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SNES Title SimCity Mysteriously Disappears From Wii Shop Channel

simcity_snesToward the end of last year, for no apparant reason, the Donkey Kong Country trilogy was removed from the Wii Shop channel.

Now, another game seems to be missing from the online shop. SimCity for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is no longer available for purchase from the Wii Shop Channel – again, for no clear reason.

59 thoughts on “SNES Title SimCity Mysteriously Disappears From Wii Shop Channel”

      1. ^ this

        Some people act like a bunch of spoilt brats.
        “Slow new day, what a load of shit”
        “Where’s the Zelda, we want Zelda, now i want Fzero, now i want Mother 4”

        1. This seems significant to me.

          I think there’s a chance all of the Wii Virtual Console games will eventually be remastered for the Wii U. That, or there are some licensing issues going on.

            1. You know what I mean.

              It is best to think of the games as “enhanced for HD.”

              Mighty Switch Force did it, so is Mutant Mudds, and I know we’ll see something similar for some classic games on virtual console this time around as well. It would not make sense for Nintendo to re-release SD games on the Nintendo eShop of an HD console that automatically displays everything in 1080p (SD or not) on the system itself. :l

                1. Yes. I got about 15 games on there, all of which I don’t want to re-buy. Maybe they could charge a small ammount to upscale Virtual console and Wii games? Imaging Twilight Princess or Donkey Kong Country Reterns in HD…

      2. Agree.
        “Slow news day.”
        Translation: I’m not talented or motivated enough to have my own blog, so I’ll go critisize the blogs I’m jealous of.

      3. they mostly say that when 1. their not a lot of comments in that topic juicy flame war relative 3.not popular you know what.

  1. Reminds me of that Doctor Who episode where the stars are disappearing.

    Most likely they’re getting the WiiU eShop ready, and DKC and this are gona be in there day 1.

  2. I know why it disappeared. It finally realized how pathetic it is to be on the Wii , and it took itself off the Wii shop!

          1. Bill, I dont understand why you are bashing Nintendo. Theres tons of Sony and Xbox websites that you can check out and find gamers just like you who talk about “manly” stuff.

      1. Thankfully I got all three cause they are all great and it is ashamed that people don’t give DKC3 the love it deserves.

  3. When i opened the wii shop channel a few days ago they stated that this would be happening, no reason was given though

  4. Nintendo is probably trying to build up a little hype like ”OMG! I want that game!” So that when they put them on Wii U E-shop more people will buy them.

    That’s my guess anyway.

  5. the donkey kong country games were developed by rare (excluding Donkey kong country returns for wii) and microsoft owns rare now so the the rest of the math in your head

    1. So was Donkey Kong Country Returns a few pass?
      Because i’m sure it said Donkey Kong Country on the title screen when i played it on the Wii

  6. This is getting ridiculous. There are a lot of games that I want on virtual console (including the entire Donkey Kong Country trilogy) but did not have the funds at the time to buy it. They could at the very least give us a reason for taking the games off the virtual console. I don’t think Nintendo was losing any money by taking them off from there.

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