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Rayman Legends UK Release Date Pushed To March


Ubisoft has confirmed that Rayman Legends will be arriving in the UK on March 1st. The platformer was originally meant to be out on February 28th, but has instead slipped to March 1st. Don’t forget there is a demo of the game on the Wii U eShop that’s begging to be downloaded.

24 thoughts on “Rayman Legends UK Release Date Pushed To March”

    1. Such a Huge Difference between february 28th and March 1st , lol.

      Can’t wait for this game :) , the Demo is unbelievably good.

    1. Want to know the secret behind this decission? It is called Friday releases. Those are big here in Europe. I like these news as I love friday releases. Going home after a long week and playing some new games.

  1. Games are always released in the UK on fridays. So I don’t see how 28th Feb could ever have been correct. 1st of March is a friday, so it makes sense.

  2. um what happen yesterday, i just saw jellybean snap on the site like a alien tackling a tree, i though he was smart but i was right, he is just a anti drone that will not amid that he is a drone.

    1. He started off like a Nintendo fan, then a Neutral , Then started sniffing Aeolus’s butt , now he has truly been absorbed by the darkside.

      He is Darth Jellybean.

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  4. So i have this, Bioshock, Metal Gear Rising, Castelvania MoF, DMC, Dead Space 3, Sly 4, Crysis 3, God of War 4, Tomb Raider, and Luigis Mansion 2 all coming in the first 3 months of next, on top of me wanting a WiiU…..

    WHHHHYYYY?!!?? ._.

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