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Monolith Soft Wants To Become Like Bethesda, Its First Wii U Game To Be ‘Very Flashy And Addicting’

xenoblade_chroniclesMonolith Soft’s first Wii U project will be a challenging game that will bring people together, according to the developer, and consumers can expect it to be both very flashy and addicting.

The developer’s executive producer, Hirohide Sugira, says he and his team want to recuperate the Japanese gaming industry by showing what they can do with their first HD, Wii U game.

Michihiko Inaba of Monolith Soft says he wants the forthcoming game to show that Japan can keep up with developers in the U.S., in terms of technology. Inaba also says Monolith Soft’s goal is to become like Bethesda Softworks, the developer of the Fallout series.

Inaba: “I’d like to make an HD game that will wow the players. I want to show that Japan can still keep up with the USA when it comes next gen technology. Our goal is to become something like the developers of the Fallout series, Bethesda Softworks.”

Sugiura: “I believe that today’s Japanese gaming industry has lost its touch, and we’d like to do something to change that.”

90 thoughts on “Monolith Soft Wants To Become Like Bethesda, Its First Wii U Game To Be ‘Very Flashy And Addicting’”

          1. yeah.. skyrim wasn’t exactly fine on the PC.. that whole performance issue? that’s what i call a major glitch.. it did work fine on some systems.. on others framerate often was abhorrent even with a decent GPU
            not to mention all the smaller glitches with broken quests and similar
            but sandbox games are a little difficult in that regard

          2. Skyrim is not glitchless on PC. I was “stuck” since the game continued to kill me for completing a quest. I had to turn on God Mode to complete a quest. This quest was early on for Dawnbreaker.

        1. to this day i haven’t experienced any major glitches in xenoblade chronicles

          disaster: day of chrisis was just an average game but i didn’t notice any major glitches there either

        2. As someone who has Skyrim for 360, that isn’t really the truth for Skyrim. Are there glitches? Yes. Do they need to handle PS3 games better? Yes. But considering they developed essentially a $90 dollar game for $60, the 360 version is surprisingly polished.

        3. Still rockin skyrim on my 360 and its still bad ass. Its too bad it was shit for ps3. How is far cry 3 on ps3? I have both but not sure if one or the other has issues like skyrim for ps3

    1. Bethseda’s games are pretty glitchy
      I hope Monolith is going to make a great game on the Wii U
      Maybe a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 or a possible new i[

    2. I wouldn’t call it broken. Maybe on the ps3 because of the complicated cell tech. But on my 360 the only glitches I have come across are non game breaking, harmless glitches. Mostly funny ones. The worst I have seen is a guard actually swimming in the air trying to arrest me. It was pretty funny. I wouldn’t say the game is broken, its just full of glitches

        1. From my previous experiences, big open-world games are just vulnerable to a few collision issues with buildings and hilarious speech issues which cause a character to repeat syllables over and over again .

      1. i don’t get it. first you guys despise aeolus and insult each other all the time, and now you act friendly and stuff as if nothing ever happened.


    3. Exactly the same thing that come to my mind.. Hopefully they will only look at them when it comes to graphics and creating a living open world. As it is Monolith we are talking about I do not think common sence is not too much or an unrealistic thing to ask for.

  1. “Hirohide Sugira, says he and his team want to recuperate the Japanese gaming industry by showing what they can do with their first HD, Wii U game.”

    1. Well, from what I gathered, it seems as if though they are just trying to make addicting games like Bethesda. Not necessarily copying their work, just trying to use Bethesda as inspiration.

      1. Agreed, Skyrim became very repetitious, all quests were in similar looking dungeons and they same damn enemies 9 out of 10 times. Charater advancement was more work then completeing the game. If these guys wanna bring back big japanese games then bring RPG’s back to when they didn’t suck with old school turn based RPG’s. Deny it all you want, RPG’s havent been good since they dropped turn based fighting.

        1. I played oblivion and skyrim and I honestly liked oblivion more because the quests were extremely interesting compared to the few in skyrim.
          Oh and it’s more advanced in terms of rpg level since skyrim was more of an action open world oblivion felt more of an rpg to me.

      2. Skyrim was a mixed bag with me. The open world really is incredible. Largest game I think anyone has ever seen. It was immersive, engaging, and really fun. But on the other hand, like you said, no concrete story. I felt like my impact was nothing more than lore.

        1. I think Morrowind was bigger than Skyrim, and it also had a more complex story. I guess I personally liked Skyrim more than Xenoblade, though, and I played the darn thing on PS3… I think some of it has to do with the style of game. It irks me when numbers come flying out of enemies and the game has to tell me when I missed. I didn’t mind it in turn-based RPGS, but when you’re going for a large, open world it sucks.

  2. Not trying to nitpick the article but Bethesda has only made fallout 3. Obsidian made new Vegas and the other company (interplay I think) made all the others (ergo the patent war they had over the fallout rights this year)

    Would be better to say Bethesda makes the elder scrolls series.

    And Bethesda really had shown recently they can’t code for shit.

  3. Good for them, they have a goal to make their games fun and addicting. Who knows, maybe they’ll have another big hitter like Xenoblade. Here’s to your future, Monolith Soft.

  4. Just shut up and take my money already!!!! I’m so pumped for E3 this year because Nintendo needs to show games by Monolith, Retro, and of course it’s own projects to prove to the industry what the Wii U can do. Not only will it cause more people to buy the Wii U but it will inspire other developers and show them how to make a great game on Wii U. Remember folks the Wii U has only received launch titles and ports. There is a lot of fight left in the system.

    1. Well, they own Monolith and Retro, so it would still be considered their own projects. xD Although Monolith will likely have Xeno in its game’s title. But Retro is either doing a new IP or another installment to well-known a Nintendo IP.

    2. The system has some next gen beans hidden away like Monolith say. I have AC3 and just to see a game like that run on the wiiu from day 1 really bodes well for the future of wiiu. I mean if that’s a day 1 launch title , games could look 2-3 times as good as that when the wiiu is maxed out :)

  5. i believe they meant being flashy and all that visual flair. not bethesda’s glitchy predicaments. although honestly, i’ve played through Dishonored and don’t seem to be glitches there, but hey I’m just enjoying the game not looking through its faults.

  6. Great because Skyrim is awesome! Glitches aside, it could be in the top 50 games of all time in my opinion. Let’s hope whatever they are making will make me want a wii U!

    1. Are you implying Xenoblade wasn’t good, are do you honestly want something that will consume your mind, body, and soul.

  7. got to love how mr pc fan ps3 fan and misses crossdresser ms fan all turn a bvlind eye to the derp glitches bugs and freezes that plagued like 99% of there games

    and you got to gigle to yoyrself in the Q at the chip shop wen you think of metro developers and there past SHIT CODE RECORD to dare blame wiiu cpu for there own crap

    this industry someone get me the popcorn lol

    and yes xenonblade and last story do a big poopoo on the likes of these other games

    dont forget the wiimote and chuck support guys with gamepad as my tactile unit in its cradle and shit

    that be some core gamer set up right there

      1. Isn’t it obvious?
        Cross-dressing developers shit popcorn in the freezing cold… Ok, I don’t actually know. :)

  8. I have full support for you, Monolith. You’ve already created a masterpiece for the Wii, and I don’t see how you can’t do the same for Wii U.

    1. IF they start making games like Bethesda I can see how they can fail with doing so… I doubt they will and that they will just try to enhance the technology, but the quote seems dangerous to me as they strive towards Bethesda’s game..

      Leave luck to heaven, it seems well needed this time….

      1. I think they just pulled a name out of the air. They’re not striving to be Bethesda, but they have hopes to be up there with the big franchise names. They could have easily said Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed or BioWare with Mass Effect.

  9. This sounds horrible. I hope they do only mean by technology and not how they develop games, because I do not want to participate in a open early beta when I buy a game at launch day…

  10. Considering the amazing job Monolith did with the humble Wii hardware for Xenoblade, I CANNOT wait to see what they’ll be able to produce with the Wii U.

    Oh, and Bethesda suck.

  11. I’m so looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Monolith is an excellent company and from what I’ve seen of Xenoblade so far, they’re extremely capable. Leave luck to heaven.

  12. Ooo this is good to hear, a studio that really wants to take advantage of the Wii U and make an outstanding game. Hopefully we wont have to wait too long to have a peek at what they’re up to. It may be another RPG, but from what the guy said, I think it could be something else maybe.

  13. I’m hoping this is just ignorance on their part in saying this because Bethesda games are complete garbage in EVERY area.

  14. You guys should fucking be glad they are thinking that way. I am a Nintendo fan but not a fanboy!!! Elder scrolls and Fallout may be buggy but are great games nonetheless. Xenoblade is a Open world RPG kinda like Elder scrolls and Fallout, just imagine what the next game from Monolith soft can look like If they push Wii U the way Western Studios do.If they took the open world design into even bigger game worlds with the great game play of their own games.!!! Japanese game developers need to move on and be more ambitious and this is a step in the right direction. It’s thanks to Fan boys like you guys with your conservative views on gaming that ruin the gaming industry and its a fact!! The Wii U needs this greatly to complete with Sony and Microsoft and rival the flashy big western RPGs which is what they were talking about really if any of you bothered to read the article carefully.

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  16. Choosing Bethesda as a rolemodel is a bad idea. I found The Elder Scrolls and Fallout to be one and the same, just with a different setting, story, etc. Bethesda’s games are glitchtastic beyond belief. They don’t affect the gameplay, but the entire presentation of the product. Wasn’t it suggested by another blog or newsletter that Skyrim be re-reviewed by the press because of numerous glitches?

    In short: Monolith, don’t make a game like Fallout or Skyrim.

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  18. What the hell are you assholes talking about? Skyrim isn’t shit on ANY console. One or two glitches are inebitable on any port dumbasses. Its not like PS3 somany glitches its unplayable. Just faggot fanboys arguing over another stupid topic.
    PS3=XBOX360 get that through your guys’ heads. ANYWAYS, BACK ON TOPIC, this game looks beast! And I’m so glad their taking tips from bethesda, the best rpg maker out there.. even better its a Wii U exclusive! Now nintendo will have an rpg to rival those of sony and microsoft, cant wait for this game!

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