter Ultimate , Lego City undercover , Game and Wario (hopefully a wario ware type game) , Monolith Soft is working on a game , Retro is working on a game , Straight right is porting a tripple A square enix game ,

                      We already have NSMBU , Nintendo Land (both awesome) , ZombiU (really awesome) , Scribble nauts unlimited , and some awesome unique third party Games . Tekken Tag 2 , SASRT , AC3 , Blops 2 , Darksiders 2 , etc all have something really cool to offer on wiiu , even if it just playing the game lying flat in bed on the gamepad.

                      This is just the tip of the iceberg. More announcements and more games will follow at an increasing rate.

                      1. So that’s all?

                        Okay, a few games and ports that the core market probably won’t care about and will only be niche successes…if that.

                        such an amazing and next gen lineup

                        1. Monster Hunter Ultimate And NSMBU and Pikmin 3 just a nieche success ? Try Multi million sellers that keep selling for the next couple of years retard.

                          Wii fit U , that’s gunna make each and every woman on earth yet again by the wiiu. Even those camp PE teachers will be going hell for leather to get their hands on the wiiu.

                          Don’t underestimate Nintendo Gaeolus. DQX and Monster Hunter Ultimate and NSMBU in launch window in Japan ? That’s Japan done and conquered for Nintendo.

                        2. To Nintedward:
                          No, it definitely will not make each and every woman on earth buy the WiiU. Alone the fact that I won’t be buying it proves your statement as false. And I highly doubt that I will be the only woman on earth who won’t be buying it.
                          Oh, and you’re telling us that the WiiU is going to sell well because of the help of one of the most casual casual game that ever existed instead of with quality games for real gamers ? Yes, sounds really great for a console which is supposed to be a GAMING console.

                        3. “core market probably won’t care about”
                          Im not disagreeing or taking sides with either you guys but Im curious what games you consider to be core? Because I know that super smash bros. Is a popular series. Super Mario galaxy 2 I think it was recent named the best game of all time. And speculation says there making another 3D mario game. Zelda is wildly popular. The best selling fighter of all time was super smash bros. brawl. and that had issues with online. Just imagine how the game series will do when people find out it has a great online fighting system as well. ? Not to mention dragon quest, monster hunter, and pikmin.

                          So Im wondering what kind of games you personally like playing? :) Like if you have any free time at the moment and your not leaving replies on this site, what game would you most likely be playing?

      3. Damn, well know we know why it was delayed.

        Digital Foundry can still suck a dick though, whining about nothing all the time and what not

      4. IF YOU HAVE PLAYED IT… Is the demo worth $5? Because that’s what it will cost me in data to download it.
        Lete know, and I’ll pull the trigger.

        Also, My Nintendo ID = Moodeeb.

        1. I think it would be best to just wait. You’ll want to play the actual game more when it comes out. Save the five bucks towards buying it :) haha

      5. The demo was pretty cool, but I didn’t like it when the action switched to the gamepad controller. The touch controls and motion controls felt gimmicky.

        1. I loved that bit, I expected I wouldn’t but I did. Can one person play with a classic controller while another does touch screen/rotation stuff on the gamepad? If so that would be great fun.

      6. The Rayman Demo is very slick I must say.
        Nintedward, all you do in every comment thread is blow sugar up nintendos arse, got stocks and shares by any chance?
        The WiiU is 6 years too late face up to the facts, when the new ps and Xbox come out the WiiU will start collecting dust just like it was with the wii. And 3rd party titles coming to our WiiU, where are they? There is not one title that I can’t play on my ps3 at the moment, assassins, batman or NSF for the fraction of the price too, NSF costs 35 euros, why pay 70 when it hits our WiiU, just to have a map or speedometer to look at on the game pad which I can’t fuckin look at anyway whilst racing…
        I must say some of your comments are absolutely delusional. Praising the technical outdated console as if its the best thing since sliced bread…yes it would have been…6 years ago which the wii should have been. The absolute abysmally slow menu, the unusable friend list and message centre. It’s all old hat and may appeal to a 14 year old as very hip but look at the ps3 or Xbox! Done elegantly, user friendly and with thought behind it. Mini verse is already boring me after 2 weeks with its kiddy doodle s and childish comments which disappear after like 2 seconds if you post due to the feed speed.
        And 400 euros was a loooooot of cash for a system without even a DVD playback drive and the absolute abysmal 8/32 gb. Memory costs fuck all these days, it’s down to nintendo being tightarsed that’s that!

        I’m having a lot of fun at the moment with Mario and zombiu and looking forward to aliens and a few more but as said before its playing on borrowed time and if nintendo doesn’t deliver this time it will be the last console I have purchased from them. Not that they care but anyway :) and Rayman could look as great on any current gen console, when crysis3 hits it will blow anything the WiiU can do out of proportion let alone the games in development for next gens.

        It’s great your a nintendo fan like probably all of us posting here but you have to look over the side of your plate and face the truth sometimes ey….you should try!

        1. I have always bought Nintendo. I’m loving WiiU, and people who own it will tell you that your 3rd party games are smooter and crash less on WiiU.


        2. The WiiU is 6 years too late face up to the facts, when the new ps and Xbox come out the WiiU will start collecting dust just like it was with the wii.

          It’s safe to say you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          1. Oh really? well not if your into baby games at least, then yours will be all in action ey…happy hard gaming gamer, we will see what the future holds and maybe speak same time next year, I’ve owned a lot of consoles and games in 35 years so I think it’s safe to say that my opinion is fine and I do know what I’m talking about, your lack of bringing any argumentation or a differed opinion shows you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        1. The Origins Demo on t 3DS is the only Demo I almost maxed out. Fun, but not quite enough to convince me… This tips the boat.e

          1. You hate company from trying to make a sustainable profit to keep them survive in gaming business and taking initiative to push the creative boundaries?

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