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Square Enix Asks What You Would Like In 2013

Publisher and developer Square Enix has asked its fans just what they would like to see this year.  The team say it could be a game release, a game announcement, a new console announcement, or just a great gaming moment with your friends. What would you like to see from Square Enix in 2013?

270 thoughts on “Square Enix Asks What You Would Like In 2013”

      1. Oooohhhh good answer. I loved dragoons. Yes please!

        I also wouldn’t mind a game as awesome as sm rpg. Even though it was in the mario universe, it was still a great game.

        Anyways, I’d like whatever it may be on Wii U!

      1. They dont notice our hunger for classic rpg i have to rebuy a psp go just to get the classics and a hard search for ds rpgs.

        1. Yup. I still have a ton of my GameBoy/GBA, and DS RPGs and PSP RPGs. I’m thinking about downloading some more of them from the PSN on my Vita. I just wish I didn’t have to go into the archives for some good stuff.

          They need to give us something fresh and good!

      1. kh3, final fantasy versus 13, new chrono game, musashi 3, and a dissidia wiiu!!!!! We she have a petition on this like people did for xenoblade chronicles!!!!!!!!

      1. I wish someone could make a Paper Mario like the first or second one (the thousand year door being my favorite)

        1. Thousand Year Door is one of my favourite games ever >.<
          I don't know what Intelligent Systems were thinking with Sticker Star…

          I wish they'd work on another Metroid game though, everyone seems to forget they helped make Super Metroid

  1. Well, I would like to see the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII get released over here in States. That plus a possible port of Lightning Returns for the Wii U?

  2. Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, The World Ends With You Too (2), and Dragon Quest VII 3D would make me fully respect Square Enix again.

  3. Super Mario RPG 2 or an announcement that the next Kingdom Hearts will include the Star Wars and/or Indiana Jones universes, i don’t care how it would work, i just want it.

    1. What do i want?
      How about a game thats fucking good for once. I don’t care what franchise, as long as it’s good.

      But seeing you’re taking requests…
      Kingdom Hearts 3, Versus 13, a new Crystal Chronicles, A NEW CHRONO GAME, and i want you to purposely NOT remake Final Fantasy 7, just to piss the fanboys off.

      1. In other news Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 actually has some good idea a lot of people don’t realise.

    1. FF13 and FF13-2 weren’t even bad. They were average, but not bad.
      The only thing that killed it for me was the battle mechanics, i didn’t really mind the linearity of it, it only became a problem when you couldn’t grind XP

      1. that one guy you saw that one day

        as someone like me who play every games. 12 and 13 suck shouldne’t have been call Final Fantasy. but before you or someone get mad this is what i think.

        1. I can understand how someone might not like it, even i felt annoyed with it at times.
          But i got through 13-2 without any grief, it was just kinda dull.
          But the ending was fucking awesome >.<

        2. Lightning Returns SOUNDS awesome though.
          Battle system has been completely reworked, it’s non linear and open, only 1 character, character and weapon customisation, and it’s got a Majora’s Mask type of Doomsday Clock system in the game, which sounds awesome.

      1. The final fantasy games I enjoyed the most were:
        3.) IV
        2.) VI
        1.) V
        Sorry I do not like 3D+Final Fantasy. I dislike final fantasy IV for the DS but love it for the GBA… But the DS version was really hard.
        Old Snes graphics for final fantasy are the best!!
        My opinion. I like the art style of final fantasy V for the GBA more than FF XIII for the PS3…
        And… Shiva turns into a BIKE…. A.. B I K E!!!!
        And I dislike the summon system in FF XIII… A lot.

      1. Not really. Even when you take out the Final Mixes and the HD remaster, they’re about the same. But when you add everything in, Sony has most of the games on their system. That said, I could see a KH 3 game being put on both a Sony and Nintendo system simultaneously.

        Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
        Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS2)
        Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM (PS2)
        Kingdom Hearts II (PS2)
        Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (PS2)
        Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (PSP)
        Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix (PS3)

        Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (GBA)
        Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS)
        Kingdom Hearts re: Coded (DS)
        Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance. (3DS)

    1. W@h@h@h@!! I @gree! M@ke somthing new… something deserving of the new generation. Prefer@bly on the Wii U!

  4. I’d like to see Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, come together and make a game console.
    I’m sick of there being so many consoles, and so much hatred in the gaming community!
    A move such as this would revitalize the gaming market, and bring gamers closer together in ways that would really be cool!

    Though, if there are two new consoles late this year or next year or the year after that, I’d like them not to be more than $199 and I sure as heck hope they don’t block used game sales!

    And just to nip this stupidity in the bud, could we get rid of online passes and day one dlc?

    1. “Though, if there are two new consoles late this year or next year or the year after that, I’d like them not to be more than $199”


    2. And share profits?? Lol, three swollen heads like that will not do such a thing especially when they all figure they are better than the next

    3. Good.. idea actually. Nintendo + Sony = extreme game quality and ahead of era technology with untold innovation inside of gaming console. I’ve always liked Sony and Nintendo so that would be a gamer’s dream for me.

  5. KH 1.5 HD ReMix english release, bravely default in english, FFvs13 trailer and announce Q1 or 2 2014 release date, drop sub fees for ff14arr, dqx wii u western release q4 2013 and for an unannounced game twewy 2 with a special edition with the original so I don’t have too fork out $60 for a preowned copy =)
    That is all

    1. They don’t need to do that, just make a game where you tether 2 objects togeter out of a massive selection, and just watch what happens.

        1. No, but let’s face it, the only thing people did in that game was tether things together and skydive xD
          But seriously, i thought it was a good game, best sandbox game i’ve played that didn’t use fantasy elements or suoer powers.

            1. Is not a game for every1 but it was a great sandbox experiance especialy the ways of transportation also just cause 1 sucked.

  6. Seriously, Square!? You have the fucking nerve to ask such a question!? Your fanbase has practically begged you for a FFVII HD remake, and nothing. We’ve been crying out for Kingdom Hearts 3 for YEARS. You’ve been teasing us with Final Fantasy versus XIII for years, and NOTHING! Last year, you gave us a teaser website for what was assuredly World ends With You 2, but then you shit in our faces with an IPHONE REMAKE! Seriously square, I love you, and regardless of the general hatred, I’m pretty stoked for Lightning Returns Final Fantasy, but don’t have the audacity to ask such a question that has raised animosity among your fans for years. -___-

    1. Final Fantasy 7 remake won’t be made till they make a game that people view better than 7.
      Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t come till Versus 13 is done, apparently.

      1. I dont think they can afford to not remake FF7, theyve been doing bad and they know a ff7 would bring them insane ammounts of cash.

  7. 1st, conference with Masaharu Sakorai to get one of your characters(Cloud, Slime?) into SSB4 like how Snake got in(only a little less begging) and Second, make a huge compilation disk with every single Final Fantasy game you have ever made, remastered in 1080p and release it for the Wii U as an exclusive! ^.^ <Believe me… people would buy this if the proce were right! :P

        1. Dude. Fucking English. Speak it. I assure you, that no one will take you seriously until you learn where the god damn “A” key is. This is why we can’t have nice things, and why every other country hates America.

      1. Don’t know… I believe videog@mes get better over the ye@rs so we should worry @bout getting NEW one’s not old ones. No need to go b@ck to ones we alre@dy h@ve…

        1. Exactly.
          I love Ocarina of Time, and Super Mario 64, and Super Metroid, but the later games are so much better, even in terms of just controls.

          1. I think Mario Galaxy was okay but 64 and definitely sunshine were way better… But for Zelda… It is getting better. Except for skyward… Hated those overused motion controls and definitely the weapon upgrade… Hated that!!!!
            But it still is great.. It is better than Ocaina but not better than wind waker or twilight princess.

  8. Bravely Default Flying Fariry. Though knowing Square, we probably won’t get this until After E3 if we’re lucky

  9. How @bout @ Squ@re Enix fighting g@me in the style of Super Sm@sh Bros? If Sony’s gonn@ do it, you know other’s will follow. How bout S.E do it next!? Lots of ch@racters to work with. I know @ lot of people w@nt to see Mickey Mouse in SSB @nd S. E could m@ke th@t @lmost @ re@lity!!!

  10. Wow, really?
    NO ONE even REMEMBERS the Mana series around here anymore?
    Well, screw everyone, cause that’s what’s got my vote; a new entry in the Mana series.
    Preferably something reminiscent in style to the first game or Densetsu III, only with a 3D viewpoint [think Ocarina of Time from the Zelda series] instead of top-down like Secret was.

    Heck, I’d settle for a re-imagining of Secret with a longer, better storyline and an improved combat system.

    1. Oh, and it would have to be for the Wii U without question.
      Any other system, I don’t care if it makes it or not, I just want to see it announced for Wii U from the outset.

    2. I remember Secret of Mana, it’s one of my favorite games. They should do a non-kids sequel or something. Never played the latest two (Dawn/Children) but the others were good.

      My list would be a FF7 remake, a new Tactics, like the GBA one, new KH, Mario RPG would be nice, though a new Paper Mario like TYD would be also be cool, even if its not a square game. Illusion of Gaia something would be sweet. Definitely a Mana game though, more like Secret of Mana than the others. I liked Legend and Sword, but Secret is still my fave of the series.

      1. I’d LOVE a new Tactics. The GBA version was my favorite. New Super Mario RPG would be great as well. The Mana series was awesome and I’d like for that to return as well.

  11. The same shit we’ve been asking from you for years now, Square. Kingdom Hearts 3, FF Ver sus, and possibly a FFVII remake. Now make it so!

    1. You are thinking positively. Ha!

      I’ll give KH III until 2020. Ha! Here’s the timeline:

      Versus XIII – Between 2014 and 2015

      KH HD 2.5 ReMix – Between 2015 and 2016

      KH III – Finally begins full development after HD 2.5 ReMix is released and takes almost as long as Versus XIII so, between 2017 and 2022


      1. i think they knew about Disney buying Lucas arts and they are going to put darth vader has a keyblade wielder.

        1. Omg i just got a revelation and it involves anakin ,episode 3 and the fall of the jedi that could be add to kh 3.

  12. For me, I’d like either Kingdom Hearts 3 or a new Crystal Chronicles game for Wii U or 3DS.

    Don’t know about other people, but I love the Crystal Chronicles games, especially Crystal Bearers.

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  14. Zelda U and I’m sorted. And Retros new game. And Metriod. And a 3D mario. And a level editor for Mario U. And F-Zero. And Mario Kart 8. And Pikmin 3. And Monster hunter 3 Ultimate. And Rayman Legends. And Halo on Wii U. I don’t want much.

  15. FFVIII-2. I know it pretty much ended when Ultimecia was killed, but you have a LOT of paradoxes and stuff. Squall is awesome! And Irvine is hilarious. XD.

    1. That’s always up in the air. FF7 was a good game, but not my personal favorite. In no way would I want that on this console over a few other FF gems. Better yet, how about a brand new game instead?

  16. Cloud and sora on playstation allstars battle royale would be wonderful because cloud belongs on playstation. Make it happen

  17. Chrono Trigger 3. Bring back all the developers, composers and staff from the first one. Make it Wii U exclusive and add a 3DS controller all side mission prequel ( monster hunter 3 ultimate ) main game cross game advancement edition :).

  18. its never going to happen but FFVII remake, Final fantasy Versus (though i won’t be able to play it ), an new KH game preferrably the next in the series or Brith by sleep 2. or just a Final fanatsy for the wiiu they had been on nintendo consoles until they went with sony and seeing that the original problem for teh reason why they switched is over i see no reason why OH OH AND ALSO final fantasy Crystal crhonicles (orginal remake) or wiiu virtual console :3 yeah I have a long list, if they fuffill one i’d be a happy child

  19. There are many things i would like: a remake of FF9/Legend of Dragoon for one. But the thing I want most of all is Versus f*cking XIII.

  20. What about embracing the glory days of SquareSoft and making something as good (not a sequel, not a port just as good as) Chrono Trigger? Don’t make it first person don’t screw with it too much, give us some 2 1/2 D glory with a great world and amazing story…a real story with twists and turns, not a book on screen not a movie, a GAME! hrum

  21. a game release? this year? it’s not like our wishes would have any influence on that.. you don’t just whip up a major release in under a year

      1. it is. It’s pretty good and it’s quality isn’t faltering. I say you should start from the PSP’s birth by sleep, then PS2’s KH1 KH: ReCoM, DS’s KH: 358/2 Days, and then 3DS’s Dream Drop Distance.

        The story is deep but fairly convoluted only to get even more confusing in Dream Drop Distance (though at the end EVERYTHING begins to make sense)

        It’s a worthy investment if you like KH and Disney, lol mickey’s a bad ass in the game.

  22. well since it was already said, KH 3 with even more characters to play as. Hell let us play as the villain too, gotta have some fun with darkside also. It’d be heaven to play as young xehanort (odd to use something good to describe something bad ik) with his time stopping abilities xD

    maybe a HD remake of FFIV or FFIII

  23. TWEWY 2 only. I don’t have money to buy few consoles every year, and i am busy trying to get Kingdom Hearts games that i have’nt played yet(only played first and Second, next is BBS, and then propably 358/2 days).

  24. well let’s start by Xenogear episode 1,2,3 and 4. HD remix of Xenogear episode 5 (the one we know), a good no let me rephrase a proper HD remix of final fantasy 4, 6, 7 and 9. the same go for chrono trigger and a real sequel of it (not that chrono corss sh*t). A good secret of Mana (like seiken densetsu 2). If we can have a sequel of final fantasy tactics I won’t say no either. I think I am not too demanding am I??? Since the only thing they have to do is to keep the story,keep the command,keep the music,stay true to the original illustration and character design, do a better translation of the game, up the graphics and add the missing bit they could not include at the time of the game (i.e: the action bit at the beginning of the of CD2 of Xenogear) for the HD remix. for the sequel I know the ideas are in the archive and even some prototype were done.. easy peasy :-P

  25. I want Bravely Default: Flying Fairy to be localized, a The World Ends With You sequel, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD remix to be releasesd on the Wii U, since most Kingdom Hearts games have also been coming out on Nintendo platforms.

  26. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Wii U but with an original story that doesn’t suck like the DS ones had. It should have a FF size story line with effort.

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  28. Oh not much just Kingdom Hearts III on Wii U/3DS, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD on Wii U, Final Fantasy V and VI updates for 3DS, Chrono Trigger 2 for Wii U, Dragon Quest VII and X released in North America as well as the 25th anniversary set for Wii, and Final Fantasy VII HD for Wii U. Did you get all that Square?

  29. I wanna see them team up with Nintendo and make a real, true sequel to the awesome Super Mario RPG. And finally see the return of Geno and Mallow. That would be SOOOO sweet! Especially if Mario returned to the RPG format without being paper.

  30. Bravely default UK release or a new RPG with no kiddie character designs. More Like FF7, 8 or 9 which are my favourites PLEASE…

  31. Kingdom Hearts 3
    Final Fantasy VII remake
    Final Fantasy X HD
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    No more lightning, no more kh side games, no more beating around the bush =]

  32. They can release a new KH or FF if they want (those are their safety franchises so one or the other will be released regardless), but I want Square-Enix to make nice with Lightweight and release a new Bushido Blade. Some more SaGa on Nintendo too.

  33. Kingdom Hearts HD Collection on Wii U, Kingdom Hearts 3 on Wii U and a new Final Fantasy game. I’m not saying those Kingdom Hearts games have to be exclusive to the Wii U, they just have to available on Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.

  34. Remake of Final Fantasy 7 on Wii U and/or 3DS
    Kingdom Hearts 3 also on Wii U
    HD remakes of Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 on Wii U and/or 3DS
    Chrono Trigger sequel
    New Tomb Raider game also on Wii U
    Sora in Smash 4
    More Final Fantasy games on Nintendo

  35. Another Kingdom Hearts released on the Wii U. I’m stuck to Baby Mario being in Kingdom Hearts(Because his heart is very pure with light during his baby/child years[information in Kingdom Hearts), Kingdom Hearts 3, or 1.5 HD remix.

  36. Full 3D HD remakes of DQ 1-3 and FF 1-3. And in these remakes add new weapons, armor, items, enemies, and dungeons. DQ3 with enemies from every DQ game, it would be sweet to have to obtain over 400 monster medals, and unlock several new areas along the way.

    FF7 HD REMAKE!!!!! would sell 20-30 million copies worldwide, and you have been working with PS3 hardware long enough that it wouldnt be that hard to do for the profit you would make.

    Remakes will always sell, and Im sure there are plenty of people like myself in their 40’s who will always buy a graphically enhanced remake. I believe the best RPG’s are from the late 80’s through the early 2000’s. Before you merged as Square-Enix, both companies created their best work, DQ 1-7 and FF 1-7. Only the DQ series has stayed true to its roots with 8 and 9, where as everything after FFX went downhill I think.
    Go back to your roots a little. Great graphics are good, but a lot of us love that good old classic style gameplay and great storytelling that has become lost in some ways. If you want to make the fans happy and also make a lot of money, go back to what you did that was workingfor you in the 90’s

  37. So here’s my list of games that I know would sell well

    DQ7 fall 2013
    FF7 HD remake 2015
    FF type 0 fall 2013
    KH3 2014
    Chrono Trigger 3 (3DS) 2014
    DQ3 (3DS) 2014
    FF5 and FF6 (3DS) 2014
    DQX western release
    DQ Anniversary Collection western release
    FF2 remade with a normal level up system

    And I’m reaching on this one, but….
    DQ1-3 and FF1-3 full HD remakes for PS3 or 360

  38. Secret of Mana remake or another Seiken Densetsu game. Eff Final Fantasy. It’s supposed to be the “Final” Fantasy, not the 34rd installment of the fantasy… -_-

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