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Monster Hunter Tri Online Servers To Be Disabled In April

monster_hunter_classic_controller_wiiCapcom’s Monster Hunter Tri, which is exclusive to Nintendo’s Wii, launched in the West in April of 2010. Capcom has confirmed that the online servers for the action role-playing game will be disabled on April 30th, which is approximately six weeks after the release date of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in North America, which is Tuesday, March 19th. Are you still playing Monster Hunter Tri online?

99 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Tri Online Servers To Be Disabled In April”

    1. im pissed at capcom cuz thay took it down and i didnt know but it said on my wii that my wifi didnt work. just cuz capcom wants money they shouldnt take down monster hunter tri online.

  1. I PRAY THEY NEVER TAKE DOWN DRAGON BALL Z BUDOKAI Tenkaichi 3 SERVERS:'( I PROMISE ILL DIE. Theyve been running since 2007 and I dont care if its lag filled. Its THE BEST DBZ FIGHTER EVER!!!!

    1. who gives a fucking fuck?

      I like the budokai tenkaichi series. The best DB fighting games IMO. The older and the newer ones suck.

    2. if its true what you say and its the best dbz fighter than you can be sure it’ll be “rehashed” on future consoles

      1. they call themselves rehashing it as ultimate tenkaichi but for some reason they took out over 100 characters and made every single attack a cutscene. Dont nobody want to play that shit. Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for Wii/ps2 is in the book of records for most characters in a fighting game. Its a masterpiece. Its like controlling a Gundam!!!

    3. If they shut down the Tatsunoko vs Capcom server along with MH Tri for example (I’m sure they wont) I would be so sad as TvC is one of the 4 wifi games I have and the one I play the most and I’ve racked up loooong play time with even just one good opponent having tons of rematches <3 And I dont know anyone offline who plays the game properly :(

    4. Best one is Super Sonic Warriors 2 on DS, the fighting there is so fast and awesome, not like the other games where it feels like they are wearing cement shoes

      1. I think that monkey from zack and wiki somehow got in charge of the company, its the only explanation for their recent behavior

        1. What does that have to do with anything?
          Its only logical that they take down the servers for Tri. If the same game is coming out for a newer system, then go ahead. Any devoted Monster Hunter will switch too. I’m doing it. Thats how much I love these games.

  2. who gives a fucking fuck?

    Well, guess wont be buying it for my wii then… I will just wait for the fourth one or maybe event 3 ultimate when the price is lowered.

    1. To be fair, chances are they are doing this because not too many consumers are currently playing/supporting the game anymore. So, they’re cutting costs.

      Still sucks.

      1. Yeah man, not even150 play. I logged on about 2 days ago and in total there were about 78 people playing, that includes every server.

  3. This should have been done a long time ago who plays the wii online anyway. I mean you have to be really a looser to do that since nobody except a few Nintendo idiots its basically like plying alone.

      1. I don’t do xbox I use ps3 the only console where you get good quality games and don’t have pay to play online. Don’t say the wiiu has good games they are mostly dumbed down ports

          1. I feel it is my duty to try to convert you Nintendo idiots Nintendo is holding back the industry with its under powered systems and never ending sequals

            1. Never ending sequels? If you’re talk about Mario and Zelda, they ar not sequels. They all have different stories. And who are you to talk? I’m sure you play call of duty on your PS3 which we all know has milked games. And so what if the systems are underpowered? At least the games are more fun and the online isn’t infested with raging children. Just get off the computer and do something with your life besides trolling. Go play your PS3 you dumb cunt.

              1. First of all how do the mario games have different stories? Princess is kidnapped by bowser call of duty is fresh and different every time although I am not a big call of duty fan.

                You have the nerve to say the psn is full or raging children when Nintendo is infested with 4 year old and pedophiles trying to get with them. Maybe a few Nintendo Idiots who manage to push a button in between drops of drool coming out of there mouth.

                1. What the fuck? Why are you still here? And PS3 is infested with raging 12 year olds saying they fucked your mom everytime they die. So is Xbox. I would know because I HAVE THEM ALL. You’re probably just to poor to afford all 3 so you just bash the other 2. And how do you know who plays online on the Wii if you don’t even have one? Do some fucking research or at least play the goddamn system before you talk shit.

                  1. I own a wii unfortunately I played conduit and call of duty briefly, but I got tired of idiot kids talks about they wish they had an xbox or ps3 I feel bad for those poor kids. But honestly the people online on the wii were mindless idiots boring peoe with no personality.

                1. Yeah, but you can’t deny that Mario stems from its initial 2d platformers. There’s sports, party games, the excellent 3D ones and probably others. Call of Duty just does the exact same thing again and again with minor differences.

                  1. Black Ops would be the only part of the CoD series that is well A) Decent and B) Actually has noticeable differences. Apart from that yeah, true.

            2. Let’s just be honest ‘Amy’ (I know you’re just a trans-gender no-lifer 13 year old,but ok)….you’re here because your beloved Sony isn’t pumping out any games to keep you interested at the moment. Your attempt to spoil our fun is pathetic and mediocre, but this is to be expected of a Sonydrone

            3. Ah ok copycat go enjoy your “Move” It’s sad to see your beloved failure company try to imitate Nintendo but hey i guess the Monkeys community must grow aite??

          2. I would love to know your reasoning how she is a fail troll considering you’re arguing with her and replying to her. And you sound angry. Sounds like a successful troll to me.

              1. My apologies, just with the language you used, you could be mistaken for being angry. And she is probably here to you know, troll?

    1. Oh look it’s Amy again, girl you must love Nintendo big time like to come here and waste your time by trolling either that or you got serious issues as i stated before go back to your XBot and Gaystation.

  4. Thank god. It was good for a while until those pueterican fags began to play and walked slowly everywhere to do 1 god damn thing.

  5. Good Nintendo steal Monster Hunter from god Sony legion. Now Sony will disable servers so Nintendo can die and eat lobster cuz they suck gold of adults. We Mature 11 year old kids will have fun with out PS4 with one easy payment of 699.99 we get better hackable PSN. You Nintendrones are a joke. Go get laid and get a job liek me I work at subway and make professional sandwishes so i can have game money and not money for biches and hos.

    If the game do not have blood or gun it is casual shovelware. Nintendo Sokz

                1. I’m all cool, I just had no idea on what they were ridiculing because I read it quickly and the wording is pretty tricky.

    1. If they can afford a playstation, then they are not poor you troll. 2013 and a lost racist exists. Crawl back under your inbred bridge troll.

  6. And this is why I don’t play such games, sooner or later they take the servers down and you end up having nothing almost…

  7. so are the zony gamers bored of ps3 and vita and are waiting for ps4? cause the ps4 is the next bigfoot and lockness monster never gonna be seen sony has no market.

  8. ms runs the shitty 1st & 3rd person markets and kid kinect market… nintendo runs japan… whats sony been up to since 2001 besides losing 3rd party game support?

  9. You know after reading half of this tripe u lot suck ! The fanboys of each section ! Iv followed this site for going on a year and I rarely comment cos to be quite honest the gaming community is idiotic stupid and shameless ! Iv had enough officially given up forget news forget forums forget the lot . It’s beyond sad every topic every 3rd comment sucks arse of trollites and saddos . Best thing is the first reply will be …. U mad bro ? Or nintendrone or friging something shite . DONE GONE CAPUT GET ON WITH IT BOOKMARK DELETED

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