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Netflix “Super HD” Coming To Wii U


US streaming firm Netflix has announced at CES that it plans to roll out Super HD 1080p and (in the US only, for now) 3D streaming, which comes to its customers at no extra cost. Currently the only major participants announced in the US currently are Cablevision and Google Fiber. You can see if your ISP on the list by visiting the Super HD page. If your ISP isn’t there, then you can request it by making a call. Compatible devices include PlayStation 3, Wii U, Windows 8, Roku, Apple TVs as well as Blu-ray players and smart TVs with 1080p support.

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53 thoughts on “Netflix “Super HD” Coming To Wii U”

      1. I wasn’t talking to you, Billy the Whore. Your comment is irrelevant and invalid. Your PC couldn’t handle Netlix HD because, “Your Internet Provider is not configured for Super HD yet.” It will happen soon on not only PCs, but also video game consoles. Why the fuck are you at a Nintendo-themed blog in the first place?

        1. If you have 2gb ram and a 2.0ghz processor then 1080p is easy for you. It mostly comes down to internet speed. Slow internet means heavy buffering. Like me….(im downing soon because of some bills) I’m paying for 50mb/s so that’s about 6.2MB/s. I can have 2 people streaming 1080p at the same time without notice. A 3 min 1080p video is fully buffered before I reach the 15sec mark. PC is laptop is about 5 years old.

          also consider your wireless router. It needs to be able to handle at least 4 computers and have the ability to stream 1080p movies over local WiFi. If you can’t do local WiFi streaming then you will have a hard time doing internet 1080p streaming.

      1. Both are year old consoles correct, but the ps3 is getting support. And I think its safe to say that we all know that the Wii definitely would not be supported…because its not an HD console. However, the 360 is an HD console, so it should get support, like the ps3.

  1. Tiny Chocolate Finger

    They call it Super HD… I’d hardly call 1080p “super.” Ruddy idiots. What will they call 4K? New Super HD?

    1. 4k Goes by Ultra HD, its been going by that for a while.

      I do find it odd that they call it Super HD but its still 1080p.

      1. super makes more sense than full as 1080 p is not full hd as there is way higher resolutions so super sounds more honest than full if it aint the peak then how is it full load of marketing crap full implys PEAK witch is clear lying it will be compressed 1080p and it will look great jesus ed resolution nexflix looks amaxing at 1080p upscale

        1. but i thought HD was anything High Definition like 720p and Full HD was 1080p.

          you do make sense though, bu ti still find it confusing though.

    1. Just download your movies and/or TV Series. It’s a lot easier. Besides, you’re going to see them on TV eventually for free, it’s just speeding up the process (before anyone whinges about piracy)

    1. Wait, someone thought the Xbox was more powerful than the Wii U, lol that’s a joke right?. Trine 2 directors cut cannot even run on the PS3, a machine the Wii U is by far more powerful than. I mean the Cell processor in the PS3 is a beast, ‘uncharted 3 is testimony enough.’ The Wii U’s stride has but already started.

      1. I know it’s stupid. I’m talking about the Microsoft fanboys/trolls who always say the 360 is more powerful than the Wii U.

  2. I as a Nintendo fan ways knew the PS3 is a beast for the last generation. Generation 8 that is. Only problem with Sony, is that they didn’t space out or market the PS3 properly. Imagine if they Had shown the last guardian at last years E3 and released it as a Christmas bundle; they probably would have money for a PS4 splash release. Oh! Well a Gamer can but dream.

  3. Can’t wait for this. So far nothing but positive news for Nintendo today (Lords of Shadow 2 doesn’t count because I think that series is stupid).

    1. That’s because mirror of fate is on the nintendo 3DS. Might show up in the future, but like you, always despised the Castlevania series, even in it’s glory days of long gone SNES.

      1. Whoa! $80 for that PS tv? Where, ive seen it for $180 and im still waiting for it to drop price before i pick up one, for $80 ill take a risk though.

          1. i just checked best buy, :( its still $180, it probably was a sale, ill keep my eyes open though, cause you never know when another sale might pop up. thanks though.

  4. :[ i don’t see it available for 360. . . i remember Aeolus stating that the Wii U was ninten’s shitty attempt at the 360. . . so why isn’t it up there along with ps3 and Wii U in receiving the super HD netflix?



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