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Doom 4 Coming To Wii U?


Brian Harris, a developer over at ID software, has said on Twitter that since the team has wrapped up work on Doom 3 BFG Edition they are now looking to bring their “big project” – which is presumably Doom 4 – to “new platforms”. Whether this means that they’re looking to bring Doom 4 to Wii U remains to be seen, but it seems like a dead cert that the game will be coming to the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4.

116 thoughts on “Doom 4 Coming To Wii U?”

  1. Oh man, hype.
    FPS games need some originality and change, they’re boring now, we need new ganeplay ideas, what hetter to do than Doom, the father of FPS.

    As for it coming to WiiU, it could go either way, Nintendo and iD have always have a good relationship.

    1. They had a bit of a falling out after the 64 games, but if the developers say they’re bringing it to “new platforms” that can only mean the Wii U, if not the Wii U and 3DS for connective play.

      1. Yeah.
        Either i’ll be getting it, but i doubt i’ll get a ps4 or 720 in their first year, or even second, if it less than £450, i’ll actually be surprised. Depends on the software too, i want a WiiU as soon as Rayman and Pikmin are out, as well as others, but the ps3 and 360 didnt offer anythin i really wanted for a while.

        1. I’m getting myself into Monster Hunter when the Wii U version releases (it looks like a great game, and my brother played it all the time on the Wii). You should too, if you’re not playing it already :P

      1. Wolfenstein was anywhere near as popular however or had as much impact. When Doom came, everything changed.
        Therefor, Doom is still the father of FPS games, Wolfenstein was just the first by iD

    1. Actually, the Wii U is doomed, because it will never shed its little baby name. If it doesn’t get Doom, it will never become a cool, manly console.

        1. It seems he’s been attacking for a couple of days now. All he says is “baby this and that” I’m starting to think he is a Bielieber

      1. A console is a gaming system …. Games are for children in the first place …. So basically u r an adult who still ” play games ” …… Which then leads by ur logic to the fact that u r immature .

        1. That’s like saying books and films are only for children. Games are an entertainment medium like any other, they can be enjoyed by all ages. They are not toys. Sure some age prefer different games, I wouldn’t give a 5 year old GTA or a 19 year boy Nintendogs. However they are just a versatile a medium, or even art form, as any other and should be treated as such.

          1. True except that you missed a point … I clearly said ” in the first place ” doesn’t mean that there are no games for adults …. I just wanted to lead to a fact that he is so immature

    1. I think this is why he wanted bfg edition on wiiu so we could get on the idea of doom again on a Nintendo console.

  2. Man, that’s scary to think of Brian as a dev at iD. I remember when he was just starting out with Team Reaction on Quake 2 mods. He’s come a long way.

  3. Of course a manly, mature game would be going to the real next generation consoles. There’s no way the amazing Doom franchise would ever go on the baby console, the Wii U.

    1. Uh huh. Blops 2 , ZombiU , AC3 , Batman , Darksiders 2 , Ninja gaiden 3 , TTT2 , Mass effect 3 .

      Shit the fuck up bill.

      1. Cod runs off of id software on the cd in tiny text it says “this product contains software technology licensed from id software”

    2. I see Billy Boy here is mature enough to play mature games, tell me son, did you had a childhood? i did, i remember playing outside, Hide and Seek and all that kind of stuff unfortunately i grew older but who doesn’t right? But hey i still got that child inside, i enjoy games no matter the rating….you wanna know why, cause im a GAMER asshole!!!! ratings like E(everyone), T(teens), and M(mature), Games like RPG, Adventure, Puzzle, Action, Racing, Sports you name it, i enjoy them all!!!! consoles bring different experiences but awesome moments, this is just my opinion, stay awesome bros!!!!

  4. if they are too lazy like some other devs they will probably skip the U. Tell me how tough it is to implement second screen usage….

  5. Let`s be realistic here. Doom 4 is at least another year away, as well as the next gen consoles from both Sony and Microsoft (I personally doubt either will launch in 2013… I expect both in 2014 – Microsoft in Sping and Sony in Fall).

    With that in mind, I imagine Doom 4 will be a `launch“ title for both those consoles.

    Does that mean Doom 4 won`t appear on Wii U? I’m not sure. Reggie is really pushing for more 3rd party support (and mature game support) for the Wii U, so if they were smart, they’d try and convince ID/Bethesda to port it to Wii U.

    If Doom 3 BFG edition comes to Wii U this year, then I would say Doom 4 is a very real possibility. Until then, I would remain skeptical.

    1. Wiiu is in good hand if carmack is the 1 developing for it, he is 1 of the few developers that fallows the industry tech advances.

      1. Doom was on way more than just the SNES. I just looked at a list, there is actually quite a few systems it was on.

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  7. John Carmack showed is interest in the Wii U and its no doubt the game will be released on the Wii U but the PS4 and Next Xbox… not so sure since John said there is not much to work with those two consoles but they could also get Doom 4, who knows

    1. Well John Carmack actually showed great interest into the Wii U so really its more highly likely the game WILL make be on the Wii U

  8. I played just one Doom game on the Nintendo 64 for a little while years ago, and ever since then I’ve hated the series and have made fun of it. I couldn’t understand the appeal. Besides that, it made me extremely motion sick. One reason why I’ll NEVER like first-person shooters.

      1. *stands on top of high place and yells * on the name of great old school titles we revoke retro junkie name from the club of classic old school, awesome and charming gamers.

      2. Just because I hate first-person shooters doesn’t mean I can’t be a retro gaming junkie. Junkies don’t have to like EVERYTHING.

      1. Also the tweet said, and i quote “big pokemon news coming next week”.
        No-one out of Japan gives a shit about the anime, so big new means only 1 thing, big game.

  9. I doubt it. Didn’t the Doom creator have a dim view of the Wii? I doubt if they’re aiming at PS4 and XBOX720, that they’ll sacrifice graphics (even slightly) for the Wii U version. It’ll be Wii all over again, only with a SLIGHTLY smaller gap this time (but still, a gap nonetheless).

    And id loves to push graphical boundaries, if you haven’t noticed (Doom, Doom 3, RAGE, etc.).

  10. Honestly, it can’t hurt to put Doom 4 on Wii U, it can only help. I don’t think they can afford not to put it on Wii U. Doom 4 has to compete with Halo on Xbox and Crysis and COD. On Wii U, Doom would have less competition for a FPS.

  11. I am a hardcore gamer, I have all the systems except Vita. I think Doom is irrelevant compared to Halo, especially Halo 4, also I enjoy Black Ops and Black ops 2, I don’t think ID can compete after playing Rage. I was disappointed.

    1. Doom can always be relevent if they simply stick to it’s roots and make an effort to decide on what they want the game to be – and what it NEEDS to be is a ruthless no-holds barred alien shoot’em’up that doesn’t make excuses, holds no punches, and screws you over any chance it gets.

      This ain’t Halo, this ain’t COD…this is DOOM, and it needs to make good on that!

    2. Doom is MORE relevant, because Halo is Microsoft exclusive… Doom is 3rd party and can be played on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft platforms.

    3. Thats great, but Halo hasn’t innovated what so ever since the first game, its boring now.

      Doom has the staff willing to change the FPS genre. And god help Halo and COD if they do multiplayer.
      I mean, how long has it been since we’ve had a AAA FPS game that used health and armour pick up?
      Remember the days of games like Red Faction multiplayer, and Time Splitter? Imagine that in next gen tech with next gen way of thinking, that’s what we’re dealing with.

      If any game has the chance of becoming itrelivant, it’s Halo, unless they change things to, but then all the fanboys complain, because they literally want the same game over and over (make sense /s)

  12. Why is it that we are never quite sure if a game will be coming to a Nintendo platform but always certain that it will be coming to xbox and ps3? That has always annoyed me about Nintendo.

    1. Blame Nintendo for being more concerned about economic status, ease of access/playability, and a rather bizarre idea that they don’t need to be anywhere near the head of the pack,power wise, to be able to get the best games. Whilst this may have worked on the Wii, the concern is that it may just not hold out for the Wii U this time around…and that’s kinda a shame, really.

      Next time, they need to really pull out the stops – start being ahead of the game, not resting on the laurels and hoping that things just fall in their laps because of good fortune!

      1. Non-gamer Lunatic… why the fuck are you doing here on a dedicated Nintendo blog? Don’t put the blame on Nintendo just because the Wii U have sold most here in America [1.09 million units]. Don’t put the blame on Nintendo just because they’ve made an energy saving (but powerful) video game system. Don’t put the blame on Nintendo just because they’ve made a very FAST internet browser that’s better than Xbox 360 and that inferior PS3. Don’t put the blame on Nintendo just because they innovate the Wii U GamePad that changes the way we play video games instead of using monotonous controllers from PlayStation and Xbox generations of yore.

        If you want to come up and fucking bitch about Nintendo, why don’t you go to a different forum that doesn’t have the main title NINTENDO on it. You’re making us gamers (no matter what systems they own) look extremely bad to the core.

        1. You’d think with all that great stuff you mentioned, there would be a ton more third party developers saying “yeah! our game is definitely coming to wii u!” Instead of “well it’s coming to xbox360 and ps3, but as for Wii U, we don’t know yet.”

          1. But the point they made it true.
            In the past, Nintendo haven’t really bothered to go and a grab these 3rd party title they needed, even when the consoles were at the same power (N64 and Gamecube), the Wii faulted in its control methods and lack of power. The WiiU, and Nintendos way of thinking seems to have changed, they’re grabbing all the titles they should have with the console, stepping in to take games like Bayonetta, having partnerships with Platinum, Capcom, Namco Bandai, they just need to grab some Western developers and they’ll be fine.

            But Doom coming to WiiU isn’t a certain.

        2. I own a wii and intend on owning a wiiU…..I merely expressed concern about the direction.
          You’re launching missiles on something that is just a genuinely concerned gamer who wants to have hope for this console based on the idea that it’s going to be technically outgunned in the next year.

          Don’t let yourself get blinded – It’s an awesome console, but will what it has be enough for the long haul, considering it’ll have developers questioning viability once the new consoles come out. I play ALL platforms, and discuss them equally…this is not my attacking Nintendo blindly, this is me pointing out why nintendo are often left without many big gaming titles last gen.

                1. I don’t call myself a believer or a nonbeliever…I’m a gamer first and foremost, and I weigh things as I find them. It’s better to remain positive but not in a way that stops us from understanding that there will be bumps in the road along the way….and that it’s *fine* to do so.

                  1. I agree with Gamer Luna. You see with the lens of truth. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo and their consoles I’m just concerned as well when developers seem to think of putting their game on Wii U as a “favor” to Wii U owners. How many times have I read an article about a great game and then there is a quote from one of the developers saying “At this time, there are no plans to bring it to Wii U.” Far too many my friend. And I is sound about it (T_T)

  13. DERP only wiiu has actual first person shooter controls POINTING @ AND GIGGLING HISTERICALLY IN THE FACE OF A MORON TWIN STICK FPS GAMER i stopped doing that 7 years ago!!!!!! the consoles without core fps mouse pointers are the COUGH core machines lol @ this MONG industry

    twin stick fps is obsolete dead end out datd RUBBISH only the wii remote and the tactile touchscreen can innovate fps further what they guna do offer kinect 2 controls DERP and COUGH it dont work needs calibrating and lags like hell MOVE that flopped and nooone has LOL

    there is no machine on earth more suited to fps than wiiu FACT

    1. “twin stick fps is obsolete dead end out datd RUBBISH”
      “there is no machine on earth more suited to fps than wiiu FACT”

      And what does the Wii U have? Twin sticks -_-

      1. S fan tried The wiiu has 4 Wii remotes one gamepad per console the Wii remote userbase is 200 million the wiiu sold 2.2 million so the Wii remote ratio is 4 to 1 gamepad per console and the userbase is 200 million to 2.2 million the idiot above just tried to state BULLSHIT AS FACT the wiiu is not the gamepad it’s the gamepad the Wii remote the plus the pro pad the classic pad the dapper the balance board that’s thetoil box for games witch tool fits fps ABOVE IDIOT

        1. Wen did the gamepad replace the Wii remote wen did that happen oh I remember it didn’t and wouldn’t a core gamer use a Wii remote to fps with and the gamepad in a stand as a tactile screen aiming with a stick is deaf

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