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Nintendo: Plenty Of Fantastic Wii U Games Are Coming This Year

wii_u_console_whiteNintendo UK’s James Honewell told Official Nintendo Magazine that there will be plenty of fantastic Wii U titles released in 2013. Honewell also said he’s certain that this year’s E3 will be a great show.

“As well as a strong launch line up, we’ve also got a really strong Q1. We’ve got a lot of fantastic titles – Monster Hunter, Ninja Gaiden, Sing Party, fantastic titles for everyone. And beyond – I’m sure E3 will be another great show and there will be lots of fantastic titles to come.”

222 thoughts on “Nintendo: Plenty Of Fantastic Wii U Games Are Coming This Year”

    1. Why? You could play both those games on the XBox 360 or PS3, which presume you already own one if not both of. Buy the Wii U for exclusive games (first-party and third-party) such as Mario, Zelda, Rayman Legends, Smash Bros., Sonic, Animal Crossing, Metroid, and ZombiU.

      1. I quit my 360 4-5 years ago, as it have nothing to offer me… lol I am currently a pc gamer. I love to buy wii U mostly for pikmin, zelda, mario, exclusives… But If its not THAT promising, I will buy it in 2-3 years… if its promising and it brings titles into it, I will may consider it sooner, for this year. Its not about just starwars 1313 and watchdogs, I can buy them on my pc… I just want it to convince me.. lol

        Its to late for me to buy a ps3 at the end of its life.. I would only buy 3-4 games for it after all… so, no way, except if they give it to me free… 360 is collecting dust for 4-5 years now.

        1. Well hopefully you buy a Wii U sooner than later because it’s a great system. PC gaming is a pretty good alternative though.

        2. there are plenty of great games out right now for the wii u, but the best time to buy one would probably be around march, since pikmin 3 aliens colonial marines rayman legends etc. are coming out for it right around then. and just for fun, what are your specs? i’ve got a gtx 670 with a quad core running at 4.2ghz and 8 gb of ram

      2. Why not on the Wii U?
        What’s the sense in steering people away from the Wii U for multiplatform games?
        Haters keep bitching about lack of third-party support for Nintendo but when the chance to change that comes around, all they do is say “Why not get it on PS360 instead?!”
        Steering people away from the console will only hurt the 3rd party devs in the end, because it will result in lack of funding, meaning they won’t have any motivation to make truly stand-out experiences on the console.
        If you want Nintendo to die like any other stereotypical hater then I guess that’s fine, but otherwise, stop telling people to steer towards Nintendo ONLY for their exclusives when the Wii U has an opportunity to turn things around for third-party offerings as well.

        1. you make a good point. People always put Ninten down for lacking in 3rd party support but when the opportunity arises they go about nay saying it. I.. just don’t understand. If you want Nintendo to have 3rd party support, don’t go around being negative about it

      3. Look everyone have their own choice to whatever game on whatever system even it already been out/
        Not every gamer who own PS3/360 played all multiplats or buy them all because then the sales would be a lot higher for those games.

        1. Butthurt fanboy?
          Even if those games didnt cone to WiiU, if i wanted them, i’d get them on my ps3.
          Star Wars 1313 is EXACTLY like Mass Effect.
          And Watch Dogs had or has potential, but yet again, theyre going for the boring cover shooter shite that we get every month.

          1. If you say so. To me it seem liked you were going “Nintedward” on him because he hasn’t been convinced to buy a Wii U yet.

            1. No, i understand if someone doesnt want a WiiU yet, i’m just saying those games are painfully underwhelming and unoriginal or ruined by trying to be a generic 3rd person shooter

              1. I agree. I’m not sure Star Wars 1313 and Watch Dogs are going to sway many people on the fence to the Wii U. Those games are already going to be on current gen consoles so if they’re brought to Wii U, the idiots would say, “Oh look another port for Shitendo! It’s over. XBox Durango and PS4 gonna crush Wii U.”

                1. and if it doesn’t get released on the Wii U, the idiots will rave on about how the Wii U missed another game. It’s a retard lose/lose situation.

            1. Its basically Mass Effect crossed with Uncharted.

              SO ORIGINAL.

              The guy you play as looks like the most generic dick ever, and it’s painfully obvious the other guy is going to betray you. And as usual, it’ll have a terrible story, because all Star Wars games do, other than Knights of the Old Republic, which is only because bioware did it, who also made Mass Effect.

              I just want a game with original ideas, new outlook on gameplay rather the same on corridor shooter, and cover shooters with no depth, it’s boring.

      1. How the fuck do you think the Wii U have missed the mark? You have absolutely no experience when it comes to video games. U mad because the Wii U have sold more than 2 million units in less than 2 months. The games that were available at launch are just a tip of the iceberg. When next month comes, there will be more… including Aliens: Colonial Marines, Rayman Legends, Project CARS, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online, Pikmin 3, and The Wonderful 101.

      1. I believe we will see a 3D Mario for Wii U cime out this November. But another Mario Kart, when we just got MK7 just over a year ago? Doubtful.

        1. A 3D Mario will most likely come out late this year/early 2014, with the new Mario Kart being announced around the 3D Mario’s launch to continue the excitement on the console.

  1. Between Monster Hunter 3 U, Pikmin 3, and possible news from Nintendo and or Retro about Zelda, Super Smash Bros 4, or Mario Kart U, I’m very excited and optimistic!

  2. ^^ I can’t wait for the Next 3D Mario(Even though I predict it wont be released until 2014, since 3D Mario games have been shown to take at least 4 or 5 years to Finish {with the exception of Galaxy 2 since it had the same Engine}) And I really want to know what game Retro Studios is working on. A lot of people think its StarFox Which isn’t Unlikely, If anyone can make a Good StarFox game, its Retro or Nintendo EAD. (However I do think Platinum Games could do Good Job if they gave them a Chance). (;

  3. No kidding James Honewell said that. What’s was a Nintendo rep gonna say? “Awwwww…..The Wii U doesn’t have shit in 2013!”? SLOW NEWS DAY?

    1. In what situation would they not be able to say “we have stuff coming in 2013”?
      It’s not like they just sit on their arse and do nothing all day

            1. How does it not make sense?

              Maybe if you spoke without caps locks and making it sound like the guy is an idiot, what you actually meant may have come across a little better.

              Instead you just sound like Bill, and all those other morons.

              Also, stop complaining about a slow news day. Sickr and Alba don’t create news, if there’s no news, they can’t report anything.

              Seriously, the fucking idiots on here -__-

                1. I would rather posts like this than no posts at all, and I would think a lot of people on this site would think the same.

        1. You are a twat though. Why don’t you get out of the house and stop posting on one article you faggot,

          On topic: this is slow news. Was reported on gonintendo a WEEK AGO

            1. There’s so many anonymous posters on this site , it feels like you’re allways arguing with the same arse hole…..

  4. I’m still waiting to hear about any Wii U games that I care anything about besides Pikmin 3. That’s the only game I know of that I want. I seriously need to hear about more good games, especially first-party Wii U games.

    1. Don’t worry great first-party games is something you will never have to worry about on a Nintendo console. I’m sure we’ll hear lots at E3.

      1. Oh YEAH! I can’t wait for E3. I hope this is one of those years where there’s a flood of awesome titles announced. Last year’s E3 really disappointed me. It started out Awesome with Miyamoto and Pikmin 3. But all I remember seeing was NintendoLand over and over.
        (- _ -)

  5. Psvita . never stop playing!

    Wii u is garbage i sold that trash to buy a vita memory card. Vita has higher framerate screen resolution. The wiiu screen is pixaleted framerate issue trash. Also it feels like cheap plastic and the vita has true hd oled bueatiful screen wiiu screen has less framerate the quality is a joke everything looks blotchy jaggy shit like if its 500 pixels smh while vita is oled hd bitches.

      1. Actually, the PS Vita sales are still beating Wii U, don’t know why people are comparing handhelds to home consoles though.

          1. What the fuck? Johnny was originally comparing him.

            A) I proved his comment was wrong and;
            B) I mentioned they should not compare handhelds to consoles

            Where did I compare them apart from when I proved somebody wrong who was comparing them? You Nintendorks seem to blindly defend each other even when you are the ones who are at fault.

              1. Blind Nintendorks being there usual selves. Just because I do not like there new approach, doesn’t mean I’m a hater, what we can’t Diss Nintendo from time to time? So we should be constantly be dick riding them? Also, you had 2 B points in there. I have every right to be in this blog as you do, I’m interested in news, so I don’t see how you can act like you know who belongs on what blog.

    1. I even kinda believe you that you sold the Wii U for a psv memory card SINCE THEY SOOOO UNBELIEVABLE EXPENSIVE!!!! A big reason not to buy a psv…

      1. Childs need to be though the differences, babies wen little need to be though what is food and what is trash (no bashing any console).

      1. Are you saying that to platinum_Johnny for comparing Wii U to Vita? No? Double standards is strong with you Nintendorks.

          1. How am I kissing his ass? I was arguing with him before >_> You seem to be the one who is kissing his ass because you ain’t attacking him for comparing handheld and home console because he is making Nintendo look good. Well actually, you seem to be good with dick riding Nintendo.

          2. Also, I fail to see how what I said included any double standards, christ, you probably don’t even know what it means …

    2. What a load of BS. The vita screen hardly even looks better than the wiiu gamepad screen. That OLED screen is 540p QHD. Wiiu Gamepad is 480P. Hardly a difference worth caring about. Especially when the quality of graphics on the wiiu is much much much more advanced than the vita’s. For example you couldn’t run Mass effect 3 on a vita , so by default mass effect 3 running on the wiiu gamepad looks far better than eveything on the vita.

      Also , the Gamepad is only the secondary screen. The wiiu displays 1080p.

      I’ve played black ops declassified on vita. And it looks worse than a ps2 game.
      I’ve played uncharted , gravity rush and wipeout too and they look half as good as ps3.

      Unsurprisingly because it is a home console , the wiiu destroys the vita graphically.

      1. “What a load of BS. The vita screen hardly even looks better than the wiiu gamepad screen.”

        and with that, you have proven absolutely nobody should be reading future comments from you.

        OLED > LCD…in nearly every aspect. I don’t even think there’s an argument in terms of visual quality and contrast.

        I’d take a 5 inch OLED display any day over a 6 inch, LCD piece of shit that barely looks better than what’s on the DS.

        1. You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about. I have compared both side by side. The vita screen is NOT THAT IMPRESSIVE AT ALL.
          It’s marginally better than the wiiu gamepad screen , not even a big enough difference to care about.

          The screen is better on the vita. But the graphics ARE NOT. all i’m saying. If anything because of the fidelity of wiiu games and the anti aliasing and all that , games look better on the gamepad than they do on the vita.

          That is an unfair comparison like you say, I’m sure Uncharted 3 being streamed to vita via remote play would look awesome.

          The gamepad is SUPRISINGLY clear and good looking though.

          1. You haven’t compared shit side by side, you’re a fucking liar and you know it. Nobody with any good sense of eyesight will think the Vita’s screen is “not that impressive at all” in comparison. That’s a bullshit and you know it.



            Good day.

            1. I’ve compared them both SIDE BY SIDE you complete prick. My little brothers best friend has one and brings it round all the fucking time.

              The screen is not that impressive at all. Like I keep saying , it barely looks better than the wiiu gamepad screen. And Like I keep saying , the vitas screen quality is held back by the graphics that it displays.

              AC liberation on vita compared to AC3 on wiiu gamepad.

              AC3 winds by default , regardless if the tiny difference in resoloution.

              Good day. I honestly think the vita screen looks grainy and wierd sometimes….

              1. Yeah, sure you fucking did. I’m positive you’re lying by the mere fact that I doubt anyone would even want to be friends with your Nintendicksucking arse.

                It doesn’t ‘barely’ look good, the OLED display is in a league of it’s own in comparison. In terms of blacks, contrast ratios, and pretty much everything else. Oh, and once again with this graphics nonsense. That isn’t holding shit back when it comes to the QUALITY OF THE DISPLAY. Wii U is a 480p, overly bright, fuzzy display and nothing more. It sucks, and it sucked on the numerous attempts I’ve used it in stores.

                I’m not even going to waste my time constantly beating this into your head, since you can only compare ….graphics, and not screen quality. It’s as if you’re absolutely fucking inept at keeping on topic for some reason.

                For some reason, that is so hard for you to do, so I’m guessing you’re literally retarded.

                1. Just face it . the vita screen isn’t even impressive at all..

                  You got owned by someones who has litteraly vompared the 2 side by side. There isn’t a difference worth caring about. Especially when the wiiu game STREAMS games of a higher quality with more anti aliasiang and graphical quality which make it look better.

                  End of….

        2. All I’m saying is , Mass effect 3 , Trine 2 , and nearly every other wiiu game running on the gamepad , looks massively better than it does on the vita , by default.

          1. No, they do not.

            since they’re nothing more than streams, it’s like bragging about a VIDEO of a game with amazing graphics, looks better than a device rendering visuals of it’s OWN, a.k.a, retarded, which is exactly what you are.

            Talk to me when the Gamepad is rendering it’s own graphics, not riding off of streams.

          2. Also, to emphasize, I do not care what game looks like on the Gamepad, it is a stream, it is meaningless to bring up.

            When it boils down to display quality, the Vita smashes the GamePad screen, nothing more needs to be said.

            thank you

      2. also, why are you bringing up games? the argument is the quality of the screen, the gamepad is not performing those visuals, the CONSOLE IS, it’s a fucking STREAM.

        are you really this stupid?

    3. I honestly like how well this user obtained so much negative attention on purpose for amusement. Though if he/she did NOT do this for attention and was… honest about what he/she said then…. I have lost even more faith in the gaming community lol

  6. good news

    I’m personally interested in seeing what Gaiden, a new Metroid, a new Galaxy (hopefully) and whatever new IP has to offer. perhaps we can a MadWorld revis too?

    The Almighty’s Blessings

    1. “Madworld revise” as in.. Anarchy Reins which IS NOT COMING TO Wii U!?!?… yeah hopefuly they decide to port it over to the Wii U sometime soon, because Bayonetta IS A DOWNLOADABLE CHARACTER for it…

    2. Not that I have anything against galaxy,but I think Nintendo should move on. I mean,,, maybe they can com up with something completely new to the table.Hope this doesn’t anger you,

      1. Yeah i dont think they’ll be implementing that. I think they’ll be watching Microsoft and if they decide to use an anti piracy system on the next xbox then Sony will implement the anti piracy thing aswell.

      2. Most Sony CEO’s have said they arent interested in using it. Even Jack Tretton said that. Just because they patent it, doesn’t mean they’ll use it.

  7. E3 will see reveals for probably zelda on wii u and 3ds, smash bros on wii u and 3ds, 3d mario game, retros project (star fox) and ton of other stuff we have no idea about,

    1. First GTAV is WAY overrated… second! Nintedo doesn’t need GTAV to be successful this year. Upcoming E3 is really about new Nintendo first party titles which EASILY trump GTA any day of the week.

  8. i’m getting a Wii U as a graduation present. i really hope a Mario Kart game is announced at E3, and hopefully it isn’t a huge disappontment like Mario Kart 3D (Fuck 7).

    1. 7 Was really fun!!! Honey Queen was my fav character!( and this is coming from someone who has played every single Mario Kart ever) I think MK7 was secomd best Mario Kart racing game… behind Mario Kart Double-Dash of course!!

    2. I wasn’t too fond of MK7 either. It felt like a step down from Mario Kart Wii (my personal favorite), with going from 12 to 8 players again, and removing the bikes.

      1. The 3DS is a handheld. The Wii is a console with 8GB discs….

        Mario kart 7 is one of my favorite Mario karts. Mario kart wii too.

        1. Actually, 4.7 GB. I think only SSBB, Metroid: Other M and Metroid Prime Trilogy(?) used dual-layer discs, which had a capasity of about 7.4 GB.
          I think the 3DS cards can hold up to 2GB, which is a lot. Considering it doesn’t have the graphics of the Wii, storage shouldn’t be an issue.

          1. It has different graphics to the wiiu , overall they’re better. It can’t push as many pollygons as the wii , but it has far superior shaders and GPU effects and a load more memory….

            Overall the 3DS beats the wii graphically by far.

            1. “Overall the 3DS beats the wii graphically by far.”

              which is factually incorrect, even in terms of raw specs

              unless you care to show me a 3DS game that looks better than SMG, Sonic Colors and Metroid Prime 3.

              1. Kid icarus and Resident evil revelations , Monster Hunter Ultimate . ANd they all run in 3D.

                The 3DS anihilates the wii in terms of shaders effects , lighting what ever. The wii can push more polygons though.

                Overall the 3DS is better ”graphically”. And it has to be noted that Rendering images in 3D is a lot more tasking than not doing so.

                Tell me Why Monster hunter ultimate for 3DS is a graphical upgrade of the wii game with more content and is rendered in 3D. Are you aware Monster Hunter tri is one of the best looking wii games ?


                1. This dumb motherfucker thinks those games look better than any of the Wii games I mentioned.

                  I LOL’D. He’s literally BLIND.

                  1. Revelations does look very good, especially with the 3D off, you get nice anti-aliasing then, sonething that SMG could have really benefitted from. The helicopter sea monster sequence in Revelations looked better than anything I ever saw on the Wii.

                  2. Please feel free to explain how Monster hunter ultimate on 3DS is a GRAPHICALLY ENHANCED 3D VERSION WITH MORE CONTENT of one of the wii’s best looking games ??

                    What’a that ? You can’t ? You dumb piece of shit.

                    And yeh , Resident evil Revelations looks better than most wii games hands down. And it’s 3D.

                    Kid icarus also looks better than most wii games.

                    As do many other 3DS games. Now shut the fuck up.

                    The wii can push a small amount more polygons than the 3DS and has bigger storage space on its discs.

                    Other than that , the 3DS is way way superior in every way , Especially shaders and effects.

                    You lost. Again.

                2. this post made my day actually

                  I think I’m going to show this post around certain forums just to show precisely how retarded nintedward is

                  LOL, RE:R looking better than Metroid Prime 3

                  MY SIDES.

                    1. This “Shut up Meg” thing seems to be so over used and repetitive. Just like Nintendo’s new approach! :D

                      1. Dear lord you are one sad individual. You seem to have no idea what double standards means and last time I checked, Sony doesn’t milk the crap out of there main series like Nintendo does.

                        1. Jellyfish… just relax. I know that you’re a Nintendo hater, but you shouldn’t be a dick and making us gamers look bad. This is not the end of the world. You’re at a Nintendo-themed blog. Just don’t be a fucking ass hurt Sony drone just because the Wii U have sold over 2 million units worldwide (mostly in the United States and Canada). Relax.

                      2. Metroid prime 3 is a great looking game.

                        What you’re failing to understand is Resident evil runs in 3D. And in some ways does look better than Metroid prime 3. In others it doesn’t.

                        Metroid prime 3 is an 8GB game. So there’s the first disadvantage.

                        I don’t understand where you’re coming from here bro. Resident evil on 3DS is technically more impressive than most wii games. It looks better than most fucking vita games LOL.

                        Now fuck you.

                        1. “runs in 3D” so? I can think of a ton of games that can be stereoscopic 3D, that doesn’t make them look better or make it more impressive, RE:R looks like shit in compariso to MP3 (even the original Metroid Prime) and that’s an objective fact.

                          1. No it’s not. That’s you making up some BS. Revelations looks considerably better than Resi 4. And now you’re telling me Dual rendering doesn’t use up any power ?

                            Just stop talking , you’ve embarassed yourself enough here.

                            Resi rev looks better than any gamecube game , that’s for sure.

                      3. “And it has to be noted that Rendering images in 3D is a lot more tasking than not doing so.”

                        Rendering images in 3D is not a “lot more” taxing then when the 3DS is rendering images in 2D. Rendering in 3D is taxing, but a lot more taxing is a over exaggeration on your part and not true. There’s a guy that is a tech wizard that goes by the username of “3dude” on and he has debunked the over taxing 3D argument. You should read some of his previous posts on — you could learn a lot from the guy.

        2. I don’t know why we are not getting any news about games coming out. They just say they are coming. Maybe there is nothing on the way, maybe everyone is going out of business,

          1. This must be your first console launch.allow me to xplain that almost everything is keept in secret so other companies dont get on fealdad they are working,if Microsoft knew Nintendo was getting bayonneta 2 exclusive they would have done something just for the sake of fucking.

            1. ^Tis true… and I HATE IT! Thanks to PSABR I think that it is why SSB4 has been locked up so tight this time around!

          1. That’s what everybody says every year xD
            Why can’t Nintendo have a good E3 like the one in 2010 and 2011, those were great. Sony’s done well the past couple of years.
            MS is just kinectkinectkinectkinectkinect

            1. Sony had like the “magic book” or somthing… they kinda flopped too. Nintendo’s will be absolutely fantastic this year! I can feel it! No Wii U console launch to worry about, they can just come in and announce a bucketload of their amazing 1st party titles!

              1. Yeah that fucking book was shite, but everything else was good, or decent. Ubi did best though, although they had Tobuscus at one point, which made me want to kill myself.

        3. SSB4
          2 Zelda
          MArio 3D
          ComeBack from a ancient franchise
          Mario Kart U
          and other surprises! can’T wait for this year E3 (it will probably be on of the greatest one ever)

        4. “Another fantastic e3?” Nintendo haven’t had a good E3 since they launched the Wii. I expect nothing good from e3 and if anything does catch my attention I don;t expect to see it in the shops for at least 2 years…Animal crossing, Kid Icarus, Paper Mario, Luigis Manion. If we’re Lucky the UK might see Pikmin 3 in 2014.

          1. “Hey, Listen!”- Nintendo will have a great E3 this year, because they will announce all their big hitters like Metroid, Zelda, F-Zero, Animal Crossing(maybe not this one cuz of 3DS), Kirby, Sin and Punishment, Donkey Kong, Mario! and of course don’t forget SSB4 developer wants to have a trailer ready for upcoming E3 like they did with Brawl wayyy, wayy back…. Gonna be BIG this year!

        5. This next e3 should be better. Mainly Cuz the launch is now in the past n now Nintendo can focus on showing off their games that are coming up n ones that should be the system sellers. Plus the games coming put.Pikmin 3, Lego City Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, Aliens colonial marines, maybe Bayonetta 2

          1. I can hear some of Microsoft and mostly Sony fanboys getting their booties hurt when they hear “Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive… published by Nintendo”. Thanks to Nintendo for resurrecting the Bayonetta character and funding PlatinumGames, Inc.

            1. You could hear Bayonetta fans that doesnt have a WiiU cry. Microsoft fanboys and sony fanboys have their own first party games to enjoy.

              1. They should thank Nintendo and Platinum for bringing this project to the light. Bayonetta 2 wouldn´t even exist if they had not team up, because Sega had cancelled it. Instead, they´re arguing a lot about it not coming to PS360… what a group of idiots.

                1. No, the haters we saw there are the minority in every fanbase that ruin it for everyone else. I honestly never liked Bayonetta to begin with, but those haters still need to realise that if Nintendo didn’t publish it, it wouldn’t exist. That being said the Nintendo fanboys rubbing it in and acting all superior they got it isn’t exactly mature either.

                    1. I know they would be, and my view would stay the same, if they rubbed it in, I’d think they are immature as well.

        6. I fail to see how ”Sing Party” is considered a ”fantastic title” but y’know who cares.
          Also, this year’s E3 better be real damn excellent; they gotta redeem themselves for that crap-ass conference they gave this summer

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        8. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

          I will not get my hopes last this year was bad cause nintendo direct took all the fun. Its nice having direct once in a while but . 1 just before e3 and then showed nintendo land if the direct was switched with the con it would have been better (ps nintendo land is a great game with great music)

          1. What do you expect a game co. PR/marketing person to say?? “Oh we have an awful line-up this quarter!” Jesus, please stop wasting our time and lending credence to the MARKETING blather of game companies.

            1. I’d think it more so adds re-playability to games. Which in turn would be an attractive reason to buy a game.

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        10. Nintendo better not blow it at E3 this year. I will be royally ticked and extremely worried for the future of the company. They better show off some of their best first party titles as well as big name third party games and maybe some exclusive third party games as well. I hope they announce new features of Wii U and come up with a solution for two Gamepads being played simultaneously. They shouldn’t abandon 3DS either and show off some new apps for the system like maybe a 3D youtube app. I expect to see Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Metroid, Pokemon, and possibly Smash Bros. making an appearance at E3 either arriving on Wii U or 3DS.

        11. I expect to see nothing of worth this year, E3 will suck and Britain probably won’t get Pikmin 3 untill 2014.

        12. I don’t believe them. Besides anything good coming this year was supposed to be out last year. It’s pretty certain this will be the year Nintendo blow it. The Wii U is going to flop.

        13. By the time E3 comes around almost all of the announced Wii U titles will be released. Most of the E3 games will probably hit in the holiday season. Looks like summer will be a pretty big release drought.

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