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GAME Taking Pre-Orders For Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS & Wii U Double Pack


UK video game retailer GAME has announced via Twitter that it has started taking pre-orders for the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS & Wii U Double Pack. The retailer is selling the Monster Hunter 3DS and Wii U Double Pack for a reasonably pricey £69.99. Other retail outlets should hopefully announce pricing soon, so it’s certainly best to hunt around a bit to get the best deal.

32 thoughts on “GAME Taking Pre-Orders For Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS & Wii U Double Pack”

    1. £69.99 is really not that bad at all, each one essentially costs £35, which is £5 cheaper than most new 3DS games sell for in GAME, and at least £10 cheaper than most Wii U games cost in GAME.

  1. Is this the only capcom game that people don’t really have a problem with? I never hear anything bad about this series like sfxt or the new dmc. I never tried monster hunter before but I’ll try out the 3ds version.

  2. *spits out coffee* Yes , I am litteraly going to pre order this baby right now !

    Thanks for the heads up MNN. Is it a box set or is it just 2 seperate games ?

          1. Well he converted it from UK pounds to US dollars so maybe the exchane rate means the British version is $10 more expensive.

  3. This is the first instance I’ve seen Game sell a game at a competitive price. Makes me wonder if you’ll be able to get it elsewhere for £60

  4. But why? Game is the same on wii u and 3ds, why get 2 the same games? I’m getting only 1 either on my 3ds or wii u, i think rather on wii u

    1. Simple, Wii U has online and HD capabilities, the 3DS has local multiplayer, mobile and 3D capabilities, and data can be transferred between both. Play online with anyone, send data to 3ds, meet up with friends, and play on the go.

  5. I never tried the Monster Hunter serious but this will be my first. Wii U is really making me discover new games and playing them.

      1. Definitely get it, your wallet will thank you, there’s hundreds of hours of gameplay in it, far better value than games with only 6-8 hour single player stories

  6. If that is the official box art for the game then its quite cool looking though it isn’t as artistic looking as the Japanese box art is.

  7. Hey Nintenlord, no offense taken from the previous post =) Gosh, this game sounds better every time I hear about it.

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