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LEGO City: Undercover For Wii U Is A ‘Huge’ Game

lego_city_undercoverAccording to IGN, Wii U’s LEGO City: Undercover is a huge game. After playing only parts of the first act in the game, IGN Associate Editor Audrey Drake says she barely skimmed the surface of what the title offers. From what she’s seen so far, Drake thinks that LEGO City: Undercover is the LEGO game we’ve been waiting for.

To start – this game is huge. Almost too huge for its own good, in some respects. So far I’ve only had the opportunity to play part of Act 1, and after an hour I had still barely skimmed the surface of what there is to do in this title. You play as hero Chase McCain, who’s running all over creation trying to hunt down the evil Rex Fury. You’ll travel to various locations, many of which are inspired by real-life places (such as the prison island of Albatross… Alcatraz, anyone?).

The size of the city and the amount of activity contained within already guarantee hours of gameplay, but then there’s the collection aspect. After all, a LEGO game wouldn’t be a LEGO game without collecting – and this game takes that idea to a whole new level of obsession. There are so many things to collect in LEGO City Undercover that the prospect of getting them all is somewhat overwhelming. In addition to your standard hunt for LEGO pieces, you’ll also be hunting down hidden lockers, each of which contains a new disguise for Chase to don. Additionally, there are tons of different costumes you can dress Chase in, as well as a multitude of vehicles to unlock.

In other words, this is the LEGO game we’ve been waiting for. Here’s hoping Chase’s adventure doesn’t disappoint – but from what I’ve seen, I’ll definitely be there to see that he gets his gal back from Rex and saves the city come launch day.

121 thoughts on “LEGO City: Undercover For Wii U Is A ‘Huge’ Game”

    1. I know. Lego should have always been open world! I can’t wait to see what kind of puzzlles and lego mayhem are in store!

      1. Well said alba ^_^ . I took my little Cousin Game shopping today and he’s 12. I was pointing out some awesome normal games and he was saying ”too kiddy” He ended up getting CoD and Assassins creed for the DS lol. I am 21 and I am more interested in Games such as Mario , Sonic , Japanese Game A , Japanese Game B , etc etc.

        Kids these days lol….

    1. Correction. I (along with many others) want to get this game.

      “Kiddy” (although the word is “kiddie”) games, as you put it, are just fine if they’re made well. This one looks like it’s going to be a blast.

    2. Have you played it? If not then stfu! As long as it is fun it doesn’t matter if its kiddy or not! I happen to love both kinds of games!

      1. Oh sure blame GTA, so I’m guessing during the Medieval ages they had a copy of GTA on hand which caused them to kill each other…

        Seriously dude, you just made a pathetic excuse there.

        GTA is a awesome game and I’ve been playing it for years and I haven’t done anything violent at all.

    3. Its not a kiddy game but again, its not a mature game….. i love GTA but this game looks good (its Lego), you obiviously never played a damn Lego game, STFU!

  1. This is the only game on wii U I am actually interested in! It seems so cool. Supposively there will be a 3DS version too. I can’t wait for it!

        1. There hasn’t been much info at all. But it has been stated that it will come to 3DS! I hope it doesn’t get Canceled! I would love to have a great portable version!

    1. As of yet, it’s not been announced as cancelled (to my knowledge), so, unless Nintendo says otherwise between now and its release, there will be a 3DS version along with it.

    1. we can agree this is a gta type game, and gta games never had much depth in their combat systems / platformimg systems and were still very good games

    2. I think they should take a page out of scribblenaughts book, and allow deep use of lego items that you build to get around objects. As long as it is simple and deep at the same time, the wii U gamepad would be perfect for assembling models! Your character should also be fully customizable, along with weopon choices. The combat should be similar to older entries, but I feel that the ai need an intelligence boost, and also, when you die, you shouldn’t just respawn right there, you should respawn ag either a savepoint, a loading point, checkpoint, base, or beginning of the “dungeon”(however that works in open world I don’t know). As long as the game works similar to this it has got to be fun! Maybe then I will buy a wii U if the wii U version is waaay better than the 3DS version!

  2. See, this what i want from a open world city game. Actually stuff to do that it’s dumb mindless crap, and enviroments that can be interacted with i tons of ways.
    Not, fuck load of rectangles and hills, with building textures on them, vechiles, mindless combat, and dumbass NPC’s. i just described about 20+ different franchises.

      1. Skyrim actually has stuff to do in it though, same with Fallout.
        The NCP’s are fucking dumb, and the combat get repetitive, but at least there’s a lot of stuff to do, and it’s actually interesting.

        1. Oh God, the NPC’s in Skyrim are fucking dumb. I shoot a fucking arrow across their head, then I crouch to hide, the NPC goes: “Hm, I guess it was my imagination?”

          What the fuck?

          Despite those retarded NPC’s, Skyrim is a great game which I enjoyed playing very much as an archer. I wouldn’t say it should win as GOTY, but it’s still a must-buy regardless. :3

          1. Haha yeah xD and if you get your sneak on 100 you can just crouch in front of them, and they dont notice you, like literally with your face on their dick, and they just stand there.

            Tbh, stuff like that is excusable because its funny xD its not trying to be immersive.

  3. Please make a deal were I can buy Monster hunter 3 Ultimate and then add Lego city under cover at 50 to 60% of and am Good for march :). The Wii U shall make us broke next year.

  4. The excitement and entertainment monster hunter 3 Ultimate shall give us, is enough to see us through E3 2013 and all the nintendo directs next year. Monolith soft will definitely wow us, the Retro studios :).

    1. Rayman Legends , Lego City , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Pikmin 3, Aliens Colonial Marines , Project cars .

      Will be keeping my eye on various third party games such as NFSMW etc etc to se if they turn out good. I kinda missed out on NFSMW cus it wasn’t coming to wiiu , But I suppose that’s fixed :) .

      That’s an absolout haul , Maybe Wonderfull 101 will be released sooner rather than later , but I bet they’re trying to make some super graphical showcase out of the game like they’re doing with pikmin hence delaying the release date…

      1. that makes sense
        to be honest it looks a bit like nintendo wasn’t exactly 100% ready to launch before christmas but did it anyway to get the holiday season into their launch window

        1. Indeed, it’s probably the second most hap hazard and rushed console launch in history along side the RROD xbox 360. That shit was 50% broken out of the box lol. Wiiu has not stooped anywhere near that low.

        2. Really? I think this was a good time to launch as more people will own the U when these pearls comes out. I mean, they have to be able to sell consoles over time so they can’t give us all goodies at once.

          1. i’m not saying it wasn’t a good time to launch
            obviously catching the holiday season is a good move, i’m just saying that nintendo didn’t seem to be quite ready for the release what with all the software issues the console is still having and many of the should-be launchgames being delayed further and further back

          1. nah, I’m pretty sure R* will bring gta to wii u if they are smart, it’s the best console!. I not worried about it.

  5. I wonder if you would be able to hit the lego people with a car and watch them explode apart. And put them back together, of coarse.

    1. You can!!!! Go to Nintendo and scroll a couple of pages it has the developer details about Lego city. One of them being ”Smash through lego civilians” lol :)

  6. got to say i didn’t think this would turn out to be much at first but after i’ve seen a couple gameplay videos and read a few previews this actually might turn out to be a very good game

    i also really like the humor.. that what i could see in gameplay vids anyway

    1. or perhaps a good game anyone can enjoy
      but you keep thinking that and miss out on a (potentially) great game
      i’ll have my fun

      1. I was making a joke if you didn’t notice ¬.¬ It does sound like a cool game, but I would like to play a demo before I jumped to buying it.

  7. Did anyone else ever play Lego Island and Lego Island 2 as a kid? Those games were a little open world-y if I remember correctly. If this is anything like those, I want it. The only other Lego games I’ve ever played are the Star Wars ones.

      1. No, it’s just for retards. Even little kids have standards and won’t play Declassified. I felt like killing myself when I was playing it.

  8. I am a GTA fan and even I have to say this game is starting to look more and more awesome!!

    I love me some lego and sandbox games =3

  9. Reblogged this on C Town Gaming and commented:
    I have never been a huge Lego game fan, but this game does look really cool. I like the fact that the environmental is so big, it gives the game a GTA feel. Although Legos should never be compared to a game called Grand Theft Auto.

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  12. Teens, pre-teens and some young adults make comments like “this is stupud” or “kiddie game” and they don’ even realize how those comments prove their own immaturity. All Lego games I’ve played have been fun.

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