battalion_wars_2_titleHeadstrong Games, an independent video game development studio that worked on numerous titles, including The House of the Dead: Overkill, Battalion Wars 2 and New Art Academy, is working on an unannounced project for Nintendo’s new Wii U console, based on the Linkedin profile of Jo Tunstill, Associate Producer at Headstrong Games. While we don’t exactly know what the developer is working on, perhaps it’s bringing a survival horror game to Wii U, which may be what the Official Nintendo Magazine teased last week.



    • And maybe the first Battalion Wars for Wii U’s eshop if they put Gamecube games on it. I also wouldn’t mind a sequel to House of the Dead: Overkill.


      • Yeah we’ll he’s still got a point it’s shovel ware, nitendo needs to get their shit together, do they really think wii fit u and game and wario are make the wii u appealing? No it not I mean they’ve got so many great franchises that have so much potential though they have the stupid Idea to skip, but hey maybe I’m over reacting, I got my wii u at launch have had so much with but one of the reasons I got it for we’re 1st and I was also hoping for most of the great 3rd parties this year, and yes I understand they can’t easily current gen games on to a next gen, but at least try to snag some good exclusives like kh3 or ff15 or maybe even 1080 ( god I miss that franchise) instead we get another zombie game whitch I’m really getting sick of, I hate Sony and Microsoft but if I wanna get the latest games I may have to buy one… *shivers*


  1. MAN! There’s a HUGE amount of games that makes me feel like taking a crap would be more entertaining. I’m so sick of seeing casual rubbish, and simply games I have no interest in.


  2. Of course it’s shovel ware the wii had tons and the wiiu will have most of its game shovel ware too! You can’t be supposed since nintendo’s first party games are all shovelware how can you expect this parties to not follow nintendo’s vision for their console. Is this what you like about Nintendo?


    • And Sickr, can you make like a secret 2nd site that the trolls don’t know about -.-
      I actually like have conversations with people on here, but with all these trolls around i might as well go to the zoo and just feed the animals peanut butter and pretend they’re talking.


      • HAHA! That made me laugh…thank you. BTW, there is a rumor floating around of this being a game called ‘Acid Ghost’, that was apparently mentioned back before E3…does anyone have any information on what it is or about?


    • 170I was just searching for this info for a while. After six hours of cnutionous Googleing, finally I got it in your website. I wonder what’s the lack of Google strategy that do not rank this type of informative websites in top of the list. Usually the top web sites are full of garbage.


  3. Hello I am a troll and I am hungry, I will start by saying that Nintendo is for children. Because even though Mature games are played by chipmunk sounding 11 year olds, I can safely say Nintendo’s first party games suck, that is why they have good review score cuz they are gay. I also think Nintendo will die this gen, like how I thought Nintendo was going to die in the gamecube days. Oh and Bayonetta 2 is irrelevant, noone ever played the first one, that’s why a lot of people raged when it was revealed to be a Wii U exclusive, cuz no one plays it. Oh and you Nintendrones are gay, I used to like Nintendo but my friends say Hating on Nintendo makes you look cool, so I decided to hate on Nintendo, now I am a cool person but I still dont have a girfriend. So yeah Nintendo Sucks.


  4. why does everybody get so hostile over video games, just play and have fun like the developers intend, if u don’t like a game that others do, move on to something you do enjoy and forget about the other. Remember, some of the worst rated games are always gonna be someones favourite, peace


    • People get hostile over many things, Apple cult followers vs PC users, football teams (as far as real violence in the UK between rival teams), musical genres, etc. etc.

      With video game consoles it’s been like this since the first 8 bit micro computers, C64 vs Spectrum, then ST vs Amiga, NES vs Master system, GB vs Gamegear, rinse and repeat.

      I can’t think of much hostility over books and authors though so perhaps the bookworms are the calmer ones, or I’m just out of that particular literary loop! ;)


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