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Flagrant Wii U GamePad Clone Releasing Soon

S7300_super_mario_galaxy_2Chinese company Jin Xing will be releasing the S7300, also known as the Dual HD GamePad 2, early next year. The device looks strikingly similar to Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad and features a traditional gaming layout, as well as a touchscreen in the middle of it. Also, note that the image above was taken straight from Jin Xing’s website.

143 thoughts on “Flagrant Wii U GamePad Clone Releasing Soon”

    1. Who runs this site??? Clone?? Nintendo helped China create a way to stop black market games…..Do your research ALBA

    1. There is nothing wrong with the battery of the gamepad. Mine lasts easily long enough. It lasts about 4 hours and that’s great , considering the giant 6.2” screen. And you can plug it in and charge it whilst playing , so there is no issue with the gamepads battery life.

      The pro controller has the best battery in any device ever lol. I charged it fully on the 29th of November and have not charged it once since and used it every day….

      1. Seriously stop it. I like my wii u too. But the gamepad battery sucks. And plugging it in while playing limist your mobility tremendously.

        1. Seriously fuck you. The battery life is solid for all the tech the controller has in it. And plugging it in does not limit your mobility , thats why it has its own AC adapter so you can plug it in where ever you are.

          I honestly don’t see it as an issue at all. I mean if you play a game for 5Hours straight , it may be an issue , but even then you just plug it in and carry on playing.

          It’s not an issue at all in my opinion. I mean 4 Hours would be OK even if it was trully portable…

          1. Can’t you deal with a legitimate complaint? Grow up, you moron. Some people have different needs than a fanboy – who will just gobble up anything.

            1. I’m not defending anything you queer. I own a wiiu , and the battery life of the controller is not an issue to ME. And quote frankly you would have to be a nit picker to use that as a complaint.

              The wiiu gamepad has about the same battery life as a 3DS or a PSvita. Nuff said.

                1. Fuck you lol. You’re a total Joke . A graphics based Nintendo Hater on a Nintendo news site. lol

                  I was just stating my opinion. The wiiu’s Gamepad Battery life , is not too short by any means. It feels right TO ME , anyway.

                  Maybe some Nerd who plays for 8 hours straight without a break will be affected the worst. He may have to have the dreaded charging cable plugged in *gasp* .

                  It ain’t a normal controller , it has a 6.2” touchscreen , Accelorometer , Gyroscope , Geo Magnetic sensor , Sends and recieves a ton of informations , has an arm processor inside it , etc etc.

                  1. For the last fucking time. I SAID I LIKE IT BALANCED. I never knew wanting a perfect game meant I was a graphics whore.

                    Oh you were just stating your opinion? Me too buddy. Today’s standards, the gamepads battery is quite short. Oh and listing features most tablets have isn’t anything special.

                    1. :P . I’m only teasing you bout graphics cus everyone started attacking me because I was impressed with Rayman legends Framerate and resoloution lol. I have a 1080p 32” TV and ofcourse I wana give it a true warm up lol.

                      Forget about it. Graphics are very important. But gameplay is the main aspect of a game and always will , Look at crysis , it’s a meh game.

                      And yeh , fair enough the gamepad may be an issue to some people. But I use my wiiu a LOT atm , and it’s not an issue to me nor have any of my mates pointed out any battery life issue..

                    2. I admit gameplay is pretty important. But I also want my game to look beautiful (Art style and heck I even like how some can push the realism) I ain’t a fan of blurred stuff anymore (e.g. Nostalgia shit) because I admit I’m more of a guy who’s “Out with the old, in with the new”. I just hate having one over the other, Awesome gameplay with shit graphics I generally don’t like (On the odd occassion I will like it. e.g. pokemon) But awesome graphics with shit gameplay sucks too. Rayman Legends though looks pretty sweet.

      2. The iPad (or any other tablet PC) is doing a LOT more than the gamepad and has a far bigger display, yet its battery lasts >2x more than the battery of the gamepad. Your point?
        Stop kissing Nintendo’s arse at every single oppurtunity you get.

        1. That’s not a fair comparison. The Wii U’s main cost is the console itself plus we’re getting the most complicated controller ever designed. The iPad costs more than both the Wii U and its controller and its designed to be taken outside. I don’t feel cheated at all by Nintendo.

        2. My Gamepad doesn’t have any issues with battery life , it’s fine. If someone has an issue with it then they’re just nit picking. The gamepad lasts longer on power saver mode with the lights turned down. On maximum it lasts a good 4 hours. Which is fine. Then you just leave it to charge for an Hour or plug and play.

          In my opinion and experience with the wiiu , it’s not a problem AT ALL. And the Pro controller has the best battery life ever.

          I charged min on the 29th of November , used it every day and its still running of that same charge…

    1. No lawsuit, China doesn’t have copyright laws. The only way Nintendo will sue is if China exports it to other countries.

  1. I can honestly say I like the design of this tablet better. While I love my Wii U and I bought it on launch day, the tablet looks ridiculously round, almost oval. Criticize the things you love

            1. Lmao… Hold remote is fun but not as fun as the gamepad. Why are y’all even involving yourselves in this poor attempt at intelligent conversation?! This guy is on here to get a rise out of you! If you enjoy the gamepad, then state that and move on! Don’t give in to these childish little contests of ” my console/controller is better than yours!” These are “Games” enjoy them as such and have fun with the different experiences that each console offers.

  2. Wow it’s the best console I’ve ever seen the screen on the controllers is so innovative I have never seen anything like it and that “Mario” (never heard of it before) that they sell with it lookws so cool. I think the Dual HD GamePad 2 is the future of gaming Jin Xing is the best most innovative company i have ever seen and they sell their games for free! I’m gonna get one right now.

    WTF after looking this up to buy one I have found this Japanese company “Nimtendo” (or something stupid) has completely copied it right the only thing they have changed is the analogue sticks They are even advertising it with Jin Xing’s “mario” game what a rip off they should be sued for copyright I found the rip off companies website ( it looks so cheap and tacky ) and i have to say that they are taking this cheap rip-off thing too far we as loyal Jin Xing fans should boycott this cheap rip-off blatent and hope Nimtendo gets sued.

      1. Jin Xing was obvious the original innovator don’t go saying that Nimtendo’s inferior rip off is better than Jin Xings amazing innovative and COMPLETELY ORIGINAL HD Game Pad 2 no one but Jin Xing the amazing innovate company could think of a controller with a screen on it or make the Mario games if you compare the Vii U with the HD Gamepad 2 you will see that Jin Xing’s Hd Gamepad 2 is obviously the original and would never rip off anything ever.

        1. Sure Aeolus. I bet you enjoy sucking Kaz and Jin’s dick for loss of profits and status. You don’t know fucking shit about Nintendo. U mad because the Wii U have sold over 1 million units worldwide.

              1. yes it is completely possible with the whole Internet at his fingertips he never used google translate on the phrase I left below.
                我是在開玩笑得到幽默感 nor did he click on the link in my name.

  3. Wow what INTERESTING news. China making a copy of a console, surely you must be jesting! We’ve never seen such a blasphemous thing before and this is totally news-worthy.

    Seriously I knew alba posted this the second I saw the title. Fuck you alba, YOU ARE NOT GOOD AT THIS

  4. And i though Sony was the only one guilty on copying Nintendo, by the way how do these guys know about wii u if China does not allow them to use internet like Google?

    I bet ya in china they will say that this is innovate and Nintendo and rest of the world coping them.

    1. Dual HD GamePad 2 is the future of gaming Jin Xing is the best most innovative company I have ever seen
      “Nimtendo” even copied the mario game what a rip-off of Jin Xing’s innovation this Nimtendo should make their own ideas instead of ripping off Jin Xing

      1. The Wii U GamePad is the future of gaming. Nintendo is the best innovative video gaming company in the world.

        “Jin Xing” even copied the mario game what a rip-off of Nintendo’s innovation. Jin Xing should make their own ideas instead of ripping off Nintendo.

          1. Revolution5268: Getting a bit offensive there having a Marxist communist country (as soviet Russia was) doesn’t mean the cultures are opposite (you can say that the political policies are the opposite left wing rather than the right wing of capitalism) but you can’t go so far as to say that they are the complete opposite.

    1. The Chintendo Vii bourgeois motion controls to the masses and built a revolution of accessible gaming it was highly innovative can you not see from the commercial that even elderly gentetlman is have lots of fun also? I don’t know who this “Nimtendo” is or what a “wii” is but it looks like a rip-off of one of Chinas great innovative original products

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  6. I wouldn’t shed a tear if someone dropped a bomb on their company HQ right about now.
    Or at the least, beat their company prez till he was unfit to continue the company, then do the same to the next in line on down the line until the place was forced to shut down.

        1. Thetruthandnothingbut

          I know, right?
          Aeolus probably hasn’t had pussy since pussy had him, anyways.
          And what’s with that name? Greek ruler of winds apparently.
          Makes sense, considering he’s full of nothing but hot air! Arrogant little gas-bag.XD

        2. I’d say he is trolling pretty well since most people end up arguing with him. Also, if you want to see infantile insults, look at Nintedward or UNation. If someone makes a legitimate complaint, you must be a graphics whore or someone who licks out Kaz Hirais Vagina.

          1. You obviously haven’t seen the worst of what Aeolus has done.
            Nintedward and UNation are amateurs compared to Aeolus when it comes to infantile acts.

            1. Nintedward would be the worst. UNation isn’t overly bad, him and Jaded would be the only two on here I actually like.

              1. I fear you’ve just proven my point; you haven’t seen Aeolus at his worst if you think Nintedward is worse.

          2. At least you don’t see me trolling at a PlayStation blog and bash Sony. This is a Nintendo blog… not PlayStation blog, Jelly. For once, you just need to chill the fuck out. Just because the DS outsells PS2 (PSP when comparing both portables) and the Wii U selling over 1 million units worldwide doesn’t mean you have the nuts to downgrade Nintendo. Why not enjoy playing games… especially games on Nintendo systems.

            1. Unation: If you gat annoyed by people on the Internet when they insult Nintendo just take a few moments to calm down the only reason pepole like aeolus troll is becouse it is so easy to get a reaction from you. take ten seconds and calm down you will find the website a lot more enjoyable when you8 arent fighting about little things on the website.
              (this applies more to Revolution and Nintendward more but they are too far gone into fanboyishness to return and you seem a perfectly reasonable person)

                1. JinXinglord AKA Katana AKA the farnsworth face guy

                  Fuck it I give up
                  You win with your annoying, moronic, fanboy rambling I try to respect you as a reasonable person giving honest advice only to get it shat into my face
                  Honestly I’m done with this website and wont ever visit again anyone know of any other Nintendo websites?
                  OriginalUNation: if you are a troll then well done you have driven me to the point where I cannot visit a website I used to enjoy visiting. Pat yourself on the back you have broken me the first of many a troll to do so. I cannot fathom why I go to this website anymore.
                  Goodbye my Nintendo news it was a good run.
                  (for those who don’t recognise me I was the person with the farnsworth face before I couldn’t be bothered logging into my account I went under the Name of Katana before changing it to JinXingLord as a joke in this comment section and for those who think I am joking after this comment section dies I shall leave and never return thanks Sickr and Alba for all the wonderful news over the past year or so)

                  1. If I were a troll, I would become you, Aeolus, Ness, Ziegfried von Scrotum, anonrickroll1, mrsphaghetti12, and dapyroshow. You and everyone who invades the Nintendo blog hates Nintendo and always come up with more bullshit than a fucking toxic waste area. If you hate Nintendo and the way they change and innovate video games, don’t fucking post it here. It’s that goddamn simple!

                    1. JinXinglord AKA Katana AKA the farnsworth face guy

                      What have I done that you think was Trollish list 3 things
                      the Sarcastic JinXing comment I was obviously joking about that I even put at the bottom in Chinese “I am joking” I enjoy Nintendo I’ve probably been playing it before you were born and part of liking Nintendo is that I can tell when they make a mistake (they don’t often) like the 3ds price and criticise them for it.

    1. The gamepad’s current design is deliberate.
      When gaming for hours, you’re going to want the ridges and design Nintendo developed.
      This will look all thin and sexy until the stress test begins, and the gamepad being flat will fail horribly to the user weilding it

      Fortunately, this isn’t a real concern as it’s not a gamepad replacement.

    2. Sad as it is,Wii is not as original as it seems,the motion control was copied from that 2005 sports thingy.WiiSports was obviously a shameless rip-off.

      1. Nope. Don’t pin that on Nintendo Space Toast. Someone pitched the tech to Microsoft, and after being rudely turnned down for the tech being inferior, It was pitched to Nintendo, who accepted deal and made a fuck-ton off a the tech. Legally.
        If someone was selling stolen Car Radios, you’re the only one that knows about it.

    3. just a random question. i have a old TV which is a rear projection TV and it about 42 inches.. It might be old but it is still 1080i HD Ready. It doesn’t accept HDMI cables. Only Composite, S-Video and Component cables. Right now I have it connected via my Wii’s old composite cables and the picture just looks bad and blurry. If I was to buy component cables for the Wii and use them for the Wii U, will it output in 1080i and look any better? So what I’m basically asking is if Wii component cables will work on the Wii U and output 1080i video quality?

      1. It should work with a component cable since they are capable of transferring HD video signals. If you connect the wii u woth the component cable to your TV you should be able to select the 1080i.

        But if I would be you I’d rather choose 480p because it’s progressive scan so the image won’t flicker and 480p on old TVs looks better than 480p on new TVs.
        Hope that helped you.

      2. Composite will only give you what your television is capable of . That is 480p . If you want 1080i or 1080p you need a hd tv that has that resolution built in already. Aka you cannot make a old tv hd. Time for upgrade. If you want hd gaming you need an hd tv simple as that. Anyone that says otherwise is lying as the cable can not change the pixel density or resolution on your television, the cable is just the link from which the source image goes thru to reach the television how the picture looks depends solely on your TVs resolution and that will determine whether you can get an hd signal or not

        1. Correction I just saw that your tv is 1080i .. So yes it will project to that with a good set of gold tip composite cables. Aka gold tips have better connectivity than nickel

    4. I wouldn’t call this a “flagrant” clone, if it were, it wouldn’t be a standalone device. It would only be a gamepad that gets its content streamed to it. What this is, is an Android tablet with physical controls. Stop screaming “clone” just because something looks like something else and use a little common sense.

      I actually find it amusing thinking about this blog’s stance on tablet gaming. Tablets can’t be “real” gaming devices because they don’t have physical controls. A tablet with physical controls is released “OMG, they’re ripping off Nintendo’s Wii U!” I bet there are only so many ways to do physical controls on a tablet. If the buttons were above the circlepads, would it still be a clone?

    5. if you go to their website, you find out it has pretty good specs! it actualy looks kind of cool even though it is a wii-u rip off.

    6. Emulators are pointless on a dedicated portable system, you can use any laptop made after 2004 for the ones they’re using. Just about everyone has a phone, no point offering Android games because everyone can play them already. To most sane people, this offers absolutely nothing I cannot already do.

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