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Fire Emblem: Awakening Launches In North America At Retail And In Nintendo eShop On 3DS

fire_emblem_awakeningFire Emblem: Awakening launches in North America on February 4th. When the tactical role-playing game arrives, consumers have the option of purchasing it in physical form from retailers, or downloading the entire game straight from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.

The price of each version is $39.99, and if you pre-order a physical copy from GameStop, you’ll receive an art book.

Fire Emblem: Awakening reaches Europe in April.

78 thoughts on “Fire Emblem: Awakening Launches In North America At Retail And In Nintendo eShop On 3DS”

      1. Same. Fuck that shit. And to add injury to insult. NOE have priced (most/the good ones) digital full 3ds games at £39:99. When they’re £29:99 or 34:99 in stores.

        Same with wiiu , £49:99 or £44:99 instead of £39:99 or £44:99 in the stores.

        Paying £10 extra for the ability not to sell or trade ? Lol what ?

        Anyway , SOOOOOOOO looking forward to Fire Emblem Awakening. Playing through paper Mario sticker star right now. Can’t put it down. One of the best 3DS games i’ve played easily.

          1. Well , You don’t level up at all in this game. And that was slightly off putting for me. But this game is just as challenging and complex as any other paper mario game.

            You collect ”heart pieces” or HP ups that +5 you as you go along. So searching for them is a ton of fun.
            And you start of with like 2 pages in your sticker book and you can only cary a small amount of crap stickers. Everytime you finish a world you get an extra page. So between getting new pages , collecting rare sticker and upping your Health , that’s the RPG elements of the game.

            I can’t reccomend this game enough. This is a must own for 3DS.

              1. There seems to be loads of people commenting saying they dislike it for one reason or another.

                At the end of the day , It’s a refreshing Handheld spinn off of Paper mario. And a great one at that….

        1. “Playing through paper Mario sticker star right now. Can’t put it down. One of the best 3DS games i’ve played easily.”
          You must not have played too many 3DS games.

            1. Maybe for Nintedward, but for me Sticker Star was a huge disappointment. Especially compared to how great the first three Paper Mario games were.

              1. Same here. When I beat it, I almost started crying because the whole game was so disappointing. Toads everywhere, no real story, fights were annoying and something you avoided. TTYD is my favourite game so I had great expectations that were shattered and thrown into oblivion. I played it mainly because I hoped the game would begin and be the good ol’ fun Paper Mario I loved. Here’s to hoping Luigi’s Mansion won’t let me down.

                1. Fuck you guys. Sticker star is awesome! I love the game. People are always so fucking critical about the stupidest things. The game is immense.

                  And at adarazz. Not played many 3ds games ? Try I have 28 boxed 3ds games stacked right next to me , all the best ones and a OS full of VC and E-shop games.

                  Paper mario sticker star – 9/10 .

                  1. Stupidest things?! Is the battle system being a broken failure a stupid thing. Is the atrocious story a stupid thing? Is the lack of an XP system a stupid thing? Is nothing but boring, shallow characters a stupid thing? Is terrible level design a stupid thing? I tried to like Sticker Star, I really did. But it just…Sucked!

                    Thousand-Year Door >>>>>Shiter Star

                    1. The battle system is not a broken failure by anymeans. It works really quite well.

                      Anyway , I will leave you to your over critical attitude to gaming. Like that snobby cunt who walks into a restaurant and start criticizing all the food even though it’s delicious.

                      Just joking. Opinions are opinions bro. I’ve played all the Paper mario games , and this is right up there for me.

                  2. ”Fuck you guys, you aren’t allowed to have an opinion based on legitimate criticism. I think the game is awesome, therefore it’s awesome so shut up.”

                2. Ya same I pretty much had to force myself to keep playing but man was it boring to me. No story, no partners and no reason to get into battles basically killed the game for me. It’s bad enough all the other Mario games have the same plot but did they really have to use that plot here.

                  1. You guys suck ass. You honestly played though this game and didn’t like it ? I just don’t understand. This game is a beautifull and challenging 3ds game. It’s difficult. Ofcourse you SoB’s probably used a guide all the way through. and then just whined about irrelivant things.

                    You’re entitled to opinions obviously lol. But this game is really really good imo. I can’t imagine how someone would dislike it.

                    1. As someone that is disappointed in it, I can offer that side. Assuming you played the first 3 and or Super Mario RPG and the Mario & Luigi games, these are all RPG games. Sticker Star has the RPG sucked out of it. It is a platforming game with turn based battles. Finding the rare stickers, HP upgrades, etc is like finding the star coins, pretty much necessary to move on. Next, these games have an immersive story. Sticker Stars is mostly weak or non-existant. Next we have the removal of XP. This makes the “random” battles entirely pointless. Why stop and fight goombas, spineys, etc when you don’t need to. To waste stickers?

                      I’m having a hard time telling myself to finish it because of what it lacks. Don’t assume I’d give it a 3/10 or anything, it’s just not as stellar as those RPG games I mentioned above (or so I hear on the few that I didn’t play yet).

                      1. I appreciate your point of view. But in what RPG do you go around deliberately fighting everyone ? sometimes you NEED to run past the enemies. Other times you have to fight them.

                        Ok I see where all you guys are coming from and yes , i own all the games you listed above.

                        I just like sticker star. I like collecting stupid stickers , I like filling the museam up with stickers , I like beating the shit out of ememies with stickers , and I like finding all the HP ups in the world.

                        This game is quite challenging aswell. I’m not using a guide and I keep getting stuck over and over again. And it’s fun working all the shit out.

                        1. In the previous Paper Mario games I fought everyone, since they only respawn upon revisiting the level or area. Typically my first time through I fought every battle, because I needed XP, and wanted to level up my stats or characters. In DQ/FF games I try to level up a little bit near each town and might spend a half hour extra fighting additional battles. Oftentimes when I run through, I find myself weak for the boss fight making that boss extremely difficult. I’ve beat toughies like Necrosaro, or Marion (that puppet boss in FF4) and its been difficult when you just run through each dungeon and fighting limited battles.

                          Yes there are parts in those games you want to run through, but I feel that way in each Sticker Star level. I’m saying the purpose of the battles in Sticker Star are pointless.

                          These types of games I don’t rush through, I enjoy putting in the 20-100 some hours playing it and leveling up maybe a little better then expected. Ususally when visiting a new town I try to get the best equipment too… there’s no special stickers that I need to save up for.

                        2. And no, I enjoy the difficulty and did not use a “guide” at all either. It’s not an easy game, but I find I try to skip the battles and explore every corner. I try to save and hold onto the good and powerful stickers since I skip the common battles.

                          1. I skip SOME battles. But not all. Like most RPG’s that’s what tends to happen. Are you gunna tell me in a tales game you run around fighting EVERY MOTHER FUCKER in the game ? Ofcourse not. You fight when you have to.

                            1. In previous Paper Mario games, I’ve fought everyone. Typically in DQ9 I tried to fight the majority as well. I just don’t see a point to battle any in Sticker Star.

                              1. Well every person you beat you get more money at the end of the level. You can get stickers from beating enemys such as the snowball , Throwing star or Sombrero hat….

                                Most of the time you pretty much have to beat up a loaf people or just do it for the sake of it. And enjoy doing the little sticker combos..

                              2. Can’t imagine how people would dislike it? Your imagination must not be very strong, pal.
                                Also, are you seriously using the ”you just sucked at the game” argument against people you’ve never seen playing it?

                        1. Holy shit, Nintedward. You are a Nintendo fanboy to the extreme. You won’t take any criticism of the games you like.

                          The majority of Paper Mario fans agree Sticker Star was a disappointment and the worst in the series. Sure maybe you find Sticker Star to be an enjoyable game (I most definitely do not), but that doesn’t mean every else who has feel the same way. So stop going around screaming at people because they have a diffrent opinion than you.

                          You seriously need to sit down and think about what an asshole you’re being. People will always have diffrent opinions than you do and no amount of angry words is going to change that. Instead you should be open and accepting of other peoples views. I gurantee if you just take a deep breath and accept not all people will hold the same opinion as you, you’re life wilk be much more enjoyable.

                          1. I like paper mario sticker star, but that probably because this my first paper mario game and never played the old paper mario game. If they released the old paper mario on the 3ds i can compare which is better.

                          2. Shut up lol. Paper mario sticker star is awesome. People just love crying about the most irrelivant shit nowadays. I stand my statement and don’t need life guidance from you lol.

                          3. I second that notion. I’ve always been a huge Nintendo fan, though the Wii U made me a bit sceptical about them. When I first found out a Paper Mario game on the 3ds was being made and that it was back as a RPG, I was ecstatic.

                            Now don’t get me wrong; despite the fact many hated it, I liked Super Paper Mario. The story was intriguing, the characters were interesting, Peach was actually USEFUL and you could play as Bowser and Luigi for crying out loud! The one disappointment I had in the game was how they removed the turned based combats, however they still kept some RPG elements.

                            Then more teasers for Sticker Star appeared and everytime, I grew more doubts. First, I was one of the many who was deceived by the chain chomp in the first trailer; partners were NOT coming back. Then, they showcased the entire sticker system, which seemed very gimmicky to me.

                            All this time, I was thinking: Okay, okay…are they gonna say anything about the story at some point? Mario has always been really lacking in story and the RPG games were the only exceptions. Finally, Miyamoto made a statement claiming the developing team wanted to remove story elements as they were apparently ”not important”.

                            Then I snapped. I fucking snapped. How is it a good idea to make a RPG without a story? I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed in a game than this, and I doubt no other game will ever have that kind of effect on me again.

                            (sorry for the long rant, but I must admit: I kinda had fun writing it lol)

                            1. TL;DR
                              Sticker Star brought one thing SPM removed (turn based battles), but decided to remove literally everything else that made the past games enjoyable.

                          4. As much as we argue, and as much as I sound hypocritical right now, you would have to be one of the most sensible people on here (along with Kairi). Agreed with your statement!

                      2. I realized something about Sticker Star.
                        Do you remember when you played the Subspace emissary in Brawl? Do you remember the stickers? Do you remember how they were useless (or at least, managing them wasn’t worth the time at all) and no one used them more than once?
                        Yeah, picture a RPG based on that premise with absolutely no good story to back it up and this is how Nintendo killed the Paper Mario series.
                        But hey, at least February will come and Fire Emblem will make my rage vanish :)

                    2. Ugh, i cant stand sticker star :/ every battle is pointless, and the story is just as good as Super Mario 3D Land.
                      The fighting and sticker mechanics are good, but you have no real reason to use to anything :|

                      1. Well opinions are opinions I guess. I love the game. You have reasons to use every sticker in the game. Wherher one helps you beat a certain big enemy easier or helps you unlock something in the world. I love filling that museam up with all the stickers too….

                        Meh. You guys dislike it , I like it…..

                3. Geez,it’s not like there forcing you to go only digital,so get you ass moving to the nearest store and buy yourself a physical copy

                1. (I made this comment, refreshed for a couple of minutes, tried again, same thing. Tried to add some information and BOOM all my replies are showing. Sorry for the spam. I suck.)

                2. Basically, translation of the game’s script. Every word has to be translated into a variety of European languages before they release it in Europe.

                  1. Oooh I completely forgot that in europe the games are translated in german and what not. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

              2. Why is this game coming to europe two months later and not at the same time? What happens during those two months? This region locking is annoying the hell out of me.

              3. Why is this game coming to europe two months later and not at the same time? What happens during those two months? This region locking is annoying the hell out of me.

                    1. No , I meant the best of em. As in it’s one of the best franchises. I fail to see how you could of interpreted that as anything else.

                      1. Fire Emblem = one of the best franchises? What planet are you from, Nintedward? Because here on Earth, Fire Emblem sucks.

                            1. Whats this earth you speak off?

                              Cause in this world, Fire Emblem IS one of the best TRPGs around… dare I say… better than crystal chronicles :O

                              Oh no he didn’t.

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                2. I’m asking those two questions out of curiosity.
                  1. What do you consider good games? Let’s narrow it down to Nintendo games considering we’re technically talking about 3DS games.
                  2. Have you ever played any Fire Emblem game (aside from Shadow Dragon because that one was kinda bad). Or do you even like RPGs to begin with?

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              5. I wanted to get Xenoblade when I went to preorder this game at gamestop and I just found out that is sold out!! WTF!! I want a second copy!!

              6. Day-one digital for me. Unlike you north americans, my alternative is paying R$150 (about $75) or more on a local a few weeks after release. So for price, convenience and swiftness, it’s eShop all the way for me. Already got NSMB2 and Layton that way and don’t regret it a bit. :D

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