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Crystal Dynamics Talks Tomb Raider On Wii U


Crystal Dynamics creative director Noah Hughes recently took part in a video interview with True Gaming in which he spoke about both Tomb Raider and Wii U in general. Hughes praised the Wii U console for its unique interface design, and mentioned that he was a big Nintendo fan. He then went on to speak about Tomb Raider, which he hinted is fairly unlikely to come to Wii U. Here’s what Hughes had to say.

“I’m always a fan of Nintendo systems. In particular they really push interface design, and from a game design perspective it’s fun to play with new interfaces.”

“Having said that, it’s something that I think we would want to tailor the experience to if we were going to do it, and currently we’re offering it on PlayStation 3, Xbox [360] and PC, and all three of those are really trying to deliver roughly the same experience but delivered best on each platform.”

“I think something like the Wii U often asks you to do something unique, based on a unique interface so that’s something as a gamer I love but it’s something that you don’t want to do half-heartedly as a developer.”

58 thoughts on “Crystal Dynamics Talks Tomb Raider On Wii U”

      1. What a lazy developer. He DOESN´T need to do anything special with the GamePad. Just map the buttons and that´s enough. If he can use the Gamepad, great, but if they don´t have time to make something for it, just map the damn buttons and everything´s ok.

  1. All I read was that the Wii U is too awesome and that they were too far into development so it might come later.

  2. They could just have the game play on the gamepad and the tv like New Super Mario Bros. U. Only thing I hear from this is the unwillingness to take a risk of gaining more profit.

    1. random question do you think windwaker hd and new zelda will have wii u pro support and monoliths softs new game, it better, if they dont the gamepad will just turn into a gimmick that develepers will ise to make an excuse for, fuck the touchscreen you dont have to use it

  3. this is like the time disney said epic mickey 2 was not coming out for wiiu then a few months later it was confirmed for it so you never might know if tomb raider is coming to wiiu

  4. What a load of fucking nonesense.

    Assassins creed 3 , Blops 2 , Darksiders 2 , Mass effect 3 , Ninja Gauden 3 , etc.

    Nuff fucking said. This is developer damage controll. You know this time next year as the wiiu installed base hits 10M+ we’re gunna get a flud of Multi plat ports like the ones listed above….

    1. Multiplats won’t be coming any faster, since next-gen consoles would have arrived with games coming to those two instead.

      1. Whether it be watered down 720 games or just old 360 ports , the wiiu will see an incease as the installed base reaches a certain level.

        The problem is , in today economy every mother fucker is too scared to develop for the new platforms with no installed base. Don’t be suprised to see the ps3 and 360 drawn out even into the ps4 and 720’s life…

      2. Anyway , I personally don’t care. I want the wiiu to get third , 1st and second party exclusives , and things are shaping up rather good on that front :)

        1. Uh, first party games will always be exclusives unless for some odd reason Nintendo decides to make a game on the PS3 or something.

      3. You’re implying that the next-gen systems will have install bases that would make it worthwhile for developers. That is far from certain, especially if they’re expensive. The combined install bases of the Wii U/PS3/360 is far more lucrative, and games for those systems will probably cost less to develop as well…

        1. You know very fucking well they both will. Microsoft isn’t Nintendo, they’ll market their shit to hell and back and make sure people buy it. Just as they did with the 360.

          You don’t even know the prices they launch at, so how the hell do you know whether or not they’ll be “expensive” or better yet, the pricing options Microsoft can choose to make getting one easier?

          Sit down, you deluded Nintendroid. Sony/MS has the third parties in the palms of their hands, the latter does not care about Nintendo and this has been the case WITH EVERY CONSOLE THEY HAVE LAUNCHED SINCE THE N64.

          1. Oh so you read the future. Gamers have soooo much money to spend with the economy in tatters. Stop trolling for a second (I know, I know, that’s asking a lot of you) and live in the real world

            1. Oh, please stop talking about the fucking economy, you guys will just buy nothing but Nintendo games anyway regardless of what price it is. So don’t pull this hypocritical nonsense.

              Even if he ported this, it still wouldn’t sell anything significant on the platform. That’s why they’re not wasting their time on the Wii U. The evidence is everywhere.

              1. Again, you presume you know everything….you know jack shit.
                I have owned all Playstation consoles as well…not everyone happens to be as close-minded and biased as you are

              2. “you guys will just buy nothing but Nintendo games anyway regardless of what price it is.”
                That’s a lot of BS right there. Even though I might be a Nintendo fan, I respect the other software developers and can enjoy games on all consoles.
                Seriously, you should stop living in a bubble.

          2. I’m not gonna start argue with you about any other things but this. I really hope the next xbox and PS4 succeed, and would do well. However, so far Wii U has beaten both PS3 and 360 in their respective launches, by far that is. Also there’s the fact that PS3 and 360 (including Wii of course), launched in the peak of global economy. Now, there’s a global recession, but still Wii U has sold a lot more than what the other consoles did. Granted, it’s possible though of course, that it’s mostly just the Nintendo fans so far. But we’ll see how it goes.

            But anyway, I highly doubt PS4 and NextBox will do any better at start either. PS3 and 360 are still going on, getting new games, that I can’t really see all that many people jumping instantly to the new systems. Whereas Wii was pretty much dead by the time Wii U came out. But we’ll see about it too and I really do hope all the consoles will do well.

        2. And by the way, why do people here suddenly start bringing up “install bases”? Nintendo could sell 100 million units and they will never get third party support on par with their competitors. You will continue to get obvious cash grab shovelware while they fund their next AAA titles that undoubtedly skip the platform entirely.

          It’s like you idiots learn nothing, third parties are well aware that Nintendo gamers DO NOT BUY THIRD PARTY GAMES.

          1. You will move out of you’re mom’s house eventually. Who knows, maybe even meet a girl and loose your virginity. Hang in there kid!

      4. Aelous … U do realize urn next gen systems from ms and Sony ate only next gen 1.5… Not revolutionary in terms of graphic especially if the system are released under 500 dollars… next gen pc power is 1500 dollars… Sony and Microsoft are cutting their throats. Nintendo has proven time and time again that hardware power is second to fun. I read ur post all the time and to me it seems ad if u hate on nintendo just for something to do… Urn heart is nintendos but

          1. Keep telling myself that at heart ur a tru nintendo fan or that the next MS and Sony systems are in fact barely an upgrade from what they are now. Ur going to be dissappointed by the next systems especially when they are going to be subscriber based have propietary peripherials and lack of real creativity. And while Nintendo may have lost some value amongst the hardcore video game elitist, he fact of the matter is, Ninendo does what it can to appease it’s tru fan base and in the end, the most important bottom line, that’s the only fuel that they need to continue to develope some great games. I’ve never been dissoppinted in any of their 1st party titles. Most 3rd party titles aren’t as fun as they claim to be and the ones that are good are just as good on a Nintendo system as they are on a PS3 or XBOX… Black Ops is great on all 3 as is AC3 and Batman Arkaham City. Reviewers all over the web are praising the Wii U and admit that at first that it didn’t impress them, but after a hands on experience and time with the machine, they are changing their tune.

    1. Exactly. I didn’t have any qualms about buying ACIII for the Wii U, even if it didn’t reinvent the wheel, to put it mildly. Uniqueness is something I value, but for PS3/360 ports, this is not something we expect.

  5. These developers annoy me -_- If they don’t want to do anything unique, just make the darn game gamepad playable! Or what’s do hard about putting an inventory system on the gamepad??

  6. Sure, it’s nice if they can come up with a cool way to use the gamepad, but they don’t necessarily need to make a cool thing with it. A map, some inventory and stuff and it’s ok. I just wanna play the game! >:(

  7. God damn it they made a pro controller for lazy ass developers they could at least use that, however I really couldn’t care about this game at all.

  8. It’s understandable that developers are not porting their games to Wii U at the moment. The problem that developers see is that it’s a Nintendo system, and they know why people buy Nintendo systems. Their consoles are heavily dominated by Nintendo, which isn’t a bad thing, but it means that non-Nintendo games are easily overshadowed on the console by the huge competition. In short, third parties have to compete with things like Halo and Uncharted when developing on PS3 or 360, which is actually competition that isn’t too hard to compete with. But Nintendo, that’s a whole different class of dominance. Mario Kart Wii alone sold nearly 20 million copies. Making a racing game to compete against THAT, is dangerous territory. This is why so many third parties stay away from Nintendo systems. Not so much that their consoles aren’t as powerful, rather the competition is way too much to handle. With the Wii, Nintendo simply gave them the console and said “Do whatever you want, we don’t care.” But now we see Nintendo really trying to help get third parties on board for Wii U, helping their games get noticed, and even funding some of these games. And It’s clear why. Nintendo wants third party support, but they know that the games need help in getting noticed on their system. After all, look at how many great Wii games got overlooked.

  9. I’m SO tired of hearing developers talk about being a fan of Nintendo, then saying that they aren’t going to put their game on the Wii U, because they want to create a unique experience. Hello?? Just allow gamepad play, plus display map on gamepad. However, if that’s too much trouble, just give us the game!

  10. i applaud his stance on this.. well the last part of his statement anyway
    it’s still a bummer that tomb raider won’t be on wii U and i wish he hadn’t said that

  11. I prefer the mayority of the ports dont make it to wiiu cause if they dont sell they will blame the console instead of the small install base, also they cant take there sweet time not developing for it eather.

  12. Why is it so hard for so many of you idiots to comprehend that this kind of mentality, the “we want to do something special”, is SO VERY GOOD. Yes, maybe it means you miss out on a handful of games, and that’s a shame, but it also means that developers want to make unique and creative games that cater to what the Wii U has to offer, and that is what is going to create fun and interesting new games. This is the kind of thing that drives the industry, that pushes developers forward and prevents video games from becoming stale.

    1. It could mean what you said or it could be the trending go-to response. I do not need special features on every game, a simple map or play solely on the gamepad is good enough for me if it means I get the game in a reasonable time frame. Thier next game can focus on the special features.

    2. Because you dont need to do anything special.
      Theres a difference between actually doing something unique, and just saying you could.
      It doesnt need something special, if you dont want to add anything, then dont.

  13. Follow ZombiU’s example, use the friggin 2nd screen for inventory management. Not every Wii U game needs to be oh so super unique like they keep saying.

  14. Ugh, you dont need to add anything unique, thats the point.
    Its not like the Wii when thd controller wasnt very compatible.

    Besides, if youve got the time to add useless tacked on multiplayer, im sure you can put in generic gamepad use

  15. nonspecificactionfigure

    These developers sound like a broken record…..just bring the frikin games over and use the Pro Controller…this isn’t hard to figure out…..nothing has to be tailor made for Wii-U….if you want to do extra with the Gamepad…great…if not use the Pro Controller and call it a day…WTF !!!

  16. That’s a pretty roundabout answer. It sounds like he’s saying something but he’s not really saying saying anything.

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  19. The Wii U is doing well partly on customer’s lower expectations from Wii to Wii U, whereas PS3 and XBox 360 started fairly high in the tech specs. The PS4 and XBox One will have to over come a big “straggler” hurdle especially those systems are not fully backward compatible. The Wii U earlier launch will help game developers to get used to of the new UI and start dreaming of the possibilities. It is human nature to at first stall on support on something new. Eventually people will accept the changes as time goes by. Remember, Nintendo’s competitors first scuffed at Wii controllers.

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