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Here Are The Pancake Versions Of Six Nintendo Characters

nintendo_pancakesNathan Shields, an illustrator, math teacher and pancake artist, made Nintendo-themed pancakes. Shields yesterday posted the photo above onto his blog. The photo is of six Nintendo characters – Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Fox – in their pancake forms. To view more of Shields’ pancake art, head on over to his blog at Saipancakes.

46 thoughts on “Here Are The Pancake Versions Of Six Nintendo Characters”

    1. It’s more of a life than going around posting “What is a Wii U? Is it a tablet controller for my Wii?” all over My Nintendo News.

  1. That Donkey Kong. Oh my god. No it’s seriously making the goofiest face I’ve seen in a very long time and I just cannot deal.

    1. Sadly, nothing interesting happens every single day.

      Also, if your going to curse, why censor it? It still implies the actual word anyways.

  2. Cool but, pancake artist? Never knew that was a hobby occupied by people. Too bad I won’t get to do pancake art in food tech >_>.

  3. Considering there are hundreds of perverted nude artists who “claims” they do it for art.
    Why not pancake artists?
    Atleast it tastes good ;D

    1. Nope, only controversial things to grab people’s attention are kotaku worthy. Love the site, tho. Especially the Japan posts! Love them!!

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